Fruit Yogurt In Uae Marketing Essay

This study is an research of UAE's market and Nestle. This review is analyzing the suitability of Nestlé's plan of getting into UAE using its product Fruits Yogurt.


In the world of growing and appearing food companies, the name Nestle stands out. It is one of the most dominant firms when it comes to dairy products. Nestle is spread out all around the worlds using its many famous sub-brands in its profile like Maggi. Its dairy product 'Fruit Yogurt' is one of the very most famous brands in countries like India and Pakistan. This product finds its uses in lots of ways. UAE is a country where Nestle doesn't have this product in its portfolio. Though many businesses are there with the Super fruit Yogurt product but eagerness towards this product continues to be not there. Therefore Nestle would like to go into this UAE market as it views it as a tactical market. We in this study are analyzing Nestlé's hypothesis that this market is good for Nestle if it launches it Berries Yogurt products in UAE.

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Executive summary

The following audit statement on Nestlé's provides brilliant eloquence of the marketing related issues of the business. One can see from the time the company made, it hasn't looked back. It produces 3 x the amount of products as compared to any other competitor in the global market. The report contains the release of the business and the country United Arab Emirates. That is followed by the marketplace research and SWOT analysis based on which financial and environmental suggestions have been manufactured in the latter area of the report. The business's marketing strategies are also highlighted. There may be strong emphasis given to the Marketing Mix of the company. Most of the attributes of client satisfaction are developed from the proper performing of the 4p's of marketing blend. The report also contains an analysis predicated on the Five Generic Causes of Porter. This is the base for making the marketing tips of the business.



Nestle is one of the very most dominant brand whenever we discuss about the healthy food industry. With over 500 factories in 76 countries, it directs its products to close to 196 nations. Only 3% employees and 1% of sales result from its home country, Switzerland. After building its name in most of the western marketplaces, Nestle started focusing efforts on growing economies in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Most of these countries have a consumer base to aid the ventures nestle is making in these countries. Actually due to rising economies of these countries people are capable of buying many Nestle products and the market will preserve this demand for few ages to come.

Nestle makes it a spot to enter a market before competition. This risk urge for food for niche marketplaces has stood them in good stead up to now. It adopts the strategy of expanding goods for local market. Desire is directed at localization of all activities like marketing and distribution. It isn't reluctant of acquiring local companies also, when opportunities are good.

Nestle prefers decentralization, given its strategy to choose localization. Operating decisions are used by local models. Above this can be an SBU group on food categories and still above in hierarchy is a regional business that rationalizes marketing efforts across the region.

all brandz

Nestle has its products in following verticals

Baby foods

Bottled water



Chocolate & confectionery

Culinary, chilled & iced food



Food service

Healthcare nutrition

Ice cream

Pet care

Sports nutrition

Weight management

Fruit yogurt

Yoghurt, yogurt or yogourt (Turkish: yoёurt) is a dairy product created from fermentation of milk by bacteria. The bacteria work on milk to form what is known as "yogurt cultures". Fermentation in yogurt civilizations converts lactose sugars of milk to lactic acid gives the yogurt its characteristic tang.

Yoghurt is a abundant source of health proteins, calcium, riboflavin, supplement B6 and vitamin supplements B12. [20] A very important thing about yogurt is that individuals with lactose intolerance can certainly consume yogurt. It is also lower in extra fat. As an add on, yogurt can be acquired in different flavors like Strawberry, Mango, Berry Combination Medley, Fruit Container, , Melon-Nata, Apple-Cinnamon and Raspberry-Apple.

All images are taken from http://www. nestle. com

The yogurt product range is very critical for Nestle, as the milk and dairy food contribute 48 percent to the business's turnover. Rough Nestle prices its yogurt at a little prime in many countries weighed against local players, but still it's very competitive.

Cultural analysis

UAE History

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) also called the Emirates. The Emirates are ruled by emirs, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ajman, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. The capital is Abu Dhabi, which is also the country's middle for politics and commercial activities. (Reiser)

Before gaining independence in 1971, the UAE was known as the Trucial Claims due to a truce between the United Kingdom and several Arab Sheikhs. (UAE Record)

Geographical Setting


The Emirates is a federation operating out of the Southeast Asia. It stocks its edges with Oman and Saudi Arabia and sea edges with Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Iran.

The boundary with Saudi Arabia is 530-kilometer long and the border with Oman is 450-kilometer long. The full total covered part of UAE is nearly 77, 700 square kilometers. (Reiser)


UAE is hot and dried up round the yr, July and August, being the latest months. Of these calendar months average maximum temperature may reach above 48 C on the seaside plain. The average twelve-monthly rainfall is low. It is just a little better in mountainous areas than the coastal region. Rain in coastal region is difficult typical in its style of short bursts and torrential rains. It could sometimes lead to flood.

Social Institution


Families are usually big and also have high literacy. The relationship are every strong in the Arabs and they used to check out traditions purely.

Political System

UAE constitution was made in 1971 comprising of various governing physiques. It is a federation of 7 monarchies, where within each monarchy, a ruler has total powers. Arabic is the established terms in the Emirates. Islam is the official language for the united states.

Even in spite of being a federation of monarchies, UAE has a president and a constitution. The constitution does not interfere in internal issues of any emirate but just looks over the relationships and connect ups between your federations. (Oxford Business Group, 2010)

Legal System

Law in the constitution of the United Arab Emirates provides special emphasis to individual protection under the law with equality, liberty, guideline of law, freedom of view and speech, freedom of movement, freedom of communication, independence of religion, freedom of occupation, liberty of council and association, freedom to be elected to office is provided to all or any citizens for legal reasons Sharia that identifies several ideas of marketing. It is Islamic religious research that is put on real life by the Islamic bankers. .

Living Conditions

The living condition has an extremely huge distance in UAE. Some individuals are very reach and the town area is very much indeed developed, and rural continues to be very back of in education and living styles.

Diet and Nutrition

Before the brought in foods came into UAE, food mainly consisted of fish, rice, loaf of bread, dates, yogurt, vegetables, and meats from sheep, camels and goats Together with the advent of imported foods, the product quality and nutrition degrees of the food has gone up. It usually includes fish, rice, beef, and a veg dish. There are some strict Muslim rules about eating pork and liquor, which are carefully followed, like the meat should be slaughtered in the traditional 'halal' method.

Emiratis are well-known for their hospitality. They devote great attempts to welcome friends and also have a great time with guests. Typically guests are welcomed with dates. With a huge inflow of immigrants, restaurant industry has found with offers of varied ethnic foods

Economic Analysis



The people is projected to be at 4. 4 million people by US state dept. with just 15-20% of the being citizens. Since the progress of industry in past due 1960's and impetus in trade, human population of expats from Arab countries, Indian Subcontinent, European countries have increased. (Oxford Business Group, 2010)

Growth rate

The population is growing at 4% per 12 months.

Age Structure

The Age breakup of UAE is as follows

0Л†19 years: 27. 4% (female 40, 328, 895, male 42, 667, 761)

20Л†64 years: 60. 1% (feminine 90, 813, 578, male 89, 881, 041)

65 years and over: 12. 6% (female 21, 991, 195, male 15, 858, 477)

(Oxford Business Group, 2010)


There are extensive programs run by the government to enhance the amount of education in every levels ranging from primary education, extra education to masters level education.

With recent beginning of many institutes of international systems there has been a recent progress in the level of education and its own quality.

Literacy rate in emirati citizens is 90 % in age 6-12 years. (United Arab Emirates, Education)

Since education in very important in all the sectors of the population there a wide range of steps used by the federal government in the recent time to lay concentration in this domain

Ethnic Groups

A large proportion are South Asian, of the order of 84 percent comprising of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, China, Indian, Filipino, Thai, Westerners and relax 16 percent are Arabs


Islam is predominant faith with, roughly 85 percent Sunni and the remaining 15 percent are Shi'a. If official ministry documents are to assumed, 76 percent of the total populace is Muslim, 15 percent is other, and 9% is Christian.

Economic Statistics and Activities


Nominal per capita, GDP = USD 47, 407, according to the International Monetary Finance (IMF).

GDP (PPP): All of us $ 182. 8 billion

GDP (nominal) US $ 252. 2 billion (Economic Statistcis )


Inflation is a learning to be a major roadblock in UAE for last year or two. Money valuation is also a point near the top of brains of the consumers. The primary problem is UAE's pegged money against the united states dollar. Dirham, its countrywide currency is pegged against money. So as buck manages to lose value, dirham also follows suit. BMI estimates real GDP in 2009 2009 at 5. 4. 0%, with another very good performance in 2010 2010. Projected ideals are in rate of 5. 4%, as a result of a small contraction in the olive oil sector (-2. 6%), offset by prolonged out performance in the non-oil sector (10. 5%). Thereafter, we see a cyclical slowdown to 4. 5% in 2011 and 3. 9% in 2012. (Economic Statistcis )

Channels of Distribution (Macro Examination)


The way stores work in UAE is a little different than in other countries. There isn't VAT or service taxes and the greater good news is the fact that retailers are not required to survey their quarterly revenue. The suppliers thus have a glowing future in this country shown by the recent success. UAE's retail market keeps growing relatively at a faster speed in comparison with other fast developing economies of the world Shopping mall culture has come as an edge to the suppliers who've been able to attract the local customers and tourists similarly. (Oxford Business Group, 2010)

Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis

Market Analysis

The market for milk products has been growing over time globally with a particular give attention to Nestlé's products. Milk products like yogurt have finally began to be recognized as each day snack. They are the most easily available food item in the eatable's shop in almost all of the countries that Nestle is present in. (Weaver)

The major factor that can impact a person to invest in the dairy product market is that it's been growing each year on an annual basis of 10%. The reason is inevitable. Nestlé's goals all varieties of the society. Be it children or the junior or the aged, Nestle has products for most of them. Thus giving it an advantage over its competitors. Even though its popularity is much less high as the other products in the centre East market, people had started considering Dairy product as nourishing edibles as a traditional mark in the food industry in the middle ages periods. One can be worried to the fact that the history of the dairy products product is not on the expansion side. This is due to the rise in inflation. But at the same time there is a good deal of boom in the financial sector that makes up about the better future potential clients of the merchandise. The history of Milk products on the market is that it has been a part of the local custom. Meals are considered to be the important workout of your day. That is definitely a custom to truly have a wholesome diet. This style has been continuing since civilization began. As Nestlé's product like great curt or Super fruit Yogurt has taken healthy food is common readymade packages, it is highly known in most part of the world. One must also understand that other milk products of Nestle include chocolates that add taste to the wealthy vitamin and calcium content. As a result, it's been preferable from the time businessmen have taken it to higher standards. This is more beneficial for targeting the kids. (Yogen Fruz (Canada) Symptoms UAE Franchise, 2010)

It has been often said that the globe has been progressing essentially of late. Let's check out it from the Nestlé's product's industry's point of view. There's been a greater improvement in the nourishing food industry during the last decade then within the last quarter of a century. The percentage of folks favoring Nestlé's product is more preferred than some other edible commodity, has gone up. It has gone up to 27% as resistant to the mere 2. 5% only some 15 years back. This rise is due to the actual fact that Nestlé's food products have been increasing fame on account of the diversity of the merchandise built. If one provides thought over the condition of wholesome food industry; he/she will devote a developing level. However the development is not small. It has been developing at a level no minimal than the other recognized industries.

Let's consider Abu Dhabi for an example. The administrative centre city of UAE has a great deal of cereal consumers. The recent research disclose that more than 17% of the population takes dairy products as a popular snack (this includes the other products that Nestlé's producers). This is also a boon for the industry. Apart from just the simple junk snacks, there is such a lot of variety in Nestlé's products that this has taken its food industry to the maximum. The most preferred flavour in UAE is anything that that includes a blend of delicious chocolate in it. The company can certainly take good thing about this simple fact. (Our Brands)

Keeping all these factors in mind, there was a survey of the number of people who've increased their utilization of healthy food on earth. More than 70% of the populace said that they have increased their nutritious food intake (especially dairy products) during the last few years. This may raise up investment in the product.

SWOT Analysis


Company Name: The very name of Nestle brings with it the self-assurance of quality as it includes consistency and trust associated with it. Usually, the consumer's mind they prefer Nestle products over other brands over and over whether it is their Dairy product or something else.

Quality: Nestlé is the main one of the biggest maker of diary food products all over on the globe. The 'Nestle' name is synonym of quality. They have a traditions of providing foods of high-quality. Most of their products participate in category of guaranteed and authorized quality confirmed by tests done by quality confidence companies. Its creation facility is certified with ISO accreditations and also, FDA agreement certificates. But, the product quality differs from country to country for example Nestle juices sold in UAE are manufactured and with preservatives whereas usually in other parts of the world such as United States they are preserved in a natural way with citrus. But this difference doesn't mean that products are of poor anywhere in United Arab Emirates.

Manufacturing techniques: Nestle boast of having advanced technology machines, Skilled and proven process and techniques which accomplish them to produce best in the category.

Trustworthy company: Nestle symbolizes trust. Consumers have beliefs that the merchandise will be not harmful. Nobody should be astonished if Nestle yogurt will occupy the highest market share on the market of United Arab Emirates.

Consumption in immigrant's Culture: As talked about, many overseas nationals are living alongside one another in UAE. Outsiders constitute a major people in UAE. They are really kind of used to most of the Nestle product including yogurt in their home countries therefore this society doesn't need education regarding Yogurt usage benefits. Yogurt is usually used for various purposes including for food preparation. Usually while cooking, yogurt can play an important role same as many local dishes that are prepared in Yogurt.


Lack of consciousness: One big drawback associated with the launch of Fruit yogurt in UAE or any Midsection East countries is low understanding among the individuals. A lot of people don't know that such type of product will there be on the market. The product has already been present in the marketplace the acceptability on the list of UAE individuals is suprisingly low.

Price: The other major weakness that the company possesses would be that the selling price of Nestlé's products is relatively higher than the competitors in ost of the countries it exists. The company accounts this fact to the rigorous use of natural resources. However the end-users will be the customers who are certainly not going to captivate such excuses.

Big accounts: Company Nestle doesn't hold with it any set allotted funds to promote high. Its budget for advertising is fixed as a share of its sales. This sort of strategy usually backfires when product is burning off market in comparison with its competitors. In case the sales are not getting high so will be advertising therefore the products sales suffers a great deal.

Availability: Availability of normal Nestle product is also a problem for Nestle. In addition, it contributes to the low sale Nestle product as of now in UAE. Retailers don't want to keep product which has low acceptability in the market but requires a great deal of space in freezer space. But Nestle do give their merchants a freezer which increase its product's awareness therefore sales. Which means retailers who don't have space constraint usually agree to the Nestle product wholeheartedly. But the situation comes when its given fridge is useful to put other FMCG product of higher demand in market or competitor's product.

Lack of Distributors' interests: Distributors usually don't allow Nestlé's product because of its have to be carried in chilling environment. Nestle fruits yogurt need to be carried in chilling environment of practically 2- 3 level Celsius. Therefore whichever distributor who is willing to accept the distributor romance must fulfill the requirement of having a capacity to transport on this challenging condition of preserving chilling condition in transportation and distribution. It really is kind of costly affair for distributor under until and unless Nestle occupy a sizable market within an extremely short period of time so that even distributors can get market of size.

Chilling need: The essential dependence on Nestle berry yogurt to keep it a chilling temp on a regular basis makes it difficult for even retailers to simply accept the product. They have a fear of the truth that in case if they are not able to sell its proper quantity they have a huge carrying cost of the merchandise. Therefore they don't want to accept the merchandise in very in preliminary phase of the merchandise launch. That is a risk factor which company will have to wave off offering higher margin on its yogurt product as co pared to any other product.

Low Expiry time: Nestle berries Yogurt product has low expiry date. Long lasting keeping condition it offers maximum expiry time of 10-15 days and nights. This makes suppliers to sell the merchandise at the earliest opportunity. Therefore Nestle product are kind of tension of anxiety to retailers as it pertains to their dairy product section. This is also another hindering factor that may affect the yogurt sales in its primary days. After each 10-15 days and nights every stockiest have to renew its product line. Although te suppliers start adding the yogurt because of Nestlé's brand name, the sales in at first sales consistency can't be assured therefore there will never be any limit on amount of these stock that will go waste because of the expiry.


Potential market for super fruit yogurt: Nestle super fruit Yogurt is nourishing food product mainly ad from milk and has very low fat in comparison with the dairy. Fruit taste ends its sourness associated with it. Therefore wholesome food with good flavour has a great potential market in UAE. There exists kind of big market for Nestle to explore. Occurrence of other nationalities and hot environment works as a topping on the already existing potential market for Nestle to cherish. A lot of the sil=milar product has huge acceptability and good thing is that Emirates have high per capita Income which will work as a advantage for the Nestle to placing their product in premium segment and attaining huge benefit from this section.

Climate of UAE: United Arab Emirates local climate is an extra advantages for Nestle to Ancash. It hot climate fast residents to involve some cold nutritious products daily. Usually in summers, ice-cream sales increase a whole lot but still there is a need to find a replacement having similar frosted school as well as some health advantages associated with it. Here Fruits yogurt involves fill the distance. The intake of yogurt in the summers in the majority of the south east countries is really as follows

plain form


meal aspect such as raita


The high use of yogurt in its fruity flavour form offers Nestle one big opportunity to sell frosted super fruit yogurt in summer-time.

Tax exemption: Absence of any Value added taxes VAT or sales taxes in UAE prompts lower price of the majority of the products and for that reason higher amount of sales in UAE. Many companies have joined the market experiencing this center only. This also give companies to make increasingly more profit on their product as the VAT or sales tax part of the price usually is shared by either the customers or by companies. The total amount saved by companies here as part of no Vat can be employed for better advertisement and educating consumers.


Competitors: Competitors already are there in this market in UAE market. Out of the competitors some are really very serious and have a reach on international size. Some major organizations who have existence in UAE market are

Pinkberry freezing yogurt

Marmum super fruit yogurt

Al ain dairy yogurt

Yogen fruz

Al rawabi berries yogurt

Yogurberry frozen yogurt

So it'll be bit difficult for Nestle to contend with these players. It offers spend heavily in the market for advertisement and brining awareness about its new product.

Competitor's Analysis

Competitors are already there on the market with the yogurt related product on the market. A number of the famous brands which already have their yogurt product in the market are as below

Pinkberry frozen yogurt

Marmum berry yogurt

Al ain dairy yogurt

Yogen fruz

Al rawabi fruits yogurt

YogurBerry UAE frozen yogurt

Yogen Fruz is an international brand which has specialty in this portion of iced flavored yogurt. It is a master franchise business with Arcology Investment funds, which is based in Dubai, UAE. Arcology is very pleased to declare that they are beginning their first Yogen Fruz outlet in Dubai very soon. Their recently verified that their target is to open 30 similar stores in very recent future in the Gulf region. Also, they are aiming neighboring countries including Qatar, Oman, Kuwait & Bahrain. Yogen Fruz has existence in more than 25 countries and disperse over around 1200 locations. Their area of expertise is to provide more and more flavors of iced yogurt.

The YogurBerry UAE LLC is famous get good at franchise of YogurBerry group within the United Arab Emirates. YogurBerry is main top and all-natural, non-fat frozen special yogurt brand which brings unique flavour and iced style first time in the united states.

YogurBerry says to be fashionable, healthy and various. YogurBerry's has exposed its first electric outlet in Dubai, in past due June 2009 to make Dubai get exposed to totally different culture of preference.

Similarly, other players are also ready for UAE market at the earliest opportunity and they are playing every tactics to get consumers towards those to reap a first mover's advantage at the earliest opportunity.

Porter's five makes

The threat of substitute products

Nestlé product's admittance in the market is a lttle bit late. Fruits yogurt nestle is at the mercy of face problems as too many players want a bit of the forex market. Actually product fruits yogurt will face competition from local unflavored 'Dahi' which is offered by much cheaper rate than Nestlé's berries yogurt. This reality will be intensified by the fact that local almost all of enough time prefers local items over overseas items. We are able to also say that it'll face competition from ice-cream. Here the only real advantage it includes is it has low fat as compared to ice-cream but age-old ice-cream strategy is difficult to be substituted with relatively new yogurt theory.

The threat of admittance of new competitors

Many entrepreneurs are willing to spend money on this field of dairy product variety due to the health conscious trend that is continuing in the recent past, as it comes under the flourishing sector. So, the only option remaining for Nestle to prevail is to keep a constant switching of costs and make proper use of its brand. It has been seen in many other companies like HP. It is therefore recommended that with constant switching, Nestle will be able to provide its users with the merchandise in enough time span they want.

The threat of competitive rivalry

Food Goodies is a field where competition doesn't just come from price proportions but also from creativity and advertisements. Nestle should realize the amount of competitors it offers and the diversities where they are present. Sometimes, the reason behind the later delivery of products is also competition. Different rival companies can make negotiations with the companies for the delay. Nestle should be careful of the fact.

The bargaining power of customers

Nestle traders will be forced to keep higher prices of products to pay for some great deal. This generally happens at villages or types. At the same time they also needs to keep price sensitivity at heart. So, Nestle sellers have to produce a proper balance between price awareness and high selling price for bargain reimbursement because there may be good customers as well on appointments to such places who might have to pay high once, but never go back or buy the commodities at their individual places. It is because one incorrect step leaves a symbol on the whole supply chain and finally has an effect on the company as well. Such will be the customers who finally realize the business's conditions and deliberately make requests that the business can't match. Nestle shouldn't give a chance to any customer with such views.

The bargain power of suppliers

Nestle is pretty much a Food product' company, so that it owes much of its costing to its suppliers. The recycleables that this uses, determine the expenses of its products. So, it is highly good for have a team which is good at bargaining to keep the price tag on production low. This requires a great deal of walk out work.

Marketing Strategies



Nestle fruits yogurt which happens to be offered in 3 major different flavours in the majority of the countries. The main flavors which are offered are peach strawberry & mango in 100g glass. Strawberry can be said to be most popular of all 3 flavors and it is usually consumed more than other two. Nestle usually keeps on adding the flavour in the country in which has already been present using the flavors that are famous in those very countries. The yogurt has already been there on the market in UAE but the condition is the fact that not a sizable part of UAE public is in supporter of this yogurt thing. Say it a lack in advertising by other marketers or their focusing on on elite course, this product really must be market through educating customers. The speed of usage among Emirates must be increased to boost the overall sale of the merchandise. The grade of product is not doubtful; as it is part of trustable nestle group.


The price established by Nestle of the fruits yogurt is little in the majority of the countries like India and Pakistan. It really is around 15 rupees/glass. Seeing the flavours which are being offered at this price, it is considered very reasonable. The main reality Nestle has to recharge its stock after every 10 - 15 days is issues. Therefore selling only at Nestle special stores will make Nestle to manage inventory well. Advertising this awesome task at this affordable is the key thing making Nestle popular in all the markets. We are able to say that finding the per capita income of emirate individuals who the merchandise will be great strike on the market and Nestle can charge high grade price for the merchandise at later stage.


Like the rest of the countries, Nestle should start its product only in the major metropolitan areas in United Arab Emirates. The main reason is usually that the urban people due to large per capita income are ready to use new product that they think is of good quality and have affordability. People in small locations are being used to of their own brand and their inclination tgo use their favorite brands on a regular basis make them a terrible customer for Nestle. Focusing on only big city can make its product to market in little bit low quantity but it will be best for Nestle in maintain its goodwill and help Nestle to charge a premium price from its metropolitan consumers. Company can target anything between 5000 to 10000 store in 2 years of span of time.


Last 'P' which symbolizes promotion related to marketing interface. It's advocated the campaign plan of Nestle should be through pursuing mediums.

TV program


Advertisement in newspaper, Mags and television



TV Program

5 minute of daily TV show @ 8:30 pm

Nestle should broadcast a formula program to propagate knowing of the super fruit yogurt. This will promote nestle yogurt. In the program some famous chef should be telling how to make different item by using Fruit yogurt as per the traditions of UAE.


The kiosk as always should be the above all selection of marketing and campaign. They should be conveying messages such as this"

New Offers via Kiosks:

100g Rs. 15 @ 33% discount = Rs. 10

Recipe free with this pack

Add berry yogurt to your life and Stay healthy

Information related to Health insurance and Nourishment via Kiosks:

These should be the following

Be Fit: Through Nestle fruit's yogurt' calcium mineral, helps in managing weight.

Be Vital: Nestle Berries yogurt is abundant source of health proteins.

Be Comfortable: Nestle Berries yogurt assists with maintaining digestion.

Be Strong: Nestle Berry yogurt has calcium makes bones stronger.

Be Nourished: Nestle Fruit Yogurt contains nutrition very important to children.

Be Happy: Nestle Fruit Yogurt have great style.


The strategy of Nestle should be to put billboards generally in most seen areas of Abu Dhabi and all the other major cities.


The banners will be placed busiest part of Dubai and other major locations.

Magazine Ads

Magazines advertising should be placed to spotlight the nutritional advantages of fruit yogurt. Focus on mags should be chosen as per the target audience. Since we have to inform about medical advantage we will select women magazines like Femina. We can also concentrate on children through child newspapers and comics displaying and stressing yummy flavour of the product.

10 Important conditions which really helped in the justifying the access of Nestle in United Arab Emirates are

Population of UAE

Competitor's existence in UAE

Economic condition of UAE

Per Capita Income of UAE

Education in UAE

Climate of UAE

Food Habits of UAE people

Price of the product

Scope of the Product

Bargaining vitality of Suppliers of Fresh material

These factors are takes on a governing role in the strategy making as they means too much to the company who's planning to enter into a totally new area. The population, its demographics, product's category, rivals and their parent brand really takes on an important role in examination by organization while making access in a completely new market. They are the factors which if have been examined properly, will give company advantage of getting prepared beforehand foe all the near future problems. It will avoid later disappointment to the company for making entrance in a risky market.

Population of UAE is increasing at a level of 4% and it offers many international nationalities. Presence of these international nationalities in a country provides new admittance in market a readymade opportunity to catch the attention of the consumers who know about the product off their own country.

Educated people's human population is also a key point in determining the introduction of a product in the united states. Educated population requires a totally different profile of the merchandise and totally different kind of communication. Therefore the study of education level in UAE before going into the market can make company to get prepared for advertising campaign and communication strategy while introduction of the product.

High per capita income of your country suggests a high flexibility in setting price by a fresh entrant. Therefore this can be an important factor which is given importance while making technique for entering in the market.

New entrant's traders have to produce a proper balance between price sensitivity and high selling price for bargain reimbursement because there may be reasonable customers as well on goes to to such places who might have to pay high once, but then never go back or buy the commodities at their individual places. It is because one wrong step leaves a symbol on the entire supply chain and lastly has an impact on the business as well.

Climate is also a significant determinant to make strategy for the type of product a corporation should establish in a totally new territory. Manage to survive launch wintry frosted berries yogurt in Chilly local climate governed Antarctica. The business usually launches product which suits weather of the united states. Therefore research of UAE's weather is one the main factor which company has to care for in future. Therefore, here new entrant has to check suitability of product in the new country.

One more thing, a corporation cannot ignore while analysis a fresh country, is the opportunity of the product. Scope of the merchandise means it cannot avoid the variety of uses the product can be utilized in. this will allow company to investigate the mark amount which it can sell in the united states. If that amount is suitable to the business is achieving current economic climate of range then only company launches particular product usually it don't establish it.

Other important question in regards to a company is the fact from where it gets its raw material. What's the suppliers bargaining vitality? This question is important as option of product totally depends upon the obstruction less movement of raw materials. Since Nestle is more or less a dairy products product company, so it owes much of its costs to its suppliers. The raw materials that this uses, determine the costs of its products. So, it might be highly good for have a team which is good at bargaining to keep the expense of production low. This requires a good deal of walk out work.


As a marketing planner at Nestle, pursuing could possibly be the basic things that should be done towards building yogurt as the product of choice.

Out of the strategies mentioned previously and also referring to portion to be targeted, universal strategies can be adopted

Up scaling the buyer surveys will help as Nestle feels in localization of the product

The two strategies given by porter: cost management and differentiation strategies can be utilized by Nestle to good impact. The business adopts a defensive role, in the cost-leadership strategy. It is well aware of the hazards posed by rivals and their advantages. Therefore in market segments where competition is difficult like Kraft and General Mills, the company should follow the cost-leadership strategy. The other general strategy is differentiation of products strategy. So, at places where Nestle is the only real player as a global brand, it should follow this plan.

Certain tools and techniques can assist in better efficiency and efficiency, if monitored properly. The company has to check progressive models sold and the number of employees' ratio. The other important guidelines are productivity and earnings. A trend evaluation on these guidelines helps to measure external perspectives

Decentralization by means of promoting local possession and entrepreneurship can be seemed at

The other factor for sustaining market development is competitive intellect. If the data about rivals are readily available, then full use should be produced of the opportunity. As, Nestle already gets the data of Nestle so that it can look forward to give competition in the snack foods field also to the business.

Only this process of following a step wise procedure can assist in establishing marketplaces for new products

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