IKEA Marketing Analysis

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The purpose of marketing is ensuring your time and effort of separate parts of the company, such as research, providing, sales promotion, and after sales service will work as closely along as possible. To understand such dual rule successfully their have to be a clean knowledge of organisational responsibility and a specific program showing deters timing. In my own academic session, I would like to analyse the marketplace research of IEKA which is one of the largest and superior furniture store in the UK. The IKEA concept builds over a relationship with the consumer. Nine key information are being used within the IKEA marketing communication to build this relationship and give a knowledge of how we can fulfil our customers' needs. They have got managed to make their products and services popular structured not only on price but by creating a unique shopping experience for the customers. The purpose of this analysis is to provide a better understanding of the "IKEA experience.

Marketing is a complicated group of process by which demand for goods and services is discovered, supplied, expected or manipulated with a maker. While new often regarded as area of the responsibility of every aspect of the business enterprise and indeed every worker it realize intensely on such functions as advertising, marketing, research and new product development. A couple of large numbers of definitions are provided by different individuals and institutes such as.

*Corresponding to Philip Kotler 'gratifying needs and would like via an exchange process'

*The Chartered Institute of Marketing define marketing as 'The management process accountable for figuring out, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably'

Compare between the definitions
The given definitions by Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Philip Kokler are not same. They provide their So this means of marketing in the various way. If we analyse their speech we can fine the compare of the definition. There are a few comparisons in my point of view

a. The main differences between your definitions are changing of the client need and want that happen to be mentioned in the Philip meaning CIM did not give any idea about it.

b. Alternatively, Chartered Institute of Marketing Description with benefit process but Philip Kotler didn't target any theory of great benefit.

c. Besides that Kotler disregard the identification and anticipating what customer will require in the foreseeable future but CIM was work that will be happened in the client view.

In fine, it is clear from the above discourse that, CIM provides its description is more elaborately then the Philip Kotler turned out. But both of the meanings are be based upon marketing approach.

Characteristics of marketing focused organisation:

The main structure of marketing focused organisation is the always package to the customer and make an effort to bit their competitors. They make an effort to get and empress the customer to boost their sale. There are various types of characteristics is appear in the market oriented company. But five important feathers are pointed out bellow

The organisation consider to the customer first. What product customer wants and exactly how product should developed for customer satisfaction.

The needs of the client 've got a great importance on the market oriented business. Market oriented business recognizes the needs of the customer and can start the procedure of production of this service or goods which will fulfil the customer needs. In the current business environment, the company offers much importance to the consumer and will make an effort to identify the needs and desires of the customer.

Another feather, structure and culture of the organisations are easy and flexible because they can change this structure according to the situation.

One most important issue is long-term process. That is a very important process because any business sometime passes critical second and then it automatically overcome crisis so if indeed they got long-term goal they might not exactly be damaged by this way.

Last but not least figure is stockholder. They give concern to stockholder before making decision because they keep profit and lack of the business.

IEKA is a market oriented organisation because all the above mentioned personality are found in the IKEA. They always try to the keep satisfied customer by the providing good product and service.

Element of marketing theory:

The marketing theory is "The achievements of corporate goals through meeting and exceeding customer needs much better than your competition". You will discover three types of marketing theory such as

Customer orientation.

Integrated effort and

Goal achievement.

Customer orientation

Customer orientation means supply best customer service for gaining their satisfaction. It is less important to provide customer convenience then your customer satisfaction. The offering theory is dependant on the belief that customer's have to be persuaded to buy through aggressive selling and deals.

Integrated work

Company have to improve both inner and external capacity which is important element of marketing. Alternative means customer need, staff motivation, and production. Many individuals within the organisation have a responsibility for creating value not merely staff and a marketing orientation requires an organisation draws after and integrate its human being and physical resources effectively and conform these to meet customer needs.

Goal accomplishment

Every company must be presumed the universal real truth role is customer satisfaction for gaining supreme success. Connecting efficiently with customers is about supporting the merchandise you want to sell. On the market, high degrees of promotional support are required for the merchandise to be recognised.

Marketing way

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Marketing strategy is the process by which companies determine what products and service may by fulfill to consumer, and the way in sales, communication, and business development. It is also a built-in method which is can build up strong romantic relationship with customer. Every company expense a lot of money for marketing purpose. To get success of the business enterprise in the competive world company apply different marketing way for enhancing sales. There exists some of the effective cost and advantage point of marketing approach

Making a proper marketing composition for appealing to customer.

To improve the quality of products those are make by the company.

Develop the service method.

Creating strong human relationships with customer, dealer and distributor.


Almost every one of the company stand on earnings. Without profit any company cannot survive long time, so main marketing procedure should be profitable.

One most important point of benefit is getting customer loyalty. In order that customer can recognize that the products and service are in fact well.

Another valuable advantage is achieving reputation. Only by the customer Satisfaction Company can achieve this benefit.

Micro environmental factor of IKEA:

The expression of Micro means small or limited something. But in the business enterprise section, micro environmental aspect means some of the internal factors which can be immediately control or influence on the business enterprise. The micro environmental factors of the business are customer, suppler, and its own stockholder those are tightly related to each other. So company can straight influenced by these component or factors. If the supplier of IEKA do not provide good manner to customer or do not give them proper service customer may divert to some other company since it is competitive market therefore the stockholder do not desire to invest capital because company became profitless. But the customer of IEKA are always satisfied because its service and product. The relationship between provider and stockholder of IKEA excellent that's the reason they were work to gain success. Another important factor of IKEA is staff, these are always tried to keep customer happy by providing their best service.

Macro environmental factor of IKEA:

The word of Macro means bigger or infinite something. But in the business enterprise world, macro environmental factor means a few of the external concern that are indirectly leads or control on the company. The macro environmental factors are countrywide and international economy, politics, culture, and technology. The factor of macro environment do not impact on the company it first effect to the country and then contemporary society and finally company. We realize that IKEA is a worldwide company which package more than 29 countries. Inside the recent world financial recession destroys almost all of companies are going to be baseless but IEKA will effecting by this crises. Because IKEA always sales sales worldwide design product which win over to the client.

Market segmentation

The evaluation of buyer or potential buyer in confirmed market along various proportions. These usually include demographers like age, making love, and socio-economic status, buying patterns with respect to price and quality and personality factors like conservatism radicalism, need for achievement or dependence on affiliation. The objective is to separate a market into segments comprising similar kind of individuals so that marketing efforts eon be targeted more precisely and the most effectively tackle used with each segment for specific form of market segmentation. The concept of IKEA that people are well-known for working hard, living on small means and using their heads to help make the best possible use of the limited resources they may have. This way of doing things reaches the heart of the IKEA method of keeping prices low. But quality is not affected for the sake of cost. Sweden has an international reputation for basic safety and quality you can rely on, and IKEA stores take delight in offering the right quality in every situations. There are two common product of IEKA bellow which comes in market I will analyse market segmentation.

DVD &Compact disk furniture: That is very essential product for every person's daily life that's way most of the business want to produce this product. We realize that before make product IKEA always try to understand which recycleables are environmental healthy and all ages admit it. Starting to the demographical view of the customer, children whose age fewer than 18 they will choose the product for its design & comfort. Teenagers choose the IKEA'S DVD &Compact disc furniture because the low price then other brand. A number of the large family want to buy this product thinking about its recycleables which will make it heavy and ecological price. In t he geographically views, the metropolitan people will use DVD & CD furniture than the country aspect people. Another status of customer social-economy, the poor people may well not unable to buy Dvd and blu-ray or CD so they no need to buy this furniture. In this case rich a & middle income people can effort to buy this product.

Table light: The top Product of IKEA which is used people atlanta divorce attorneys category. There is certainly huge coloring and tone of table lamp fixture is available in the very market. That is why all made people chose the product. If we segment the product than we can say the children may be favor it as a number of colour. Most of the young people will draw in to put it to use for designing room with verity of size. In case of old generation they will prefer the product for price since it is good deal than other company. Geographically, urban area will be more business proper than the rural area. Another impotent factor for family teams is environmental friendly and sustainable price.

Target Marketing
Target marketing involves breaking market into segments and then focusing your marketing work on one or a few key segments. Target marketing can be the key to a little business's success. The beauty of target marketing is the fact it creates the promotion, pricing and circulation of your products and/or services easier and more cost-effective. Aim for marketing provides a focus to all of your marketing activities. You can find five concentrate on strategy defined below
Identifying opponents

Once you have determined your target market, then you need to understand who your rivals are. A lot more knowledge you have about you challengers, the more equipped you'll be to market and sell your services effectively to their clients. The data you have about your opponents and how you utilize that knowledge will be either in your favor or disadvantage, depending how you market your services.

Advertising Avenues

The key to informing your story available on the market is to advertise effectively. Conduct necessary research to see where your customers are reading about the latest movements available on the market, and make sure your advertising methods meet your visitors where they can be. Direct mail, email, fax blasts, trade magazine advertising, radio, Television set, collateral parts, and industry events are some of the many illustrations that companies can use to advertise themselves effectively.

Marketing Plan and Strategy

Develop a online marketing strategy that will bring your message to the roads and support your sales team's reselling efforts. An effective marketing campaign both brings leads and enables your sales representatives to market to more certified leads proactively. Sit down and determine the note that provides the largest impact to your focus on customers, and develop an effective, long-term marketing campaign that will carry that subject matter to the marketplace.

Product Knowledge

Understanding your own products and the worthiness they bring to the marketplace is crucial to expanding effective marketing techniques. Your products is your best offense when facing your rivals, so it is crucial that your marketing section positions your products with their best selling advantages. Your marketing division needs to be sure that the key great things about your service or product series are well-known to the sales team, and that they are the concentration of most marketing promotions.

Industry Knowledge

Understanding your industry is crucial to marketing effectively to the marketplace. Staying together with industry fads will enable one to create newer, fresher products that to enter the market quicker and impact-fully than your competition. Also, knowing the resources to use such as trade publications, industry-focused websites, trade forums, and industry experts can help you most effectively keep abreast of all that is certainly going on on the market.

Behaviour of buyer

An important area of the marketing process is to comprehend why a person or buyer makes a purchase. Without such an understanding, businesses think it is hard to react to the customer's needs and needs. To get a marketing manager, the task is to understand how customers might respond to the different components of the marketing blend that are provided to them. If management can understand these customer reactions better than the competition, then it is a probably significant source of competitive benefit. Research helps find the true explanations why we buy that which we buy. This involves time, money and skills. Surprisingly a great many other organisations don't really know exactly why their customers buy or don't buy from them. Yet understanding customers is at the heart of marketing. After the reasons why people buy or don't buy are discovered, the marketing blend can be evolved to match the buyer's needs and would like.


The psychology of each individual considers the product or service on offer with regards to their own culture, frame of mind, previous learning, and personal understanding. The consumer then decides whether or not to purchase, where you can purchase, the brand that he or she prefers, and other options. A customer's approach to purchasing a service or product is influenced by their situation - if they have money and how important, frequent, high-risk or urgent the purchase is to them in their situation. Envision the difference between someone with plenty of money who are able to make a fault when buying as opposed to anyone who has scraped her previous few pounds jointly. They might both be buying the same product but their financial situation suggests that their method of buying will be very different. Customers make more of an attempt, and be more involved, if the purchase is relatively important to them - especially if they have no previous experience of buying such something or service.

Product producing

Before starting this aspect we should know what is product? Well, if anything able to fulfil customer need with totally satisfying which they buy for specific reason this is named product. The major quality or feather of product is tangibility. Off course, intangible anything not matters as a product such as reputation of company since it is one kind of service. One important way, to make product developed is brand and design. But product and brand is not ditto. A product is manufactured by factory while brand is something customer buys for intake. So to build up the product stock should enhance the quality and design of brand that individuals buy. Therefore, the management of product and brand should be aware about marketing process. It is not easy way to accomplish customer loyalty and high market sales without product development. It is also extremely hard if brand and quality of product are not accepted by customer. IEKA got it high market and customer devotion on the planet not only by its quality and brand but also its marketing policy.

Product circulation
Distribution can be an important section of marketing. It can increase sales by providing proper way of distribution with achieving customer satisfaction. You will find distributions Factors which make customer comfort

Market factors.

Producer factors.

Product factors.

Market factors: An important market factor is "buyer behaviour" just how do buyer's want to get the merchandise? Do they opt to buy from retailers, locally, via mail order or perhaps over the Internet? Another important factor is buyer needs Information and servicing of product. Intermediaries are often best placed to provide servicing as opposed to the original producer - for example in the case of motor autos. The determination of channel intermediaries to market product is also one factor. Retailers specifically invest closely in properties, shop installing etc. They may decide never to support a specific product if it needs too much investment (e. g. training, screen equipment, warehousing). Another important factor is intermediary cost. Intermediaries typically demand a "mark-up" or "fee" for taking part in the channel. This may be regarded unacceptably high for the ultimate designer business.

Producer Factors: A key question is if the producer gets the resources to perform the functions of the channel? For example a producer may well not hold the resources to recruit, coach and equip a sales team. If so, the only choice may be to use providers and/or other marketers. Many route intermediaries focus heavily on the customer interface as a way of creating competitive benefit and cementing the partnership with their offering producers. If the manufacturer sells via a dealer, they effective lose control over the final consumer price, because the retailer sets the purchase price and any relevant special discounts or promotional offers. In the same way, there is no guarantee for a designer that their products are in reality been stocked by the dealer. Direct distribution provides producer much more control of these issues.

Product factor: Large intricate products are often supplied immediate to customers (e. g. complex medical equipment sold to hospitals). By contrast perishable products (such as iced food, meat, loaf of bread) require relatively short distribution stations - ideally suited to using intermediaries such as suppliers.

Price preparing process

From the early time it was controversial section to placing price of the appropriate product. Corresponding to Shapiro and Jackson, every company should follow one of the three options for price placing such as cost oriented, competitors focused, and marketing focused. In generally company place price of the considering the cost of product developing and marketing which up to attain consumer palm. These costs be based upon quality of product, label, and circulation and so on. For marketers offering through resellers the costing decision is complicated by resellers' need to earn a revenue and the marketer's have to have some control over the product's price to the ultimate customer. In these cases setting price involves more than only fretting about what the direct customer is willing pay since the marketer must evaluate pricing to indirect customers. Another important way of price environment is competitors focused which is the faction of the present world. Within the Competitors oriented process need to compare with other company and always try to increase sale anyways. But almost all of the customer does not like these conditions because they think about quality and brand not price. In case there is IKEA, It employs the marketing focused and cost focused process because it is a renowned and worldwide company. They no need to competition with other since it manufactured its brand so that they thing about the made cost and increasing sales.

Promotion activity

One important 'p' among the 4p is campaign. In general way, Advertising actually means increasing interpersonal capacity. However in the business world, this word used to getting business wealth as a reputation company like IEKE, TESCO, TOYOTA, etc. Normally a company can change situation by attaining promotion in various way like sowing open public relationship with customer, bettering personal offering, advertising and many more way. Personal offering is important way to boost individual customer romance. Besides sale people are important guideline for the business because all of the action depends on them. IEKA Provide range of campaign activity for increasing sales which lead it to gain company ranking or advertising. In recent, From 10 to 24 March 2010, IKEA grows an interesting event in four important metro channels in Paris. Furniture selections are currently shown in high-traffic locations, giving the customers a chance to interact with the brand by checking out the merchandise. The subway walls are also filled with prints that show off IKEA interiors. What a creative way to do advertising! Furthermore, this action completely changes what sort of Paris subway station look and creates a cool atmosphere.

Marketing combine

The marketing mixture is probably the most crucial marketing term. It represents the essential, tactical components factor of an marketing plan. In generally known, as the Four P's, the marketing combination elements are price, place product, and campaign.


IKEA's Price strategy is totally based on cost oriented. Over the markets where it presently has a existence, products can be purchased at low prices. Prices are 30 to 45% less than competing products which is a crucial strategy of IEKA. Price modifications are only a result of fluctuations in trade rates. This penetration costs enables IKEA to gain significant market talk about on earth. Low prices are a result of large-quantity purchasing, low-cost logistics, store location in suburban areas and a DIY method of marketing. IKEA also advantages from economies of level and healthy supplier-firm connections. IKEA gets into into long-term deals, provides leased equipment and tech support team in exchange for exclusive, low-cost processing from suppliers. For new marketplaces, IKEA should preserve its price-image to keep the brand's placement.


The value string of IKEA is exclusive for the reason that customers are also suppliers and suppliers are also customers. There are valuables transactions between the provider and IKEA and to the customer which help them to each stage. Each other important requirements of the IKEA, is Product differentiation that is out there in the value-added sizing. But sometimes IKEA's consumers are treated as 'presumes' with the majority of its products requiring assemblage after purchase. While this is well accepted in areas where IKEA now performs, it could be a point of consideration when joining new market segments. Should IKEA encounter market where DIY is not favoured, IKEA can include the expense of the service to the product's price.


The third market mixture requirements are place or location. In this case all the IKEA's stores are located in suburban areas. This is one factor in the success of IKEA's low pricing. While it can happen as a downside, this works with IKEA's target market of customers inclined to transport their own purchases and needing less assistance in assembly.


IKEA Have proposed variety of option to providing promoting in the goal of encouraging people one of these is "HOME BASED" promotion targeted at maximizing sales of home office-related items. Realizing the probable of our online database, your choice was made to utilize e-mail as the primary medium of communication with the general public, which required that we identify and make use of the most effective e-mail list management solution.

Expended marketing combination
We already discuss about marketing combine which is consist 4p (Price, Product, Place, and Promotion). But without 4p there are definitely more 3p such as People, process, and Physical facts. Essentially, these 3p used to service related industry or company. And they are also intangible product which is not showing in physically like, reputation of company and reaching promotion. The main target of this marketing to making consumer fulfill by giving best service not quality of product. The consumers of the marketing can be segmented into different way. You will discover 3p below those are providing service to the consumer

People: People suggest personnel of the organisation that helps to the customer immediately. Peoples are essential factor in the buyer market of organisation for getting success. The provide service into different market segmented company.

Process: Process is one kind of strategy and mechanical strategy of the marketing these are help consumer by given them essential modern service. For example, more of the cash point provides service to the consumer here people get money instantly.

Physical information: another most important aspect is Physical power that means assistance to the buyer in the field label. We know that a few of the company's work in field like, day labour, Drivers, and mailing, packaging here need physical durability to achieve customer satisfaction. Consumer in every get older and category want to service bodily from the organisation.

Different between product and service

The most important distinguish between the product and service is tangibility. Product is a tangible component in almost any company or industry while service show is totally opposite landscapes of the organisation which is intangible and appearance less just only examine by the buyer satisfaction. Another characteristic of product is fixed measurable but service not measurable at any time. Because if a person have obtained any product yesterday and today today he/she want to buy again, at can be done to get same product but in case of service it is almost impossible to get same service from the organisation he may progress or poor once because it is intellectual habit. On the other hand, in term of consumer every organisation evaluates its consumer in the same eyes it does not differ into poor and wealthy consumer. This is actually the way of marketing. Although market segmentation divide consumer by the demography and geographically. So consumers are less difference than the difference between product and service.

Different between international and domestic market

International market means researching market in line with the international view of individuals. While local market only analyse the own country's marketing where it situated. It is sophisticated discussion to determine that why and how international and home market is not same. It will be crystal to us if we Infestations (Political, Economical, socio-cultural, and specialized) analyse in the current world business. Inside the politics factor, one country will not give permeation to enter in another country easily for business goal thinking about it home business may lose. We know that the inexpensive status of most country on the globe not same that is why the developed country does not wise to business with poor country. Another important factor is culture, faith, and society they are not same on the globe so that it is main obstacle in the international market. For example, the Bangladeshi people take tea or coffee after food while United kingdom people like drink or alcohol. However now a days, in the scientific arena which get people to require international business. In case of IKEA how it gain international market, this is only because of IKEA's worldwide service.


As mentioned in the case analysis, UK's furniture market is very lighting. So in the view of increasing talk about market, IKEA must focus on setting itself as the main one stop centre for any home furnishing needs. IKEA should have focus on their marketing effort on middle-upper, informed portion of UK's people, because they are the one which will be more open to allow new ideas and theory that has to offer. Also IKEA should different itself, concentrate on the experience it offers to shopper, not only the reduced price products.

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