Introduction About The Bicycle Marketing Essay


A BIKE (also known as a motor bi-cycle, motorbike, motorbike, or circuit) is a single-track, two-wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycles vary noticeably depending on the task that they were created, such as long distance travel, navigating congested metropolitan traffic, cruising, sport and rushing, or off-road conditions.

BIKES are the most affordable form of motorised transfer in many elements of the world, as well as for the majority of the world's people, also, they are the most frequent type of motor vehicle. There remain 200 million BIKES (including mopeds, electric motor scooters and other driven two- and three-wheelers) used worldwide, or about 33 motorcycles per 1000 people.

You can find three major types of Bikes
  • Street
  • Off-road
  • Dual goal.


InThis Term Paper My Work is to start a topic i. e. BIKE. SO, by first I want to decide the next steps:-



LOCATION: In Industrial area GANGYAL, JAMMU.




Engine: Air-cooled solo cylinder 4 stroke OHC

Displacement: 223 cc

Maximum Power: 12. 68 KW (17 PS) @ 7000 RPM

Maximal Torque: 18. 35 N-m @ 6000 RPM

Acceleration: 0 - 60 Kmph in 3. 8 Seconds

Gear Pack: 5 Speeds

Brakes: 276mm Entry Disc and 130 mm Backside Drum

Tires: Leading: 2. 75 x 18 - 42P, Rear end: 100/90 x 18 - 56P

Gasoline Capacity: 15 Litres (+ 2 Litres Reserve)

Motorcycle Models in India:

The leading Bike manufacturers in India like Hero Honda, Bajaj, Television sets and Yamaha tend to be worried to provide many efficient and comfortable Bikes without spoiling the fun and enjoyment of operating.

Popular Motorcycle Sections in India :

100 cc bikes

Bajaj Platina

Bajaj Sonic

Hero Honda CD-Dawn

Hero Honda Compact disk Deluxe

Hero Honda Love Plus

Hero Honda Splendor

TVS Centra

Yamaha Libero G5

Yamaha Crux

150 - 500 cc Bikes

Bajaj Avenger

Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj PulsarDTSi

Bajaj Pulsar DTS FI 220

Bullet 350

Bullet Electra

Hero Honda Achiever

Hero Honda CBZ Extreme

Hero Honda Hunk

Hero Honda Karizma

Honda Unicorn

Kawasaki Ninja 250

Kinetic Comet


TVS Apache

TVS Apache RTR FI 160s

TVS Fiero FX

TVS 180 RTR Menace

Yamaha R15

Yamaha FZ 16

ALIGATOR belongs to 150-500 cc categories since it is 223 cc motorcycle and its own features appears like a sports motorcycle.

The IMC Plan:

An IMC plan is a blueprint of the entire marketing and sales communications program for a brand. It really is a formal report that evaluates the background of the brand and reveals a set of rules and an action program for the advertising and offers campaign. The look model is shown in Number 1-4 in the written text. The IMC plan for this job will be for the marketplace specified from your instructor and will cover one twelve months.

Situational analysis

In situational evaluation we give attention to the market conditions in this we to begin with do general market trends because there already are existing product in the market like bicycles of the following companies
  • Hero Honda
  • Bajaj
  • Yamaha
  • TVS
  • Honda

So each one of these companies have different models of bicycles like lower to raised model to endure on the market. You want to do something differently and the nice quality product in the least expensive rate.


Automobile industry of India can be broadly classified under passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, three wheelers and two wheelers, with two wheelers developing a maximum market share of more than 75%. Auto companies of India, Korea, European countries and Japan have a substantial hang on the Indian market talk about. Motorcycles top the charts of two wheelers with Hero Honda being the key player. Bajaj undoubtedly is the number one manufacturer of three wheelers in India.

Product situation

Product power :

  • Driving pleasure.
  • Good in style, mileage, performance and basic safety.
  • Giant look( attract macho-loving ones)
  • Different design compared to other bikes.
  • Stability in broadband also.

Competition situation

Aligator is a unique alone as it assists dual purpose however the biggest rival is Hero-Honda. It offers edge in case of price moreover its recognition. To conquer it either price should be lower or very ambitious promotions will be required.

Sociao-cultural situation

People in India like strong and secure Bicycles because of streets and other geographic reasons. Furthermore they are hypersensitive about price also. So Aligator is Bike that is strong, steady and affordable.

Promotion situation

Aligator is promoting itself perfectly. The main note is sent always show the major attribute of the motorcycle. By saying "Face the task" we relate the image of the bike to the macho personalities. They are using all the possible resources to promote the product.

Consumer Review

In consumer study we categorized the consumer in two different forms
  • Young (18 to 30)
  • Middle (31 to 47)

According to the demand we can make the motorcycle features because young mainly prefer heavy engine bike or most effective bike and its look like based on the prospects of the consumers.

Dark ages people only preferred bike that are of good mileage rather than heavy engine unit like splendor, passion etc.

In my view the ALIGATOR appears like a dashing activities bike and mileage also good that consumer want also but it is made based on the consumer survey or demand of youth's.

Competitive Analysis

The competitive research is based on the market. There's also existing companies in the market and it offers a great competition to our company that is recently unveiling because my product deals with the sports bicycle look and there's also different models of bikes of others that discounts in sports activities to mileage cycle.

Existing sport bikes are
  • Hero Honda Karizma (ZMR, ZMR-fi)
  • Yamaha (R15, FZ)
  • Bajaj (pulsar)



  • Demographic segmentation will be one of the ways. In such a gender and get older will be very important part. Aligator have a macho image which shows that it is mainly for men. In case there is age it is actually for junior.
  • Another method which will be used for segmenting the market for Aligator will be psychographic segmentation. In these lifestyle and personal traits will play a significant role? In case there is personal characteristics it implies that it works with with the personality of these who've macho look and are extremely fit. Consumers may display various lifestyles, so the segmented market will be consumer who is leading sports focused, active and hi-tech lifestyle because this motorcycle is strong, stable and advanced.
  • Segmentation will be achieved based on benefit that consumers are searching for. Basic for that will be strong look, affordability, mileage.


Young men in between age group of 18 years-45 years having above average income, who like to be stylish in different way than others and are rational are being targeted.


  • Attribute positioning will be the major one in this the macho image of the product will be promoted. Its strong look will be situated in your brain of individuals so that whenever name strong motorcycle are taken into consideration Aligator should come in consumers head.
  • Benefit position will be done by exhibiting the travelling pleasure and appears.
  • User positioning can be carried out as this Cycle is for youngsters.
  • Aligator is strong, stable and affordable bike, so positioning can be done on the basis of quality and price.


Points towards outsourcing

  • Fewer work required by the company.
  • Time saving.
  • Specialization.

Points not in favour of outsourcing

  • Secrets can be shared
  • Other company may have other important tasks because which they can be ignorant.

According to me, some part of campaigns should be outsourced and some should remain with the business. If so only some specific information needs to be uncovered and furthermore company is immediately involved with all the procedure by which they have control over whatever is certainly going. Company should outsource the next things:-

  • Creative boutique: - imagination is one thing in special offers that attract the customers first and then they start taking into consideration the product and acquire the info. So they need to outsource it so that the subject matter should be set up in such a way that attract the customer and give all the information that needs to be there in such a way that potential clients obtain it easily.
  • Media planning and buying: - press planning is vital aspect because if right media is not planned then promotional advertising campaign may not reach the targeted market. In addition agencies customized in it have all the information about media, its payment etc.

Criteria for selecting the agencies

The main way by which I would favor to select the agencies is that companies will be brief listed based on experience, success rate and budget. From then on they might be asked to prepare a display and a report that how they'll make the advertisement or how they'll plan press etc. from then on company will be chosen.

Agency compensation

Agency payment will be 5% of the total revenue received because of that campaign

Evaluation of performance of the agency

  • Survey will be achieved to know the response of the customers. Survey can be done by going to people and asking about the question like their understanding about the advertising. And where they have seen the advertising etc.
  • Company should check the reach, coverage and regularity to evaluate mass media planning organization.
  • Sales can be another way to see the performance.
  • Online responses about the advert will also be taken into consideration.

Public relationships, sales campaign and immediate response are very important. Company must have good public relationship in order to build a rely upon the customers head. Additional benefits always appeal to the customer so sales promotion is vital aspect but it is vital that sales promotional activities should be launched at right time and of right amount. Feedback or response of the customers is also very necessary, because this gives the state of mind of the client as well as customer seems that company cares about the him and not just about selling the product. So I would recommend that company should use direct-response companies, sales promotion agencies and pr agencies.


Bike is a minimal involvement product, which means that consumer will follow an instant decision making process.

Socio culture environment

Purchasing Bike require investment of sufficient amount. So here purchase decision will be effected by population also. Impression of family will subject a lot, if family do nothing like a particular brand then the consumer may not buy it.

Other way of information might be from the individuals who are using other bicycles already. They are able to propagate positive as well as negative world of oral cavity and consumer will be influenced by that.

Research group can also play a vital role; consumer may discuss all the alternatives with friends or co-workers.

Opinion leaders in the world may affect your choice because according to consumer thoughts and opinions leader is having everything and he can provide right recommendation.

The process which is adopted will be:-

  • Need acknowledgement: first of all consumer will understand the need. It could be he already needs a sporty look bike, desire a personal setting of vehicles etc.
  • Information search: now consumer is aware of the need now he will seek out information regarding all the alternatives available for sale. Information accumulated might be on mileage, appears, safety, price etc. He'll consider Aligator as well its rivals.
  • Evaluation of alternatives: now consumer is having sufficient information of all available alternatives, now he will compare them on various guidelines which are essential for him. Features that will be important at the alternative evaluation stage are :
  • Mileage
  • Looks
  • Price
  • Previous performance
  • Company image

Factors that motivates purchase:

  • Engine power
  • Looks
  • Safety
  • Space

Perception about the merchandise and earlier learning also play an important role.

Post decision behaviour

  • Purchase

Because cycle is low involvement product so consumers generally choose to have trial drive so that they can experience all that which is marketed or promised.

Then consumers make purchase decision.

  • Post purchase evaluation

Then consumer make post purchase evaluation, here they will decide whether they are satisfied or not and they'll also spread world of oral cavity.



The Bicycle is having macho personality so source would be such who's famous for as macho men.

The options available in superstars are

  • John Abrahim
  • Salman Khan
  • Sanjay dutt.

In circumstance of Salman Khan he is promoting very less brands so people can certainly retain Aligator. John Abrahim is very popular in youngsters for his muscles. Sanjay dutt can relate with customer of any era.

But Sanjay dutt is having criminal record so he should not be chosen; John Abrahim is already promoting many brands so customers gets confused and also the brand ambassador of YAMAHA.

So, the best option for movie star is Salman Khan.


Message would be such which stimulates the effectiveness of the Bike. In case there is using appeal making love and pleasure charm will be used. In case there is sex charm people will be enticed in your direction because of your bike.


  • Television will be the most crucial medium because company wishes to show the effectiveness of the merchandise, its body etc so with the audio effects and most importantly video effects are needed.
  • This bike is designed for young men who can simply access to internet to find information so internet is another attractive medium.
  • Bill planks and hoardings will be utilized as a person spends 1/3 of your day beyond your home so outdoor marketing is vital to tell the client about the product company is offering.
  • Special newspapers of cars and newspapers famous in young ones will be utilized as a medium.
  • Showrooms which are experiencing various brands, company can promote through them as they can provide more information about Aligator.


  • To make 90% of the mark audience aware of the product within 2 calendar months.
  • To generate interest in the product of 70%target audience.
  • Within 2 weeks 50% customer should assume that Aligator is better than other available options.
  • To make 40% target audience to respond either by collecting more info or by purchasing it.


It have four levels that is awareness that means people should be aware that brand or product are present on the market, comprehension says that what's product all about, conviction means that customer should think about purchasing the product and action when customer actually buy the product.

IMC meet the standards of DAGMAR as 1st purpose is about dispersing awareness, 2nd and 3rd is about comprehension and 4th is about conviction and action.


Advertising will be utilized to promote the product. Ads will be done through broadcast, out of home media, print media and unconventional advertising. In broadcast press mainly TV, cinema and Radio will be used. In away of home multimedia bill mother board, hoardings, posters will be medium and on the net media newspapers, mag, pamphlet etc will be utilized in case of unconventional mass media sponsorships will be there.

Advertising is the main Promotional mix factor which is used as the source of the "big idea" around which IMC program will be developed.

Other promotional combination elements that will support IMC program are
  • Company provides various facilities as sales promotion activity like free chair masks or discount on other accessories etc.
  • Direct advertising will be yet another way of promotion where telephonic promotion or advertising through credit card bills will be there.
  • Company use internet as a method of campaign in this search engine marketing, banner advertisements, mails, pop-up, videos on you tube etc will be the way of campaigns.
  • Bike will be promoting through publicity like road shows assessing two bikes, positive word of mouth.


To design IMC budget I'd use objective-and-task budget. As aims are already described and all the techniques and medium of promoting the motorcycle are also determined. Now based on objectives and jobs to be performed company will decide after the budget.


There are no specific periods to buy a bike so advertisings will get for whole entire of the year in continuity.

  • TV advertisement rs 5 crore (both at excellent and non prime time)
  • Radio ads rs 1 crore
  • Print advertisement 50 lakh
  • Out of home media 1 crore
  • Internet 1 crore
  • Sales advertising rs 1 crore
  • Direct advertising rs 50 lakh
  • Total budget per year rs 10 crore.


In strategic option company will select product -centred strategy, because IMC plan will mainly give attention to product, it features, its image, its comparison with other brands. So all the advertisements will be reliant on top features of the bike. For example ad will displaying its stableness while driving a car at high speed etc?

For Aligator brand image tactical approach will be used. In this plan company will show the masculine brand image of the bicycle and will show how it differs from other bicycles.

Advertising process

Advertising strategy

To position the cycle as a solid and muscular look.

Big idea

Whatever geographic conditions are, motorcycle is really as new as it was during purchasing.

Creative execution

A muscular movie star is driving a car the cycle on very difficult road at high speed, playing ambitious games but still the cycle and the individual is safe. This implies that bike is secure and strong.


This ad campaign will reach target audience through all the chosen mediums.

Advertising appeal

Company use both rational and emotional appeal in the advertising campaign. In case there is rational all the uses of the motorcycle will be shown its looks, mileage, pick up etc and in mental it'll be shown that folks who use Aligator are always centre of interest for everybody.

Message format

First of all advert will be exhibiting the reality about the bike, you will see demo that before and following the rough ride bicycle is still having same strength and efficiency.

Aligator will also be shown as personality symbol as it is a macho cycle so that it suit the personality advertising macho men.

Scientific evidences can even be used to show the strength of the bicycle by revealing about the material used and pressure it are designed for.


  • Selected multimedia should reach all the target audience at least one time.
  • Selected media can leave an impact on your brain of at least 95% market.
  • 80% marketplace should wthhold the advertisement such a marketing should be selected.


  • Television is the most crucial medium of promoting Aligator because company needs to show all the feature of the cycle, which can be done by the medium of tv set because it grows to to the mass.
  • As marketplace is young ones and men tv easily reach them.
  • Audio visible always leave better impact on the mind, which brings about better retention.
  • Majorly advertisements will get on sports channels, programs famous in individuals legend plus, Sony, colors, Zee TV and channel famous among youth like Mtv, Vtv.
  • Main emphasis will be on excellent time but advertisings will get on other timing also but at lesser frequency.
  • This will spread understanding about the product, by which company can achieve one of the target.
  • Local channels will never be taken into account much because they don't reach to mass society and bike is certainly something which is to be promoted entirely of the India.


  • When customers are not in front of television they might be outside the home or doing some work listening to music on radio, so it will succeed way of promoting.
  • Although it generally does not have visual result but whenever ad on radio comes it reminds the person of this particular advertising.
  • Target market is in a way that almost every one of these has reach to radio.
  • By reinforcing company can in fact help customers to retain the knowledge about the merchandise this will help to achieve the goals of the business.


  • As we have already chose that auto mobile journal and magazines famous in junior will be used for promotions. Which means this will reach the target audience
  • Target audience is youth, so we can believe they are educated, so publication is an excellent way of promoting the merchandise.
  • In Newspapers Company can truly add a poster of the cycle, through which the customer will always remember by watching the bicycle in his house or office or at any other place.
  • In newspapers advert ad can get on different internet pages giving everything about the product.
  • Through journal and paper we provides with an increase of information by comparisons or articles of the motorcycle which will help company to achieve the ultimate aim.
  • Money to be paid has already been chosen in the budget.


  • When company provides sponsorship for a meeting, the event provides brand on flexes,
  • T-shirts, poster etc this is a way that how company can promote itself.
  • The cost will change from event to event but relating if you ask me company should fix concentrate on of rs 1 crore which have to give for sponsorship and decision that to whom to give will lie in hand of marketing brain of a particular branch.
  • Aligator can also be promoted through exhibition, like in international or countrywide auto fair.
  • Providing good customer service is also a way of unconventional marketing, because it brings about customer satisfaction, which brings about either repurchase or positive word of mouth.


Internet objectives

  • To provide more detail information to the potential customers
  • To promote through internet by various means.
  • To create a user friendly website

Design of the website

  • Website should be user-friendly.
  • There will be an option available to find out about the company.
  • Information should be accessible in few clicks.
  • All the facts of available showrooms will get.
  • All the facts to contact the company will be give
  • Blogs for the clients will be there through which customer can put their views online which promotes pr.
  • Surveys regarding Aligator.


Sales promotions goals are:

  • To show the client that company is showing additional value to the client in same price.
  • To motivate the customers to prep on the purchase decision to enjoy the offers.

Use of sales advertising in IMC

  • Additional benefits will give an advantage.
  • Customers always spend to save money, so if they're getting discount or free of cost some accessories they would take Aligator into consideration and can give more priority.
  • It is easy to gauge the results.
  • As it is simple to design sales promotion advertising campaign can be launched in minimal time.

Consumer sales promotions

  • Price off will get on some accessories like chair covers, lower leg guards etc.
  • Lucky draws will also be there.
  • Consumer contests can be done and attractive prices can be given.
  • Coupon system may also be there in which price off, gift ideas etc will be given.

Trade promotions

  • Dealer contests will be conducted.
  • After reaching a particular amount of sales gifts will be given to the sellers.

Sales force promotions

  • Star prizes will get who've performed extra ordinarily.

Through sales special offers customers, retailers and sales force will be determined and end at customer satisfaction which brings about growth of the company.

Sales deals activities will be marketed while advertising the product. Majorly it will be in print multimedia which shows the many attractive gift items.


Objective of PR

  • To know the mentality of the target audience.
  • To ensure that customer relate the brand with its personality
  • To make sure that both interior and external open public is satisfied and motivated.

Implementation of the program

  • First of all location will be diagnosed, here PR program will be launched in the business and 10 different says where most of the customers are.
  • Then set of all the brokers and shareholders will be produced.
  • After that express sensible and nationally locations will be determined.
  • Then invitations will be paper and sent out to selected audience.
  • Then ad plan will be run in those says taking in concern the prospective market.
  • Then PR programme will be marketed by all means.
  • Media will be invited for coverage, so that open public who are not involved directly can get the info.
  • Final report of all process will prepare yourself and you will be submitted to higher authority.
  • Follow ups will be taken from the whole data base gathered through site visitors.

Evaluation of PR programme

  • It will be examined by reviews of folks.
  • Change in mentality of folks.
  • Survey can also be done.


For measuring effectiveness of plan both pretesting and post screening tools and techniques will be utilized.

Pretesting tools and techniques

  • Firstly before launching the campaign we will take view of the focus categories about the advertising campaign. That what do they feel that it'll be successful or not or what additional things should be added.
  • Another way is that people can interview individual after displaying them the advertising campaign and ask that what they have recognized after viewing it.
  • Company will also go to famous places or high ft. ball area like auto fairs etc. where they can show advertising in mobile truck and ask the judgment.
  • Company can launch advertising in few areas and start to see the reaction.
  • Last however, not the least company can discover that how people react after enjoying the ad.

Post-testing tools and techniques

  • Company will observe that is customer is able to realize Aligator even some things are not present like name of the bike on in is not there.
  • Recall test can be studied. After watching advertising customer can be questioned that what exactly are the things he is able to recall about the ad.
  • Success or inability can be assessed by increase or decrease in the sales.


Aligator has already been present internationally but this IMC is principally of indianize Aligator which do not have much potential in international market. In addition company is emphazing on Indian market so regarding to me this is not the right time to explore international market for the motorcycle which is specially made for India.


Company has made the campaign by following all the rules and legislation of the constitution. This campaign is not in favour or against any community, faith or competition. No against the law activities get excited about it. For any legal issue, legal division of Aligator will be taking good care.


This campaign is completely ethical and in favour of the world.

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