Importance Of The Buyer And Seller Romantic relationship Marketing Essay

In sales and marketing concept, the word business-to-business is a means or methods to describe the orders that happen from one company which is communication with another company. The business deal may be considered a trade of goods or service but it only impacts both businesses. A business-to-business (B2B) purchase is similar to a wholesale business deal whereas a wholesaler offers to a retailer, or a brick and mortar business. (www. wisegeek. com)

A B2B could be in this categories such as two suppliers, two wholesalers or with any mix. Nowadays, Business-to-business marketers promote goods and services that will help others run. A number of the things businesses produce for other businesses include equipment, components, recycleables, processing services and materials. Business-to-business marketing is currently one of the fastest-growing areas of marketing.

As technology brings more businesses collectively, companies are starting to court one another far more aggressively. As technology makes the world a smaller place, it becomes more important for marketing and sales specialists to comprehend and put into action the concepts of business-to-business marketing.

The Mona Fast food restaurant is the main one of the famous and the first fast food restaurant opened on 7th January 2002 in Kuching, Sarawak. After that, the restaurant gained a good earnings in first two years. Whereas on the 3rd year, Mona JUNK FOOD restaurant opened up two more branches in Labuan and Matang. As the days goes on, Mona Junk food restaurants have four branches in Sarawak which is at Satok, Matang, Batu Kawan, Labuan and Kota Samarahan Besides that, it offers various kinds of fast food such as deep-fried chicken, burger, fun fries, income, popcorn, porridge, rooster chop, fish fillet, mushroom soup, bread soft drink, espresso, tea, milk, snow cream and other items too.

Mona Fast food restaurant has more than 30 employees in its main headquarters and even more than 20 employees in each branch and even there will be so happenings where each of them will hook up together to get to know each others perspectives and their main aim to enhance a good relationship between them. Being among the most recent and most significant situations staged to foster closer ties between management and team were the series of crew parties that was held in between May and June 2007 in several branches of Mona Fast food restaurant. Actually, these were not only provides this but also outdoor activities such as holiday travels, family day, treasure hunt and other fun activities to boost the morale of the people. Mona Fast food restaurant have many distributor of resources such as poultry supplier, fish company, veg suppliers, bun provider and other a number of things which needed by the Mona Junk food restaurant to make certain that their customers needs are fulfilled. As the marketing administrator of Mona fast food restaurant, I got asked to get ready a written report on the importance of the partnership development process and exactly how to keep it.

2. 0 Report

FROM: Marketing Supervisor of Mona Fast Food

TO: Taking care of Director of Mona Fast Food

SUBJECT: Importance of the buyer and seller romance development process

The purpose of this article is to research the importance of the customer and seller marriage development process in Mona JUNK FOOD Restaurant. Besides that, the firms that involved with creating the statement is the restaurant itself. Furthermore, this statement have been done to the observations of business to business.

3. 0 Importance of Romantic relationship Development in B2B

When we enter into the business subject era, we ought to not only consider the matter of maximizing profit but also enhance a good marriage with the client as well. Customers nowadays tend to choose more quality or better product where it can suites them in their daily life-style. Because introducing services on a consistent basis is important to the near future success of several organizations, marketers who are responsible for product decisions often follow place procedures for providing products to advertise.

In the clinical area that could imply the establishment of ongoing laboratory research programs for discovering services while less scientific companies may move together resources for product development. The brand new product development can be defined as a process which is to create, develop and test products which can be new in the market in order to ensure the survival of the organization.

As for B2B, there are some advantage occurred in this new product development process. First of all, it can benefit to maintain a good romantic relationship to their customers. As the client keep on purchasing the same product repeatly, this might help them in terms of the new product improvements. Which means that they can comes up using their new idea where they'll satisfied their customer needs and satisfaction towards their new products.

However, the time consuming which need in order to purchased the product will give them patience and so their relationship will be managed. For example, the Mona restaurant will ensure that their customers satisfaction was the first choice for the kids where their restaurant is to 1 of these customers favorite place to eat and makes sure that their new inventions in terms of these foods brings satisfactions and therefore the clients can enjoy themselves. At exactly the same time, they can inspire people who delight each customer with unrivaled quality, service, sanitation and value each time.

4. 0. New Product Development Process

Basically this technique mainly included the understanding the needs of customers. Apart from that, Buyers and vendors in mature industrial markets can change single trades into permanent beneficial relationships by way of a deeper understanding of the complex connection between the two. A "must-do" for the sellers in particular is to comprehend patterns of investment and praise and effectively deal with the process that defines the dynamics of buyer seller advancement. (www. docstoc. com)

These areas were examined in conditions of the parameters of the five stage buyer seller associations development process. The first stages of the partnership are where the organizations were concern with achieving product and service trustworthiness and quality. Whilst trust, commitments, co-operation, distributed goals, cultural and structural bonds were thought to be more critical in the later periods of the relationship for the introduction of a closer permanent relationship.

The first rung on the ladder of new product development requires gathering suggestions to be evaluated as potential product options. For many companies idea technology is an ongoing process with contributions from inside and outside the business. Many market research techniques are used to encourage ideas including running focus groups with consumers, channel participants and the companys sales team. As for Mona, an organization will be shaped to discuss whether or not they wish to arises with new foods. So, each of them will comes out using their own ideas. (morebusiness. com)

One important research strategy used to generate ideas is brainstorming where open-minded and creative thinkers from outside and inside the company get and reveal ideas. The dynamic aspect of group participants floating ideas is where one idea often sparks another idea can produce a variety of possible products that can be further pursued.

The second step is where in fact the customers are cured as members, using this method, they can know what is the customers perspectives and opinion towards of releasing the product. This means that they also can do their part giving them some ideas of feed back for the new product. In this case, they would pay attention to their customers because they're their first choice.

The third step will be the employers satisfactions towards their customers. The staff would work hard to ensure that their customers were cured well so that they can gain good reputations in conditions of their behaviors and discipline. For example, they should know how to speak polite and welcome their customers. (morebusiness. com)

The fourth step will be the customers satisfactions in conditions of providing good quality foods which are related with their needs. This means that once the customers have been experienced their first purchase of their product and services, they might share their encounters with their friends or members of the family and persuaded them to try the foods that exist in the restaurants. After that, the employers who pay more attentions to them would lead them to go to the restaurant often. (morebusiness. com)

5. 0 Conclusion

As a summary, Business to business marketing can be an interesting world under business market. You will see increased benefits for businesses which involves in the transaction because of the fact that the both clients and sellers will be able to enjoy greater earnings.

Relationship marketing which really is a branch under the business enterprise to business marketing can be considered a way for businesses to create alliances or proper partnership that can be beneficial for both purchasers and sellers. The future of business to business marketing will be fast, cheaper, useful and technology will be the backbone for the business transactions. Apart from that, the practice of concealing there is nothing preferred since there is no where you can conceal. Ethics and truth, unqualified reputation and translucent integrity therefore, become very important in the new market made up of companies and empowered consumers and stakeholders. It is much easier to create and maintain reputation and trust than make an effort to gain back them.

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