FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company Marketing Essay

A questionnaire study has been conducted in Penang by the Alpha Ltd an FMCG which is a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company which manages in South East Asia. As an associate marketing director of the company, I have been assigned to determine whether to start a new detergent product in the market. The main process is to discover whether there's a demand or not in the South East Asia to advertise the new detergent product. A research has been made with the aid of questionnaire to discover if the company will come out with the detergent product.

The main purposes have been considered to do the study for the company based on the detergent product. An interval of fourteen days time has been taken to conduct the research and the results were accumulated to analyze the info by using tables. Some graphical illustrations have been used to help audience to analyze the data easily.

Besides that, the questions used in the questionnaire was created in a purely manner where the questions must be relevant with the key purpose of the survey which were conducted. A number of the questions which may have been used to make the survey as perfect as it could where in fact the gender and the buying electric power of the consumers have been analyzed thoroughly with the info about their every month spending on fast paced consumer goods. Another group of questions were used to learn the brand devotion of the consumers.

It have been found that the individuals are ready to buy services in the market which is cheaper and the info shows that consumers are willing to change brands for their own needs and purposes.

2. 0 Introduction

Fast moving consumer goods are goods that won't maintain the shelves for a longer period of time. The products or the products will be sold off extremely fast because of the cheap and the demand for just about any particular product. A number of the examples of fast paced consumer goods are bread, vegetables, beef and even detergent itself to be used as the product that will be launched in South East Asia. Detergent comes under the cleaning products where the product will be in high demand among the consumer due to the fact that it's regarded as one of the need product.

Besides that, the company is concentrating on mainly South East Parts of asia such as Malaysia, India, China and Indonesia where the company is running its operations with Malaysia as the variety company. Alpha Ltd which is a fast moving consumer goods company jogging its functions remotely from Malaysia in other South East countries where in fact the demand for the fast moving consumer goods has been satisfied by the company

There has been a task given to the Assistant Marketing Supervisor of the business to determine whether is there any probability in coming out with a detergent product in the South East Asian countries. Literature review and research methods have been designed to prove and come out with a conclusion that could help the business to consider whether to advertise the cleaning product. It all depends on the results of the study and researches that gives a hard estimation and the decision that must definitely be taken by the company to start the cleaning product in the South East Asian countries.

3. 0 Literature Review

According to Stanley, there's a go up in the demand for cleaning products especially detergent brands in India. The brands are surging as time goes by and the competition is getting stiffer. Some of the leading companies in India such as Steering wheel and Natural light are customizing their detergent products so that it meets the requirements of the clients.

Besides that, Alex Martin identifies that China is a leading producer of low cost cleaning products such as detergent products. China appears to be in a position to pioneer in the forex market because the labor cost is very low which allows the united states to produce detergent products in a big scale. The products are for sale throughout China and also being exported abroad.

Based from Simmons fast moving consumer goods are in huge demand among South East Asians. The demand for the merchandise such as breads, cigarette smoking, cleaning products as detergents are being cleared faraway from shelves in shops around the globe.

4. 0 Research Methods

Information can be considered a powerful tool or a tool for any corporation as the saying goes that a man packed with knowledge is not only powerful but fearless. The exact same durability will be instilled in the intellects of corporate and business people when they may have sufficient information. Getting the information is not a fairly easy activity where it will involve some researches to be achieved such as interviews, surveys, literature reviews and even questionnaires. The technique that was used to attain the purpose of the study was questionnaire method where 10 questions were used to classify the data.

4. 1 Subjects

The survey was done in Malaysia where the particular areas in Penang were targeted. People aged between 18 to 50 years and above were mixed up in review and both genders were contained in the research. Exactly 100 people were used to carry out the study where all the respondents received self-administered questionnaires to be filled up.

4. 2 Research Instruments

The data collected was used to be analyzed by using Microsoft Excel which assists with illustrating the data easily. Graphs in forms of pub was used because of this survey. It was made so easy and simple so that anyone can understand to read and interpret the info.

4. 3 Data Collection Method

The questions in the questionnaire was manufactured in a way that could allow us to turn out with a specific data or charts you can use to produce results for the purpose of the survey. 100 random people were chosen in public places such as bus channels, stores and supermarkets. Each questionnaire includes 10 questions that use the approximation of the systematic sampling method. The whole period for the data to be gathered was within 3 weeks.

5. 0 Data Analysis

5. 1 Gender

The study done shows those 49 guys and 51 females responded to the questionnaire. Refer to appendix 1. 0 for the pub chart of this data.

5. 2 Age

The range for the age that was used is from 18 to 50 years and above. The info shows that the highest age range that responded for the questionnaire was from generation 35 years to 40 years which includes around 34% that includes male and female. Make reference to appendix 2. 0.

5. 3 Regular monthly Salary

The salary range that strike the best group is designed for RM 2100 to RM 3000 which is approximately 45%. Te most affordable is designed for salary above RM 5000 which is 7%. Make reference to appendix 3. 0.

5. 4 Expenditure per month

Expenses group was high which is about RM 1100 to RM 2000 that is 42%. Minimal amount of bills goes to the aforementioned RM 5000 group which is 6%. Refer to appendix 4. 0.

5. 5 Types of goods consumed

The types of fast paced goods were used to determine the demand for cleaning products which in this study it is made for detergent products. The highest number of product used is dairy products 35%, cooked goods 31% accompanied by toiletries 25%. Make reference to appendix 5. 0.

5. 6 Detergent Products

A question has been asked to find out just how many times detergent product is being used. The data implies that about twice consumers are likely to acquire detergent which is the best about 64%. Make reference to appendix 6. 0. The consumers tend to turn brands of detergents that can be described appendix 7. 0. There are a few factors too that makes the consumers to switch brand where the price played out the major role about 35%. Appendix 8. 0. Consumers do buy their detergents largely from Hypermarkets that are about 45%. Appendix 9. 0. Respondent were asked a question if they will buy a fresh detergent brand or not if the price is leaner and the results were yes for 76%. Appendix 10. 0.

6. 0 Result of study

After further examination and making some interpretation on the results, as an Associate Marketing Manager for Alpha Ltd Company, I would take the decision to launch a new detergent product searching for South East Asian countries. There are several explanations why Alpha Ltd can unveiling the product in the market.

One of the main reasons is usually that the results show us the demand for the detergent product is high and it is a good sign for the company to launch the product. Besides that, the consumers are having buying electricity when it is weighed against the difference between their salary and bills.

The research done also shows that the consumers would buy a recently launched detergent product if the price tag on the product is leaner that would allow the consumers to have risk in testing the product. There is evidence too based from the study where in fact the consumers would be happy to switch the brands of the detergent product under certain factors. This information can be employed by Alpha Ltd Company to come out with a detergent product that can fulfill the needs of the consumers.

Therefore, based from the results I'd encourage the business for taking decision in launching the new detergent product in South East PARTS OF ASIA.

1. 0 Introduction

Knowledge is ability and applied knowledge holds true power. That's the reason why most companies are prepared to spend large amount of money and time to do some studies and examination before launching a fresh product or to establish a new plan on the market. Associated with simple where in fact the organizations intend to decrease risk with knowledge and information. With some accurate and proper information, any corporation will come out with their business decision that will not are unsuccessful or will have fewer failing rate anticipated to a study which may have been done completely.

This does not apply to only large organizations but also any smaller businesses that have ideas to develop bigger. The marketing research that has been done can be maintained for future reference too where the company can make use of it for later use. You will find few types of marketing research such as qualitative research and also quantitative research where both have its importance in marketing research.

A special confectionary making company named Zupapa situated in Batu Pahat, Johor is likely to prolong its biscuits business product line. The new products are targeted to be advertised not only in the local market, but also to the Middle East countries. To guarantee the new biscuits are well accepted, a consumer study must be conducted.

The company intends to conduct a qualitative study for this purpose. To be a marketing manager, I have already been assigned to come out with a qualitative research methodology you can use to carry out qualitative studies in developing results whether the products will be accepted by the mark market or not.

2. 0 What's Qualitative Research?

The research that may be very popular when it comes to marketing is the qualitative research. That is a distinctive research because it is considered as a methodical research which involves the actions of humans and also their culture that responds in making any decision. To say it simply, qualitative research requires the questions that can lead to reasons or usually wide open ended questions.

It is done to seek answers for questions that the organizations plan to find. Besides that it's also done to acquire evidence showing the proof that there is a demand or need for a specific product or services. Lastly, qualitative research is done to produce results or findings which will be relevant for the utilization of the organization.

3. 0 Qualitative Research Methods

There are several qualitative research methods that is being used widely around the world by organizations to create outcomes relevant for their problems or questions that is being increased from the heart and soul of marketing team.

The qualitative research methods that can be used rely upon the circumstances or the issues being faced by the organization. The qualitative research methods are ways for an organization to solve their problem as in cases like this where the special confectionary processing company named Zupapa intends to increase its products in the local and Midsection East market. It is relying on qualitative research methods that will ensure whether their products will be well accepted by the prospective market. Some of the qualitative research methods that is being applied by organizations are the in-depth interviews, concentrate teams, sampling method and also projective techniques.

3. 1 In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are a someone to one interview that was created to get more information in regards to a particular subject. Usually it will take very less time as bout within one hour but it is one of the most effective qualitative research methods that has been used widely by most organizations. The interview will be achieved by someone professional or a well trained person whom has learned somewhat well about the subject to be questioned and also in how to ask the right questions that can lead to the answers that the business is searching for.

This is an extremely flexible method that has been used to get information easily. The technique can appear simple but it will ingest time if the interviewer is not having the ability to ask the right questions to receive the right information. Among the disadvantages of the method is that it can be time and money consuming where the cost to hire an expert whom can ask questions that can lead to the alternatives from the person whom is being interviewed. Besides that, this method can be disastrous if the person being interviewed lacks knowledge in this field and exactly what will happen is that the business will end up getting no right information.

The special confectionary shop can use this method to learn whether their products will be well accepted or not by their target market. A great way to take action is by interviewing the right person such as a local confectionary store owner whom offers our product. The questions that may be asked is how regular customers are buying their product in his shop and also why is the customers to choose the product whether the taste, quality, presentation, as well as the marketing mixes which is price, place, campaign and product.

3. 2 Concentration Group

Focus group can be one the powerful qualitative research methods you can use to get information. To say it in simple terms it is a way of getting feedback. Most of the time companies will use this technique before they release a fresh product to the general public. The feedback from the target group will be utilized as a guide. Most of the time focus group will involve targeted people whom can resemble the companys target market. The advantage is that it allows space free of charge dialogue. Besides that, it allows for a group debate too. Disadvantage is the fact sometimes the group will be sidetracked with incorrect topic.

3. 3 Random Sampling Method

This is definitely an interesting research method where the organization will concentrate on random visitors to get their feedbacks about the topic. The method differs according to the need of the business where the interview will be achieved either through telephone or randomly asking a person in a city. This method can be useful to regulate how people are responding to the merchandise or services. Besides that, there will be a one to one session that can be quite effective.

3. 4 Projective Techniques

This can be considered a scientific method which involves the beliefs and the action of the topic. The group of questions being asked can bring about their emotions and includes their respond at a deeper level from the subjects subconscious brain. Some of the ways the study can be done is by allowing the subject or the individual whom will be representing the target market. The real purpose of the investigation will never be told to person or the subject because of the fact that the researchers want to help make the person to answer questions naturally. The lovely confectionary creation company Zupapa can do the study by giving the person different product or the competition products then give Zupapas product to determine which being preferred by the person.

4. 0 Conclusion

It is very important to be careful and precise as it pertains to producing results for the intended purpose of launching a fresh product or broadening to international market. The reason is simple where everything well organized will work effectively by reducing the chance factors. The effect of incorrect research can be a very big devastation for the business because it will definitely cost a lot of time and money for the business. Once they fail, it is difficult to reunite and get the customers heart because there are several rivals out there prepared to supply the consumers with alternative product at a lower price. Most organizations know about this plus they allocate millions of money just to ensure their product will not fail on the market.

Most significantly, the studies being done must be made with integrity and ethically. There shouldn't be any scams or cheating in producing the correct results. Researchers should do research diligently and with honesty by interviewing the right people with right questions. That's the reason why most companies practice ethical methods for getting information from people. Besides that, no one should be harmed to get the info and feedback where in fact the aim for people must be happy to share the information with their prices and protection under the law being secured.

Any organization that intends to strive beyond your competition must be aware of the power of knowledge because when a firm is falling down, the only thing that can save them will be the perfect knowledge beyond the creativity of competition where they might have the ability to step up and climb again. You won't be easy to obtain such information and that is the reason why most companies out there are willing to monitor their competitors to ensure they are staying on the right course and trends. An effective company not only has a good management but it has usage of quality information too.

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