International Expansion Programs Of Hardees In India Marketing Essay

It is vital for a firm to asses the marketplace potential before it gets into into that country. Since Hardees is being introduced for the very first time in India, it is rather important to know when there is appreciable potential and demand on the market. Hence, the report discusses the techniques to identify the market potential in India for the Hardees. To make a company successful, it will have a proper marketing plan developed for this, so that the product is accepted generally among its market. This is only done when its product, location, promotion, pricing and packaging is performed correctly. Hence at the closing section of the report addresses this area.

Introduction to Hardee's

Hardee's was proven in 1960. CKE restaurants bought it and are currently functioning it. Hardee's ranks number 4 4 in US Fast food restaurants. It typically located in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA using its head quarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Wilber Hardee exposed his first restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina on Sept 9, 1960. Among all the food items it offers, the most famous ones will be the Monster Thickburger, Nutritious breakfasts and Low-carb food. Over the years it has faced several problems and legal disputes too. But little or nothing has ever ceased Hardee's from providing healthy and appetizing food to the people who are fully devoted to it. These disputes are the Burger chef copyright disputes, the advertising campaign criticism and the thick burger advertising campaign.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure in India is bettering and is secure enough to give a supportive environment to the Junk food chains to flourish well. It has a positive relationship with all the strengths stated in the stand above.

While in the weakness's circumstance, only Infrastructure and "Expensive than other fast food restaurants" is having a poor relationship, due to the singular reason that Hardee's is a overseas ccompany that will be needing something more than the average infrastructure, hence it'll face some difficulty in coping up with the regular surge in this environmental factor.

Political instability: Because of the stable politics situations, it has a positive marriage reputation, R&D and Franchise system whilst having a neutral marriage with the quality, hygiene, Trained & Skilled Labor, unique tastes and reliable services.

While in the Weakness's case, there is no relation of the prevailing political situation with the weaknesses of Hardee's.

Compliance laws: The conformity laws and regulations in India will definitely have an optimistic effect on Hardee's quality, cleanliness and reputation, while having a negative relation with the R&D, Franchise system and trained and skilled labor. Since a whole lot emphasis on these laws and regulations will definitely stop Hardee's from operating widely and from bringing in creativity as well.

While in weakness's section the conformity laws have a poor effect on all the weaknesses of Hardee's because the laws in India will surely subject its questionable adverts, high calorie content and its high price food items.

Advance technology: the enhancing technology in I ill definitely support all the functions of Hardee's. So it is getting a positive relationship with almost all of its strengths.

The advance technology in India can help Hardee's develop advertising according to the culture of India and help people to agree to the high calorie content in the burgers through logical explanations. But when using such high technology it has to incur high costs making everything costly. Hence, in the weakness's section, the technological development has positive romantic relationship with the first two factors but negative with the previous one as shown in the stand previously.

Security Hazards: Since India faces no such security threats, hence it offers Positive romantic relationship with almost all of the strengths of Hardee's. In order to take advance protective measures, Hardee's will definitely have to increase its security strategy, hence increasing its costs. Thus having a poor impact and rendering it more expensive.

Media: the increasing coverage of media and much more focus on it includes allowed it to have a significant impact on the lives of individuals. Hence the Benefits of Hardee's in India, can be facilitated through Mass media, while having a positive impact on all its operations.

While in the weaknesses section, multimedia can have a poor effect on making its high calorie content aspect and advertisements more questionable. But if Hardee's strategies to take control of this area then it has to incur more cost which makes it more costly.

Inflation: The rising inflation will definitely have a substantial negative relationship with all the current strengths of Hardee's. Aside from Trained and skilled labor and franchise system because growing prices will negatively impact these areas.

Inflation is having a poor effect on all the three weaknesses as shown in the stand, due to the singular reason that the growing inflation will definitely impact each procedure of Hardee's in a poor way.

Lifestyle changes: Because of the increasing western affect in India, people are moving more towards Junk food restaurants, hence changing their life-style. This changing factor will definitely have a good effect on all the functions of Hardee's. Hence having positive romance with all the advantages as shown in the desk previously.

The changing lifestyle in India has a good impact on all the weaknesses as they'l be happy to simply accept the advertising with an open up mind and with some other perspective and agree to the high calorie content in the food. Moreover they'll go for expensive food at Hardee's with thinking that high quality includes high price too.

Income syndication: Mostly, folks in India rest in the low class and very few in the top class. Since Hardee's is offering high priced quality food, it'll definitely have a poor effect on Hardee's success in India. Hence it could be seen that this factor has negative romance with most of the power factors. However the area where income syndication of India is positively related to its advantages is for the only real reason that Hardee's cannot compromise on its tastes, health, reputation and franchise system.

In the Weaknesses section, as we realize that mostly individuals surviving in India are from lower school or lower to upper-middle school, hence these folks aren't much diet mindful and will accept the actual fact that the majority of the burgers at Hardee's are of high calorie content. Furthermore knowing since Hardee's has grouped itself specifically for middle to upper category, hence it can simply target this category.

The barriers to entry in the food industry are low because less technologically advanced tools are needed, generally the target audience is searching for new food shops, the expected retaliation by the prevailing competition is not that great and the new entrants gain experience soon enough to attract the clients. Additionally, there are no such patent protections making the admittance of potential entrants easier. Although there is simple entry but leave could be costly as specialized investments must process the initial foods of Hardee's.

Competitive rivalry

The current competition is very brutal which includes McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos and Subway. Although Hardee's claims that its menu is still not copied no other burger is like the burgers they produce but for some price mindful customers Hardee's offers undifferentiated products that they can certainly buy from its opponents at sensible prices. However, distinctions do exist in regards to to the offering of different special Food offers for different customers.

The threat of substitutes

Substitutes for any food business are sufficient considering the size and competition of the industry. There are several large as well small food bones including multinationals like Mcdonalds, Pizza hut, subway etc as it pertains to substitutes for Hardee's which permit consumers easily to choose and change over frequently, as the substitutes boost the demand for a specific course of products reduces as customers transition to the alternatives.

Bargaining electric power of the buyer

The volume of consumers has grown over time due to the increasing demand and craze for junk food, which has helped them to exercise more electric power after these restaurants.

Bargaining electric power of the dealer:

Locally there are a variety of suppliers searching for poultry, bakery and other recycleables; therefore, insufficient pressure can be exercised by these suppliers, because if the conditions are not settled with one, Hardee's can certainly work out with others on the market. Although the amount of restaurants have increased over the time thus giving go up to the demand of inputs (poultry, vegetables, sauces etc) however, the local suppliers do not have enough position to exert ability on restaurants like Hardee's.

Marketing Plan


Hardee's offers breakfast time, breakfast's edges, charbroiled burgers, sides, deserts, beverages, salads, sandwiches, roasted beef and chicken. This is actually the basic menu and underneath each one of these areas, there is a huge variety of possibilities for customers to choose. All the foods are of high quality and are offered with great services.


Distribution Channels

Direct (Personal Advertising)

Hardee's should take up a personal advertising policy because of its customers. These will include Federal Organizations, Hotels, Academic institutions, Offices, Restaurants and Colleges among others. In order to satisfy the neighborhood consumers, Hardee's should take up techniques which range from mobile, internet, and email to personal visits.

Indirect (Drive and Draw)

Hardee's should choose both press and pull strategies in the indirect programs. With regards to the sales needs in a particular period, it should offer sales deals by means of consumer deals and trade offers to boost sales in both the short and long haul.

Outlet area selection

Hardee's should choose the most well-known areas in India for shopping and business centers. It should identify all its shops in the most filled areas which are accessible by the majority of the population of India. This can help in increasing its sales in the beginning.


The only way to obtain advertising that Hardee's should adopt is to advertise through various effective Medias. Since it's a fast food business, personal offering and trade promotions will not work here. Hence, to get effectively known in the fierce competition in India for Fast food, Hardee's should advertise completely with a complete plan and system.


Hardee's should make use of many advertising mediums in order to attain the masses. The most important of most being TVC, Billboards, internet advertisements, broachers, Tv set and Print Advertising. There have been a great deal of criticisms on Hardee's advertisements in in another country, so marketers should ensure that they are simply careful enough in India to make non-offensive Ads.


Since Hardee's goals the upper-middle and higher class specifically, so it must keep its prices high. But considering the fact that there's a fierce competition in this business in India, it should adopt competitive charges to increase sales and profit from the huge public of Indian areas are generally from the common class.

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