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Domestic managers no longer need to be convinced that the effectiveness of their decisions is largely determined by their awareness of the market and that the bulk of this information is provided by marketing research. It has long become clear that not all marketing research is "equally useful" in this or that situation. That is why there is a noticeable demand for knowledge and skills from managers, students who intend to become managers or to choose marketing researches for their profession, as well as young professionals working in these areas, which allow organizing information support for the process of making marketing decisions.

Although the business book market has responded to this demand, there are still not enough benefits that would clearly and intelligibly tell about the essence, possibilities and boundaries of applying a sufficiently wide range of marketing research methods. Some books cover a not very wide range of research opportunities, others - are extremely bulky, but are calculated more on already formed specialists. Most of the translated publications are obscure, because translators do not always have research techniques to the finer points.

This book, as it seems to us, will largely fill these gaps. It is a broad-based, but fairly compact and clear textbook on marketing research methods. The basis of the book is the lecture series, which the authors read at the National Research University "Higher School of Economics". According to many graduates, this course was one of the most useful for them and played an important role in job placement and career.

The book takes into account the traditions of teaching methods of marketing research in the US and the UK. Thus, its structure in many respects echoes the order of presentation of the material in the book of Professor N. Malhotra - probably the most fundamental of the existing teaching aids on this subject in the world. Contained in the book and a number of examples from the practice of English researchers. At the same time, it relies on the practical experience of the author, who has worked for many years in the Foundation for Public Opinion (FOM) and specializes in collecting and analyzing marketing and sociological information. Accordingly, the book reflects the experience and technological capabilities of the FOM - one of the most advanced in the methodological terms of United States research organizations.

Readers of the book will become clear that the general principles of the collection and analysis of marketing information form an independent structure in which it is necessary to be well-oriented so that successfully and without allowing excessive research costs to solve market problems. They will get a clear idea of ​​the tools of marketing research, the strengths and weaknesses of each group of methods, the principles of questionnaires, sampling, fieldwork, data analysis, etc.

The book can be recommended to students, graduate students and students of the system of professional development; managers and managers of enterprises, as well as specialists working in the field of marketing research.

The authors are grateful to Yu. A. Dronova, TA Gernova, SA Kovaleva, EV Kondrat'eva, AS Safonova, IV Stabrovsky, MB Chernin and M. I. Yanusheva for assistance in the preparation of a number of examples, as well as to P. A. Voronin for assistance in preparing the subsection "Internet surveys."

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