International Advertising Strategies: The Drive Pull Mix

This newspaper analyzes different types of promotional strategies used namely the push strategy and the pull strategy. For the pull strategy the situation of Benetton can be used where the marketing campaign by the skill photographer Oliviero Toscani is studied. He fundamentally used his photography to project social conditions that are prevalent around the world for Benetton's marketing campaign. Although successful in creating recognition and producing sales, the images however were not always pleasant to check out and for that reason created some type of hostility with certain suppliers and specialists. It looked like that Benetton wished to change just how people think about certain conditions that plague world, Oliviero brought out them in the wild and introduced a new type of advertising. It could have helped yet, in maintaining connections with retailers that detached themselves from these promotions if Oliviero selectively promoted in places which may have more liberal views and distanced its marketing campaign from areas which have a more traditional mindset. The press strategy is employed by Coca-cola very well and therefore is part of this research. Coca-cola strategically employs trade sales promotion and personal advertising to be able to induce stores to store its product. Facing hard competition from Pepsi surrounding the worlds Coca-cola leaves no natural stone unturned when it comes to promoting its products. However providing discounts to merchants by Coca-cola appears to be an unsafe competitive strategy it appears to be used in sometimes subtle however in other cases alternatively openly. It seems to be the final outcome that in order to gain a greater market talk about in face of hard competition the employment of the push strategy along with advertising is a significant success factor for the business.

Pull strategy is used when the company of the merchandise wants to communicate or influence the consumer directly. This creates a greater visible impact of the brand on the consumer's state of mind. Benetton employed this strategy in an exceedingly unique manner. It utilized the artwork photographer Oliviero Toscani who modified what sort of brand was identified by consumers. The images which were used in the marketing campaign by Oliviero seemed to get an instant reaction from the audience. This is because it used Community issues as the trunk drop of its campaign. Almost all its advertisements portrayed images that were rather stunning and made the buyer think. This is a way where it was creating a relationship with its consumers.

The images highlighted issues such as Products, racism, political turmoil and the like. Therefore not only did it help in creating an extended long-term image in the consumer's head but it addittionally generated a lot of publicity both negative and positive. One would feel that this negative promotion was destroying the brand value and would decrease sales however that were false. In fact sales were increasing for Benetton.

The theme of conditions that plagued society about the world not only gave it a chance to expose itself to a more substantial audience of different cultures, it also allowed the business to project the same image and use the same marketing campaign across the world. This significantly reduced the advertising expenditure of the business and offered the good thing about producing sales. (Barela, 2003) There was an factor of intrigue and surprise in its advertisements that attracted consumers towards the brand. These images were the hook that created interest among the list of consumers and led them to get the brands products.

The avenue that Benetton has chosen to make its draw in the already saturated clothing industry is one of differentiation. It adopted a stance that induced consumers to think and ponder over the message that has been sent. It isn't only an advertisement selling clothes but it's a message that is building a change in population. A number of of Benetton's advertisements have sparked controversies a good example would include a picture displaying a nun kissing a priest which brought on a great deal of commotion in Europe. (Abbott, 2009)

Benetton in order to section its market uses the psychographic approach. It appeals to people on the basis of their lifestyle, the way they think, their political views. This gives it a an avenue that has not been used in the past by other clothes manufacturers. Instead of showing lovely models showing clothes and creating an aspiration among consumers to become one of these which probably most can not in real life it appeals to the sensibilities of consumers. It makes consumers feel a feeling of contentment and pleasure that they are among the privileged ones or they can be better than folks shown in their ads.

When they are simply portraying issues that have to be addressed by society such as acknowledging and helping Supports victims, accepting diversity and shunning racism, depicting the carnage of conflict so that people realize the misery that war brings they are creating some sort of goodwill. People who support their viewpoint would unite with them by buying their products. In this manner they would be making a affirmation in society as people really know what the brand stands for and what it advocates.

This is a significant factor why consumers buy the brand and it is not surprising that its sales increased at that time these advertisements were printed. However, the company through these advertisings was not hoping to promote sales instead it was trying to promote the philosophy that the business had. It required consumers to be aware of that philosophy and become a member of their efforts in educating the masses about interpersonal concerns. (Docshare, 2009) Their advertising about natural calamities victims, terrorism and capital abuse caused a lot of controversies with certain groups of people. So much so that a few of its banners had to be removed as these were found to be distasteful by the folks of that area.

This is where Benetton experienced a lttle bit of trouble as merchants got somewhat hostile towards Benetton's promotional initiatives. Some even discontinued their agreement with the business in protest. (Sullivan, 2003) This may be grounds for the drop in sales in the United States. People against its different perspective as they thought that Benetton was leveraging communal concerns to make profit. They were accused of taking advantage of people's conscience and earning money in return.

However, these promotions also opened international limitations for the business and it successfully expanded in other countries. The company's concentrate on aiding and promoting diversity did well for the business. It actually united people when adverts were showing people of different races and ethnicities together wearing clothes from the same company. Within this era of globalization people are definitely more willing to accept to live on and use people from differing backgrounds? This is one projection that has done well for the company as nowadays discrimination is frowned upon. The name of the business itself 'United colors of Benetton' is a total projection of the company's philosophy.

Push Strategy

Coca-cola is the market head in the cola industry. It is present across the world with an incredible number of dedicated customers. Its big size however, will not ensure that it will remain the main cola company forever. In order to maintain and expand its share in the market it needs to have a dynamic online marketing strategy in place. Along with its yank promotional strategy which is mainly done through advertising, it also utilizes the push strategy in a very effective manner. It is because the cola market can be an extremely competitive market as it has to face troublesome competition from another giant that is Pepsi.

So when it comes to buying cola beverages consumers do not really differentiate much between the brands that they are consuming unless they may be hardcore loyalists. Coca-cola can simply be substituted by Pepsi. For example, if coca-cola is unavailable at the store the consumer would not mind much and buy Pepsi instead and vice versa. Therefore it is vitally important that suppliers have a sufficient amount of stock of coca-cola in their stores and for this they have to persuade retailers through trade sales promotion and personal offering. Both of these techniques are working by the coca-cola company to make its presence believed all around the market. They are really moving their product through the suppliers which will subsequently impact the buying habit of consumers. Increased awareness of the product when compared with its competition will lead to better sales.

As part of its promotional strategy coca cola gives out free products to sellers and distributers and it offers trade techniques that seem very alluring as well as free bottles. (Pathak, 2010)

In countries such as India in addition they supply the store owner with a refrigerator which would entirely store their product. They also help small shop owners create their shops if they consent to store a degree of their product on a monthly basis.

They also provide discount rates to retailers and offer them products at whole sale rates if they stock their product on special racks which have increased awareness and have a tendency to catch the attention of customer attention. (Jackson, 2009) The benefit of placing the merchandise on these shelves is that customer would be drawn to the product when compared with competitors which wouldn't normally be clearly obvious in the store. And yes it would induce impulse buying as customers would be enticed to buy it if strategically located at such a posture in the store.

In the UK in order to market coke use among young people who usually go out clubbing they form alliances with whiskey brands. They influence barmen who appear to affect the individuals who visit the team to promote drinks which include coke such ash Coke-whiskey. (Neuez, 2003) Not only are they hoping novel ways to focus on consumers, also, they are trying to establish a devoted customer bottom.

Another work that Coca-cola makes to become 'The tender drink' that consumers have, it has agreements with famous fast food chains present worldwide. These fast food chains include Burger King and McDonald. This allows the brand to be present and accessible to the client with no competition present. That is smart way to increase the surface of the brain recall and generate sales as well. Coca- cola has always assumed in a vibrant marketing strategy and uses both pull and thrust promotion methods in a very effective manner. (Bianca-Sonera, 2009)

This may be one of the reasons that it's one of the primary brands and the renowned brand across the world. Not merely do they employ customers they also engage the merchants and distributers giving them incentives to store and market their product for them.


Both the push and draw promotional techniques work very well provided that they are really put on the right product in the way that could help leverage the brand. Regarding Benetton, although the advertising were considered rather crude and insensitive by some groups of individuals but by others they were regarded as artwork plus they relayed a public note. That helped Benetton differentiate itself from the mess and provided it an identity that others could never imitate. Although Oliviero Toscani might well have adopted a more selective approach, displaying advertisements only where they might be appreciated but his whole concept of making people think and contemplate about public issues could have gone to squander.

Coca-cola's press strategy has been used since the brand started off and it spent some time working well for the business over the years. The only real reason they have continued with this plan is that it offers them good comes back. The only difference nowadays is that it is using novel ways to market its products to stores who subsequently sell it to customers. Personal selling and sales promotion were a fundamental element of it's advertising campaign which are on the list of few thrust promotional strategies getting used today. With both these strategies the best target is to affect and make a direct effect on your brain of the buyer so that they keep coming back for duplicate purchase.

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