Integrated Marketing Communications And Customer Satisfaction Strategy

Mobile Tech Ltd has a marketing plan that incorporates integrated marketing communication to achieve its marketing strategies in the marketing of Blackberry N2. Integrated Marketing Communications-IMC involves coordination, organization and integration of the marketing communication utilities a company uses into a cohesive and smooth program which fully grasps the effect of the communication on consumers and desired targets at a bare minimal cost.

Marketing mix component

Marketing efforts mixed up in marketing of the Black Berry N2 integrate a marketing mix's components of which include: promotions, internet marketing, direct marketing, database marketing, public relation, sponsorship marketing and generic advertising. Promotional activities could include use of advertisements, running sales promotions, and participating in personal selling. I'd, in the marketing of the Black Berry N2, seamlessly incorporate all the promotional tools stated above; with the components of market mix is a strategy to edge over our rivals and drive our sales through the ceiling (Barr, 1995, pp 107).

The IMC process starts from a marketing mix and should include the various kinds of marketing techniques, sales techniques and advertising. In the marketing of Black Berry N2, I would discourage the fragmentation of the IMC, this might reduce the likelihood of Customer complaints not being attended that may lead to public relations crises.

In order for the N2 Black Berry's market strategy to succeed I'd stipulate the following sequence of steps to be followed sequence of steps should be followed as below:

Market situation analysis

Market objective setting

Market budget drafting

Market strategy layout.

Performance Evaluation.

The definitive goal of IMC is to ensure message consistency tap the media complementarily in the advertising of the Black Berry N2. Complementary media use involves tapping both offline and online market channels. Offline marketing comprises of print media, mail orders, billboards, tv and radio, public and professional relations (Barr, 1995, pp 121).

Online marketing on the other hand involves search engine optimization (SEO), email, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing blogs, micro-blogs, podcasts Internet radio, and TV, and RSS. Customers who have usage of these channels are those who make an online search. The Black Berry N2 would clearly benefit since most of the audience and users of the web facility would find it very useful to them.

IMC is made from all the constituents of the marketplace mix - promotion, price, product and place. Outside-in thinking is also adopted where IMC strategy is developed from consumer insight to be able to use the right channels for creating brand superiority with a strong brand-consumer relationship. This calls for pushing the right buttons that provide a direct line to the buyer and the good understanding of what communication channels your consumers use (McNealy, 1994, pp 101).

Measuring the success of my Advertisement Strategy

After the implantation of these approaches for the marketing of the Black Berry N2 measurement of its success would be very important. Success of advertisement strategy is gauged from how much increase in sales results from an advertisement. There are different points of views make the judgment

From the sales point of view the efficacy associated with an advertisement strategy is traced back. This is evaluated from the full total amount of enquiries due to the advert of the Black Berry N2, and the number of enquiries converted the full total variety of successful sales of the telephone. In this manner the advertisement's turnover is known.

The effectiveness of advertising on the internet can be assessed easily and comparatively cheaply through programs such as Google Analytics-offered by Google for free, that can be installed in sites that run you advertisement. These tools keep an eye on the amount of views on your adverts, this is useful for the reason that you can know which advert to drop and which one to develop according to the audience.

With an advert with a picture of the Black Berry N2, it would elicit the medium user to select, if they drop an enquiry which successfully turns into a sale. The medium gets a point. This way different media are evaluated.

Information that can be used includes:

The contact forms which may have been submitted

The number of completed transactions from your online shop

The variety of file- downloads

The volume of newsletter subscriptions

The volume of clicks on your e-mail address

The above parameters are called track conversions and can be translated to returns by means of sales. Together with the figures the cost of the advertisement is compared to the sale, this depicts the efficiency of the internet-related channels of advertisement.

Customer satisfaction strategy

This is the process of confirming the perceptions a person has of something or a good and matching them with their expectations. Every buyer of the Black Berry N2 will be asked to leave their e-mail address behind during purchase they will then be frequently contacted for satisfaction

Customer satisfaction Surveys are generally undertaken to be able to provide formal opportinity for the customer to provide complaints

Promotional strategies used aside from advertisements.

The company would engage organize events such as expos so they can showcase the Black Berry N2. This involves inviting the public which increases the customer base. A flashy event makes the facial skin of Mobile Tech ltd and Black Berry N2 to boost a good deal.

Sales pitches-This involves the pitching of tents in public areas so as to showcase the Black Berry N2 in big cities. This could improve the sales.

Talk-to-us messages- This calls for setting up of an promo-sales department that gets information from the public Follow-ups: Mobile Tech should also organize follow-ups such as maintenance of the Blackberry N2 as regarding after-sale services to the customers (Yeshin, 1998, pp 45).

Measuring Customer Satisfaction:

My strategy for measuring client satisfaction in the marketing of the Black Berry N2 would involve:

There are two approaches:

The indirect measures-This involves use of the sales records of the Black Berry N2, customer complaints and profits or such related data

The direct measures include: The percentage approach, the Extreme approach ("Very satisfied" or "Very dissatisfied") along with the combined approach - where in fact the two are combined.

Meeting the gaps in customer expectations and experiences

Generally I'd adopt this formula as my guideline:

This data is obtained from calls received, sales made and other such related data. As Mobile Tech's marketer of Black Berry N2 I'd build a client satisfaction plan

There are a few though not necessarily the complete step I'd consider to be able to bridge the gap:

Taking the client seriously

Provision of quality goods or services

Provision of competent and efficient Service

Knowledge of the needs of my customers so as to meet them accordingly

Knowledgeable help would be of great importance to my customers

I would ensure I always give feedback to my customers

I would make it a key point to listen to my customers.

I would ensure I display qualities such as: Honesty, Empathy and Respect.


Integrated MARKETING AND SALES COMMUNICATIONS play a crucial role in the promotional strategies of a company and tapping them in order to raise the income from Black Berry N2 should be seriously considered by Mobile Tech. Client satisfaction on the other hand is elemental to the attraction and retention of customers. Evaluation of the returns extracted from these marketing strategies is important so Mobile Tech can measure the costs incurred and counterbalance them with the sales resulting from the Black Berry N2 sales.

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