Ikea Changing Face Of Furniture Industry Marketing Essay

IKEA has established itself as a worldwide brand customized in providing low priced developer furnishing products to its customers. But additionally, it is the company's commitment to ecological value, achieved through carefully integrated design, creation and distribution, which encourage customers to buy IKEA products. Through its community outreach and philanthropy, IKEA has established a long custom with each store encouraged to support local triggers. This again makes customers feel good about providing IKEA into their homes. Known for products with unpronounceable names, utilitarian design, smooth packaging and do-it-yourself instructions; IKEA has grown from humble origins to become largest furniture store with 252 stores in 35 countries.

IKEA has always laid focus on relentless cost management. IKEA's prices typically run 30 to 50 % below their competitor's process. To attain such low process, the procedure of driving a car down cost starts with product conceptualization. Target cost and basic specifications is submitted for bidding among IKEA's 1800 suppliers in 55 countries. Suppliers vie to own most attractive bet predicated on price, function and materials to be used. This value-engineering process helps bring about volume-based cost efficiencies throughout the look and production process. Furthermore extreme cost management is done when it comes design and shipping. All IKEA products are made to be transported unassembled in flat packages. The business estimated that shipment costs would be at least six times greater if all products were delivered assembled.

An important change that took place in the 19th-century was the separation between those who made the furniture and the ones who sold it. Before, the customer used to employ a carpenter and he used to are per his guidelines. This provided flexibility to the customer as he may easily enhance and design the furniture as per his needs. In the later of the 19th hundred years the concept of showrooms gained popularity. This provided way to using workshops that customised items according to customers his/her requirements. As time passes this became a practice to buy on low cost from such furniture showrooms.


IKEA continue making technological progress in order to maintain their competitiveness in the industry. With the benefits of new technology, the firms have to introduce new upgraded products predicated on the customer popularity of the new technology. It comes with an interior IT support function to take advantage of the technology and streamline its business processes. It also embraces and invests in advanced processing technology to utilize the materials successfully. With recent surge in polices and environmental concerns, the business is known because of its modern designs on types of furnitures, often associated with a simplified eco-friendly home design. The company runs on low cost model with objective to provide the masses. We wish to enumerate few reasons on the merchandise design front resulting in success of IKEA

Flat design - Modular products that may be shipped toned in high density. This reduction in transportation content is very important for successful global sourcing. By suitably creating components it facilitated much higher density when moving products.

No Product Delivery - The modular design allowed IKEA to go the onus of last set up and last-mile delivery to the customer. This decrease in transportation content is very important for successful global sourcing and also decreases transport harm. Hence a powerful sourcing and inexpensive vehicles allow IKEA to provide high-quality home furnishing at low prices globally.

Continuous Improvement - THE BUSINESS works to decrease prices on its most popular items every year. Their goal is to minimize prices by 2-3 3 per cent each year. This go to market strategy has helped it get a bulk of the market share having unveiled amounts of products which focus on different income segments. With the introduction of a busy lifestyle and modular homes, customers are getting more inclined towards buying modular furniture which they can modify according to their needs.

The main strengths of IKEA are its Effective Management and its own strong ties to its suppliers and employees. IKEA invests heavily in R&D which has resulted in increased efficiency in terms of production as well as packaging of goods. This, along with reduced materials costs from suppliers, has resulted in lower production cost and therefore Economies of size.

Thus IKEA's products are standardized and lower in price compared to its competition. It maintains an extremely cost effective distribution network. They are retailing their products directly to consumers eliminating the necessity of intermediaries and thus reducing the cost. All of these factors donate to the efficiency of Resource Chain. The large scale of each store and the limited variety of furniture (through modular design) lessens the implied uncertainty confronted by the supply chain. This allows presence of large inventories at large IKEA stores allows replenishment orders to its manufacturers to be more secure and predictable. This leads to IKEA transferring on less uncertainty to its manufactures, located in low-cost countries and therefore allows those to concentrate on efficiency.

This all factors brings about high determination to pay from the client and therefore higher earnings which is invested in R&D. IKEA through its better employee relationship has resulted in total quality management and hence better services which orders a higher Determination To Pay. Similarly, employees take up possession which has resulted in improved production. Most of all, through its commercial culture and public responsibility, IKEA has received the hearts of its customers leading to strong commitment form customers and co-creation of products. This causes high Determination To Pay.

The success of IKEA as an innovator can be reasonably concluded from the above examination. The company has always remained dedicated to advancement in Product design and sustainability from its inception.

As quoted in BusinessWeek-"IKEA has turned into a curator of people's life styles. It's a one-stop-sanctuary for coolness. Anyone anywhere who wants to be middle income is a focus on and it is a quintessential global cult with their mantra 'to create a better everyday living for the countless people"

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