Integrated Marketing Brand: Monster Energy Drink

Monster energy drink is sold and written by Hansen Natural Corporation, and at the start, Hansen Natural Firm was distributed by PepsiCo Canada on November 10, 1986, and then moved the syndication to Coca-Cola Corporations (just-drinks. com), Coca-Cola United, and other Coca-Cola bottlers in many market segments. Contracts with current marketers were bought out in these markets. In 2010 2010, Monster Energy will expand their market and release their products abroad, to be able to increase their business. For example, in Germany, Pepsi is the Maker of Monster energy drink, and it is available there since Summer time/Autumn 2010, also in Australia, Monster Energy drink is written by Schweppes as Coca-Cola Amatil companies Mother energy drink, which is an exclusive energy drink sold only in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, most companies spend their money on advertisement agencies, TV commercials, radio areas, and billboards to inform customers how good their products are, but Monster will not, they choose to aid scene, bands, athletes and enthusiasts. Monster sponsors athletes so they can make a job out of these enthusiasm. Monster is way more than a power drink. Led by our athletes, musicians, employees, marketers and followers, "Monster is. . . A lifestyle in a can. "(Monster, 2009)

Section One - Brand marketing campaign descriptors

1. 1 Brand information

Monster energy drink is belonging of Hansen Natural Corporation makes natural including Hansen's Natural Soda, Hansen's Energy, Hansen's Junior Drink, Tranquility Tea, and Blue Sky. The company is a leading natural soda pop brand in southern California for the past 30 years (Bowden, 2008). Hubert Hansen started selling fresh, non pasteurized juices to film studios and merchants in Southern California under the Hansen's name in 1930, developed and marketed a variety of Natural sodas and pasteurized shelf firm, completely juices also under the Hansen's label. Monster gets a huge amount of recognition from its sponsorship of various sporting especially X athletics happenings such skateboard competition.

1. 2 Businesses associated with the campaign

The make of Monster would be advertised through the entire campaign. To be able to organize an effective brand advertising campaign, several agencies in different areas would be utilized to affiliate the campaign. Firstly, Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai, a 4A company, would be utilized as the advertising organization to help the brand design all the advertising products which would publish to general public such as posters on the roads, advertising in newspapers and newspapers, Tv set commercials and products on cultural media to draw in audiences. DUSHOW Shanghai branch exhibition services company is another organization that might be used in this marketing campaign. DUSHOW is a company with the experience of helping REDBULL energy drink doing the similar marketing campaign in Shanghai before. The company would help the business find the place for the event is going to be held.

1. 3 Simple information of the campaign

Monster Company would run a street skating event to promote the brand image in Shanghai market. When pointed out sports especially X athletics, people would think about enthusiasm and enjoyable. This matches to the brand image of Monster energy drink. This campaign would deliver the culture and information about the Monster Company and Monster energy drink. At the function, Monster would ask Greg Lutzka, who is among the finest skateboarder and sponsored by Monster, to the event to give fans a fantastic show. The particular campaign wants to accomplish is to boost the awareness of Monster energy drink in Shanghai market and make an effort to build brand loyalty among regular customers.

This advertising campaign of skateboard event would be held in the first two Sunday of July. In Shanghai, the summertime holidays will commence in the first of July of 2011. Therefore, our target market would be accessible when the marketing campaign is operating. The advertising campaign would run for three hours from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM for both Saturdays. It would be super hot at that time in July. If so, the brand image would be kept in people's brain very deep when they try the Monster product with icy frigid in warm weather.

1. 4 Visions of the campaign

Before the marketing campaign is going to be organised, the Monster would have advertising on sports newspaper publishers and X athletics magazines. Both of them would be the same vision expect the scale. The advertising on newspaper would be a full color webpage and it might be a one half color webpage advertising on reports newspaper. Also, Monster Energy drinks would use Internet to connect to customers and provide them with extra information about the marketing campaign, whether it be through Monster Energy drinks's official website or through cultural media such as communal websites like of Facebook or Twitter, which will be the most two popular cultural website among teenagers (Qualman, 2011). The key reason why using social marketing as an instrument of advertising the plan is to achieve to teens or young families (including people within the 15 - 40 years old cohort).

Finally, the official website notice perspective of the plan would be on the most plainly position of the website to ensure everyone can notice these details as they start the official website of Monster energy drink. The state website is especially useful as it could reach not only the target segment (i. e. young ones as clients), but also an extended opportunity of 'spillover' audiences (i. e. electric motor enthusiast, older sports supporters as users). These tools can be used to gauge the amount of reputation of the marketing campaign as well as provide some opinions from the consumers, which is another reason the business using social media.

The plan would be presented in Xu Jia Hui Activities Recreation area which is found in the center of Shanghai and it is one of the very most popular sports playground and well-known for street skate facilities. In that sports park, there is no need to stress about lacking of audience, because this is the place where all the young people 're going in Shanghai especially for people who like activities. Furthermore, the positioning of the recreation area is closed to several big stores. There would be a huge number of people walk by that area. Also, before, the event be held, the business would choose "Eastern Morning Sports Daily" as the athletics newspapers that the advertising heading to be put on. It will appear on the next web page of the newspaper an on underneath of the webpage. For the TV commercial, Five Star Sports route is chosen at the TV channel which takes on the TV commercial and it'll be played before the 6:30 PM sports news.

1. 5 Multimedia Company

The advertising company that the Monster energy drink will use because of this campaign is Emphasis Media Group. Concentrate Multimedia Group is China's largest Digital Advertising Group in China. Emphasis Media could provide a broad stock portfolio of press advertising forms. This could help the Monster Company jogging the plan easier and better.

Section Two - Advertising campaign analysis

Sources: Monster Energy Drink

2. 1 Specifically striking about the campaign

The skateboarding plan in Shanghai is planned by Monster Energy Drink. Under this plan, the company runs on the event sponsorship as a procedure for achieve their desire. The skateboarding advertising campaign offers opportunities to determine customer reaction to product immediately. The plan could be rather effective as a marketing tool since it can be considered a means of accessing an array of audiences such as decision makers in business, authorities entities and customers. It's very helpful for the business that be a part of international trade, because sports activities events sponsorship transcends social and language barriers (morebusiness. com). The main feature of this campaign is the fact that it uses extreme sports, skateboarding, to establish a link between Monster products using its targeted teenage segment. Teenage segment will not like other age segments. They may have their own life-style and personalities admiring interesting things and cool occurrences. Therefore, this skateboarding marketing campaign could effectively bridge Monster products to the young customers and reach potential ones.

2. 2 Why does it works

Although Monster has managed successfully in European countries countries, America and Australia standing the second greatest energy drink company just behind Red Bull. To be able to successfully being able to access to a new international Asian market in China, Monster must carry out some activity to start to see the reflection of the neighborhood customer. This skateboarding campaign provides local customer the opportunities to test the merchandise of Monster firsthand and make the efficiency measureable for Monster. If its center ideology fit with local culture well, the advertising campaign will gain a dynamic response. In case the response is negative, the organization still have chance to adjust its strategy before it lose money. So this campaign is worthwhile to be performed and it improves Monster's awareness and the recall speech of Monster.

2. 3Specific factors lead to success -

2. 3. 1 Selection of target audience

Unlike the other market sectors, energy drink is still a new and expanding industry and its own target market is different and distinctive as well. The mark market Monster targeted at is not various, extensive and capacious. "Although many people are susceptible to the exhaustion of the super-charged, over-worked lifestyle, teenagers are especially susceptible to persistent exhaustion and insufficient energy. This group, more specifically male young adults and people in their 20s, are also most likely to believe in the veracity of the energy drinks' statements" (oppapers. com). Therefore, the Monster Energy Drink is not a exception to advance for and advertise to the certain generation. To stressing on the certain young generation, Monster Energy Drink Company should be even more particular in their marketing initiatives, promoting its products and advertising to draw in very specialised consumers bottom, such as gamers, extreme fanatics and the hip-hop group. And the affects of this focus on such a target audience could be found in the promotional initiatives of most energy beverages. "The marketing strategies that revolve around sponsoring public events or movie star endorsements indicate this target" (oppapers. com). The skate boarding marketing campaign in Shanghai is also a reflection of the emphasizing on specific customers. Through organizing and sponsoring this extreme activities marketing campaign, the Monster Company may appeal to Chinese young customers especially Shanghai's youthful generation.

Choice of media

Because the Monster Energy Drink targets metropolitan market and young customer platform, the media choice and media strategy adopted should reach its seeks. Brand recognition and image are essential to succeed. Campaign must connect with the target to encourage trial purchase and eventually brand loyalty. To be able to gain enough sights for this plan, logical investment in media and unremitting efforts to promote are demanded. There are a few effective ways aiding to promote this campaign. Firstly, television, as a significant staple in any campaign, provides direct demo of the advantages of Monster. A profile match strategy will be applied in TV media approach. Perfect time television advertising campaign in Young adults' stations and X athletics programs is very effective, such as Excitement and Skate panel Television show. Secondly, mobile Billboard is a good selection of advertising. It attracts attention to a message by sending it right to the customer. It might reach a specific demographic concentrate on and achieves market saturation. Finally, well use of transit is very important too. Through penetrating every part of community, it delivers high-profile coverage near point-of-purchase location. Outdoor advertising supplies the lowest cost per thousand, while preserving the highest consistency (slideshare. net). Electric direct mail also could demonstrate the benefits associated with Monster and the info detail about the marketing campaign by sending to target audience and folks who enjoy activities or sportsman into extreme action. Finally, Internet and website adverts are suited to attracting early age groupings' attention. As browsing Internet has become a way of life and practically all teens are accustomed to know situations from Internet. Internet advertising campaign, as a fresh approach of press advertising, is much more likely to reach the young customer foundation. Which is a more economical way contrasting to the original media selections. Good choice of media could help monster to increase top of head recall, change customers' understanding and increase show of voice that will in turn accomplish increasing its talk about of market.

2. 4 What could be achieved to boost its execution?

Many young customers and adults are lost energy drink with sports drink. During the campaign, the demo about the differences and the advantages should be uncovered. Campaign is an activity that Monster Corporation communicates with its consumers. It's important to converse that Monster energy drink can maintain metallic awareness generate energy pulse and it also a good tasting alternate for other caffeinated beverage containing natural and organic elements. Although it is critical to give attention to marketing communication, the frequency of advertising should be maintained efficiently to avoid irritating audience. Some extreme sports activities stars may be invited into this plan. Therefore, more extreme athletics supporters could be drawn and the atmosphere can be boosted and motivated.

Section Three - Brand analysis

3. 1 Brand Personality

Brand personality is defined and assessed by those individuals personality characteristics that are relevant for brands (Kapferer 2008). The brand characteristics come from different kinds of individuals personality. Therefore, the brand feature creates to accomplish them in a different way in conditions of different types of packing and advertising. Monster energy drink has been re-creating the strap which is relaxing their brand to reinforce more target customers under new advertising campaign. Monster energy drink does not have any exception to target to the certain age groups. Especially, teenager and youth groups are the most crucial organizations for company to create the extremely targeted marketing strategy to get more market share. Alternatively, individuation could stand for the brand personality of Monster energy drink. To construct the brand, the business should think different to record more targeted customers. It advertised its products and advertising to draw in very special consumers bottom, such as gamers, extreme aficionados and the hip-hop public.

3. 2 Brand Identity

Brand personality is a distinctive group of brand organizations implying a promise to customers and includes a core and extended identity (Ghodeswar 2008). Brand Id is symbolized by colors, design, logotype, name, and sign which are brand components in customers' head. The packaging of Monster is quite different to other energy drinks. For example, the emblem has a claw of Monster. It symbolizes the powerful energy for young people. Also, the name is critical indicators to effect the awareness of this product. The colour of Monster makes consumers to create more creativeness and appeal to more attentions. Monster in advertising campaign is trying to cause consumers to task themselves and gain more emotional resonance. Also, the capability of container is installed with the same price. More capacity of bottle is the important marketing strategy to catch more consumers.

3. 3 Brand Relationships

A brand can be an active romance that customers know the worthiness. A substantial brand provides so this means and it is important to a person because it connects using their life, plus they have behavioral, attitudinal and psychological engagement (Varey 2002). The group of associations associated with a brandname is the main element components of brand marriage. Marketers work to hook up a specific lifestyle or personality with their specific brand. Monster use the typically advertising strategy on sociable incidents help consumers web page link the advertising and product packaging with the brands. The mark consumer of Monster energy drink is teenager and youth. To reach this two portion, company uses different strategies to communicate with their potential consumers and create more new customers with the same pursuits. For example, they provide more opportunity to communicate with customer by brand special event ceremony, sponsor sports activities competition such as browsing on, gaming and rushing, doodle exhibition. Furthermore, the subsidiary company of Monster supplies the derivative products to gain more market talk about such as hats, T-shirts, watch and athletics products. Also, Monster energy drink set up the plan to market their products in several ways such as cultural commercial advertising on roadside, shop's refrigerator and back again of vocal concert tickets.

3. 4 Brand Community

The need for brand community has already become the major pattern for company to communicate with their consumers. The famous advertising spokesperson for company could enhance the performance of advertising. For instance, Michelin sponsored the races throughout the world. A numbers of marketers use Tiger Woods as an endorser because of their brand. They are the traditional tools to execute the brand community as the new strategy and share the brand value through servicing or animations. Wiegandt (2009) stated that the living of brand neighborhoods gets the potential to reduce the price of advertising, brand communities not only provide firms with a pool of suitable and highly determined customers to choose from, but also to learn the public knowledge from brand areas. Monster energy drink has built many monster activities communities for their consumers. The Monster Military is one of the most significant areas for great amounts of athletes and enthusiasts Monster Army will make people get insider usage of the Monster Energy lifestyle - Sports athletes, Sponsorship, Information, Music, Contests and Incidents. The Monster Military is a legion of runners and lovers that stand for the brand all over the world. People could easily get together to share the info and experience from the brand neighborhoods and they provide a convenient way of communicating to its customer such as Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and YouTube.

3. 5 Brand Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholders contribute to company's business in exchange for the value that it offers to them (Finskud 2009). Company need to secure the value of the stakeholders in order to get more profit from existing market.

Successful branding can have a remarkable impact on consumers by providing the opportunities to own brand to appropriate stakeholders. Monster is concerning the reference to their stakeholders. They created the new arrange for their stakeholders. Monster energy drink has a solid relationship using their rock bands spouse. It provides more opportunities for their commitment consumers to start to see the great rock performer. Also, it still sponsored some special athletics event to draw in more prospects and support their brand communities become successful.

3. 6 Brand Semiotics

Monster Energy is a make of energy drink created by Monster Beverage Company of Corona, California. It had been one of the first drinks advertised in a 16-ounce can. It really is offered by most supermarkets and convenience stores in the U. S. and Canada. The original Monster energy drink comes in a dark-colored can with a inexperienced "M" company logo. Monster draw tabs are unique from standard pull tabs for the reason that these are punched with an "M" rather than a large gap (Energysip. com 2011). The semiotics is important because its identify Monster energy drink to the entire world. Monster energy beverages semiotic is focused on building brand awareness and folks trust about its products. This semiotics will be demonstrated on all promotional item and file so that it will support company's image. Also, the attractive semiotics of Monster energy drink could effect the creativity of consumers and tugging the interest of consumers.

3. 7 Typography

Typography is a design of the text, which covers an array of things, such as literature, poster and website which are textual. Also, what in some recoverable format or screen impacts on the area around what, the scale and proportions of these programs (Friendsofed, 2011). The primary job of typographer is to make things clear and make things work, to make certain that the written text is legible and that the underlying constructions in the author's manuscript (such as headings, chapters, and parts) are accurately reflected in the final work (Friendsofed, 2011). Typeface is a couple of characters attracted from the same design. Times and Arial are typefaces. Firmly speaking, Times Regular and Times Daring are different typefaces, but they're area of the same typeface family. Typeface is a substantial of the visual aspect (Friendsofed, 2011).

3. 8 Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a plan of the brand which will concern with the objectives. As well as, the strategy should be differentiate and maintain the client which relate with the brands' vision. The brand strategy is affect on the brand tendencies and brand connection with the business enterprise. (Brandchannel, 2010). Developing a brand strategy can be one of the very most difficult steps in the marketing plan process. It's often the element that triggers most businesses the biggest challenge. Young adults and adults are certainly the central consumer group for monster energy drinks. Brand strategy of monster is give attention to teenagers and youths segments. Monster reached its main market of men aged 18 to 32 by flooding merchants with large cans of its various energy drink offering, essentially supersizing the much smaller cans sold by Red Bull. Its ambitious image, striking packaging, and large cans have helped monster grow its position in growing energy drink market. With such a young core consumer foundation, Monster energy drink marketing targets youth themes and strategies. Monster increases their brand image through sponsorships of extreme sporting events and life-style, such as wakeboarding, skateboarding, motocross, and browsing (Simon, 2007). The most up to date trend in energy beverages marketing is from its users in cyberspace. Thus, monster energy has created their webpages to show their drinking alcohol products and their occurrences. This kind of vulnerability is a boon to marketers, because they are in place advertising the products. Moreover, it improve brand image and displays strong grassroots support.

3. 9 Company Branding

It can be described the Employees branding as an image of the business which will effort to communicate with the current and future employees to make them satisfy with the work area (Reach Information, 2008). An employer brand is a assortment of ideas and values that influence the way current and potential employees view an company and the job experience that company offers. It communicates the business's culture and beliefs and really helps to ensure employees are interested in, and participate in, the organisational culture to help move the company forwards. For an employer brand to be successful, it should give attention to the entire employment experience, organisational personality, goals and worth. Therefore, the monster corporate and business brand helps the employer brand. Monster used peers affect to appeal to great people who have the passion and positive attitude in the work. Also, interview is often the most important battle to get. An organisation's company brand and reputation go quite a distance in attracting people and this is particularly beneficial for many larger companies. Monster should work harder on the workplace brand and promote their image through pr, advertising and word of mouth.

3. 10 Brand culture

Brand culture is "the ethnic measurements or code of brand - background, image, myths, art, and theatre - that impact brand meaning in the market place" (Schroeder 2008). Monster brand cultural is a company culture where employees "live" to brand prices, to solve problems and make decisions internally. Monster Energy Drink is one of the newer breed of soft drink. Monster energy is the No. 1 Energy brand in america. First launched in the USA in 2002, Monster energy has been the innovator in the power category in the USA, pioneering the 473ml can, 710ml resalable can, 946ml can, Drink + Energy and Java Monster. Monster energy develops a detailed and credible association with its main marketplace through its sponsorship of runners and events that generate press coverage and re-enforce brand imagery (Schweppes, 2011).

Section Four - Agency Pitch

4. 1 Situational analysis

In the near future, we wish to choose a fresh branding procedure which helps bring about Monster into Chinese language market. Because China is regarded as the center of the planet earth and the third largest country on earth (after Russia and Canada). The country has the largest population in the world. China is a time-honored country; it offers more than 5000 year's background. The culture of china is more traditional and conventional. After China signed up with the globe Trade Group (WTO), many retail shareholders from worldwide are developing quickly in China. They are simply growing their market size and talk about, thus Chinese sellers are facing more severe competition. China's overall economy under days gone by 30 years has altered from a centrally prepared system that was huge closed to international trade to a more market-oriented economy. It has a swiftly increasing private sector and is also a major player in the global current economic climate. China is a quickly rising global financial power. Overall growth comes with an average which between 7 to 8 percent for more than 10 years, with some markets expanding a lot more rapidly; In terms of the populace of just one 1. 3 billion, China presents the greatest consumer market which is the most populous land on the planet. According to The World Factbook (2010), the work force in China is 813. 5 million in '09 2009 which is the first get ranking if compare to the planet. The federal government of China is very stableness for foreign company to do international business in these days. In June 2010, China elevated their international investment to the second-highest even the global economical recovery show symptoms of weakening.

4. 2 Competition media analysis

Monster has a competitor-Red Bull practical/energy drink. Red Bull energy drink is one of the earliest brand names in the field of functional/energy drinks on the planet. Throughout the long-term development and publicity, the Red Bull has been multiply into the countries of Asia. It getting into being 40 years back in the stunning South East Asian country---Thailand, is one of the initial brand names in the field of functional/energy drinks in the world. With the long-term development and promotion, the Red Bull has been pass on into the countries of Asia. Although the other energy beverages so on Red Bull has already spread in Chinese market. Through Medias and campaign, the Red Bull brand had been widely known in China within two years.

4. 3 All about Monster

Unlike Most companies, monster energy drink has their characteristics, they did not spend a great deal of money to advertising and promotion to share customers how good their products are, they choose to aid scene, bands, runners and fans. Monster sponsors runners to allow them to make a profession out of these love. Monster is way more than an energy drink for customers. Energy drink is the quite new Market in China, and the assumed competition is Red bull, thus Monster's package will be completely different from red bull as it is in U. S. A now. Marketers will also do the localization to squeeze in the main one of largest market on earth, for example: using Chinese language character. According to the income level in China, marketers will determine a satisfactory price, and the red bull's price in china is obviously our reference, we will make the price 5% lower than red bull.

In 2010, Monster Energy will expand their market and release their products abroad. most companies spend their money on advertising agencies, TV advertisements, radio places, and billboards to share customers how good their products are, but Monster will not, they choose to support scene, bands, players and supporters. Monster sponsors sportsmen so they can make a job out of these passion. Because the Monster Energy Drink focuses on metropolitan market and young customer foundation, the mass media choice and marketing strategy implemented should reach its seeks. Brand consciousness and image are necessary to succeed. Campaign must connect with the prospective to encourage trial purchase and eventually brand loyalty. In order to gain enough visitors attractions for this marketing campaign, rational investment in marketing and unremitting initiatives for advertising are demanded. There are some effective ways helping for advertising this campaign. First of all, television, as a significant staple in virtually any campaign, provides direct demo of the advantages of Monster. A account match strategy will be applied in TV press approach. Prime time television advertisements in Teenagers' programs and X athletics programs is very effective, such as Trip and Skate mother board TV show. Secondly, mobile Billboard is an excellent choice of advertising. It pulls attention to a note by sending it right to the customer. It could reach a specific demographic focus on and achieves market saturation. Finally, well use of transit is very important too. Through penetrating all of community, it offers high-profile subjection near point-of-purchase location. We will see the largest drink distributor on earth which is also jogging business in China to support Monster energy drink, therefore Coca cola may also be our partner in China, identical to in U. S. A. In conditions of Campaign, we will observe the same methods what Monster now is doing in U. S. A, which is not doing advertising much, but sponsor and support the local athletes, bands, and sport occurrences.

4. 4 Limitation

Energy drink is a quite new product on the planet, thus a lot of information is too hard to attain, and there are exceptional studies related to energy drink, therefore the resources experts can get is bound. In addition, according to our research purpose, during the seminar, all of researchers have decided that Energy drink is a specific market and different from other soft drinks, it should be individual analyzed, hence, we setup Monster's opponents which are energy drinks companies only. Which decision has become our restriction during the research, because we all focused on energy drink companies, and assumed them as Monster's only opponents.


To summarize, Energy drink is a new campaign in refreshments' companies, which market is not only enlarging, but profitable. Everyone drink company wishes to be the first brand in this field. As previous chapters talked about, Red-bull and Monster are considered to be the first-two brands in energy drinks. Your competition between them is eager. How can Monster be earned in this advertising campaign? In this study, researchers all decided that Monster should pay more attention on overseas markets, and the reason why is, the endorsers of Monster are all based in USA, but worldwide famous in their own followers, on the other words, their fans are everywhere you go crossing over the world, thus Monster should utilize this opportunity to expose their product broadly, and build up their brand image as well. For example, Energy drinks in most oriental countries is not common at the moment, consumers you may still find need to be developed, Monster should try to be there as the first came energy drink, and then check out branding themselves as the first brand energy drink through most common social medias, in the mean time doing the same method because they are still focusing on in USA, sponsor the neighborhood celebrities and sport event, localizing themselves, furthermore, while Monster is worldwide all over the place, they can earn not only income but also the reputation, this may be another positive instrument for Monster to get your competition in their hometown USA. Experts believe that this way could be help for Monster energy drink's future business excursion.

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