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A'Famosa Water World is the one water theme playground available in the southern region of Malaysia. It includes various water trips and visitors attractions that definitely could get the heart and soul of fun loving young people and the laidback parents and seniors as there is always something for everyone of every age group. (afamosa. com) Kids could have a great time at the Arabian Village which was created in brightly colored playground influenced by the Moorish design alongside the onion-shaped domes and minarets and Kid's Adventure Pool. (virtualmalaysia. com) As for the buzz seekers, they can take a drive at the Seven Storey BROADBAND Slide and there's always Wave Pool, Family Raft and Lazy River for the family entertainment. Visitors could benefit from the rides and have fun with a piece of head as every drive and center in the park meets safety degrees of international criteria.

THE MARKETING Combination.

Marketing blend is one of the most popularly marketing accepted theory and has been referred to as the controllable factors where company places together to fulfill target markets and achieve the firm's eye-sight. This includes all elements which may meet the consumer's satisfaction where company has some level of control. The marketing mixture has included 4 extensive categories which are known as the 4 Ps. These 4 Ps means Product, Price, Place and Advertising. It is widely used to plan marketing approaches for companies to help them in reaching their goals. (Brown et al. 1991)


Unlike other products from most businesses, the merchandise in theme playground business is not always tangible. Mostly it provides entertainment services in the form of building rides for the consumers and there is where in fact the consumers could enjoy themselves, riding the trips. Another difference among business and entertainment marketing is the merchandise use. In entertainment marketing, the merchandise is often a service that is given to the consumer by using an involuntary basis and will projected as a need. (Kaufman 1990) For instance, the men and women or parents that are visiting the A'Famosa Water World might not need to work with life buoy. As a matter of fact, they may well not start to see the need of using it but they are aware that their children may need the life span buoy to ensure that their kids could play safer in this inflatable water. Also, the Seven Storey High Speed Slip is too dangerous for a youngster under the age of 12 to drive and thus the Influx Pool and Kids Adventure Pool tend to be suitable for the kids. These gentler rides might not exactly be the eye of the people but are essentials for the individuals as it could satisfy their needs of amusing their children of most ages.


Price is one of the most important factors in keeping the business enterprise afloat. Prices are placed to cover all the expenses and cost of a company and the most crucial purpose is to make profit. "Profit is the reason that you will be in business and profit is what enables you to stay in business. " (British 2003) Prices are establish to maximize income, not to improve sales. The relationship between price and sales volume level is created as price elasticity. More often than not a business which is in an exceedingly competitive with little product differentiation has high price elasticity where small changes in the price could impact the shedding in the sales level and thus reducing the company's profit. (British 2003) When we consider A'Famosa Normal water World, the costs are set in a means that individuals are only spending money on the entrance charge which already allows these to play all the trips in the recreation area. Remember the times where we pay just for a minimal fee for the entrance but finished up paying significant prices for every single attraction per person? This used to be the pricing strategy for almost every theme playground in Malaysia but it has now since been abolished and a new prices strategy has been created where consumers only need to pay a fixed entrance cost per person.


The promotion mixture is where the organization or a firm communicates the advantages of its products. With drinking water rides of all kinds, many products are in fact services thus unlike other tangible products, it is difficult to market our products but when it is promoted in some other approach, it makes a service appear more tangible. So, somewhat than promoting a service just as something, it ought to be promoted as a bundle of benefits that consumers will get from the service. The promotion blend should follow the AIDA strategy in case a company wanted to succeed in promoting their brand

Increase understanding (A)

Attract interest (I)

Arouse desire (D)

Initiate action (A)

This acronym is essential process where the manager attempt to increase awareness of the products. Once recognition was effectively created, promotion is designed to entice interest. This period requires more descriptive information about the product or somewhat, service to be able to develop offers that will arouse the general public desire to acquire or ingest the service. This is also where the company is wanting that the general public will move from motives of participating to really taking action in a sense that they are now a consumer or customer to the business. (Hurd et al. 2008) This process may not be very relevant when applied on A'Famosa Drinking water World. As the info is currently not accessible any longer, this might be predicated on my personal experience. The knowing of this unique park was raised upon conclusion and mass advertising over the media was made. Billboards, newspapers, periodicals and television set and radio advertisements were bombarded with A'Famosa Normal water World's brand awareness campaign. It includes then attracted plenty of general population interest and everyone wanted to visit the recently open theme park located at the southern region of Malaysia. The general public started taking actions when they finally went to the recreation area along with friends and family members of all ages. Until today, A'Famosa Drinking water World remains to be the largest water theme area in Malaysia and various methods of campaigns are still released across the advertising especially through the local school vacations.


Place is all about the facilities, programs and activities have to be accessible to the people they are developed for. Therefore, the way the policy was sent out should be based on the customer's information such as their house and work locations, travel and accessibility factors as well as the products and the prices. Therefore it is equally very important to services and facilities to be physically, socially and fiscally accessible. (Torkildsen 2005) The journey to A'Famosa Drinking water World can be inspired with directional signals, maps, a good welcoming entrance, and by light the car parking areas and walkways. This can be turned out in their public website where it explains their location and suggesting customers with ways of getting there. In addition they include a map in their established website numbering every single single attraction, rides and facilities which gave an overview of the area itself to the customers.


The definition for was, "corporate social responsibility is a committed action to improve community well-being through discretionary business methods and efforts of corporate and business resources. " (Kotler & Lee 2005, p. 3) Over the years, A'Famosa Water World has collaborate with numerous corporate and organizations in assisting to organize activities and outings for the mentally challenged kids or orphans. There are also several activities that were held to raise cash for donation to the disadvantaged homes, and also for the Palestinians.


In order to achieve the company goal, A'Famosa Water World will need to have a tactical marketing plan. While using the Porter's Universal Strategies, Michael Porter has defined 3 common strategies which are; overall cost control, differentiation and concentration.


The overall cost command is based on originating a minimal production and circulation cost so the price could be less than its opponents and win a huge market talk about. (Katsioloudes 2002)


Here, the company focuses on learning to be a unique industry, allowing company to fee premium more than the extra costs of uniqueness. By doing so, it might help the company to be unique, different and matchless to the rivals thus, differentiating them between the similar industry. (English 2001)


Lastly, the final strategy that was described by Michael Porter was that the business enterprise focuses on a number of exclusive market sections. The business then reaches know these segments intimately and may then decide on whether the particular market section should be using the overall cost command strategy or differentiation strategy.

The strategy that best suits A'Famosa Water World was the entire cost leadership. The biggest competitors ever were Sunway Lagoon, thus when cost were reduced, A'Famosa Drinking water World could now slash the price making it to appear more tempting to the general public. Thou it may well not be the largest water theme area in Malaysia, they still have the most enjoyable and adventurous normal water rides. Costs could be reduced by restructuring 3 management methods.

Minimize the recurring cost by mapping the staffs to patrol on a certain area. Instead of having the janitors and mechanics to wander across the area, the management could assign these to only show up at on a particular area. This may help in better utilize their time and area covered thus reducing the number of staffs needed. (everything2. com)

Eliminate unprofitable attractions as these could cause increasing the maintenance cost and affect the overall earnings. (everything2. com)

Carefully paying attentions to customers' needs and tendencies could help to avoid spending money in areas that are viewed as unsatisfactory to them. This could be done by creating a simple questionnaires or surveys that might be loaded by customers at the end of their trips. (everything2. com)


Relating to the marketing mixture of 4 Ps, there are indeed rooms for advancements which could producing a more appealing experience to the customers resulting in a higher profits that might be generated.


Thou the trips available are still as exciting and arousing as before, renovations could be done to the rides to make it more attractive and exciting. The Seven Storey High Speed Slide provides visitor an intoxicating connection with sliding in a very high speed, A'Famosa Water World could refurbish the ride and make it to become the Haunted Seven Storey High Speed Slide. Not only does it offered a new experience to prior guests and riders, it is also very unique to the public as there are no similar haunted water rides that might be found in Malaysia. The Wave Pool and Influx Pool Level could be changed as a volcanic theme. This may be done by making the level as a volcano and high pressured fountains be installed in the 'volcano' to job an image as if the site visitors are longing around the 'volcanic' area permitting them to have imaginary experience of swimming in the 'lavas'.


Current tactics for the pricing strategy was by merging all the trips prices and only charging visitors a set entrance fee. This strategy could be further perfected by having a "Bring-Along-Your-Friends" advertising. Prices could be further slashed when tourists (mostly young adults) are coming in groups where the first ticket purchased will set you back 100% as the second solution would slashed by 25% and the 3rd ticket purchased would be slashed by 30%. This may encourage the general public to come in categories and A'Famosa Normal water World could make a huge gain earning the quantity of sales.


The brand understanding has long been created when it first established in Malaysia, however, they have since become an out-of-date approach and needs to be renewed. A new understanding could be created when the prevailing rides are revamped, mailing a brand new image to the public. It might then entice more interest by arranging a weekly "Beach Get together" and may put the newly revamped volcanic theme Influx Pool and Wave Pool Level to good use. The children now have more choices to invest their weekends on more healthy places rather than hanging out the stores and squandering their time.


A'Famosa Water World can happen to be very accessible with street maps and street signs available to the driver, it includes however didn't take into consideration that don't assume all family or individual owns a car. Sadly to say, there's also no public rides that could permit the public to straightly reach the park. Even though there are public rides available, it does not come with a cheap price. That is where the company could design a shuttle bus service where A'Famosa Water World could place different locations across the regions with busses totally had by A'Famosa Water World itself. Interested visitors could use this service to access the destination plus they just need to pay a small fraction of what was already available in the public or they can have their bus fare waived if they are visiting the water park in several five.


A tactical marketing plan is similarly important and critical for a business to accomplish its goal. By assigning a good marketing plan, revenue could be doubled if the plan had efficiently attracts the general public interest, luring them into browsing the park leading to gaining more gains and interested buyers. This may help them to develop their business field in future when an appropriate offer was made between your company and potential buyers.

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