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International Association of Business Communicators

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a community of professionals providing positive changes in business and society through the management of communication channels. The association was founded in 1970. The headquarters are in San Francisco, USA. To date, the Association brings together about 16,000 members in 85 countries around the world, including in Europe - Great Britain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc. The United States branch was formed in 2001 by Vitaly Rasnitsyn.

The main activities of the United States branch of IABC are the development of the communication market; optimization of interaction between various branches of corporate communications; conducting professional ratings and research; organization or participation in the organization of conferences, seminars, master classes and other industry events in conjunction with foreign experts; translation of the best international cases and exchange of experience with representatives of the largest international network of professionals; support of an information and analytical portal that publishes news of companies about projects in the field of communications and presentation of the best United States cases.

Specializations of IABC members: media relations, public relations, marketing, advertising, corporate PR, liaison with investors and government agencies, HR, etc.

Aims and objectives of IABC/Russia


• Formation of the concept of the sphere of communications as a single industry;

• formation of the notion of communication as a strategic function of management in broad business audiences, capitalization of the profession of the communicator;

• the formation of a civilized business environment around the profession: ethical norms, market mechanisms;

• implementation of standards of professional communication activities aimed at achieving long-term business development goals;

• Creation of an authoritative research analytical industry resource that contributes to solving problems today and shaping the agenda of tomorrow;

• Assistance to the formation of the United States elite of the communications industry, which symbolizes the level to which United States specialists should strive for their professional growth;

• Creating a broad network of like-minded people who share the goals and objectives of the association.


• conducting research aimed at identifying key trends in the industry, the main negative factors hindering this development, and ways to eliminate them;

• Search and introduction of professional tools for measuring the effectiveness of communications;

• Search and dissemination of best practices among members of the communication community, including its regional representatives;

• the creation and development of an Internet resource that can become the most democratic and broad platform for communication and discussion of the communicator industry problems, as well as for disseminating information that is most relevant to the industry;

• development and implementation of educational standards in the field of communications (at the level of higher education, magistracy, doctoral studies) in the leading United States educational institutions, as well as promoting the dissemination of these standards in regional universities;

• Establishment of close contacts with representatives of the foreign communication community for the exchange of experience, identification of key criteria for the development of the industry;

• Popularization of the profession in a journalistic environment

• Expansion of the media pool covering industry news.

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