Integrated marketing communication and tools of open public relation

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is a planned method for marketing and communication in conjunction with the basic Open public Relation tools which includes sales promotion, immediate mail, pr announcements, updates advertising and marketing. Tench and Yeomans (2006:502) suggested that Integrated Marketing Communication as a comprehensive, consistent, goal oriented, focused way for marketing and communication. Marketing establishments often incorporate conditions like advertising, PR, Sales advertising or Events advertising to explain what they do. In marketing, communication tools used to reach the mark audience or a huge number of viewers include the media which is terms of Tv set, Radio, Newspaper, but it has come to add cinema, print press, direct marketing, telephone marketing e. t. c. this ensures all varieties of communication and meaning dispatched across are carefully linked and present one concept to the audience at large.

This article is aimed at exploring the use of included marketing by any two recent PR marketing campaign, in regards to to the utilization of different section of the media, and how successful they are simply in shaping the corporate image of this company and the restriction that will restrict their success, and I intend to use Garden Burger and Warner Bros as my research study.

Public Relations according to Jefkins (1998) contain 'all planned communication, outward, and inwards between an company and its general public for the purpose of achieving specific goals concerning mutual understanding'. This means public relation will there be to change negative lead to a good one, they are there to result change through lobbying, campaigning and through effective communication. Marketing with regards to PR according to the Uk Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM: 2004) 'is the management process in charge of discovering anticipating and satisfying customer necessity profitably' which is kind of a big challenge because it calls for an innovative, creative and imaginative head. This is where the PR mindedness, skill and creativity are needed. For marketing to reach your goals responsible and goal oriented, the management must use PR tools to balance with modern market techniques this brings us into involved marketing.

Integrated Marketing Communication according to Schultz and Kitchen (2000:25) 'is a proper business process used to plan, develop, implement, and examine co-ordinated measurable, persuasive brand communication programs overtime with consumers, customers, leads and other targeted, relevant external and internal audience'. Which makes the idea of communication huge, because the subject matter isn't just to consumers exclusively but to a wider audience, discussing more than a million of people depending on mass media use and what is being advertised?

Black (1995) proposes that 'the idea of involved marketing communication is dependant on the idea of mixing together the various strands of marketing communication combination into a cohesive and smooth entity'. This is because advertising isn't just the tool for communication but with the incorporation of PR, direct marketing and sales advertising is been mixed with advertising to ensure better knowledge of subject matter, experience and understanding with individuals.

Smith (1997) widens this idea and gives three explanations but all three definitions have one thing in keeping which is communication.

' Those that refer to all forms marketing communications

' A proper management process based on market, efficiency and effectiveness

' The ability to apply communication in virtually any department of an organisation

In relation to this Black colored (1995) asserted that 'tactical communication is a tool for successful built in marketing implementation which ensures the development of consistent and mutually helping message strategies which can only be achieved with the incorporation of PR'. In his own ideology, Dark feels that PR stands and can continue to stand as a corrective tool to marketing strategy. The reason behind it is because PR brings a balance between the management decision and marketing decision and weighing it to avoid awful effects. Pitta and Weisgal (2006) focus on that 'it is the benefit for harnessing synergy across multiple mass media to develop brand collateral of product and services.

Still on Integrated marketing communication, (MMC: 2007) multi-media marketing communication concludes that for the harmonization of communication, promotional tools should be integrated. Promotional tools such as Advertising, Sales promotion, Direct mail PR.

In other to accomplish an integrated method of marketing communication, it's important to involve some kind of body work around which strategies or strategies would be developed. Several models where developed by experts and the adoption of the model suggest the success of the business because they're based on the approaches to market planning.

Marketing communication platform: created by Load (2002)

The plan in the above mentioned graph is the promotional plan embarked on by organisations regarding to Fill up (2002) they are usually two which are, SOSTAC and MCPF, the diagram above is the MCPF and it contain the next plan,

' Context analysis

' Promotional goal, target and objectives

' Promotional/ Marketing Strategy (Push, Pull, Account Strategy)

' Communication Mix (the 4p's: product, place, price, promotion)

' Implementation and evaluation

To composition a good marketing plan, management should know

' Where they are.

' Where they want to go to.

' And how they would like to get there.

IMC Process Model explains how the information are sent from the sender to the receivers. You can find four basic components; all are vital components of the marketing communication process. The sender, the note, the media (which bears the subject matter e. g. prospectus, information newspaper) and the receivers the audiences for the concept. The procedure is quite complicated you can entail miscommunication through distortion and sound as the sender chooses on the meaning to be send (encoding) and the receivers trying to make sense of them (decoding). The note is prone to face some problems when sent, it might not be received, it may be received but not from the targeted audience, it may be received from the targeted audience but no action from the recipients practices.

RABOSTIC planning model it means for: Research and analysis, Audience, Budget, Goals, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation, and Control. These elements are part of the Research and Decision-making Cycle. The model includes two important parts, the research and decision making cycle which includes the original stage of analysis and proceeds to decision making, action and evaluation of outcomes. The next one important part is the info stream which is a constant movement of information through all the model levels and in this manner it ensures a prompt monitoring, evaluation or modification of actions. Aims, Strategies and Techniques included in the model can be used to shift audience into the hierarchy of results. People are being changed through the phases of awareness, interest, desire, action (AIDA model) (David Picton et al. , 2005).

IMC Mixture Model it forms a link between all the marketing communication elements. There are lots of marketing communication activities which they are called marketing communications blend or promotional combination. There are various approaches to classify the combine, the standard four classifications (David Picton et al. , 2005) are

Advertising: The usage of paid media, by an interested get together, to deliver marketing communications message to target audiences.

Public relationships: The designed and sustained work to establish and keep maintaining goodwill and shared understanding between an organisation and its own publics.

Sales deals: Is covering a plethora of promotional activities, excluding advertising, PR and personal advertising. Sales advertising is associated with free offers, price discounts, high quality offers, and other campaigns including merchandising, point-of-sale exhibits, leaflets and product literature.

Personal advertising: Is dental communication with potential buyers of something with the goal of making a sale. It focuses at first on creating a relationship with the actual buyer and remains with the attempt to sell.

There are many overlapping marketing communication activities, what's important to the combination is these activities to be integrated.

Marketing marketing communications development

In order to build up an effective marketing communications eight steps need to be followed

1. Id of the mark audience

2. Conviction of the communication objectives

3. Formation of the message

4. Communication programs selection

5. Perseverance of the full total communications budget

6. Selection of the communications mix

7. Way of measuring of the marketing communications results

8. Re-plan and manage the IMC process.

The communications process management necessary for IMC is a concept that identifies the added value of any constant plan that underpins the tactical roles of a number of communications functions and bonds these functions collectively to be able to provide precision, uniformity, and maximum communications impact through the perfect integration of particular messages (Philip Kotler, 2002).

Marketing communication results models

Many marketing and promotional managers recognize the necessity to set detailed marketing communications targets and their vital role as functional rules to the trials, planning, execution, and evaluation of the promotional campaign. Communications objectives are the criteria found in the DAGMAR (Determining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results) (Russell Colley, 1961) method of placed important advertising goals and goals, which includes become one of the very most influential methods to the advertising planning process. Many marketing planners utilize this model as a basis for setting objectives and evaluating the potency of their promotions.

DAGMAR also diversified advertiser's attention on the worthiness of using communications instead on the sales-based targets to determine advertising success and facilitate the measurement of the response to examine a campaign's impact. This contributes to less subjective results and really helps to establish better relationships between the consumer and the organization (George. E. Belch, Michael. A. Belch, 2003).

AIDA model (Elmo Lewis) stands for Recognition, Interest, Desire and Action. This model suggests that buyers move from one stage to some other in order to reach the final act of utilization. In sequence level models such as this there are difficulties in reaching the desired degree of awareness in order to check out the next stage and for that reason in usage too (David Picton et al. , 2005).

Promotion Mix Strategies

The two key promotion combine strategies are push promotion and pull promotion. A press strategy implicates 'moving' the product through distribution programs to final consumers. The producer manages its marketing activities through circulation programs to persuade them to bring the product and to promote it to last consumers.

The advantages of the IMC has influenced both agencies and their clients. During the 1980s many of the large agencies recognized that their clients were shifting their promotional budget from traditional advertising to other varieties of promotion and began developing IMC features. Some have this through mergers and acquisitions and became superagencies comprising advertising, public relations, sales advertising, and direct-response businesses (George. E. Belch, Michael. A. Belch, 2003). Omnicom an internationally advertising agency also underwent some circumstances which required an evolution because of the fact that 'the world has transformed, the nature and forms of communication have improved, and, therefore, the practice of developing and controlling marketing and communication must change as well' (Kitchen and Schultz, 2000).

Omnicom and other advertising agencies invested and organized to provide all marketing communications features in addition to traditional advertising services, such as sales advertising, public relations, security materials, and direct mail. This transfer was encouraged by economics since finances were leaving marketing advertising to other resources, and firms wanted to sustain that income. Although clients were not confident that organizations could provide reasonable specific services and preferred to carefully turn to experts for special services. Also if your client decided to replace the firm which provided specialised services as well, the changeover process would be considerably more complicated (George. E. Belch, Michael. A. Belch, 2003). Omnicom success relied mainly to its consumer centric strategy and strategy of building a geographically healthy network of procedures and getting into different business sectors in various locations.

Companies advertised are also affected from the intro of IMC. Skoda, which is now fully owned or operated by the VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group), were required to assimilate its functions and communications since Skoda autos were perceived as cheap poor cars and now VAG wished Skoda cars to be considered as quality, safe and good for value. When Skoda launched the first car in colaboration with VAG, the sales where unsatisfactory since the sigma of running a Skoda has not been yet eradicated, even though this was a higher quality built car. A new IMC marketing campaign was essential to change that perception, advertising advertising like Tv set, press and posters organizations pursued above and below the line push and yank strategies also judgment developing journalists were geared to increase press coverage and immediate marketing. Skoda expanded to other marketing communication activities, an online site was developed which became extremely popular and techniques like publicity marketing involved displaying cars in shopping centres and incidents. Retailers also upgraded their premises and showrooms to be able to line up with the new image of the business. Before the unveiling of the new IMC marketing campaign Skoda took a research which helped to create marketing communications aims, strategies and practices (David Picton et al. , 2005).

Another engine company BMW Mini cooper also encountered problems while introducing MINI cooper and MINI cooper S in the US market. Autos like SUVs dominate in america market; a little car like Mini cooper acquired little chances to attain high volume level sales with traditional advertising. An IMC advertising campaign occurred, MINIs where located on top of huge SUVs and toured around the united states which designed to mimic a huge roof rack holding weekend toys and games such as bicycles, canoes, windsurfs, snowboards. Also in activities events MINIs where positioned inside stadiums and imprinted brochures were passed out with a web address where people could customise the car and sign up to participate in other promotional occasions. Also traditional press was used, like journals TV and news papers in a non-traditional way. The plan fascinated more than 115. 000 people through the internet site and thousands of MINIs were pre-ordered even before they were available in dealer showrooms. BMW merged different marketing communication elements to generate an IMC mixture model which had to create an image of the MINIs under a different spectrum. This image was transmitted as various information through different communication stations. Although these text messages were different they were constant with the image of the merchandise and with the placement strategy of BMW (Philip Kotler, 2002).


In this part I will be exploring the utilization of IMC by two recent PR campaign, the press use and how it was successful in shaping the corporate image of each company. I will be using Garden Burger and Warner Bros as my case study.

PR Advertising campaign FOR GARDEN BURGER

Client: Garden Burger

Challenge: Garden Burger is a vegetarian restaurant/ company it was founded in 1983 in Oregon America. It is had by Paul Wenner, for a long period now the company has been assumed to create meatless product for vegetarians who are mainly women. The condition here is to improve that perception of the product being for women alone but also for men too. Using the engagement of an PR company they tried attaining this aim.

Strategy: The process for going relating to this is not really a large one since it is a small company, what should maintain mind is the fact that it ought to be in an inexpensive manner, and the company should have the next in mind

' A good marketing plan

' Employ the 4 'p' as a communication strategy which is product, place, price and promotion.

Target Audience: The advertising was targeted to men, between 25-40 years of age.

The plan style utilized by the PR firm was a user produced content and contribution, and in a short while a good end result was reached plus they achieved their aim. The marketing campaign was called 'Real Men Eat Garden Burger' how it was done; it was as an in house advertising for everybody that arrived to the store was told about any of it, the multimedia used was the internet and direct marketing. Customers which come into the restaurant were advised about the promotion, about sending in pictures of the real men that they understood and they stand a potential for winning a award at the end of the advertising. They designed real men in the sense that a man that is with the capacity of doing from cooking, doing home chores, e. t. c. With the use of the internet (mass media) lots of pictures of men were sent and each got grounds for why they think the contestant is a genuine man. That had not been all they designed interactive website tournaments, which included games, questions and answer in to the contest so people can log on to their site for years and answer questions that may provide them with a results between manly man and girly man.


The advertising campaign and campaign was a success, particularly for the customers because they were enthusiastic about the prize by the end of the day. The winner of the advertising was a marathon runner whose leg has been amputated, according to him; he takes care of his ailing better half at home and he has been eating garden burger prior to the brand promotion started. His reward includes 1year way to obtain garden burger, flat display screen a gull and party for 25.

The PR tool/ advertising used here was the traditional type. The immediate communication (website and direct in-store promotion) used here put into the success of the marketing campaign because sometimes direct marketing or campaign stands the chance of convincing people as opposed to the other communication tools. The campaign acquired up to 200 photos that have been more than what was expected, and the web site acquired about 150, 000 internet pages viewed, that they had 75, 000 votes and a 1000 people commented on the pictures and promotion. With the web site marketing and publicity from Tv set, branding newsletter and Radio Kellogg's received this little company. (Brand week: 2008)

Warner Bros PR Campaign

Client: Warner Bros

Challenge: Warner Bros is one of the world's most significant producers of movies, cartoons and television set entertainment for kids; it is a subsidiary of the time Warner in which it's headquarter is within UK. In Dec last year Warner Bros launched a film in to the cinemas called I AM LEGEND starring Will Smith, on the 26th of December where was proved the 6th best film in the world in 2007. The task here was how to promote the film before it gets to the cinema and how they will get their target audience to visit the website to download and watch the movie truck free of charge.

Target Audience: the audience because of this promotion was people from age group 15-25 years and the reason behind this is that they are the ones probably to go to the cinema to watch movies.

Media Used: Direct Press, through the phone (mobile marketing), the reason for it is because people move about using their phones.

In UK Warner Bros proceeded to go about the process by making use of something experimental using Bluetooth technology. They had an set up with Vue and Cineworld the major cinemas in UK by distributing movie contents to cinema lovers. It was like if the Bluetooth of your telephone was on when a person was at the theatre foyer the phone automatically obtains a notification about what is about to happen if the communication is accepted they get information of the movie, a free download, a 20 moments free movie trailer and a link to the mobile web page of the film. This received people in the movie theater at that time really fired up; they turned their Bluetooth on and received free download plus anything that came with it.

All this accounts to a good communication technique to the target audience for the marketing campaign yielded like 400, 000 downloads during the movie that night. The success of this movie promotion was successful due to tool included in the communication with the desired open public and the delivery of the content in which was considered as fun compared to that age group, by exploring into what motivates them. The success of the campaign will make this company wish to accomplish more in the future. (Brand republic: 2008)


Image connotes representation. The corporate image of a company means the reflection of this company, how this particular company is viewed by all, and the general public especially. How has PR helped to condition the corporate image of these companies? PR has helped in shaping the images of the company with its tactical communication, and imagination. It also included the communication tools, the press, pull and account strategy and the 4p's effectively and efficiently (product, price, promotion, and place). The reason behind effective communication is to improve how the group is looked at by the internal / external stakeholders and people. How is this done? They take the companies story and objectives to the right audience, the story and achievement is informed through a mix of creativity and taken to the right route and media. Like the case of Garden burger the in-house staffs got a responsibility of building the company's image by doing everything that matters in satisfying the clients, they promote the business's image by working effectively.

Vicki Staveacre leader of, International Connection of Business Communication (IABC) UK stated four ways of excellent PR tools which can help increase the image of the business.

' PR tools help to manage and support tactical objective of the business though it may threaten already existing objectives and methods it stands a potential for producing a constructive final result.

' It creates and nurtures good romance with the public both internally and externally. This is actually the basic contribution PR can do; in addition they try to broaden the range of these job beyond communication.

' It makes a direct contribution to underneath line by stopping the price tag on conflict

' It helps the company generate profits by enhancing romance using its customers (as quoted in White and Mazur, 1995:33).

In regards to this a good PR tool should uphold the interest and views of the audience to set-up good understanding and a good corporate image. The two circumstance studies I used shows how PR has helped in shaping the image of the firms with the several strategies and the social relationship with the clients by any means levels.


' Based mostly on the international level, there may be cultural sensitivity. Recent tests by Kwintessential Limited show that culture sometimes stands as a stumbling block to the success of a PR. For example Pepsodent tried reselling its toothpaste in southeast Asian and emphasized that it whitens the teeth, but they found out the locals of this country actually put it to use to blacken their teeth. If they got done proper research prior to the promotion of the product, it would have been successful instead of a failure.

' Shortage of communication strategy, or misleading strategy. This may happen when communications delivered through different channels are perceived in another way or misunderstood; this is called insufficient uniformity of message. Harrison (1995: 112) affirms that for communication to reach your goals it should be appropriate, to the company, audience and culture. For if the technique chosen is inappropriate, the concept will lack reliability and will simply be ignored.

' Lack of sufficient research. For any campaign to be successful there is the necessity to know what your location is going, the mark audience for a particular brand or product, and how they'll be reached. A plan can only achieve success if satisfactory research is completed based on the target audience. On research Harrison(1995: 65) suggest to accomplish a good plan proper research needs to be carried out to know very well what perception the mark audience has about that company, and what their frame of mind and behaviour are. Or else the business will risk using a bad campaign. For example Warner Bros experienced a good advertising campaign due to the fact that they researched into what motivates their target audience.

' Absence of money / or backup plan: for example when a company embarks on a brand advertising campaign an along the line they abruptly run out of money, that can in fact crumble the plan or the brand image. Usually whenever a company embarks on the campaign a large sum of money should be laid out for the campaign for instant out of 100%, 20% should be laid away in case of mishap.

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