Impact Of Product Recall On Perceptions Of Consumers Marketing Essay

Product recall is the procedure where in fact the company acquires defective products from consumers and provides them settlement. Product recall comes up whenever there is a safety issue about the processing defect in a product that may possibly harm its consumer (Investopedia, 2010).

Companies are significantly being conscious of the fact that product recall can have a detrimental result in their day-to-day procedures. Past samples show that many companies have didn't protect its reputation and some have dealt with it quite well. Johnson & Johnson's handling of the Tylenol circumstance in 1982 is known as by many as a good example of crisis management. It was the serious case of cyanide poison in the product. But the way they treated public relations is praised by many. In the same way, regarding Perrier water in bottles in 1990, the problem was quite opposite. The product was recalled scheduled to traces of benzene. The movement of unclear note to the public led to serious consequences and therefore damaging the business's reputation. (Smith, 2010)

When products are found to be below standard quality (according to standards set by federal businesses) or pose a serious menace to a consumers' well- being, then your product has to be recalled. Product recall starts off when the defect is available by the product manufacturer, distributor, importer, dealer, an end end user or a national agency. In this case either the business serves quickly and recalls the nice or is pressured by federal agency or it can be both the conditions. (Magno et al, 2010)

There are numerous occasions of product recall resulting to the financial loss as well as loss of market talk about and serious harm to brand image. The results is serious and therefore this field has generated little bit of interest for systematic research. The objective of this research proposal is to see the impact of product recall on future buying behaviour of consumers and their perception of the brand image. There have been various discussions in this topic. Case studies regarding the recall, the replies and the consequences have generated passions of many researchers in this area. Several researches have been undertaken. These above occurrences build a bottom because of this particular research proposal.

Some previous studies by Smith et al. (1996) suggest previous recall activities to provide as a standard for managerial actions during recall situations. Also further research observes impacts of product recall such as on company stock price. A study by Dawar and Pilutla (2000) seen that in product recall situations, if the firms did not work responsibly then the effect will be observed in brand equity which will decrease. Also, the consumers' degree of commitment has a huge moderating effect on possible change in attitude into the brand (Ahluwalia et al, 2000). This shows that the company is less susceptible to negative publicity if there is occurrence of higher consumer commitment to a brandname. These studies also prioritize the importance of companies getting ready or prepared to face and package with product recalls. Every single company must have their own plan and implementation strategies to take care of such turmoil. (Magno et al, 2010)

Product recall always pose a significant threat to manufacturers as they can damage the corporate reputation, success and brand integrity. Hartman (1987) categorises product recalls into three different kinds, predicated on the stock percentage mixed up in crisis

Major Recall: over 20% of the stock of model recalled,

Medium Recall: between 10% and 20% of the stock of model recalled,

Minor Recall: less than 10% recalled.

In product recall a firm has to tolerate direct costs (notification costs and costs to correct defects) and indirect costs (damage to brand collateral, lower gains, etc. )

Therefore, past conditions of product recalls determine that success or failure of something crisis management is greatly influenced by

Public relationships (especially with the advertising): Media plays an enormous role in conveying positive and negative communications to the consumers.

Firm's reputation: Companies with high reputation may be less vulnerable to negative consequences.

Crisis response: Accepting or denying responsibility of the problems has a significant influence on the crisis situation as well as the brand image and reputation. Start communication will help in creating trust among multimedia and consumers. Being clear in what-is-to-be-done and what the business is doing will matter the most. (Magno et al, 2010)

Industry Background

While many companies have been facing the continuous task of product recall, it has also been hard for consumers. Due to the news of repeating recalls all over the world, the question of consumer brand commitment arises. Product recall is a tragedy for the firm and its stakeholders because it will definitely cost them time and money as well as the company reputation and brand image will be infected. Inside the light of this declaration, it is difficult to understand consumers' perceptions after and during product recall. Therefore, the aim of this research is to determine what and how the consumer feels and behaves during and after the crisis.

Upon successful completion, this research might be helpful in further review in the subject matter. It could help businesses understand the consumers' belief and behaviour after and during product recall. It could also help organizations to analyse and plan for future turmoil situations and problems prevention.

Research purpose, hypotheses and objectives

The aim of this research is to understand what sort of consumer thinks or behaves after something recall. The understanding can be positive as well as negative. It also tries to determine consumers' degree of trust after product recall. This research can also act as a basis for companies who are planning to formulate crisis management plan.


The research can look upon the following hypotheses

Consumers' notion is positively related with their behaviour toward the business after recall, if the business has maintained the recall situation in a accountable and wise way.

Consumers' conception is negatively related with their behaviour toward the company after recall, if the business has been able the recall situation within an opportunistic way.


To determine the adverse as well as the positive outcomes after product recall.

To analyse the importance of pr.

To analyse the consumers' buying behaviour after product recall.

To analyse the brand devotion and recognition in consumers after product recall.

Research Methodology

There are extensive cases of product recall in britain. From past reports, books, journal, internet and observations, it's been found that many company both domestic and multinational have recalled their product from within the united kingdom. It has already established adverse effects on many companies' brand image as well as many companies have dealt with the turmoil well.

The resources of data because of this research will be from various sources both main and supplementary source. Books, publications, internet, directories, archives, interviews, observations, studies and documents will be consulted. I am hopeful that I am able to access all the relevant data which is necessary for my research. I've considered a provision of 14 days in case of unexpected delays within my study.

Face-to-face and phone interviews will be conducted because the data generated from these resources will presumably have less deviations. Different age groups will be approached for discussion. A list of questionnaires will be provided to targeted consumers. Financial assertions of companies will be consulted to analyse the deviation in the past couple of years before and after product recall. I believe approaching retail stores such as ASDA, Sainsbury's, TESCO, Personal computer World, Currys and other major shops will prove helpful in my own study. Small businesses will also prove very useful in collection of data. Field surveys will definitely be an important part of the study. Different age group can be approached for personal interviews. My main region of data collection will be Central London because it is the heart of commercialisation.

The information produced from various resources will be analysed and computed using appropriate mathematical tools. The outcome will be shown in dining tables, graphs and graphs to encourage easy knowledge of information, although deviations will be there since the procedure for Sampling will be utilized while collecting data remember the option of time. The research design of the analysis is descriptive as well as analytical. The final outcome will be both inductive and deductive in mother nature because this research requires logical reasoning predicated on observations.

To ensure validity and consistency, the research targets checking the authenticity of the source of data before using it. Data and information which are not from reliable source will never be observed upon. The study will also use advised Harvard Referencing style found in your body of content material as well as in the long run of the record.

The Research Goal, Hypotheses and Objectives all come under the same research subject matter and they help create a solid platform for the conclusion of the research. The contents in every of the three headings are linked with the other person because the results in virtually any one of the three headings will help in completing another one. Or it can be said that one door brings about another one.

The resources had a need to complete this research are money, data, technology and time. This research needs financial support as the work will include traveling, use of communication tools such as telephone and mobile for queries and telephone interviews. Data can be reached primarily as well as secondarily. A Laptop or Personal computer with internet connection is needed for the successful completion of the research. You will discover printing costs and also binding costs engaged.

Having looked at all of the factors, it is favourable for me personally that I am going to complete the study on time.

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