Impact On Fashion Industry Marketing Essay

The increasing variety of alternatives, cheaper prices, increasing use of public press and increasing level of comfort across all age ranges are changing the retail landscape with more and more users heading online to acquire products. Consistent with this style, Australian online shopping expenditure is predicted to be well worth $26. 9 billion by 2016, a growth of 14. 1% (PwC). Research conducted by PwC implies that the retail categories that will show the strongest online development is clothing, foot wear, jewellery and fashion accessories; in short the style industry.

With 62% of Australians running a smart phone and 22% running a tablet pc (PwC), use of advanced cellular devices are growing at an instant rate. Further, research implies that 73% of smartphone users and 90% of iPhone users use their mobile phones to gain access to the internet (Essential research). This ease of access has given surge to 'mobile shopping', as research by PwC demonstrates of most devices used to acquire goods online in Australia, 34% was through mobile phones and 17% was through tablet pc's. Further, the same research suggested that 57% of Australian online customers have increased their online spending through mobile shopping in the last 12 months.

Retailers are taking note of these trends; online retailers are mushrooming, as the brick and mortar companies are building more interactive and mobile-optimized sites, improving them with mobile apps, including aspects of social advertising such as feelings planks and fashion diaries, they want to focus on the technical savvy customer.

This phenomenon along with rising technologies such as 'influx and pay' has the capacity to completely transform the style retail industry. This new trend in consumer buying behaviour poses opportunities as well as challenges to marketers to engage in innovative ways with the consumers. This will involve understating consumer needs, and understanding the value of the rise of advanced cellular devices and its effect on the style industry consumers.



Source Justification

Impact (Key takeout)

David Jones - Advertising release on new tactical direction

David Jones Ltd.

David Jones can be an up-market Australian section store chain founded in 1838. It presently has 37 stores found in most Australian claims and territories.

Identifying the developing practises and improvements of companies in response to changing consumer behavior.

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PwC is a worldwide professional services firm. It's the world's largest professional services firm and the most significant of the "Big Four" accountancy organizations assessed by 2011 earnings.

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In Australia

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NZTE is New Zealand's monetary development and trade campaign agency. It offers a wide range of standard services and sophisticated solutions that

assist businesses through every stage of the export process.

Key information and figures on the Australian clothes industry.

Research on online retailing in Australia


The Australia Institute is an independent public insurance plan think tank based in Canberra. Since its launch in 1994, the Institute has completed highly important research on a wide range of monetary, interpersonal and environmental issues.

Key information and statistics on the Australian online retailing.

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Forrester Research and PayPal

Forrester Consulting provides self-employed and objective research-based consulting to help leaders flourish in their organizations.

PayPal is a secure repayments system that enables people buy online without posting their personal financial

Information. PayPal has run in Australia for 5 years.

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A authorities source which provides accurate or more thus far information.

A evaluation of online and offline clothing retailing performance

The impact of search technologies


Mckinsey&Company is a respected research company with experience in research across many industries.

The primary resources of value from search for online retailers

Critically evaluate one macro environmental change - (socio- technical) The acceptance of new mobile devices

How will it effect consumer patterns - mobile shopping, group shopping, customers looking for additional interactive and sociable shopping experience

How to respond to it Tactical marketing point of view ??

Effects on marketing in the industry

Visionary Creative thinking

A smart phone is a cellular phone built on a mobile computing software including more complex computing potential and connectivity when compared to a normal feature mobile phone. Smart cell phones generally include high resolution touch screens, web browsers and high speed data gain access to via wi-fi and mobile broadband. A tablet laptop or computer is a mobile computer, usually having an impression screen.

Sales of smart phone devices are huge with 467 million systems sold worldwide in 2011. With such popularity of smart mobile phones, the smart phone industry is defined to increase at a massive 19% from 2012-2016 (Market research. com).

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