Hsbc The Largest Bank And Services Organizations Marketing Essay

Despite growing in almost eighty countries over the world, HSBC bank has prevailed in positioning it self in "world's Local bank". The HSBC bank or investment company is working constantly hard to secure a local feel and knowledge, to make customers feel safe and reliable to conduct banking. Consequently they have made certain high customer commitment and HSBC has had the opportunity to retain its large customer pool.

Promotional activities

One of the most crucial key success factors is the power of HSBC loan provider to reach a substantial portion of customer through various impressive promotional campaigns, moreover savings, rebates, relaxing of rates of interest on loan during problems etc has helped to achieve popularity. Aside from this HSBC bank or investment company targets sponsorship activities as well.


HSBC keeps a solid focus on the assistance that it includes to the clients like personal banking services, consumer money, commercial banking, commercial investment bank and market, private bank and so forth among 100 million customers distributed around the globe in an exceedingly professional and effective way. This professional and reliable frame of mind has helped to boost up the self confidence level of the clients as well to a great amount and its professional frame of mind towards understanding the several hitherto untapped sections like niche marketing or concentrating on a particular demographic section has led to its success history.

Corporate communal responsibility

HSBC is committed to demonstrating control and transparency in its method of corporate social responsibilities. It desires to be named one of the companies with the ability to make a difference. HSBC loan company focuses on different kinds of corporate social responsibilities like educational, environmental, community, community reinvestments and so forth. Among these corporate cultural responsibilities glimpse receive below:

Climate change is believed to be the most important environmental challenge of the century and can have a major impact on our employees, customers, shareholders and communities. The HSBC Local climate Partnership seeks to :

HSBC bank focuses on protecting rivers and the livelihoods of people who rely on them.

Research the long-term ramifications of climate change on the world's forests.

Create cleaner and greener cities.

Efficient manpower

Professional and extensive training resources provided by the HSBC standard bank are significant benefits associated with becoming a member of the world's local lender. The beliefs of HSBC standard bank is to supply the facilities and resources for their employees to gain access to, in order to meet their learning needs and self-development goals. Specific product and skills training is provided for all degrees of professionals in their personal financial services division and corporate bank businesses. Also, management training, command skills, words and specialized skills training, is provided across all departments. For each one of these support the employees of HSBC are very skilled and enriched.

These success factors have made HSBC bank or investment company to the key position in globally. Customers rely on HSBC because of the trust worthiness, brand image, professionalism and reliability and so forth. For these success factors HSBC standard bank established itself through a slogan "World's local bank".



Marketing Plan of HSBC Loan company of Bangladesh

Executive summary

A marketing plan is a written file that provides in details of the necessary activities to achieve one or more marketing aims. To execute a marketing plan of HSBC loan company of Bangladesh, first the existing situation of HSBC Bangladesh should be analyzed. From the BCG matrix it includes discovered that HSBC loan company of Bangladesh is Cash cow position but it includes huge possible to obtain the STARS positions in future. The SWOT examination in addition has been conducted to find the weaknesses and risks with the opportunities as well. HSBC loan company will be more developed in Bangladesh if the weaknesses and hazards are minimized with a maximization of opportunities. Marketing strategies have been established to satisfy the aims and mission perspective of HSBC loan company of Bangladesh. Financial tasks are done to put attention on the financial aspect of HSBC Bangladesh.


Current Situation Analysis

Through inspecting HSBC bank's history and present performance on the business environment like competition, styles inside exterior, market show and the blend of all this information to pull inferences on HSBC Bank's future. The current situation and position of HSBC bank of Bangladesh can be discussed through the BCG (Boston Consulting Group) matrix, which is explained below:

Boston Consulting Group matrix

Through the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix tool, the company's position in terms of its product range can be assed easily. This matrix helps a firm to take into account its products and services and make decisions about which it will keep, which it should let go and which it will invest in further.






Cash Cows

Question Marks


Relative Market Share

Market expansion rate

Fig: BCG Matrix

Question Marks

Question marks represent the merchandise that grow rapidly and because of this it consumes huge amounts of cash, but as they may have low market shares they don't make much cash. The effect is large online cash use. A question make gets the potential to get market share and become a star, and finally a cash cow when the marketplace progress slows.


Stars create large amounts of cash for their strong comparative market talk about, but also consume huge amounts of cash for their high progress rate. So the cash being put in and brought in approximately nets out. If the star can maintain steadily its large market show it will turn into a cash cow when the marketplace development rate declines.

Cash Cows

As market leaders in a mature market, cash cows display a go back on resources that is higher than the market growth rate - so they make more money than they ingest. These systems should be 'milked' extracting the gains and investing as little as possible. They offer the cash required to turn question marks into market market leaders.


Dogs have a minimal market talk about and a low growth rate and neither generates nor consumes a big amount of cash. However, pet dogs are cash traps due to money tied up in a company that has little potential. Such companies are individuals for divestiture.

HSBC Bank's Position

There are several Banking institutions in Bangladesh. HSBC Loan provider is one of the leading banking companies among the rest of the banks. There is no bank which is in the position of Celebrities because stars generate a large volume of amounts of cash because of their strong comparative market talk about, but also ingest huge amounts of cash for their high progress rate. HSBC Loan company of Bangladesh is CASH COWS position because as leaders in an adult market, cash cows display a go back on belongings that is greater than the market progress rate - so they make more cash than they ingest. If HSBC bank of Bangladesh starts off generating more money and more market share it will require the positioning of Superstars in future.

SWOT Research of HSBC Standard bank worldwide


Strengths in SWOT evaluation, signifies the strong tips of any company.

HSBC Loan company is sensible capitalized and the bank has endorsed its performance specifically well against other lenders in recent economic functions and events.

The bank or investment company has a strong existence in rising market segments and taking the bank in a good position to adopt personal preferences of future growth in economies.

The bank's global existence in European countries, Asia and South America helps to multiply risk and will be offering significant economies of range.

The brand image of HSBC has become firmly set up and especially proven the value within the bank industry.


Although HSBC accomplices itself securely with investment in small industries but the recent inexpensive condition has led higher hazards and possibly comprised the activity levels in the regions of operation.

The HSBC lender was associated with sub-prime markets in america and has already established to create off large figures lent to high-risk debtors.

Although the UK interest rate comes, the HSBC bank or investment company has increased the pace of home loans. This increased home loan rate may be perceived negatively by debtors and potential borrowers. It also also puts pressure to the already stressed housing marketplace and could finally lead to more defaulting as consumers struggle with higher repayments.


HSBC's advanced of capitalization stands a solid position to obtain assets.

Banks finding trading conditions specifically difficult at present may be available at low priced.

HSBC's organization position symbolizes the opportunity to outplay the opponents during the inexpensive downturn and to build privileges to be one of the safer bankers for depositors, assisting to increase resources for loaning.


There is lessening trend of rely upon banks credited to financial loss suffered by investors, who may be more inclined to get elsewhere.

Financial losses influencing banks and traders on a global scale have resulted in less credit being open to customers. In the UK this is in conjunction with increases in living costs leading to less overall being saved.

The slipping property market has generated a rise in amounts of homeowners with negative collateral. If a property is worth less than was borrowed to fund its purchase, you can find little likelihood that the bank will recoup all its loss if owners default.

The SWOT analysis of HSBC Lender of Bangladesh


Brand name

Since, HSBC loan company can be an international bank comprising a slogan of "World's local bank" demonstrates the brand image worldwide. This brand image also attracts the customers of Bangladesh as well.

Diversified portfolio

HSBC Standard bank of Bangladesh has all the merchandise under its belt which helps to extent the relationship with current customers also to attract clients. It includes retail bank, business bank, personal banking, corporate and business bank, different loan techniques, obligations and cash managements, treasury, capital markets etc.



High cost

In Bangladesh, to start a merchant account in HSBC Loan company needs 50, 000tk which is a huge amount. General middle degree of customers can not afford that easily, but the upper course people are able that amount.

Fewer branches

In Bangladesh there are fewer branches all over the districts. Only the location based people are receiving opportunity to take the facilities of HSBC Lender.


HSBC associates highly itself with large corporate exposures. The chance increases with how big is the exposure to a single corporate client. Not highly concentrating on consumer banking. Interest on debris is not attractive enough to entice huge volume of customers.


More Branches

There are six branches of HSBC in the capital city of Bangladesh - Dhaka, and 4 branches in another districts of Bangladesh. The HSBC Bank or investment company can start likely to build more branches in several places of Bangladesh.

Strong corporate customer base

The Bank's concentration is on fostering long-term romantic relationship predicated on its international contacts and extensive knowledge of Asia and Asian business.


Innovative products

HSBC Bangladesh has a much varied product range. HSBC is well known for its progressive products which draws in more clients in the bank.



Bangladesh bank industry is extensively competitive as there are already 52 banks and Non-banking financial institutes in the country. Other Major Banks, for example, Standard Chartered standard bank, is offering very competitive costing on the products. So, to be always a prominent player in the market, HSBC must price consequently. If it cannot cope up, it will lose its client base.

Lack of promotional activities

As, HSBC loan provider is a worldwide bank, it has got fewer promotional activities in Bangladesh looking at to the neighborhood bankers of Bangladesh. Since it has got brand image so it is more concentrating on the targeted customers rather than focusing on more promotional activities.

Recommendation on SWOT examination of HSBC Loan company of Bangladesh

The HSBC Standard bank of Bangladesh needs to optimize the opportunities and minimizes the hazards and weaknesses. HSBC Loan company of Bangladesh has got prospective market. It could get huge customers if the bank minimizes the dangers and weaknesses. HSBC Bangladesh has to give attention to the customer's potential and demand on the total amount they demand to open. The bank should start start more braches around the whole Bangladesh not only the primary cities. Within the competitive field of banking institutions in Bangladesh, HSBC must put attention on the interest as well comparing to other local lenders. HSBC Bangladesh must do something for innovative products on the point of view of Bangladesh being a global loan provider.


Marketing strategies

Strategy is the basis for creating a set of marketing approaches recommended to attain the objectives. Now that you really know what you're after, you select how best to make it happen - whom to market to, how to reach them, what things to say. Then you can use that strategy as a compass to guide all of your marketing programs, making certain they stick to target.

HSBC Bank of Bangladesh can offer the following strategies that may handle rebuilding and retaining customer trust and re-establishing its brand and market position for the future.

The marketing mix of HSBC bank of Bangladesh

The marketing blend is often referred to as the '4 Ps', i. e. product, price, place and advertising. To meet up customers' needs a business must develop products to fulfill them, ask for the right price, get the products to the right place, and it must make the lifetime of the product known through campaign.


"Product" identifies the goods and services that firm's offer to their customers. HSBC Bank of Bangladesh offers different kinds of products like personal bank, corporate bank, business bank, trade and cash managements, treasury bank, capital banking, different loan techniques etc.


"Place" refers to the distribution stations used to get a firm's products from the company/service supplier to the end customers. Place is also known as channel, circulation, or intermediary.

Different organizations use different approaches to getting their customers. HSBC has got several branches in Bangladesh; it's got six branches in the administrative centre city of the country. HSBC bank mainly selects the city centers to open branches in Bangladesh.


Promotion is the process of interacting with customers. For marketing purposes, communication of products and services plays a part in the persuasion process to encourage consumers to avail themselves of whatever is on offer. In Bangladesh HSBC Loan company is promoting different advertising on televisions, reports paperwork and business periodicals, billboards, sponsoring different educational competitions, events and so forth.


Price" identifies the cost of a particular service or product. Price performs an important role in customer's buying decision. Therefore attention should be paid while deciding the price tag on a specific product/service. HSBC offers different price plans for loan departments being in your competition with other bankers in Bangladesh. HSBC bank of Bangladesh offers car loan, home loan, travel loan, professional loan, education loan, wedding loan, Personal installment loan, home collateral loan, medical loan etc.

The Objective and Eyesight of HSBC Bank or investment company of Bangladesh


Having respect to ethical principles; to meet its customers financial needs in the speediest and most appropriate way, to keep innovative works in order to accomplish: human learning resource with superior qualities, technological infrastructure and service deals.


As a member of HSBC family which has been portion its an incredible number of customers worldwide since 1865, to adopt the place among Bangladesh's most powerful, most profitable, most admired leader banks.

The targets of HSBC Standard bank of Bangladesh

Financial Goals

No subject what stage of your life you are in, you could benefit from our independent prosperity management service. Whatever your goals, we will develop and review your needs by recommending riches management answers to help you achieve them.

General Goals

Like all lenders, HSBC is in business to make a profit. Yet going back the utmost investment to its shareholders is not the sole focus of the global lender. From its root base in rural Asia to its improvement to a worldwide corporation, HSBC has managed a core give attention to basic principles. Getting its goals and objectives by adhering to its prices has allowed HSBC to maintain both success and high moral standards.

The examination of SMART aims of HSBC Standard bank


Specific means that the target is concrete, complete, concentrated and well defined. This is the objective is straightforward, it also stresses action and the mandatory outcomes. The main goal of HSBC loan provider of Bangladesh is clear and confine and that it's satisfying the financial and standard objectives.


If the target is measurable, this means that the way of measuring source is identified and is able to keep tabs on the results of the activities. Way of measuring is one sort of tool for comparison. HSBC bank or investment company of Bangladesh should compare the loan plans and facilities with other local banks of Bangladesh.


Objectives need to be achievable, if the target is too much in the foreseeable future, its difficult to keep motivated and also to strive towards its attainment. The objectives of HSBC


Objectives that are achievable might not be practical, however, realistic does not mean easy. Practical means as the resources to get it done.

The success of an objective requires resources, such as, skills, money, equipment, etc. to support the tasks required to achieve the target. Most targets are possible but, may require a change in your priorities to make them happen. The targets have to natural in the perspectives of Bangladesh.


Time-bound means preparing deadlines for the success of the target. Time destined will target within how many years HSBC bank or investment company of Bangladesh can match the objectives.

Incentive marketing

The HSBC Loan company of Bangladesh may take initiative for incentive deposit promotions which can provide cash to new customers in order to increase its business. The machine of praise s will be like, depositing money to the Flexi Deposit account and the cash compensated is proportionate to the amount deposited. This offer can be proposed to entice the clients to start a fresh account.

Corporate interpersonal responsibility

Corporate cultural responsibility can be another enthusiastic step for HSBC Lender of Bangladesh to get in touch with the general public. HSBC of Bangladesh can provide advertising campaign against global warming and air pollution. The bank can start creating understanding on people's brain against through invoice boarding, advertizing on newspapers, magazines, banners with the brand of HSBC Lender.

Online banking

HSBC bank of Bangladesh can offer online bank service for their customers. It can add value to the clients who usually travel overseas. They can check their consideration from all over the world. Online account can help the customers to get Bank assertion easily and can gain access to the consideration anytime when it is needed.

Event management

During any kind of tournaments or activities event HSBC Loan company of Bangladesh can offer sponsorship to appeal to the visitors' attention aside from sports additionally, it may sponsor on different occurrences like educational competition, concerts, training seminars, environmental events etc.

Consumer Finance

Consumer finance expands the reach of the business to existing customers through the wider product range and penetrates new markets.

Commercial Banking

Commercial banking can make the almost all of HSBC's international customer foundation through effective romantic relationship management and improved product offerings in all the Group's market segments.

Financial Projections

Financial projections help to estimate the future of financial shows in a business planning out and working for the business's financial projections each year. The results of the formal projections--are often less important than the process itself.

Depending on the HSBC Bank's situation and objectives, several types of projections and finances have to be done which are given below :

A model that projects either the existing season or a moving 12-month period by month.

This kind of forecast should be updated at least regular monthly and become the main planning and monitoring the HSBC standard bank of Bangladesh's current situation.

A long-range, strategic plan looking out 3 to 5 years

The 12-month forecast usually demonstrates the short-term expectation and tactical strategies; the long-range projection comes with the tactical goals of the company. The HSBC loan provider of Bangladesh, can set up, the initial marketing plan which would include a month-by-month projection for the first year, followed by total annual projections venturing out a minimum of three years.

Budgets, typically covering one year.

Budgets convert goals into comprehensive actions and interim goals. Costs should provide details, such as specific staffing strategies and line-item expenditures. Given the fine detail required, the size

HSBC Bangladesh may determine whether the same model used to get ready the 12-month forecast can be appropriate for budgeting. Regardless, unlike the 12-month forecast, costs should generally be freezing at that time they are really approved. They also needs to be constant with the goals of the long-range plan.

Cash forecasts

These break down the budget and 12-month forecast into even further detail. The focus is on cash flow, somewhat than accounting revenue, and periods may be as short as weekly in order to capture fluctuations within per month.

Implementation and control

By conducting the marketplace plan of HSBC of Bangladesh it must measure that if the objectives are achieving or not. They have be evaluate that whether the bank is following marketing strategies to have the potential and targeted customers or not. Additionally it is necessary to evaluate the marketplace condition of Bangladesh and what is exactly expected from customers. There must be a time destined like checking the execution of marketing plan it could be weekly, regular monthly or daily basis.


Thus how, the marketing plan can be created and put in place for the HSBC bank or investment company of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh HSBC lender has a huge perspective market with huge customers. If HSBC bank or investment company of Bangladesh can explore the market share then it'll stand in even more better position in Bangladesh. In addition, it has to compete with the local banking companies of Bangladesh. Being a global lender it has to learn the marketing strategies of Bangladesh so that the market plan can provide the best effective final result.




HSBC Loan provider is a global wide bank. It has a slogan "World's local bank". The HSBC Loan provider of Bangladesh has perspective market. The position of HSBC Loan provider of Bangladesh is in Cash cow through the analysis of BCG matrix. Cash cow position states that the HSBC bank is generating huge amounts of cash but the future growth gets limited. The marketing plan is done to take the positioning of HSBC Bangladesh in Star position where HSBC Standard bank of Bangladesh will have high progress and high market show. Throughout the SWOT examination the weaknesses and hazards have found which can get minimized through the marketing strategies with the maximization of opportunities. The goals of HSBC will be properly founded. On the basis of marketing plan a marketing communication plan is vital to be prepared. Marketing communication plan is conducted to determine the marketing plan through different types of communication combination and channels.


The marketing communication plan of HSBC loan provider of Bangladesh

The objectives of marketing communication

The Goal of Marketing Communication Marketing communication has two principal aims. First is to develop brand worth by using advertising to create feelings, to create visions also to improve beliefs. The second reason is to make customers react particular ways. Target audience is made to behave in an advantageous way in order to make then buy the product use the service. Successful marketing communication has three obstructions to overcome. Firstly, the communication must be supplied in a way that the audience is able to see it. Next, full attention of the audience must be achieved and subject matter must easily be refined and understood. The target is to deliver consequences, thoughts and certain atmospheres in order to awake desired visions or habits of behave.

Developing Effective communication strategies

Targeted Audience

The communication process should start by targeting the customers of the HSBC bank or investment company, current users, deciders or influencers, individuals, groups, particular publics or the general public. The targeted audience can potentially be profiled in conditions of any the marketplace segments. It'll be great for HSBC bank or investment company to define the prospective audience in terms of use and commitment. The targeted audience of HSBC lender of Bangladesh is the upper and upper middle class people. The upper class and higher middle income people can perform their trades with the lender staying in another country easily.


Determine the communication Objectives

Category need

By constituting a product or service category is vital to remove or fulfill a identified discrepancy between an ongoing motivational express and a desired emotional express. Through category need general classification of products or services can be established.

Brand Awareness

A gauge of marketing success is assessed by the ability of a person to identify a brand, image or other tag associated with a specific brand. In today's best atmosphere, it is critical for retailers to maintain and build on their brand consciousness, as well as reinforce the worthiness proposition of the market.

Brand attitude

Brand attitude is judgment of consumers toward a product determined through market research. The brand frame of mind will tell what people look at a service or product, if the product answers a consumer need, and the amount of the product is needed by the consumer. Knowledge of brand frame of mind is very useful in planning an advertising campaign.

Brand purchase intention

Self-instruction to acquire the brand or to take purchase related activities. Promotional offers in the form of coupons or deals encourage consumers to produce a mental determination to buy a product.


The HSBC brand is acknowledged surrounding the world and takes on a essential role in the realization of our goals. Having a solid brand helps create brand consciousness, confidence and devotion, making it much more likely that HSBC will be people's first choice so in retrospect customers could keep coming back. It gives HSBC trustworthiness and the possibility to enter new market segments.

The HSBC brand is more than simply a logo design or a name - it is what the Group stands for in the heads of its existing and customers and employees. HSBC has millions of customers around the globe - individuals, smaller businesses, pension-fund managers, businesses and governments.

HSBC Standard bank of Bangladesh requires a brand that is distinguishable from the competition so that it is seen as a world-class firm which customers can depend - a loan provider that is aware of their needs, that gets the products and the know-how to supply the right solutions at the right time, and this treats people as individuals and prices its connections with them.

Designing the communications

Message strategy

Message strategy is the mixture of appeals, themes, and ideas for any particular products that may tie in to the brand placement. The communication strategy helps it be easier for the firms to provide the same concept across all the marketing multimedia which includes internet sites, brochures, advertising and presentations to traders, industry experts and prospects. HSBC Bangladesh could also give attention to the message strategy to provide any special note to the people of Bangladesh.

Creative strategy

The effectiveness of communication is determined by how a meaning is likely to be expressed. Creative strategy helps marketers to convert their concept in a particular and special communication. This plan also explores what type of subject matter should be conveyed, who will receive the subject matter, and exactly what will be the tone. With the framework of the theme of the particular objects the message needs to be created. HSBC bank or investment company of Bangladesh should put attention on creative strategy when they are related to to generate new message for customers.

Message source

The messages which may be provided through attractive and popular options can possibility get higher attention and recalls. To create it possible companies generally use stars as spokespersons. When a celebrity endorses a product it will be far better. HSBC Bank of Bangladesh may also take the advantages of using superstars for endorsements.

Implementation of Marketing communication Strategies

The marketing communication mix

Each tool has unique characteristics and costs. These characteristics must be looked at carefully when selecting the compatible tool. The main promotional tools for communication receive below:


Advertising is one of the primary promotional tools in neuro-scientific business. Through advertising companies can express their text messages easily to the receivers. Now-a-days aesthetic media is the main interest of the views so different visible stations will be appropriate to market. Apart from visual media like tv sets and channels, radio, internet, periodicals, billboards help attract attention of people. The particular meaning of advertisement can be sent to text and email. Thus how, HSBC loan company of Bangladesh may advertise its products to receive the attention and prospects.

Sales Promotion

Sales campaign is another part of marketing communication tools. It offers encouraging buying and selling functions of products. It really is just like advertising but there's a difference between advertising and sales advertising. The difference is advertising only offers reasons to buy and sales campaign offers reasons to buy it now. The targeted audience for sales campaign usually contains dealers, company's own force and customers. The main aim for is to increase their desire and ability to promote sales. HSBC loan provider of Bangladesh may also start sales promotion for these purposes.


Public Relations

Public relation includes the working of beneficial relations for organizations and products using its key publics by using a variety of communications channels and tools. Public relations include building positive image and recognition for an organization or customer within its positions and situation that will be within relevant media retailers. Pr also focus on closely monitoring a whole lot of media stations for public feedback about the business and its own products. Creating goodwill among companies targeted market through communities, special programs and happenings. Thus how, HSBC standard bank of Bangladesh may strong the general public relation which may provide a strong image in Bangladesh.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is often conformed for the customer based on his or her previous consumer behavior. Immediate marketing includes mobile phone marketing, online marketing or home advertising. The most popular immediate marketing is the telephone marketing. Immediate marketing can be a increase for HSBC Lender of Bangladesh's marketing.

Personal communication channels

Personal communication channel include a couple of persons communicating directly face-to-face, or through cell phone, or through email, Instant messaging to have the consumers reviews. The top features of personal communication stations of HSBC Standard bank of Bangladesh might be utilized receive below :

Have to indentify influential individuals and spend extra attempt to them.

Have to produce opinion leaders by supplying possible opinion leaders with the product on attractive conditions.

Have to utilize important or believable people in testimonial advertising.

Have to build up person to person publicity by requesting satisfied clients to promote their product among their friends.

Have to establish online discussion teams and communities.

Establish the total marketing communication budget

Companies face troubles when they focus on how much they must spend on advertising. HSBC Loan provider of Bangladesh can give attention to different methods for establishing communication finances which receive below:

Affordable method

In the field of marketing communication many companies placed the promotion budgets on their ability and which companies are able. The affordable method helps to ignore the tasks of offers as investment and the immediate impact of promotion on sales volume level. HSBC loan provider of Bangladesh needs to figure out how much they are able on the promotional activities of Bangladesh.

Percentage of Sales method

Percentage of sales method, this process is used to set advertising budgets, predicated on a predetermined percentage of previous sales or a forecast of future sales. This is the approach to the allocation of budget and which is favored by advertisers because of its simplicity and its own ability to relate advertising expenditures directly to sales. Management usually determines the budget's ratio figure, which is based on the industry average or the company's historical or previous year's advertising spending. HSBC Bangladesh may follow this technique.

Objective and job method

Objective and task method is just how of allocating cash to advertising based on the desired results, the steps that must definitely be taken to achieve those results, and the projected costs of each. HSBC Bank or investment company can follow the objective and activity method and may conduct the next steps:

HSBC Bangladesh can concentrate on establishing the marketplace show goal.

The bank may also determine the ratio of the market that needs to be reached by advertising campaign.

The lender may determine the percentage of aware prospects that needs to be persuaded to try the brand.

Competitive parity method

Competitive parity method is generally used in the allocation of budget for advertisement which might be predicated on the expenses of competition. The practice may also be called protective budgeting or protective spending, since it is dependant on the idea that one company should be defending against competitions by spending up to one's competition on advertising. This technique also may effect the budgeting of HSBC bank of Bangladesh.

Measuring the communication results

The management of HSBC bank or investment company of Bangladesh will gauge the outcomes and revenues caused by their communications ventures. After applying the communication plan it's important to evaluate the impacts on the targeted followers by the promotional activities. Members of target audiences might by asked if they realized the message or not, remember the subject matter or not, if they understood the key theme or not. The communicator of HSBC lender of Bangladesh should collect the behavioral options of the targeted people and the replies too.

Thus how, HSBC Loan provider of Bangladesh can plan a marketing communication plan and evaluate it. Marketing communication will depend on the communication blend such as advertisements, sales promotions, direct marketing and so forth. If these communication tools can send the note properly to the receivers then not only the higher and upper middle income will react but also other course people may get interested to be a part of HSBC family.



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