Genpact: Global innovator in handling business processes

Genpact began as a subsidiary to GE. Later in 1997 Mr. Pramod Basin the CEO of the company had the thought of delivering business process management services for GE founded out of India. Genpact is available of business process management and have been pioneers of the whole industry in the offshore world in particular places like India, China and Eastern Europe. They concentrate as pioneers in driving a car process excellence for his or her customers. Genpact is a global leader in taking care of business operations. Genpact offers services to companies like bank and finance, motor vehicle, insurance, manufacturing, transport and logistics, pharmaceuticals etc. They hence think that customer centricity is vital and believe in having 100% referenced clients. These clients are a sales force because of its business. All of this also proves the business's differentiators and why it is uniquely positioned to provide its customers in these tough economic times. The company handles over 3000 techniques for more than 175 clients and has 37, 000 employees in 13 countries assisting over 25 dialects. Genpact has developed the Smart Venture Processes (SEP) which is a science technique in handling business operations which focuses mainly on optimizing process efficiency. Slim and Six Sigma are integrated in the company's culture and they believe their management of business process is a science. In fact Genpact was the first ever to expose Six Sigma for process Orders.

"In modern marketing and advertising, values are used to differentiate and positions brands against its competitive brands". MOOJI, M. 1943. Genpact thinks that their culture is portrayed in its prices and cornerstones and it defines who they are. Their values include a set of seven professional traits.



Genpact gives a lot of importance to its leadership as it does conduct several authority development programmes at different control levels.

Senior Command level

  • Senior Leadership Program (SLP)
  • Executive Control Program (ELP) & Business Management Program (BLP)
  • Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)

Management level

  • New administrator Integration (NMI)
  • Foundation of Control (FOL)
  • Building essential Management Skills (BELS)
  • New manager development course (NMDC)

To Be Mangers

  • Genpact Emerging Managers (Jewel)
  • Front Line Professionals (FLM)


  • Genpact is a business partner to the entire world.
  • 25 service centers in 13 countries. Provide near shoreline and off shore solutions at any hour.
  • Key differentiators because of their performance
    • Employees.
    • They are Industry know-how in bank and funding, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, vehicles and business services.
    • Their Process Excellence.
    • Integration of SIX-SIGMA and the LEAN in the business's culture.
    • Business impact (capacity to boost the efficiency and efficiency of today's business in the world)
  • Genpact thinks that how Supply Chain Management is to the creation industry so is Service Chain Management to the service industry that they provide across the world.

    Genpact is convinced in creating technology at work. The business thus included various ways in managing and creating more opportunities for employees including the education at the job programme in which an employee works together with the business and bears out his education to a most extent paid by the business in the best corporations in the country. One such program called is the Affiliate Trainee Programme (ATP).


    Genpact performs a essential role in guarding the integrity of its clients and its end users it helps provide data protection to its customers and also helps securing customer and customer information.


    Genpact is pleased with the fact that they have successfully well balanced their deep focus on process and operational excellence with their passion for people development.


    Genpact believes that its teamwork culture ensure which it has a separate, dedicated and talented workforce with multi-lingual skills for any forms of client contact.



    The prospective customers of Genpact would be the bundle of money 500 companies. However Genpact will not actually promote itself to these businesses its promotion is done through person to person as its existing clients itself becomes its sales force.


    A research was done in order to judge their value proposition against their concentrate on customers. A organized telephonic interview was conducted with one of the professionals at the mature leadership level with the aid of the media center team. The results of the telephonic interview was that Genpact does not actually do any advertising however its 4 Cornerstones that it is known for draws clients which can be included in the top 500 lot of money companies. Genpact thinks that their 4 Cornerstones are the talents that differentiate their company.

    • Customer Centricity
    • Process Excellence
    • Employer of Choice
    • Best-in-Class


    This is one of the main pillars of Genpact. Therefore, the primary focus on keeping existing customers and alluring potential clients has been exemplary. Genpact's operation includes the expansion of the customers operations. The company's strong operating culture defines its process effectiveness and aims to provide real business results. The very best part being the business gets the right skills and services for approaches like these. They assume that genuine and regular customer opinions enriches their relationship with the client and also that their relationship with the customers as strategic, long-term and long lasting.


    "Genpact called best business process outsourcing company by 2008 dark e book of outsourcing"(Brown-Wilson-Group-2008) http://www. genpact. com/pdf/PR_Genpact_1BPO_BlackBook2008_062608. pdf Genpact is undoubtedly the best in its school and is an in depth ended debate. It is definitely this way in standing far off from its opponents as it offers always stressed on process efficiency and performance by integrating Trim, Six Sigma and Smart Venture Processes (SEP) which really is a science technique in managing business procedures.


    Genpact is mainly a people focused company and it truly thinks that energized and happy employees will be the key to success. They have confidence in building and training its employees to ensure that they create a successful and a dazzling rewarding profession with the company. The employees are given with top notch training in order to keep up their relative process efficiency.

    Genpact is mainly a people oriented company and it truly feels that energized and happy employees are the key to success. They have confidence in building and training its employees to ensure that they build a productive and a smart rewarding career with the business. The employees are provided with top notch trained in order to keep up their comparative process efficiency.

    Genpact is mentioned for its process excellence because of its experienced employees and its integration of Low fat, Six Sigma and SEP in to the processes.


    "Pest analysis means for studying the external environment (politics, economical, social and technical) and preparing the stage for strategic planning". STRALSER, S. 2004. Pest research helps review the environment of the market weather it is new or a preexisting market. This basically provides snapshot of the exterior features affecting the company which will impact the industry.


    • A change in the federal government during the elections will majorly impact the business as their is a change in the legal procedures of the government that will impact the company.
    • An outbreak of battle between countries will impact the organization because they are widely spread all over the globe in 13 different countries.
    • The other politics factors include areas such as labour regulation, environment law, duty policy, trade constraints, tariffs and politics stability.

    Presently there will not appear to be any major changes in the political area because the opposition is disintegrated.

    The priority that affects the business from a political viewpoint is a Free Trade Area and Better Air links to be proven among India and the Europe to encourage easier connectivity and development of its business in the market.


    • The major economic factor impacting Genpact will be the recession that prevails in the majority of the economies it manages from.
    • The other economic factors include financial growth, interest rates, exchange rates and the inflation rate. Most of these factors play a significant role in how Genpact manages and makes decisions.


    The major communal factors that influence Genpact will be the following.

    • The population growth rate will immediately impact the business cause if the market comes with an ageing people this will lead to a less prepared work force which will boost the cost of labour.
    • Language is a very crucial barrier as it plays a essential role as Genpact manages across the world.
    • The other factors that have an effect on are the literacy rate, working age populace and the unemployment rate of people. This is also useful to analyze initially whenever a company wants to start out its procedure in a particular country.


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