High Cost Marketing Promotions Of Red Bull Orange Marketing Essay

We are actually going to present Red Bull Orange energy drink as a product line extension of Red bull Refreshments, we decided to go with this orange flavour for Red Bull energy drink because bulk of people don't like tastes of energy drink, and many use Red Bull energy drink for mantel alertness and freshness.

We find out from a global survey that most favrout juice on the globe is orange drink, and aur new product line extension in Red Bull energy drink is adding orange flavour in traditional Red Bull energy drink so that individuals put it to use as orange drink with energy and we can get new customers globally.

All the materials of Red Bull energy drink will be same only addition of orange flavour will be made so that people like its gleaming orange flavour and use it like a soda not as a treatments.

Our marketplace is students, people who do evening shift works, drivers and everyone because everyone like orange drink in lifestyle for freshness in all regions of world. therefore complete world is our target market and our purpose is to make each and every person our new Red Bull Orange consumer.

We will do free sampling of Red Bull Orange throughout the world, as we performed in history for Red Bull energy drink

We use current advertising mediums so that everyone will be known about our new product. We will carry out surveys and studies about our new product.


Red Bull's first unveiling was at 1987. Red Bull headquarters are positioned in Fuschl am See, near to Salzburg, Austria

31 years ago, Dietrick Mateschitz, an international marketing director of any toothpaste German company, uncovered a thailand energy drink at the time, Krating Daeng, which influenced him to produce the Red Bull that is currently the drink the most used across the world. It really is sent out in over 130 countries and its goal is to give consumers what they need which is to keep mental alertness and also to have a better physical performance. Promotion has a great importance in debt Bull GmbH company. They have an aggressive international campaign which has many activities from extreme sports like Solution one race cars, break dance, snowboarding etc. that includes a great interaction using its clients. Red Bull GmbH also launched this season, their first flavour, Red bull Cola, a combination between the best soda, Cola & the best energy drink, Red Bull. Their 250 ml recyclable aluminium can is very useful and handy. The common cost per product is approximately 2$ but bought in bigger deals, you can have better deals. The company built a network of dedicated syndication quite simply, distributors have to have different, special personnel to promote their product, in cases like this Red Bull. The target market are both men and women in the common age from 15 to 30 years old that has less rest then the normal average per person. Many of them are athletes, transfer workers, executives, night clubbers etc. All these elements (campaigns, advertising, place, price, distribution, etc. ) have a major influence in the purchase in our product which makes the sales dominate 70% worldwide on the vitality drink market. Regarding to researchers, the second best seller the business enterprise is Monster, which makes it a direct competition to Red Bull. Their energy drink will come in a 500 ml recyclable aluminium con and it gets the same 2$ price as our product. It gets the same target market and put a great deal worth focusing on in promotion however, not approximately they need to.

Almost everyone knows Red Bull Energy drink. it is common in stores and people use it due to its strong brand image, good quality and success.

And now we will bring in Red Bull Orange and after introducing this new energy drink consumer of Red Bull will be increased, its market will expand quickly and company will make more earnings within very short period of their time.

Current Market

current marke of Red bull is very wide almost depends upon. Red Bull is distributed in 130 countries of the world. special in the european countries every single person is our customer. because of our own strong brand and strong market we are successful inside our new product Red Bull Orange.

In our consumer it offers professionals, students, drivers, night workers, and folks from virtually all professions. and today with our new product RedBull Orange we can catch most customers, people can use this as soda because of its Orange taste. they'll love its style and with its great orange preference they can also get freshness and alertness.

2. 1 Market Summery

Around 4 billion cans of Red Bull drink are consumed every year. More then 130 different countries of the world are our markets. And there are almose 7000 employees of Red Bull throughout the world who are responcible for the success of company. Red Bull is recording this huge market through excellent online marketing strategy. by conducting seminars, research and free sampling.

Red Bull focuses on young adult consumer ages 16 yo 29, young urban experts, and post supplementary university students. Red Bull created strategic program to appeal to post-secondary students by giving them free instances of drink and convincing these to throw party and also, targeting club goers by stocking Red Bull at the clubs. This viral advertising campaign created a apparent effect by boasting sales. Supported by streamlined advertising, it arrived with small silver blue can to entice young urban professionals who like stylish life, providing another reason to drink Red Bull, the style, as suggested by the advertisement slogan, "Red Bull Gives You Wings".

Red Bulls distribution strategy was, like all else, atypical. Instead of targeting the most significant distributors with the greatest reach Red Bull targeted small vendors who often became solely Red Bull vendors. They even visited the extreme of selecting teenagers / college or university students and providing them with vans to distribute the product.

Small independent locations were also the first targets. Red Bull would find the tiny bars, restaurants and stores and give them a tiny cooler to market the beverage from. This is preferred rather than dealing with the needs of the larger stores, who eventually were begging to sell the product


Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities and hazards are very critical factors for making a strategy. Power and weaknesses are company's interior matters it can be control by the country while Opportunities and Dangers and company's exterior factors and they are not controllable


No. 1 brand in energy drink market

Red Bull is most effective growing market share company

Strong brand and brand image

Unique energy drink with orange flavour on the market.

Easy availability for everyone.


High-cost marketing promotions of Red Bull Orange

Not healthy as fresh Orange juice

Not suitable for childrens

Not suited to patients

High rates


Rapidly growing market for energy drinks

Huge market size

No competition

High demand

Easily satisfactory for consumers


Threat of new entrance

Health issues



Lucozade is biggest competitor of Red Bull Orange. Lucozade protects a huge portion of market only using its fresh sparkling orange flavour. but Lucozade is nothing like traditional energy beverages like Red Bull, Raise, Blue Ox etc. it is just like a soda. and people make use of it like soda not as a traditional energy drink.


Ruby is American brand orange energy drink. they may have good quality products nevertheless they don't have a huge market like Red Bull Orange therefore Red Bull Orange don't possess much threat with this limited market orange energy drink


Monster is 2nd greatest providing energy drink after Red Bull, Therefore Monster is a solid competition of Red Bull. but monster don't possess orange flavour energy drink. But there's a threat that they can also produce their orange flavour energy drink after success of Red bull Orange.


Rockstar is world 3rd major advertising brand in energy drink market. but as identical to Monster in addition they don't possess strong brand name to be competitive Red Bull Orange.

Pepsi Cola

Pepsi cola is the one of the world most significant soft drink offering company they have got hyge market as Red Bull Orange. but Pepsi cola don't possess variety in energy beverages.

Coca Cola

Coca cola is world largest soft drink offering company their market is bigger then Red Bull Orange and also have likewise have huge types of soft drinks and energy drinks and i believe only Coca cola can contend and defete Red bull Orange if they also expose their orange flavour drink in the market.

2. 4 Product Offerings

Red Bull company is actually energy drink company and don't have huge verioty of products. Red Bull company have pursuing products offering in energy drink market

Red Bull EnergyDrink

Red Bull Sugerfree

Red Bull Cola

Red Bull Energy Shots

These above are the only products offering by the Red Bull company. Red Bull energy drink is the traditional energy drink containing caffine for alertness. Red Bull Sugerfree is identical to Red Bull Energy Drink but comprising very low extra fat since it is sugar free. Red Bull Cola is not like other Red Bull energy products because it don't possess caffine in it. it is traditional cola. which is soft drink. Red Bull Energy Images comes in both normal and sugarfree. it is basically small version of Red Bull Enengy Drink having same amount of energy which is quick and far better.

2. 5 Distribution

Red Bull is sent out in 130 countries of the world by world top syndication channels. it includes strong network of vendors in depends upon, s developed and producing countries. a few of the main channelpartners being contracted are followings

Super stores


Off and on licence shops

Corner shops

Grocery shops

Airport shops

Railway station stores

Fast food shopes

Cash and carry

Super markets

E. t. c



Objectives of Red Bull Orange in line with the success of Red bull Company are followings.


First purpose of Red Bull Orange is to capture maximum market by producing the globe new flavour of energy drink


Second aim is to boost our sales level of Red Bull Orange entirely world and increasing our total sales of Red Bull Orange 3 billian per year.


Third purpose is to expose more berry flavour in energy beverages to capture totally entire market and bettering our brand verioity for future generation.

Product Quality:

Our main objective is to give our customer excellent quality. as Red Bull is top brand in energy drink industry, we provides same quality inside our new Red Bull Orange and continue to be market innovator for long-term future.

Product Sales:

Our second aim and goal is to keep and improve our sales level of Red bull orange. we will create this new brand through proper marketing channels and try to deliver this worldwide through proper distributing channels.

Product extensions:

Our third main aim and aim is to expose new fruits flavours in energy beverages and providing our customers huge verioty of energy beverages and full fill their demands effectively.

3. 2 TARGET Marketplaces:

Our target market is depends upon. All of the developed and producing countries of the world.

But our key market is people of age 16-29 years old. because people in these ages use more energy beverages therefore we will try to capture students and folks from different occupations who are between these age ranges. becasuse people among these age groups are enthusiastic amd Red Bull Orange will provide them more energy and they can take it easy more.

Then our next market is people who work in late night jobs. Because they will remain refresh by using our refreshing Red Bull orange. We take these people because working during the night careers makes person slow down and Red Bull Orange will recharge them for another morning fatigue.



Red Bull Orange gives u same results of world, s top brang of energy drink Red Bull. By using the strong brand, brand custom logo, can shape & most important same ingridiants of Red Bull Energy drink. So Red Bull Orange will be as effective as Red Bull Energy Drink. and defiantly better tase then Red Bull Energy Drink.

Our brand logo will be "This will provide you with scrumptious wings to fly"


Red Bull Orange will have best quality and top brand but we will not ask high price from our customers. as our target is to provide best quality and to create new tastes of energy drink to the planet.

Red Bull Orange will be released 1. 10 per can for retail and 1. 00 for entire sellers. as our pricing strategy is the fact that not to get started on making profit from start but to expose our tasty Red bull orange product to the market and get huge market. we use penetrating prices strategy to take market rapidly.


Our distribution strategy will be rigorous distribution strategy. To hide the huge market we will use all available outlet stores. To provide the taste of our new product we use maximum quantity of whole vendors, retailers and marketers so that every person can get easily our new Red Bull Orange from anywhere.

We use all vehicles mediums as streets, trains, planes, ships to deliver our Red Bull Orange every where in the complete world

Marketing communications

For marketing communication of Red Bull Orange we can do pursuing marketing communications

We can do advertising internationally through proper marketing programs as Television set. Internet, website, and messaging.

We can do event sponsorship in car rally racing.

We will carry out conferences and industry events.

we will do packaging for Red Bull orange.


We will use TV. Commercials of new Red Bull Orange internationally to appeal to maximum customers. We use internet, we promote our Red Bull Orange by our websie, we do messages and tell the top features of new product, we do advertising on famous websites so that maximum people can take note about Red Bull Orange. We will use mobile phone and do texts to aur local community.

Event sponsorship

We will sponsor car rally races, bike, boat races in this manner we can promote our product most efficiently.

Conferences and tradeshows

We will organize conferences and tradeshows generally in most bussy places of big cites to promote Red Bull Orange

Free sampling

We can do free sampling in various countries using this method we can make an incredible number of our new customers

3. 5 Marketing Mix

Red Bull Orange will be released in august 2010, we will do some action programs to market our Red Bull Orange. Following is 4 months program to advertise and promote our new product.


In july 2010 we organise trade show for sellers to educate them that how to do it by proper planning. We will give them our product review. We will train our sales people that how to market Red Bull Orange to everyone by telling them the key features of it. and by proper marketing planning we will make such polices that after six months how our brand will become famous on the globe.


In august 2010 we sponsor a car rally contest and in that race we use our Red Bull Orange logos on autos, we use signboards with this brand logos and we give receiving trophy with Red Bull Orange brand name. Through this sponsor the majority of people get familiar with our new start.


In Sept we will start our free sampling first in local market then in different countries of the world. we gives free samples to general population for try and ask them their thoughts and opinions about new delicious energy drink. This task will be very helpful for us to get the public responses also to make future decisions


In October 2010 we start advertising our new brand openly in depends upon through newspapers television, radio, bill boards, bus ceases, and through leaflets.


In November we perform a seminar of the whole sellers and sellers to ask them public response, we offer them special discounts and resultly they'll try hard to market our Red Bull Orange in energy drink market.


In the start of Dec our product will be tranquil famous on the planet and we will have enough give food to backs of your customers. Then we will improve quality in our product according to your customer demand if needed.


At 1st January 2011 we do new year party in capital locations of 130 countries which we have our big market. And which will be our biggest and last step to promote our Red Bull Orange worldwide. And hopefully 2011 will be out with the largest deal of Red Bull Orange in the annals.


Marketing research is vital step to get opinions from our customers. If we don't do general market trends then we can't check what is our customer need, want and demand. whether our customers are liking our product or not.

We have many resources for our market research about Red Bull Orange. We'd secondry data of existing users to your dealers, retailers and brokers. and we can gather most important data by conduction studies, interviews e. t. c.

One in our important resources to get information is our competition. we can check their strategies and planning that can affect us. We can get this information of their users and can make our planning much better than our opponents.

We can get our customers feed back through pursuing activities to make future decisions about our recently launched product Red Bull Orange


We can do studies from our customers through questioners and check their need and requirements from Red bull Orange.

To know our market for future decisions we should do research from our customers to get clear picture of our market.


We will do interviews from our customers to receive the quick plus more correct information better then your surveys. Therefore we ought to do such interviews continually.

Research and development

We must develop research and develop office in our company and ask them to give latest information to management of Red Bull Orange which is very helpful to make effective decesions of management of Red Bull.

4 Financial Matters

Red Bull is global market head in energy drink market. We launched our Red Bull Orange last year. defiantly every business have breakeven point, no product can start earning from start.

Same is with our new product Red Bull Orange was at reduction and below then its breakeven point.

According to financial things total sales of Red Bull Orange is 1 billion pounds with average entire deal price 1. 00 per can and variable cost per can is. 60 for device sale level of 70 thousands and thousands. First year reduction is up to 30 million pounds. And break even calculation shows the Red bull Orange can make profit after sales exceeded 85 million during Red Bull Orange Second season. And in addition our period of time even suppose per unit whole seller revenue of 1. 00 and varying cost. 60 per can and first yr estimated set cost is 85 million pounds.

5 Handles:

5. 1 Implementations

We don't compromise on quality of our product. We have quality control department in our company who is working hard to maintain good quality of Red Bull Orange. We concentrate on customer give food to backs and appreciate their claims and try our better to reduce problem rates about our product.

We try to do best advertising of the product. We've a experienced marketing office who is doing good to market Red Bull Orange in the vitality drink market. This division is making best Television commercial help to catch the attention of customers. And in addition developing amazing bill board aids.

We are getting in touch with meetings of whole sellers consistently to cause them to become increase saled quantities of product

We conduct seminars for vendors and train them to deliver product in he complete market and making option of product everywhere you go.

Health and safety

Red Bull Orange offers healthy drink. And striving hard to minimize side effects of energy drink, . In order that we can provide safe and healthy energy drink to our customers. therefore our energy drink is best in all perspectives, by preference, by quality, and by health nourishment.

Performance Measurement

We encourage our employees giving them good rewards and extra bonuses for their good workings. this escalates the performance of employees.

We do training programs for our employees for educating them current technologies. And in addition we assess performance of our employees.

5. 2 Conclusion

Red Bull does good business in the drink marke. it includes huge market get spread around in up to 130 countries of the world and also have huge number of its customers. Red Bull is market head of energy beverages which offers best quality products.

But Red bull company don't possess much kinds. they should do such products extensions to make their business more strong.

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