Idea # 2: beauty is a terrible force, Idea # 3: everyone has...

Idea number 2: beauty is a terrible force

Jean-Paul Agon is convinced that the marketing of cosmetic products is a unique process. Cosmetics differs from other categories of consumer goods (food, detergents, office supplies, etc.). Conventional products must meet the needs of the buyer. Cosmetics are capable of more - it turns dreams into reality, it creates new pleasures and emotions.

Company motto: "Cosmetics is a search for beauty". "We believe that beauty has always played an important role in human life," said Mr. Agon. "We believe that by improving the well-being of people, increasing their self-esteem and satisfaction level, we help make their life better and happier."

Jean Paul Agon himself fell in love with the world of cosmetics when in 1978 he came to work for L'Oreal at the age of 22. His whole career is a gradual advancement up the staircase L'Oreal, which he never exchanged for other organizations. His dedication to the cause was not left without a reward. In 2001, he was appointed president of the American branch of the company in New York, which is the largest subsidiary of L'Oréal (7,600 employees, with annual sales of $ 4 billion). Five years later, his experience allowed him to take the place of the head of the global network L'Oreal. Knowledge of all the products of L'Oreal and his rich experience in the company made Mr. Agon a connoisseur of such bases of business, such as marketing, brand promotion and globalization. Today these are the most discussed topics in business schools around the world.

Idea # 3: everyone has their own beauty

To date, the portfolio of the company L'Oreal 18 brands. They are grouped according to sales channels, and for each of these ropes they are absolutely exclusive. So, the professional production L'Oreal is intended only for the hairdresser Sazonov; brands targeting the mass market can be found in retail stores, supermarkets and pharmacies; brands in the luxury class Are intended only for specialized shops and department stores; brands active cosmetics (for example, Vichi) - for distribution through physician-dermatologists and pharmacies.

Within each channel, brands are formed into segments, taking into account the price and image orientation of the goods. No less important characteristic of the set of brands of the company L'Oreal is their wide geography, the purpose of which is to give buyers the opportunity to choose products that correspond to the peculiarities of their regional perception of beauty. For example, European perception is reflected in such brands as L'Oreal Paris , Lancome or Giorgio Armani ; American - in Matrix, Red-ken, Ralph Lauren, Kiehl's, Maybelline or SoftSheen-Carson; Asian - in Japanese Shu Uemura or in the new Chinese brand Yu Sai Cap.

Our approach to brands reflects the versatility of our company, L'Oreal does not want to impose any single kind of beauty, we seek to show different beauty. To do this, we have developed a unique portfolio of brands that have different cultural roots and reflect unique ideas about beauty that exist in different countries of the world, "- said Mr. Agon.

Idea # 4: Beauty will save the world

During his career L'Oreal Jean-Paul Agon has traveled to many different countries. For example, his first responsible appointment was the post of chief administrator for a relatively small office in Greece. There he was only 30 employees. The subsequent appointment caused an increase in responsibility, and also forced Mr. Agon to travel fairly. During his cooperation with L'Oreal , he worked in France as the director of Bio-therm International, and then general manager of L'Oreal in Germany. In 1997, he became the managing director of the Asian division of the company.

All 27 years of his work in L'Oreal, moving from place to place, Jean-Paul Agon sought to understand the differences of cultures, treating them with great respect. Apparently, appointments to posts in different parts of the world turned him into a citizen of the world, interested in the traditions of each country, which he was lucky to call home. Mr. Agon's personal attitude echoes with the strategy of L'Oreal, thanks to which the company began to offer skin care products of any type all over the globe.

L'Oreal has long been positioned as a global company. Its brands are internationally known, and buyers can find products of L 'Oreal almost anywhere in the world. It is believed that at the moment there are 193 countries in the world. Some of the brands L'Oreal, for example Lancome, are sold in more than 160 countries, others - more than 130.

When we acquire new companies, we do not neglect this rule, "says Jean-Paul Agon. L'Oreal are only interested in brands that are already widespread around the world or have a certain potential for this, as well as local brands that will later merge with one of the company's existing brands.

A vivid example of the practical implementation of this strategy was the company's recent acquisition of the Body Shop, whose founder is the eccentric entrepreneur Anita Rodik. Despite the fact that the acquisition of this brand was signed by the predecessor of Mr. Agon Lindsay Owen-Jones, it was the new top manager who was destined to integrate new assets into the company's structure (and against the backdrop of some skepticism of experts and investors about such a sharp "jerk" , in the direction of retail trade).

This summer, in an interview with the Financial Times , Mr. Agon outlined the company's plans that the number of stores Body Shop around the world should at least double. He suggested that "in a few years" the number of stores Body Shop will grow from 2 to 8 thousand. He also replied that the British branch of Body Shop has already extended its activities to the territory of India and is now looking for new markets. Mr. Agon considers such as China, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

In addition, Mr. Agon added: "All brand strategies and product launches are thought of as global. The strategy of one brand does not change depending on the region. This rule is. Goods are created to become worldwide, which means that they will have one name, one concept, one formula, one package and one advertisement around the world. "

Idea # 5: Beauty is talented, versatile and loving employees

The fifth and, perhaps, the key element of the company's strategy ("this secret weapon L'Oreal," as Mr. Agon calls it) are employees. Other companies believe more in organizations and processes. In L'Oreal believe that the most significant asset of the company is the personal abilities and talents of everyone in the team. They are interested in all manifestations of talent in any field - in finance, sales, production and, in particular, marketing.

In addition, Mr. Agon believes that the winning team needs not just gifted, but also versatile people who are completely committed to the beloved cause: "We believe that the versatile team is more creative, more objective, more productive. It seems to us that by combining the talents of different sexes, regions, nationalities, profiles, being a "cosmopolitan from within" company, we will succeed ".

The third and perhaps most important characteristic of the company's employees is that they are united by their love for their work. "I understand that this sounds strange and exaggerated, but this is exactly what you can see and feel in the company L'Oreal, - says Jean-Paul Agon. "Our employees love our brands, products, businesses and everything they do. That's what makes them set themselves ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them. "

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