International introduction and marketing mix of Apple IPhone


Apple was established by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on 1st April, 1976 to be able to sell the Apple 1 Computer Set up that was built by Steve Wozniak. Due to innovative apple programs, it was in charge of creating the desktop posting market. Apple market show and stock prices decreased due to failure of some Apple features among 1983 and 1996. While in 2001 the product was impressively successful, they released iPod portable music player and within six years more 100 million were sold. Presently Apple I-phone one of leading mobile phone in the cellular industry because they are offering many progressive features to their customers in the complete market. (www. apple. com/iphone)

Analyses of the international unveiling and marketing mix of Apple I-Phone:

Apple's iPhone 4 4 was officially launched on 24th June 2010 internationally while the preorders were started out on 15th June 2010. It had been on 24th June 2010 in the U. S. , U. K. , France, Germany, and Japan, although it was also released in other 18 countries such as Australia, Japan, Austria, Canada, Finland, Italy, Hong Kong etc in July 2010. A month before introducing of iPhone 4GS, Apple iPhone stores displayed the iPhone 4GS. Before starting the iPhone 4 4 they prepared a massive Television campaign to be able to market the iPhone new features on the market. With the help of TV marketing campaign, they successfully marketed the iPhone 4 4 in the market and they make a competitive advantage in the market which allowed the Iphone to successfully launched the iPhone 4GS all over the world. (www. apple. com/iphone)

Launching a fresh brand into the market they publicized their brands on a regular basis to maintain public awareness by using mass media advertisements Television, through iPhone public websites and also display the iPhone in their store stores to market the new brands on the market.

Marketing Blend:

Marketing mixture play significant role in your competition of the merchandise because it enables the company to contend in its industry. It is very important for the business when marketing their products businesses need to create a successful mixture of the right product and sold at the right price. Company also needs to offer the product at the right place with the help of the appropriate campaign (Luther, W. M. (2001).

According to McDonald, M. (2007) to make the correct marketing blend companies have to fulfil the some conditions such as product provides the right features to work effectively and also look good. Businesses also need to focus on the price tag on the product because consumer will buy in large numbers in order to create a healthy revenue. The products must maintain the right place at the right time ensuring the goods turn up when and where they are wanted is an important procedure.

Marketing Mixture of Apple I-phone:


Currently Apple I-phones are providing one year warranty and also optional three year Apple care warranty.

In 2008 they launched a cheaper version having less advanced functions but it was best for professional use credited to consist of advanced version. With the help of this version they drawn professional use customers.

Apple I-phone are offering progressive features such as large drive storage capacity, lower weight and offering 4G cordless, GPS, HD video recording and thin device in their product which differentiate them from competition' products.

(www. brighthand. com)


Prices of Apple I-phone are incredibly high in the marketplace but on the other hand customer are still interested in purchasing the Apple I-phone.

The price of New version iPhone 4GS 16GB is 499 while apple iphone 16GB Black colored is 440.

Prices of iPhone 3G 8GB are lower than the 3GS and 4GS and also relies in the network you need it it.

(http://www. iphone-prices. co. uk/iphone-3gs)


Retailers of Iphone can be purchased in most countries such as US, European countries and Parts of asia etc, in other words they are generally rollout all over the world at all major sellers.

Apple websites and stores worldwide will devote themselves to the iPhone.

One month before releasing the iPhone, Apple iPhone stores will contain the iPhone on screen. (www. apple. com/iphone)


Due to high competition in the industry Apple iPhone tend to be focusing on the promotions of their brands. Before starting the iPhone 4 4 they prepared a massive Television set campaign to be able to promote the iPhone new features in the market.

They are advertising their brands frequently to maintain general public awareness by using billboards in the public places, facebook, media advertisements, TV, display in their stores and also through iPhone recognized websites.

To promote their brands they differentiated the iPhone against others in the touchscreen functionality.

(www. apple. com/iphone)

Analyses of different methods to branding and positioning between Apple I-Phone and its own main competitors:


According to American Marketing Relationship (AMA) suggests that a brand as a "name, term, indication, symbol or design, or a mixture of them designed to identify the products and services of 1 seller or band of sellers and also to distinguish them from those of other vendors''. To reach your goals in the branding the company must needs to understand the demand of 'your customers and potential customers. To create a successful brand in the market firms must hang out, buying research, defining and building your brand. (marketing. about. com)

Branding of Iphone and its own main challengers:

Apple iPhone are more focusing on their brands to make them more successful, in order to attain it they can be spending huge amount on the research department to produce innovative products on the market. Due to offering innovative products on the market differentiate the Apple iPhone from competition' products. For successful branding, Apple iPhone used differentiation strategy, by making use of this strategy Iphone distinguish their products from competitors as a result to create a competitive advantage. Also, they are using promotional tools such advertising campaign through advertising, websites, Television set etc to market the brands of Iphone in the market. Such as for example before starting the new version of iPhone 4GS they viewed the apple iphone 4 4 in the sellers stores and also through established websites of IPHONE.

While on the other side competitors of Iphone such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry are also offering ground breaking products at a reasonable prices nevertheless they cannot offer many features in one device. Iphone has the capacity to offer many features within a device which also identify the Apple iPhone from competition' products.


According to Kotler (1997:239) "setting is the function of designing the business's offering and image in order that they occupy a meaningful and different competitive position in the prospective customer's head. " Luther (2001) further shows that positioning of your brand should be effective, surprise to the industry, to your customers and to your competition, and should also be unique, memorable, desirable and believable that will facilitates the business to draw in customers.

Market segmentation:

Croft (1994) shows that market segmentation is the classification of helpings of the marketplace that are different from one another. He further recommends that Segmentation allows the company to compete on the market and to better gratify the needs of its potential customer.

Positioning of Iphone and its own main rivals:

By implementing product differentiation, positioning the iPhone as the flexible and convenient because of their customers. Also, they are providing value-added device for personal and as well for professional use to differentiate their products from challengers. Apple iPhone are definitely more concentrating on the capability of having one device for communication but on the other hand they are also focusing on the picture quality, video call and saving, music & most differentiate feature are the full access to the internet. The iPhone will be promoted as both professional and hip. (www. apple. com/iphone)

Main rivals of Apple iPhone are Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericson. Apple iPhone competitors are providing ground breaking and convenient products to their customers at a reasonable price. Recently Nokia are offering high cost and lower cost products to their customers, they can be attracting price mindful consumers which permit them to be competitive in the market. But on the other palm products made available from Nokia and other competitors not need many features in their mobile as compared to iPhone like iPhone have many features in a single device that identify the iPhone from the rivals products.

Evaluate the future prospects and problems facing by Apple I-Phone from a marketing point of view.

In order to achieve goals and goals and defeat problems, practitioners suggest tactical tools by means of porter's makes and swot examination. Porter's forces are a tactical planning tool that helps in developing a competitive advantage on the market. SWOT is proper planning tools that help identify external factors (i. e. opportunities and hazards) that need to be designed for, and inner factors (i. e. advantages and weaknesses) that require to be considered for in deciding where a business should be going in the future.

SWOT Examination:

In order to achieve the goals and objectives in a successful way, it was observe that the company should create a competitive advantage on the market by evaluating the SWOT analysis. Armstrong (1982) areas that swot analysis is a strategic planning method very important to perform, since it evaluates the positioning of an organisation regarding strengths and weaknesses called inner factors and threats and opportunities called exterior factors available for sale. While Alison (2001) claim that Swot analysis will involve specifying the aims and aims of the business and also classifying the internal and external factors that are favourable and unfavourable to reaching that objective.

SWOT Research of Iphone:


Apple iPhone have many talents such as ground breaking touch screen & most innovative talents of iPhone has most functions of other rival product all in one device of iPhone. In addition, it works with iTunes and other operating system tools which indicate high potential for upgradeability. IPhone are incredibly easy to ease because all-new touchscreen interface identifies multi finger gestures. (www. brighthand. com)

Brands of Iphone are famous worldwide for cool essential gizmos such as iPod credited to technologies.

They think that iPhone would be sold at a reasonable price on the market due to offering quality products like scratch resistant display screen, light metallic end and their software has the capacity to resistance computer viruses. (www. apple. com/iphone)


There are extensive opportunities available to Iphone such as enlargement to a fresh target segment by making use of technological improvements like Apple can draw in iPod consumers to up grade to iPhone.

They can provide Bluetooth service because data can't be moved from other mobile to iPhone.

Completions are increasing day by day in the industry which creates barriers for the companies; to be able to beat this hurdle Apple can collaborate with mobile companies such as Nokia to overflow the market with iPhone. By adopting this plan they can reduces marketing and operational cost and may easily generate high profit. (www. apple. com/iphone)


Despite having many strengths of Iphone but on the other hand they involve some weaknesses which are crucial to overcome to make a competitive advantage in the market. They did not produce a lower price models to get cost conscious customers.

Apple brands are not targeting business people and for this reason weakness they employ a low reputation in the organization world.

It has also been pointed out that touch screen interfaces have an effect on from the challenge of gorilla arm. (www. apple. com/iphone)


There are some dangers to Apple brands such as smart mobile phones are better to make, currently Samsung are providing Samsung Galaxy S cellphone, Nokia are offering N97 and Sony Ericsson are providing Satio.

Competitors can easily enter in the market and can provide the product at low cost which would a higher threat for Apple iPhone.

Due to low interest of Apple brands in the Asia can create problems in the enlargement of the Apple brands. (www. apple. com/iphone)

By examining the SWOT research of Apple iPhone it is quite clear they have talents in their products due to offering scientific advancements and they're consistently producing new variations of iPhone which allow them to contend on the market. There are many opportunities open to Apple iPhone such as a result as expansion to a fresh target segment with the aid of technological progress like Apple can appeal to iPod consumers to up grade to iPhone. But on the other hand they some weaknesses which are incredibly important to get over to reach your goals in the market to make a competitive advantage in the market such as they didn't yet offered a lesser price model of iPhone. Technological progression are highly increasing which create high competition on the market and smart mobile phones are simpler to make, in this way competitors may offer smart devices at a lower prices than Apple iPhone that will highly have an impact on Apple business.

Future Leads of Apple iPhone:

Apple ideas on concentrating on gratifying personal consumer requirements rather than just fulfilling a demographic need as well as, bettering performance and stableness rather than launching new features when liberating new variants of any product. Presently apple brands are focusing on the producing new features but there is a huge distance in increasing performance and stability of these brands. It really is quite significant to concentrate on the bettering performance and stability of the brands when liberating the new variants. By improving the performance and steadiness of brand may the business to make a competitive advantage on the market.

Recommendations to brands which contend with Apple I-phone:

On the foundation of above evaluation there are few suggestions which allowed the Apple I-phone brand to contend on the market. According to Grants or loans (2008) in strategy formulation the business's resources and features play a essential role to make the strategy competitive. Resources will be the productive assets possessed by the organization and functions are the actual company can do in better way. De Wit & Mayer (2004) claim that resources can help the firm in setting up a competitive advantage if they're difficult to imitate or swap, valuable and exceptional.

To create a competitive advantage in the market Iphone need to produce brands which cannot be imitated or substituted. In order to achieve this they need more focusing on the technological progression because smart cell phones are much easier to make anticipated to technological advancement like presently some opponents are also offering mobile which are similar to iPhone such as Samsun Galaxy S and HTC desire Sony Ericson are providing Satio. Iphone are presenting new feature in new types of iPhone nevertheless they also need to give attention to the performance and steadiness of these brand to compete in its industry, this will also identify Apple brands on the market which will allow them to create a competitive advantage in the market.

Due to high cost on the Iphone brands they cannot produce a cheap models to entice cost mindful customers. To maintain and build a competitive advantage in the market and decrease the cost on the products they have to adopt cost leadership strategy. By implementing this strategy Iphone will in a position to produce a lower price model of iPhone, with the help of this they may easily attract cost conscious consumers and Iphone brand can compete in the market.

Due to high competition on the market, costs on the advertisements are increasing swiftly. To be able to slice these costs Apple iPhone can collaborate with mobile companies such as Nokia. Apple iPhone will also be able to overflow the market with iPhone and they can also reduce marketing and operational costs and can certainly generate high earnings.

Currently there's a low interest rate of Apple brands in the Parts of asia that are creating problems in the development of the Apple brands to the Asian market. A number of the Asian countries are less developed and consumers in Parts of asia don't have potential to buy a higher price phone. To broaden the Apple iPhone brand to the Asian market they need to offer lower price style of iPhone. They can provide cheap model by installing operational activities in the Asia which reduce the price because the labour costs are incredibly cheap in Asian countries as compare to US and European countries.

Currently Apple iPhone employ a low reputation in the corporate world due to lack of targeting the business people. They are able to increase their reputation in the corporate world by targeting business people by using offering business features which attract these to buy iPhone brands.

According to telegraph 16th July, 2010, many customers were complaining regarding iPhone signals because they had also a problem with speech calls. This problem affect the offering electric power of iPhone 4GS consequently the iPhone customers were sensing hesitation in buying iPhone 4 4. Iphone must need to focus on this issue to overcome in the foreseeable future because this may impact their brand reputation on the market. (www. telegraph. co. uk)

Currently Iphone are offering progressive products to their target customers, due to innovations there are some opportunities can be found such as expansion to a new target portion by using scientific breakthroughs like Apple can entice iPod consumers to update to iPhone. By obtaining this opportunity Apple iPhone brand can develop a competitive advantage in the market and can provide hard time to competition in its industry.

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