Integrated system of marketing communications - Advertising

Integrated marketing communications system

A well-known researcher of business systems Spencer Plavukas once said: "A marketer who successfully works in modern conditions is one who coordinates the communication complex so rigidly that from advertisement to advertising, from article to article, from one program into one the other you immediately learn that the brand speaks the same voice

When forming the system of integrated marketing communications, it is necessary to realize that all elements of the marketing complex are communication tools and that all of them must harmoniously sound in the communication process.

Graphically, the integration of the communication process can be represented as interaction between three levels, each of which contains several structural elements (Figure 3.1).

Levels, participants and technologies of marketing communications

Fig. 3.1 . Levels, participants and technologies of marketing communications

The first layer represents the external environment and somehow forms the needs and the "rules of the game" On the market. So, the consumer, and in particular the consumer segment, choosing from the set of similar proposals, is able to influence both the proposal itself, coming from the firm, and on its content, the stylistics of the presented message, etc.

The second level is represented by the traditional mix of marketing mixes, but is supplemented by important components that influence the external environment - staff, its level, the attributes of the presentation of goods or services. For example, a proper evaluation of the relationship with customers and customers can strengthen their commitment to the firm's products. As research shows, every unsatisfied buyer reports an unsuccessful experience of an average of 9-10 persons, while 13% of dissatisfied buyers tell about it to more than 20 of their acquaintances.

At the third level - tools for interaction with the consumer, it includes both known and recognized promotion technologies, as well as marketing mechanisms of interaction, which seem to be the most important today: constant adjustment of activities through monitoring opinions and representations of the external environment, obtained through polls and feedback.

The integration of the complex and the construction of a system of communication links urgently requires the restructuring of the management structure of marketing communications. Until now, in most United States firms there is a marketing department responsible for the product, its distribution and pricing; department of advertising and PR, representing the product through communication mechanisms to the external environment. And finally, there is a department dealing with personnel policy. In the event that these departments are not united by common ideas and a common mission, there is a malfunction in the communication process and unplanned interference occurs. For example, one of the companies that represents sales and services to mobile consumers has entered the market with a very powerful and visible campaign. According to the intermediate analysis, it turned out that the launched campaign does not work in full force because of the lack of training of the salon personnel. Unfortunately, there are many such examples today. Here and the busy phones, and the unfriendly tone of those responsible, and the delay in the delivery of products, and much, much more.

Reasonable combination of all the forces and opportunities that affect communication and representation about the company is possible by not mechanically combining all the above-listed departments, but by building the structure of information links both inside the firm and with external actors involved in communication activities.

Finally, the conversation about the integration of marketing communications and the functioning of the system can only be carried out in the case of the initial assumption that the company came to the market with its goods for one day, but seriously and permanently compares its proposals with the opinion of consumers and others participants of the market, distinguishing their products from the environment of similar ones and thinking about the system of relationships not at the level of "production - sale - profit", but at the level of embedding their proposals in the social and economic environment.

Therefore, it is important to form a system:

• ns only to focus on the needs of the consumer, and to involve the consumer in the actual process of relationship with the firm;

• When interacting with the external environment, focus on all the components of marketing, and not just on promotion technology;

• A brand or social mission of the company is required, which can be the core of the system.

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