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The Internet has and continues to have a strong influence on the formation and development of the global information community. As a social phenomenon, it is a global means of communication, providing the exchange of text, graphics, audio and video information and access to online services without territorial and national boundaries. This is an effective tool for research, development of trade and business, impact on the audience. The technological possibilities of the Internet predetermine the rapid development of the world information community, and with its development the approaches to the management of business and marketing as one of its components change.

The era of Internet marketing is characterized by the following distinctive features:

• globalization of the spheres of activity;

• the final transition of a key role from producers to consumers;

• Personalization of interaction and transition to marketing "one-to-one";

• Decrease in transaction and transformation costs.

Rapid and ubiquitous introduction of the newest information technologies in the Internet has given it completely new qualities and features, which in a sense allow to call it a new, electronic market. It means that this is not a market in the traditional sense of the term with its institutions, principles and regularities, but a virtual space that allows it to carry out all known forms of commercial transactions. At the same time, it turned out that they can be performed much more efficiently than in traditional conditions. The reason for this lies in the innovative characteristics of the new market, which are often determining in the formation of the marketing strategy of the enterprise. These include:

1) availability of quality and accessible information for conducting market research;

2) interactivity and compatibility of actions in real time;

3) high efficiency of interaction with customers;

4) the ability to work simultaneously with a large number of customers;

5) the possibility of parallel communication with customers;

6) personalization of service;

7) increase the speed of response to customer requests;

8) global presence in the market;

9) round-the-clock work seven days a week, 365 days a year;

10) information becomes a commodity and a source of income;

11) the possibility of using mobile price models;

12) low costs for the distribution of promotional materials about the goods and services of the enterprise;

13) high rate of change in market conditions;

14) the emergence of new technologies for sales and customer service;

15) the consumer's participation in determining the competitive properties and design of the final product.

If before the marketing complex was aimed at working with hundreds and thousands of customers, now it is a question of the need for operative interaction with hundreds of thousands and even millions of potential and real buyers. In these conditions, new opportunities for communication with suppliers and consumers, more effective sales techniques. All kinds of automation systems for marketing activities such as enterprise resource planning and management (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, electronic document management systems, electronic payment systems, RF tags in trade are being created and introduced into the practice of commercial activity in practice (RFID technology), etc.

Today, Internet marketing is used for different purposes and in different formats, but you can distinguish four main business model of the site.

1. Static information site, designed to replace the traditional booklet about the company. It is updated quite rarely.

2. An online store that exists to increase sales of the company, and it is through the Internet.

3. Information dynamic project, serving for working with clients (for example, regional), as well as containing a full range of information about the company and its activities. Updated regularly enough.

4. A strategic port, aimed not so much at increasing sales (although in the end it is for this), but rather on the growth of the market for the company, i.e. to increase the number of non-existent, but to potential customers.

Each of these schemes works differently depending on the current situation and the company's opportunities associated with the implementation of the planned scheme. However, the main thing is that many companies today from their work on the Internet make a profit, direct or indirect.

In addition to integrating the elements of the marketing mix, the electronic market is characterized by a convergence process that leads goods and services previously considered to belong to different markets to one market. As a result, virtually all digital products compete with each other. You can identify the main forms of convergence.

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