Influences on Consumer Tendencies for Mobile Phone Choice


With the duration of time, advents in technology have given new meanings to almost anything around us. Every preconceived notion and idea has been obligated to undergo a metamorphosis to retain in brand with the growing tempo of change. This tidal influx of change has surely altered communication drastically. The new advances have resulted in addition of several new forms which came about as a revolution. The communicative revolution that concerns us is in fact the third wave, relating to which information can now be sent through electronic impulses and managed waves within the air all around us.

A cellular phone is an electronic device which can be used in two way communication. To utilize a mobile phone, link with a mobile network is required which can be an interconnection of base stations by which signals are transmitted, hence the mobile uses those indicators to forge and maintain connection.

A user utilizing a mobile phone can make or receive telephone calls to and from other cellular networks and also fixed line cell phones worldwide. Each cellular phone holds a registration with a mobile network which in turn connects it to a mobile network operator and so let's communication to move freely.

Mobile phones aren't used for cell phone calls only, especially modern mobile phones. They offer a wide selection of communicative services such as:

  • text messaging
  • sending and receiving emails
  • voicemails accessible through voicemail inbox
  • access to internet
  • MMS (Multimedia system Messaging Service)
  • interactive games
  • connectivity through Bluetooth and/or USB, infrared
  • music player
  • camera
  • GPS (Global Placement System)

With the influx of many types of mobiles in the UK market, with small or significant variations in features, generally they may be categorized into two groupings. We've feature devices, which are normally characterized as low end mobile phones having less functions, whereas at the other extreme we have Smartphone that are high end cell phones with complex, computing capacities.

Hence the target of this article is to go over a Market STUDY with the purpose of providing readers with a comprehensive insight in to the factors that influence the consumer behavior when it comes to choosing cell phones, specifically for UK market. Once the factors have been driven, this survey will further shed light on the market research goals as well as the main purpose and process of this proposed market research study. In addition to the aforementioned matters in this record you'll also find sufficient information regarding how to perform a qualitative and quantitative general market trends study explaining the finer tips at length. Also a proposed reporting research timetable and timing, fees and qualifications is a part of the report.

The report's leading emphasis will be on the buyer influences since it is these factors that help the consumer to make a logical choice when given several alternatives to choose from. The consumer would first have to have a need or a problem for the satisfaction of which something would be required. In this case we've the purchase of a cellular phone. Hence factors influencing consumer habit in choosing a cellular phone from the several brands will be looked at.


As the primary research objective of this study is to identify the factors that effect consumer behavior at the time of choosing a mobile phone brand; hence, the primary research objectives are stated below which were further subdivided into sub goals to illustrate the idea further. Primary goals are:

  • Demographic factors
  • Psychographic factors
  • Behavioral factors

Following are the sub objectives providing explanation for every single of the study study's goals:

Demographic factors: are those factors influencing consumer action which will be the consumer's factors composed of of age, gender, income, profession, education, religious beliefs and nationality. Demographic factors are essential as consumers belonging to similar demographics have equally buying patterns. Predicated on the research review result, researchers would really know what brands are favored by the male or female consumers, also depending on the income and profession which brands would be the choice for consumers.

Psychographic factors: comprise of factors that derive from consumer's social category, lifestyle and personality features. A point to be noted is the fact same demographics may have completely different preferences as it pertains to psychographic structures. Some brands are chosen over others if they're better at portraying a graphic which genuinely reflects the consumer's psychographics.

Behavioral factors: are specifically related to the potential buyers' patterns and their attitudes towards different brands. Essentially it consists of components that inform about the consumer's knowledge, behaviour and replies to something. If the internet entrepreneur has ample understanding of these behavioral variables then it makes the study very interesting.


The prime concentrate of this suggested marketing research method and design is usually to be able to identify the significant factors that play an important role in influencing consumer behaviour according to choosing between different mobile brands, specifically in the united kingdom market. In order to be able to gather genuine and genuine data this research design will incorporate both principal and secondary research study.

Elements of the said major research study will be utilised in the form of both qualitative and quantitative research. The reason being the conviction of various factors that play an integral role in influencing consumer behavior in relation to choosing mobile phone brands. The factors under discourse will be from the wide-ranging categories of demographics, psychographics and behavioural.

Furthermore, to complement the marketing study results, a books review relating to the value of proper knowledge regarding different consumer affects, consumer's choices and choices, prices and option of cool features such as camera, game titles, Wi-Fi, and also the idea of brand loyalty. Furthermore to it, analysis methods detailing how best to gauge consumer responses will also be augmented in the analysis.

As told early on, extra research will be also be implemented, its aim is always to augment information about the patterns of consumer behavior in the past and also the changes which may have taken place just lately. All this information gained will then be considered and found in forming the key purpose and aims of the suggested study.

For the making of the questionnaire judging the quantitative and qualitative areas of the research review, the following questions is a part of it. The questions are:

  • Which mobile phone brand do you think you're using?
  • Would you buy the same brand when buying a new phone in the future?
  • Which mobile phone brand could have been the next choice?
  • How much do you want to pay for a cellular phone of your choice?
  • What are your requirements in choosing a cellular phone?
  • What features are the most crucial in a cellular phone?
  • What features are the least important in a mobile phone?
  • In your point of view, which brand is the UK market head in mobile phones?


Initially there's a need to identify what is the sort of relationship shared between the factors and hypothesis. The two broad types of such human relationships are cause and result relationship and non cause effect relationship. The one under consideration is one of the ex - group as we have identified different factors as cause, bringing about effect in the form of consumer behaviour when opting for a certain mobile phone brand.

It is generally presumed that quantitative research methods which are based on scientific method of study are the most reliable in delivering a credible research hypothesis. Though there are other methods too, but they do have their shortcomings as well. When a natural statistical quantitative research method is implemented the results would not be thorough enough. They might only depict the overall evaluation of the study rather than the finer details that went into building this summary.

Another way for that subject is natural observational methodology; again this mode is not favourable as it is primarily predicated on the researcher's supposition of the hypothesis. Therefore this approach is greatly endangered by distortion of the final final result and lacks credibility therefore than it. Phenomenological method is another procedure that can be considered as it asks the analysts to raised understand the idea or hypothesis with regards to all its aspects and then form an analysis based on the experiences felt by the individual under its effect.

In the finish last but not least, its best suggested that statistical method be utilized for quantitative purpose and qualitative procedure be taken to research the factors. As this combo of methods contains both the pros and cons of the respected approaches so it will, generally in most possibility, helpful in providing a credible and impartial evaluation by the end of the research study.


The questionnaire was formulated for the main element purpose of determining the several factors that impact consumer behaviour when choosing between different cellular phone brands in the united kingdom market. Therefore each question was designed with the purpose of extracting some information that might be insightful in understanding the complex buying behaviour of the consumers.

Question 1 will see out which brand is most used by the consumers. If there are always a major percentage of the members choosing a specific brand that could mean that brand may be the marketplace innovator. Questions 2 and 3 will evaluate whether they wish to change the phone. If they do then what is the real reason for it, in case a shortcoming in today's brand is recognized then the internet marketer can capitalize onto it and add this feature in its own product if feasible.

Question 4 will judge the brand devotion in the members as part of the behavioural factors influencing consumer behavior. Whereas, question 5 will purpose to find out the actual customer's next favoured option is mobile phone brands. This might give a concept as to which brand gets the potential of becoming the market head.

Question 6 will assess what is the scientific literacy in the individuals so a need for launch of complicated technology can be considered. While question 7 will review what are the activities that the users mainly indulge in when working with their telephones. This may also be helpful to find out what areas can be improved as are largely employed by the consumers.

Question 8 will aim to discover the electric power friends have on consumer tastes as part of the psychographic factors. Generally it is believed that family, friends and peer pressure play a vital role in this field, this question will be finding out whether there is any truth to this notion or not.

Question 9's purpose is to obtain information regarding how much individuals are willing to invest on the purchase of a mobile phone. Price is in relation to income which really is a component of demographic factors. Also if a trend in low spending is observed then this would mean that there's a need for lowering the prices.

Question 10 will ask the members to make a choice between two of the very most coveted cellular phone features. As well as the regular ones features available, choice for camera and Wi-Fi will be called for. Question 11 is within extension to the earlier asked question, requesting what are the features that they most want in their mobile phones. It really is expected that the answers will greatly depend on the age of the participants.

Question 12, the last question, will in actuality provide additional information about the consumer's assessment of the available brands. This will likely also show which brand the consumers think is the market leader, the response to the question will be interesting as it may be as opposed to what the marketers' objectives are.


In order to be sure that the questions ready are honest rather than misleading, it's important that the questions being asked as part of the research are credible. If not then your results may be deceptive. For this purpose it is also necessary that proper questioning is in a way that asks questions that are in reality educational and insightful, supporting in developing strategies.

Therefore it of the most importance that the questionnaire designed should be clear in saying what its purpose is. The knowledge of the replies should be such which can serve its purpose of learning the factors most influencing consumer behavior in choosing mobile phone brands, especially for the united kingdom market. The researcher should combine all such plausible and relevant questions that will be helpful in reaching this aim.

While doing an interview, researchers are in an good thing about extracting much more out of the respondent than from a questionnaire. It is as a result of nature of the method that gives the flexibility to the researcher to pay attention to the gestures and body language of the participant in addition to finding a response.

When analyzing and getting ready to present the info, the researcher should not forget what the reason has been all along. Also an over-all code of do and ethics should not be breached at any stage of the research as that would deem the study false.


As the research has to stored bias free so it is important that the respondents are chosen at random from the targeted section. The researcher should thus aim to distribute the questionnaires to the people who are able to be counted on for providing the perfect response. For our review, prime concentrate would be UK residents. It will be this collected data which is analysed and assessed.

Since our study encompasses the complete UK market, so the researcher will aim to get 100 review questionnaires by the residents of four main countries of the united kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). Each participant will be at complete liberty to won't participate in this survey, only after their consent would they get a questionnaire to fill up. Correct purpose of the study will be told them.

After all the info has been accumulated, it'll then be examined and interpreted by using computing aids in order to be sure about the veracity of the study. These results will be put together as a report in addition to study results, tips and conclusions. For the assembly this report will be provided plus a PowerPoint presentation.


This research will be conducted in a expected time duration of 7 weeks. In the original weeks, the market research proposal will be made up. This step calls for the preliminary identification of factors influencing consumer behavior particularly, demographic, psychographic and behavioural factors, which will then be studied as the basis for your study.

Literature review is a key component for this area as this will evaluate what must be researched. It will be during this literature review that the factors will be further sub divided into smaller facets to protect every aspect of consumer behavior. During the 3rd week, quantitative and qualitative study questionnaire will be designed. For this function first the merits and demerits of each form of analysis will have to be taken into account.

Then following the questionnaires are prepared, they'll be distributed to the targeted portion of the population predicated on country wise section for UK market. It will be during the 4th and 5th week that the questionnaires will be crammed and collected. Two week time has been allotted as the questionnaires will be divided over a sizable area so transport to and forth should be accounted for.

In the 6th week the researcher must get right down to the duty of the analyzing the results. For this a systematic process of first entering the data into processing software and then retrieving the end result will be initiated. Personal computers are being used of this purpose to guarantee no or very insignificant discrepancies. After the email address details are obtained they'll be contained in the analysis for the expert's review and analysis.

As told preceding, informal interviews will also be conducted so that gain even better insight into the workings of consumer influences. These reactions along with formal interview data collected will be also be added in to the survey.

At the conclusion of all these steps, last evaluation will be carried out. This analysis will combine elements from all the parts of the whole research proposal research, the purpose for this detailed study is to avoid all types of prejudice that might have seeped into the research at any step of the process. In the ultimate 7th week, following the research is completed, last review will need place.


As the individuals selected participate in four different countries therefore questionnaire filling up will in itself be a long process. Mostly it takes a few days for the questionnaires to be filled up but as the individuals are over a protracted area so for that people have projected a longer time duration.

During all this time various bills will be incurred which have to be accounted from. Apart from the obvious travel and telecommunications costs which can be a part of every research schedule, other expenditures are also to be looked at. These other bills can be posted under sundry expenditures, comprising of newspaper and printing cost, food expenditures. Also the volunteers will get allowances for the services being offered.

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