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In 1985 Tursthouse Forte had Travelodge and they open up their first roadside hotel on the A38 Burton under Needwood North of Lichfield. This is the first ever before Budget hotel in UK. Then they start six more roadside Hotels within a year. In February 2003, Permira purchased Travelodge and grew to 200 Hotels in the UK. IN 2006 observed the complete take over to its current owners the Dubia International Capital and by Sept had grown to 5000 personnel. They are actually looking to increase during the approaching Olympics with a eye-sight to be the biggest, having over 1000 hotels by 2020.

Literature review

What is marketing?

  • The management process that recognizes, anticipates and materials customer requirements proficiently and profitably (ref: The Chartered Institute of Marketing) CIM.
  • Marketing is the cultural process where individuals and organizations obtain what they want and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others. (ref: Kotler)

Characteristics of an marketing-orientated company and components of marketing theory?

Marketing oriented organisation

It is when an company programs all it work toward fulfilling customers needs and wants. The main process is wanting to identify and identify customer needs. Marketing research became an important tool to identify those customer needs and wants. They are able to also find the various markets, the size etc.

Research and Development products and service commenced as an ideal and needed to be progressed into the actual end result. Some product will proceed through adjustment until they attained customer needs.

Pricing; it is important that the merchandise has got the right price and that it is not undercharge or over charge. Prices give customer goals about the merchandise performance and it might have a knock on impact if it does not meet such expectation.

Distribution; bringing the merchandise or services to where customers can have admission and it, it is also known as place

Promotion; rising consciousness through different kinds of advertising Television set, Radio, internet, newspaper publishers and magazine, charge boards etc.

It is actually coordinating all organisational activities around the customer needs. The composition and process are designs to meet customer needs.

Marketing Concept

Integrated Marketing approach to all jobs within the company, its framework and process

Customer satisfaction is paramount as I can show for example from my case study, even though Travelodge is a budget Hotel, they have got added quality to the assistance they are offering, for example clean and presentation of the area, privacy offering customer luxury and satisfaction.

Making a revenue is the reason why organisation has truly gone into business, so income will be the expected final result of the business.

The Benefits and costs of a Marketing Approach.

Introducing a marketing approach to a small business has advantages from developing as an enterprise, quality service given and upsurge in profits.


  • Clearly identify the needs and would like of customers
  • Satisfaction of customers needs and desires, therefore gain reputation and devotion. (Romantic relationships are made between business and its own customer)
  • you can apply right business strategy
  • Identify competition and apply necessary strategy to much better than them.


Introducing a marketing procedure will mean coordinating all business activities around the customer needs and wishes. This means the structure and process must change. Tools such as;

  • Marketing research
  • Planning strategy
  • Promotion rising consciousness and persuading customers

Will have to be used and each one of these cost a lot of money to obtain set up.

The segmentation standards and targeting strategies

Travelodge have to have measurable, accessible, ecological and hetero or homogeneity objectives.

  • Measurable; having information available and cost effective.
  • Accessible; company can identify and communicate with the chosen segments.
  • Sustainable; how the segments are to offer profitable profits.
  • Hetero/homogeneity; how diverse or compact market is.


  • Travelodge takes into account the population development; they need to know the various age groups, changes in the populace and population distribution.
  • Family life cycle

    Travelodge considers the kind of life-style, their behaviours, the way they socialise and their conditions of life. In the UK there is certainly heavy traffic round the clock a lot of men and women go out at night, business do not sleep, it's a 24 hour contemporary society an edge to Travelodge.

    Social class

    Travelodge cater for people from all walks of life, they are providers of affordable prices. People in lower school can walk in through the same door as higher class rather than feel bad they have been around in a luxury of hotel.


    In each area Travelodge enters in they consider geographic factors that could work because of their advantage, including the will choose to locate near a visitor attraction so they can provides services to holiday travellers.

    Targeting marketing

    This will ask that the company to work with all resources available source of information to gratify customer needs in specific portion. It can be done in three different ways undifferentiated market, concentrated market, differentiated market

    • Undifferentiated; aims to produce a solo product and get as many customer to but it.
    • Concentrated attempts to produce the idle product for an individual sections of the market
    • Differentiated; presents several versions of a product each aimed at a new market segment.

    Buyer behaviour that impact Travelodge

    Perception that folks bring about Travelodge have a good or bad influence on buyer behavior. People have the trend of using a service predicated on experience, different personal preferences, based cultural classes and targets and motives.


    Travelodge employs radio, Television set, the internet and the print out marketing e. g. reports paper and mags to appeal to customers. They use special offers during holiday season to attract customers and because they're a budget Hotel people utilize them to save lots of money throughout their holiday.

    Environmental influences; weather conditions, for example more folks take holidays during summer time and Travelodge dose a whole lot of business during this time.

    The culture

    Social classes

    Groups and Situational influences

    Marketing combination (4ps) that donate to the success of Travelodge (Ref: Travelodge 2009)


    Travelodge are a budget Hotel who provide clean and comfortable rooms with en-suit and offer to give you all you need for a good evening sleep. The rooms from one bed or dual bed rooms and group bookings are available.

    They also offer family rooms, Rooms with accessible facilities, 24 hour reception, Breakfast, drinks and snacks vending, and fast check in you don't need to check out and remote control colour Television set.


    Travelodge has low and friendly room price which means you can stay a lot longer and revel in your holiday break or visit. This implies you can spend less on accommodation and even more on the reason you went to.

    They have a unique pricing system which allows customer to check on prices online and prices are per room and not per person. Customers that e book 12 months beforehand are give special discount offers rendering it even cheaper. To keep cost down they don't give toiletries.


    Travelodge is situated near commercial establishments along motor ways targeting motorists. They are now also near airports, museums and galleries, seaside, shopping centres and Theme Parts and Zoos.


    Travelodge provides internet offers, for example if you reserve 12 months in advance you get special prices. The web is their best advertising and promotional tool, reports papers and mags, TV and radio adverts they use to persuade customers to use them when they travel.


    Pricing strategy add more to the success of Travelodge, because they are affordable. Their services which can be high grade also help persuade and sell their services to customers.

    How and just why international marketing operation of Travelodge differs from domestic

    Travelodge will have economical, culture/sociable life, legal and politics, environmental and technological influences to consider and package with prior to going into that market.


    The stage of development in the country and degree of monetary activities; the inflation and depressive disorder rate how the country couples under such pressure. The results of unemployment (how many people who are not working that may be working).


    The national culture, condition the belief, way of life, values and behaviour of individuals and affect their respond to the life span of Hotels. Their perception towards hotels may be of luxury rather than necessity.


    The infrastructure in the country; streets, electricity, telecommunication systems determine whether Travelodge will run properly because they closely depend on personal computers to store customer data and internet for booking.


    The climate; the risk of natural disaster

    Legal and Political

    Political balance weather there is no indifferences between the opposing political people. They need to know if the country is under sanction, embargo. They have to learn the trading laws and regulations for the reason that country.

    finding and analysis

    Different marketing strategy applied in home market and an overseas country by Travelodge

    Travelodge should remain on top of the competition domestically and at the same time gain market share in their international market segments, so different strategies will be employed in order to do this.

    Domestic market

    They could apply protective, offensive and even penetration strategies and drive back they competition this is closely depended on product positioning in it life routine.

    Defensive strategy

    They can use ambitious promotional activities and offers, presenting your existing customer special deals and getting new customer with low prices.

    International Markets

    Travelodge could use penetration and offensive strategies attacking the competitors were they are simply weakest

    Geographically entering places where they have got the weakest market show.

    Prices they may use low prices and slowly change there prices.

    Advertising by using TV, Radio, newspapers and news documents, providing special offer and reduced prices of getaways and gaining popularity to customers.

    They have to capture rival of guard through splinting its attention in many course and forcing these to use considerable resources to defend it position.

    Macro and micro environment which affects marketing decision

    The micro factor

    Micro environmental factor are those close to the organisation and include the following

    • Employees; the folks doing work for the organisation
    • Customers; anyone that uses or may possibly use your product or services
    • Suppliers; provide your with recycleables good marriage with them may ensure an organisation fair prices.
    • Media; the newspapers, magazines, Tv set and Radio, Billboards and the internet.
    • Shareholder; investors available.
    • Competitors; those that are providing the same product or services as you.

    The macro factors

    • Political; political unrest and confrontation between political parties may cause domestic wars and make it hard for business to operate.
    • Economic; government plans fiscal and monetary, industrial structure, development and labour markets. Income progress and wealth distribution, the consequences on buying power
    • Technological some countries may well not be well toned and also have poor infrastructure highways normal water and electricity and computer technologies the internet etc. Travelodge uses personal computers for bookings and keeping customer data.
    • Legal; laws that could have an effect on your business maybe released.
    • Environmental; environment changes and natural devastation how lousy and immediate there are!
    • Demographic; population, age group, sex
    • Social; behaviour and opinion systems

    The additional elements of the Marketing Mix

    Process; the method that you do business and how you use the obtained knowledge. People; personnel, customers Physical facts; how your service became tangible.

    Conclusion and recommendation

    Travelodge has given people alternative of cheaper accommodation. Hotels where before see as a luxury but Travelodge has change this understanding. Travellers is now able to plan road travels stopping at Travelodge to rest and have a good night rest and paying less.

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