Introduction Of Air Asia Marketing Essay

Air Asia can be an airline that was proven in 1993 and started its operations on 18 November 1996. On 2 Dec 2001, the intensely indebted airline was purchased by former Time Warner exec, Tony Fernandes's company, Melody Air Sdn Bhd for the token amount of one ringgit. Fernandes then proceeded the engineer a remarkable turnaround, turning a income in 2002. Fernandes then proceeded the engineer a impressive turnaround, turning a earnings in 2002. Air Asia is set for taking low-cost flying for an new high through their viewpoint of 'Now Everyone Can Take a flight'. Their perspective is usually to be the largest low priced air travel in Asia and portion the 3 billion folks who are presently underserved with poor connection and high fares. Beside that, their quest is to make a globally regarded ASEAN brand, to achieve the most reasonably priced so that everyone can take flight with Air Asia, to be best company to work, and maintain the best quality products by embracing technology to lessen cost and enhance service levels. They make the low fare model possible through the implementation the six strategies: basic safety, high aircraft usage, low fare & no frills, streamline businesses, lean syndication system and indicate point network. As Air Asia constantly strives to market air travel, they also seek to create pleasure among their friends with their selection of innovative and personalized service. their friends with their range of innovative and personalized service. their guests with their selection of progressive and personal ss 2. b. Dialogue on the Performance Measurement System Air Asia use

Air Asia is using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as their performance measurement system. This performance measurement system is putting customer in the centre of the business. It satisfies the client needs and needs. It is strategy and procedure for acquiring, retaining, and partnering with selective customer to create superior value for company and the customer. This will then increase the shareholders prosperity and company value in the long run. According to the Chairman of Air Asia, Dato Abdul Aziz, the main of the business is to provide excellent service and all the staff in the company is trained to put customers as their priority. It has shown the business matter of customers' relationship. Thus, Air Asia has began to execute CRM as their performance measurement system on March 2009. is strategy and procedure for acquiring, keeping, and partnering with selective customer to CRM in Air Asia helps the business to focus on market, increase products and introduction various special offers by analyzing understanding of customers. Air Asia standard website includes the necessary information such as vacation spot, hospitality, transportation, local climate information as well as recommendation. This may convenient the customers in gather information for their decision making. Other than that, Air Asia has a powerful CRM system to handle the course that has proven to be lucrative and delivered sustained income which is Malaysia - Singapore path. Therefore, Air Asia has increased the trip from Malaysia to Singapore on 2009. In your time and effort of customer retention, CRM helps the company to identify loyal customers and put into practice loyalty programs to treat them better. Furthermore, CRM acknowledged and analyzed the buying routine of the customers. From here, Air Asia can increase flights, number of seating and at the same time provide deals, hotels and number of staying times in traveler locations. Furthermore, customers will obtain information such as travel guide and advised destination by Text. These efforts may help the company to acquire more potential prospects in align with CRM. Hence, Air Asia managed to secure the first routine of the CRM which includes tremendous effects on the whole chain cycle. Finally, corresponding to Skytrax Flight Ranking, it was plainly define theLastly, matching to Skytrax Air travel Position, it was obviously establish the satisfaction Last but not least, relating to Skytrax Airl 2. c. Benefits of Customer Marriage Management (CRM)

i) Cost decrease. With the execution of CRM, it would help to decrease the operational cost in the company. CRM is the performance measurement system that implement under cross practical integration of the operations, employees, marketing data and procedure in the business. While using integration of the components in the company, it could improve the efficiency and effective in the daily procedure in the business and therefore, cost of operating can be reduced significantly. Other than that, CRM detects and notifications to the management the indegent operational functions in the company. With this, management can perform corrective action and step and therefore, it could lower the needless cost incurred in the procedure.

ii) Increase client satisfaction. The main objective of CRM is working with long term and sustainable customer romantic relationship by fulfill every customer. CRM provides company the systematic data regard to customer value and information which are of help to permit company to do the steps and efforts in customer romantic relationship. Furthermore, CRM supply the complete and important information about every customer that assist company to identify the profitable and potential customers. The information and data can be acquired from CRM are such as personal details of the customers, buying patterns and demands of the clients. The management in the business could then kick off the comprehensive work to satisfy absolutely free themes relative to their needs, requirements, preferences, and requirements. Customers are believed satisfied not only they obtain what they want but also their perceived value of the particular product and service is exceeds their expected value. Hence, satisfaction of the customers can be increased when the business is able to constantly provide products and services that above customers' expectation.

iii) Development in number of customers. CRM upholds two major guidelines that happen to be customer retention and customer acquire. Customer retention is interacting with wthhold the existing customers to avoid loss of customers while customer acquire is to attract new customers therefore increase the component of the customers. With CRM, company handles to start various loyalty programs to encourage the identified dedicated customers. That is one of the attempts in undertaking customer retention. Besides that, the company could acquire new customers by perform some promotions to attract potential clients through communication medium such as phone, email messages, internet and sales visit. When the company is successful in retain and find customers, the amounts of customers is will certainly grow.

iv) Improved upon marketing strategies and rivals information. CRM ensures the business to focus to exterior components such as customers, marketplaces and rivals as well. By implementing CRM, the business can enhance their products marketing strategies and programs. By using CRM, the business could measure their marketing work such as advertising campaign, marketing campaign and number of sales, so that, corrective action can be taken for improvement. In addition, CRM too helps the company in optimizing and managing the marketing, sales and procedures. Besides that, CRM allows company to access to rivals information in the sense of using market intellect to track competitors information as well as analysis of customers' pattern.

v) Provide long-term success and sustainability. CRM is a tactical methodology that allows company to generate long term benefit from the ecological customer relationship. CRM integrates the marketing strategies and it to create permanent profitability that derived from relationship with customers. Cost lowering from CRM could avoid the company to use at low priced. Client satisfaction and high customer amounts is the center of company income. Lastly, effective marketing strategies and competition' information permit the company to success. These factors donate to company long-term profitability. If the revenue is high and retained in order the shareholders' wealth.

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