Internet resources as tools of innovative marketing - Innovative marketing

Internet resources as tools of innovative marketing

The website (English, website , from weh - and site - place) is a collection of documents of a private person or organization, located on the Internet, united under one address (domain name or IP address). Organization of representation on the Internet is a common tool for doing business. Certainly, person any company on the Internet is its website.

The tasks that the sites solve are diverse - from the organization of internal or external communications of the company (corporate resources) and Internet commerce (online stores) to personal self-expression (network diaries) and people's associations by interests (computer-generated resources). The main goal of any Internet resource in marketing activities is to provide visitors with marketing information about the company, brand and product range, i.e. about everything that a potential client might need in making his choice. The characteristics of the main types of Internet resources are given in Table. 5.2.

Table 5.2

Types, characteristics and purpose of Internet resources in marketing activities

Internet resource type



Business card site

company representation on the Internet

Placement of a brief reference, contact information


A bright, memorable website, advertising products, services, brands

Promotion of advertised goods, services, brands

Corporate site

The site contains the most complete information about the company and its products/services

Attraction and customer service

Internet -


Corporate websites of the company with a large range of products

Informing potential consumers about products

Internet -


Internet catalog with the functions of ordering and paying for goods through the network using the shopping cart

Direct sale of goods/services

Information Portal

Network publications, news agencies or online media outlets

Engaging the audience, selling content content

End of the table. 5.2

Internet resource type



Blog (online magazine, diary)

A site with regularly added records, images or multimedia

Personal goals, communication; for firms - attracting the audience, gathering information


A web application for organizing the communication of site visitors, sometimes an independent resource

Discussing issues, communicating with consumers, building up a database



An interactive multi-user site, the content of which is filled by the participants of the network

Collecting data about users, their interests, addictions, habits, etc.

Business card sites are entry-level sites, usually consisting of one to five pages. In fact, this is a small representation of the company on the Internet with information about it, a brief list of products and services, contact information. On the websites-business cards can be placed the simplest forms of interaction with visitors (for example, a form for sending messages or a guest book). Usually partners or clients of the company come to them to specify the postal address or see the scheme of travel. In most cases, business cards are not considered to be sufficiently effective marketing channels, their use is justified only as an addition to other types of promotion on the Internet.

With the development of information technologies in the United States and foreign markets, many innovative services have emerged that allow small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs (for example, those working in the services sector) to independently develop their own business cards without significant expenses. An example of this is the VIX service. Everyone can create their own business card site without resorting to expensive services of designers and programmers, using one of the templates (Figure 5.7).

This service offers ready-made business card templates for many business sectors, from Internet commerce and consulting to charitable and public organizations, associations and foundations. The number of users of this service has already exceeded 56 million people.

Promotional resources are sites that advertise a single product or service (a narrow range of products or services) or promote the brand. The creation of such a resource involves the use of stylish design, individual navigation systems, the connection of necessary software modules, the use of innovative AO and 3D modeling technologies.

Fig. 5.7. Templates of business cards of service V1X

On the Internet, promotional resources are used, as a rule, by companies, either just entering the market, or promoting a new (innovative) product to the market. Thus, promo resources can be used as an innovation marketing tool. Especially often, promotional resources are used in the entertainment industry - a rare cinematic novelty costs in its progress without its own promresursa, filled with colorful graphics and animation. Domestic cinematographers also actively use this technology to promote their works to the market (Figure 5.8).

Corporate sites - are effective tools to attract and service the company's customers. They provide visitors with the fullest possible information on the goods (services) being sold but the possibilities with descriptions of both the products themselves and the schemes of interaction with potential customers. Usually in corporate resources there are means of interactive communication of visitors and company personnel.

Corporate sites, as a rule, are decorated in a corporate style of the company, have an extensive structure, are filled with a large amount of reference and analytical information that is regularly filled. One example of a corporate site can be the Financial website -

Fig. 5.8. The main page of the promotion of the movie "Viy", 2014

Fig. 5.9. Printskin section "Students". site of the Financial University under the Government of the United States

In this section of the corporate website alone, there are more than 10 pages that help different categories of students to obtain the information they need during their studies.

Internet directories are corporate websites of companies offering a wide range of products or services. When creating such a site you need special software to support the simplest addition and removal of goods in the rubric and subheadings, the rapid creation of a branched structure of product categories, the convenient input of descriptions of goods of various types. In addition, in the online catalogs place photos, diagrams, presentations, detailed documentation, indicate prices for products. Visitors order goods via e-mail, which is then processed by the company manager. In Fig. 5.10 the catalog of sites of the United States communication portal is presented.

Fig. 5.10. Printskrin directory of sites of the United States communications portal

The sites registered in it are divided into thematic headings, which facilitates the search for information by potential visitors. In addition, the registration of the company's site in such directories, which are available in virtually every search engine, can significantly improve the effectiveness of website promotion.

Online stores are designed to sell products or services through the network. Unlike the online catalog, these sites contain the functions of ordering and paying for goods via the Internet, as well as working with a shopping cart. To increase the commercial return, it is useful to maintain a separate news channel on the work of the online store

Fig. 5.11. Printskrin of the United States online auto parts store

For information portals is characterized by a large number of regularly updated information materials (news, analytical articles, reports, interviews, comments, reviews, etc.) on topics (or themes) of the site. Typically, such sites are network publications, news agencies or online representations of traditional media (print media, news services of television channels and radio stations, etc.). In Fig. 5.12 the information portal of the United States Guild of marketing specialists containing a large number of professional information, scientific and practical publications, reviews of the United States market, etc. is presented.

Blog (English, blog, from web log - network log, or event diary) is a website whose main content is regularly added records, images or multimedia. For blogs, non-long records of temporal significance are characterized, sorted in reverse chronological order (last record from above). The differences between a blog and a traditional diary are determined by the environment: blogs are usually public and involve third-party readers who may engage in public polemics with the author (in response to blog entries or their blogs).

Popular bloggers, being authoritative experts (so-called opinion leaders), can act as an effective rope of marketing influence on the target audience. So, advertising in a blog

Artemy Lebedev - a famous United States Internet designer - costs $ 4,000, for one advertising post. A. Lebedev thus formulates civilized rules for advertising in blogs: "Distribution of prizes, quizzes, surveys, advertising campaigns - everyone understands that they do not occur for free. Neli, you have sunk on the camera so-and-so, do not forget to indicate that you gave it to the sponsor. If you were allowed to go behind the scenes of such and such a festival, note that the organizers called you. If you are advertising a taxi, a hosting company, a display vendor, an Internet startup - write that the post is posted as a commercial. Indicate the source of information. Respect your readers. Nobody makes you do it. But only in this way will we get a civilized blogosphere .

Fig. 5.12. Printskin of the information portal of the Guild of Marketers

Forum - is a web application class for communicating website visitors. The forum offers a set of sections for discussion. The work of the forum is to create topics for users in sections and subsequent discussion within these topics. In fact, a single topic is a thematic guest book. The opportunities for forums to contact consumers are used by many companies, often providing financial and technical support to these Internet resources. An example of the forum of the automobile brand KlaSeeb is shown in Fig. 5.13.

Figure 5. 13. The Princescreen forum of the automotive brand Kia Ceed

Social networks - a special kind of Internet resources that is designed to help people communicate with family, friends and like-minded people, wherever they are. For example, the well-known popular project "" allows you to search for people not only by the number of the school, which ended users, but also by interests, age, other personal data. And the peculiarity of these services is that users fill out the questionnaire themselves at registration, voluntarily providing data for such searches. For marketers, social networks are a kind of very useful database where you can find and select participants for surveys, analyze interests and preferences according to the data already available.

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