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According to the Bodys Shop website, their business is approximately engaging and inspiring customers around their specific needs for skin care and hair treatment. . . this depends on attracting and keeping the abilities, knowledge and creative talent to deliver excellent products with exceptional service to [their] an incredible number of customers worldwide". The business has a occurrence in over 51 countries, conducts business in 21 languages, operates practically 2000 stores (about 70% are franchised), and employs over 6000 people in company stores, regional office buildings and UK-based Service Centre. Products are also sold via the BodyShop at Home, an in-home sales program that performs in 48 All of us expresses and Australia and via a company website in america. The company's quest statement is as follows (www. thebodyshop. com, 2004):To dedicate our business to the quest for public and environmental change. To artistically balance the financial and real human needs of your stakeholders: employees, customers, franchisees, suppliers andshareholders. To courageously ensure that our business is ecologically sustainable: achieving the needs of today's withoutcompromising the near future. To meaningfully donate to local, countrywide and international areas in which we trade, by adopting a code of carry out, which ensures care and attention, honesty, fairness and respect. To passionately campaign for the safeguard of the surroundings, real human and civil privileges, and against pet animal testing withinthe cosmetics and toiletries industry. To tirelessly work to thin the space between basic principle and practice, while making fun, passion and care part of your dailylives. The business encourages "beauty is in the customer's eyeball rather than the beholders" (Hoovers, 2004). Based on this beliefs they sell a variety of natural skin area and hair maintenance systems to their customers. Examples of their wide range of products include Peppermint Feet Lotion and Banana Shampoo. The Body Shop combines activism with marketing, encouraging women to focus on self-esteem and environmental issues; which is committed to a concept that they make reference to as ecological governance. Ecological governance means that the "directors [of YOUR BODY Shop] are focused on integrity and accountability in the stewardship of the business's affairs. . . this includes sociable and environmental performance, and dog safety" (www. thebodyshop. com).


Overview of the IndustryThe Body Shop International Plc is detailed under different related and synonymous establishments. In the UK, the company is posted under the medicine industry. Globally, it is operating in the Beauty products and Toiletries (C&T) industry. This industry is synonymous to Fragrances and Health care Industry, Personal Treatment Industry, Chemical Market sectors Manufacturing COSMETICS, Beauty Industry, and Consumer Products-cosmetics Sector Industry. For the goal of the job, we wish to concentrate on the Global/Regional C&T industry, which is the key industry where The Body Shop, is working in (MSN money, Hoover's online, 2004).

Structure of the Industry

The Body Shop works in the global aesthetic and toiletries (C&T) industry. From Euromonitior, the C&T industry includes the following broad group of products; baby health care, bath and bathtub products, deodorants, wild hair care, color makeup, men's grooming products, oral hygiene, fragrance, skin care, sun treatment and depilatories. The products can further be segmented into two categories established on product materials - those created from natural materials and the ones made from fabricated chemicals. One point is noteworthy here, portion boundaries are getting blurred day by day as manufacturers are trying to achieve market show in both the segments. Relating to Hoover's, YOUR BODY Shop's top competition include, Bathtub& Body Works, Boots Group and Estee Lauder

Internal environment

Internal Audit

The Ethical Audit department has protocols and checklists which it uses to audit compliance of manufacturing and development sites with The Body Shop's Against Canine Testing regulations and types of procedures. These protocols are now being applied to alternative party manufacturers of finished products supplied to the company. These audits are much more like 'quality guarantee', ie. Checking that management systems and procedures are in place, then 'quality control' which really is a more immediate day-to-day responsibility.

Amazing materials, sourced through Community Fair Trade

Against animal trials, activate self esteem, product the planet

The Body Shop offers a type of hundreds of skin and cosmetics, including lotions, moisturizers, soaps, hand washes, bath oils, toners, cleansers, exfoliators, masks, eye treatments plus more.

The testimonials placed on The Body Shop website signify that the company's products are highly effective

The Body Shop reduces their presentation by use only a small amount packaging as you can in the first place. For the vast majority of the products they use simple containers and jars, without secondary packaging (YOUR BODY Shop Values Statement, 2009) and most of their gift packaging can be used again.

The body shop has many product lines-include skin care, body, bath, scalp, makeup and so on guarantee company can provide various products to meet different requirements. YOUR BODY shop has recently produced more than 600 kinds of beauty maintenance systems and over 400 kinds of product add-ons.

Marketing communications


Runs leading edge social awareness campaigns on issues including, for example, HIV/Assists and domestic assault. A three season campaign 'Stop Love-making Trafficking of Children and Young People' started in mid-2009. Popular products are associated with these promotions and gains donated to relevant NGOs. McCann London arrived the global advertising account this year 2010 and it is concentrating on the core moral values plus the innovative NPD program.

e-commerce and home shopping

Transactional website

www. thebodyshop. com. Transactional sites in 10 countries: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia and Korea.

Online revenues


Mobile empowered platform



'Love Your Body' application to see member account and awareness campaigns.

Social media

Facebook (34 countries), Twitter (10 countries), YouTube.

The Body Shop at Home

Home shopping party plan operation functions in the united kingdom, USA, Australia and Germany.

SWAT Analysis


Leader of Dog Protection

The Body Shop is the first cosmetic company engaged in the marketing campaign for animal protection. People notice the company when they're considering animal safeguard. This allows goodwill to be developed throughout the brand of the company. It also allows the company to charge a premium for his or her product.

Community Trade Program

The company has created a special purchasing program, called Community Trade Program. It advances long-term sustainable trading human relationships with areas in needs round the world by helping these to create livelihoods, and to explore a trade-based strategy suffered by sourcing elements and accessories directly from the growing countries. The programme is effective to the company for much more recycleables can be found for inclusion in the best-selling products. The way to obtain raw materials would be cheaper and more stable. Also, the community trade shares the sales of the company. They now take into account almost 10% of the company's total sales. Finally, the programme gives a very good image to its publics.


Packaging and Vehicles Problems

The Body Shop uses cheap containers made from petrochemicals, which are not recyclable in almost all markets in which the company operates. The recycling capability of the presentation materials is limited and the expense of recycled paper is higher than prime newspaper. Transportation - The mass production of Body Shop products and their travel over large distances not only brings about environmental damage but also necessitates the merchandise containing many preservatives and other fabricated ingredients.


1-Expand The Body Shop at Home Program

A potential chance for The Body Shop is for them to expand after their current Body Shop at Home program that iscurrently only offered in Australia and US. The program capitalizes on the re-vitalization and growing acceptance of 'girls'nights' and functions where merchandise is sold. It really is modeled on the traditional 'Tupperware Parties'. The great things about these get-togethers are that customers (women) have the chance to socialize and try products before they purchase them. This model allows the company to attain customers who they might not exactly have had the opportunity to reach recently at a price that is significantly less than opening a fresh franchise. A benefit to it is the fact positive results are currently being noticed where it is set up.

2-Expand E-Commerce Activities

The Body Shop could develop their E-Commerce program This might allow the company to reach people that they recently could not reach because their retail stores are only available in large urban centers. This might increase the degree of brand awareness while dramatically cutting business costs - because the e-commerce technologies cost less to set-up and maintain when compared to a traditional bricks and motor unit retail environment. The company could consider the likelihood of partnering or outsourcing their e-commerce aspect of business to a business that has specialized in e-commerce technology.


1-Competition in Beauty Industry

There can be an increase in competition means that consumers have significantly more choice in the products they are purchasing which can potentially have a derogatory impact the market share that the company settings. Finally, the marketplaces that The Body Shop presently operates are experiencing progress that is plateauing and in some circumstances actually declining.

2-Risks in Material Supply

Most of the materials in its products are flower based. The expansion of crops is highly dependent on factors that cannot bereadily managed - weather, fires, and insect infestations. Also as the local climate changes and rain forests are being ruined plant species are being lost

Marketing objective

Promote awareness of the Body Shop main brand and specific men's grooming product offerings through targeted stations in a way that at least 35% of the mark demographic know of the merchandise and the initial ideals of the BodyShop.

The bodyshop uk website and

http://www. fitnesshealth101. com/review/skin-beauty/the-body-shop

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