Forms and genres of radio advertising, Direct advertising...

Forms and genres of radio advertising

By classifying radio advertising, the author selects the placement form and genre.

On the basis of the form, we allocate direct advertising, sponsorship of radio programs, integration of advertising into radio programs.

Direct advertising

Direct advertising on the radio means advertising messages distributed in any advertising genres in special advertising blocks. The volumes of direct advertising are regulated by the current legislation (in particular, the Federal Law "On Advertising") and can not exceed more than 20% of daily broadcasting.

The genres of direct advertising are:

an advertisement that we define as a short audio reference, where only the word and its value characteristics are used - intonation, melody of speech, its intensity, rhythm, tempo and timbre of speech. The purpose of the advertisement is to draw the attention of the potential consumer to the places and conditions for the sale of goods or services, and also to inform the listeners about some event of importance to the advertiser;

ad is a finished work that uses the entire palette or part of the radio communication capabilities - word, speech organization, music, noise, special effects, editing.

The commercial is a key radio advertising genre. To some extent, it can be compared with the advertising collage, which we identified as the main genre of advertising in newspapers and magazines. In turn, commercials can be divided into three groups, each of which has similar methods of organizing the material:

information clips - represent, unlike usual advertisements, text with a musical background or accompanied by special effects;

game rollers, usually represent a game monologue or dialogue, a scene from life. In the game rollers there are also music, special effects, and more complicated sound montage. All components are arranged in the composition plan. Typically, a fairly detailed script is written for the game clip;

music videos. The main component of advertising of this kind is specially written music, accompanied by texts of two types: it is either about the original, usually poetic, text, or about the slogan. For music videos, as for gaming, special effects and complex sound editing are characteristic.

If in information clips there is specific information about the places and conditions for the sale of goods or the provision of services, then in games and music videos, as a rule, addresses and telephones are not always mentioned. The purpose of these advertising genres is to pay attention to the name of the brand, product, to promote their memorability, to cause the listener to have a positive attitude.

Sponsorship of radio programs

For the sponsor, sponsorship is an opportunity to stand out among competitors. For a radio station - this is an important income item. According to analysts' forecasts, the share of sponsorship on radio air is increasing every year. So, in terms of sponsorship, "Echo of Moscow" has been confidently in the first place for several years, far ahead of all music radio stations.

Sponsorship has several significant advantages over direct advertising. First, a more targeted appeal to the audience. Secondly, the advertising message is taken out of the ad unit and falls into the information environment. Thirdly, sponsorship advertising is less intrusive.

There are several opportunities for the sponsor to make a statement. These are:

• announcing the sponsor in the genre of the advertisement ;

• screensavers, usually made in the genre of a short music video ;

commercials ( information and game ) during the program;

release announcements with the sponsor's announcement;

awarding prizes from the sponsor;

the program , entirely dedicated to the sponsoring firm;

interview with the sponsor;

joint promotions sponsor and radio station.

It should be noted that the sponsorship opportunities of information and music radio are different. It's hard to imagine a song at the sponsor's music station (although occasionally you can run into sponsorship options for an hour or a day of broadcasting). In the talk radio, any news release, each program can be sponsored. The ether consists of information blocks, meetings, author programs and other spoken forms of filling the air. But in terms of attracting sponsors, the odds of the formats are equal: the music stations are less suitable for sponsorship aired, but many off-the-air projects, concerts and other events, in which all well-known performers and musicians take part. Therefore, music stations have significantly more sponsorship opportunities for off-ether activities.

On the radio station Echo of Moscow First of all, specific segments of the air and, more often than not, separate programs are sponsored. On the radio station Silver rain The most popular are thematic and author programs. For example, the demand for sponsorship of programs with well-known leaders is high - practically in every release of the program "Nightingale Trills" with Vladimir Soloviev there are sponsors with different

genre participation: a guest in the studio, an interview, a story about the product, comments of experts, etc.

In addition, there is a "prize" form sponsorship of various drawings, when gifts for listeners are presented by a company promoting its goods and services.

The main trend in the field of sponsorship on the radio is unconventional approaches to radio advertising. However, there are several significant limitations. Large radio stations almost never retreat from the broadcasting grid and special projects, even if they are as much adapted to the format of the station, are not put on the air. If the grid has a program for an advertiser interested in gem and it is not redeemed as a sponsor site, then we can count on cooperation. If the program is already used by another sponsor, then nobody will put a second one on air, as this will contradict the principles of programming and the interests of listeners.

Sponsorship in the radio - quite an interesting and effective form of advertising. And, according to experts' forecasts, the amount of sponsorship will increase. In addition, there is every reason to believe that genre-forming positions of sponsorship projects will develop.

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