Introduction To Marketing Management Marketing Essay

Marketing management is the action of choosing and focusing on different market segments and creating good associations with them, about the resources of the company.

The marketing managers are the responsible for directing and coming into an organization to different market segments by preparing a marketing ideas and strategies based on information allocated by studying the marketplaces and defining the needs and wants of customers and come up with products that meet the needs of customers and gain the market.

According to Richard Branson, the creator and owner of Virgin Company, one of the richest and famous entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom and worldwide, "An enterprise has to be involving, it must be fun and it must exercise your creative instinct".

In marketing we almost use the four P's, (product, price, promotion, place), these four P's represent a convenient way in summary the primary factors involved with any marketing strategy.

Often, marketing strategy will assess a marketing plan in order to identify how able the business to execute the strategy determined and meet the business objectives.

The purposes of marketing intend to help you point out your vision, mission and values, it needs to add your marketing budget, marketing strategy and the advertising plan you use to market your business, and you will need to keep it adaptable to be certain you rich you goals and make investments the money smartly.

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Vision is about the future situation a business wishes to have, the vision's purpose is to control, to guide, and to encourage the business all together to attain the desirable talk about of the business enterprise.

-Here The vision of the company

Mission are a measurable goals, the company has to understand where it is certainly going, and it's current situation along the process, a business can have many different missions under the format of the eye-sight of the business enterprise.

-Here you put the objective of Turkish airline

Values define the business enterprise beliefs, the guidelines that control the business to your peers, your personnel and significantly to your customers. Your behaviours have a negative impact.

-Here you put the objective of Turkish airline

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marketing strategy goals and objectives

Is what unique position will the business have the ability to achieve, the particular other edge that the business will have at the end of the day and the way the company will preserve these advantages constantly and that is will drive the business.

A marketing strategy is about the designed marketing intend to achieve a certain marketing aims, there might some goals like becoming the marketplace leader. The tactical plan this is a planning with details includes a marketing research, and then evaluating a marketing blend to become the first choice. Every company needs to have marketing objectives to work on and achieve the strategy.

In a online marketing strategy time is everything as long as the business take the advantage to plan, distribute, also to develop.

http://www. thetimes100. co. uk/theory/theory--marketing-strategy--244. php

SWOT Research : is a method uses to understand the talents and weaknesses of your business and determine the opportunities and threats that your business might face.

The SWOT examination of Turkish airlines predicated on a in person interview of the marketing director said,

Strengths of Turkish airlines are:

Good interactions with the personnel.

Strong marketing strategy.

Punctuality of flights.

Sixty seven spots from Morocco.

One of the greatest airline companies in the centre East, rivalling with Take flight Emirates and Qatar Airlines.

Customers care.

Good services.

Qualified personnel.

Attractive plane tickets prices.

Cargo air travel service.

Ranked 4 personalities sky plate.

Weaknesses of Turkish airlines are:

Brand consciousness in Morocco.

No plane tickets in vacation spot to the countries in the East of European countries like Ukraine and Romania.

Opportunities of Turkish air travel are:

Weak competition with African and south American airplane companies.

Royal Air Maroc received a weak marketing strategy.

Focusing on getting destinations to most of the Parts of asia, not like Royal Air Maroc that is concentrating only on Chinese destinations.

Daily air travel to Istanbul, Royal Air Maroc has only three plane tickets weekly.

Jakarta in Indonesia is the farthest destination for the Moroccan customers.

Threats that Turkish airlines needs under consideration:

High competition with big companies like take flight emirates and others

Random shocks, (politics, cultural or natural events)

Changes in federal government policy, ( the federal government may use a contraction monetary policy to prevent inflation that may effect the business enterprise)

Turkish airline's staff are proud of the business and they're highly comfortable in the strategy of the professionals to extend in around the globe and being global, in morocco they don't really contemplate it as a large market even in their advertising strategy they aren't planning to use Moroccan people or a Moroccan symbol to cope with the mindset of the Moroccans, but generally speaking they are successful, for example, in the strengths they are considering the most important part which are customers as well as how to provide to them a friendly and a good atmosphere in the agency and the program.

In the weaknesses as we mentioned above they don't really make a big effort to make brand consciousness in morocco which is not professional and we did not like it.

They have great opportunities to provide an improved service than the African companies and South America which is due to less resources available in those countries, in they are simply completely true to do not consider la Memory as a large competitor and this as the director brought up about the online marketing strategy that la Ram memory follow, and from our items of view, it has been so long that people never have seen or notice or read in thing about la Memory, either in the TV or RADIO or MAGAZINS or in the avenues etc. , which very good for Turkish airlines to expand and progress.

The risks that Turkish airlines take into consideration are challenging, they to be very smart and not make quick decisions which well impacts the business enterprise.

Market research

http://www. marketresearchworld. net/index. php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=38

Marketing research is the collection and research of data to study a particular marketplace, environment, and competition. These data gathered whether it is primary research, accumulated direct from a respondent, or secondary research (office research)

The purpose of market research is to raise the knowledge of the project matter.

For market research the company might opt to work on the project by themselves, or to conduct a market research organization or consultancy to do it, but the company must determine in advance the study objectives.

Quantitative research is a statistical analysis of the numeric data collected by the questionnaire survey which involves a methods for getting numbers. For example, Turkish airlines might ask its customers to rate the entire service satisfaction as either very satisfied, satisfied, slightly satisfied or poor. In quantitative research every respondent must be asked the same question's series and includes a large variety of questionnaires.

Qualitative research is about understanding why or the way the consumer see and purchase a certain product this research might be done in a supermarket for example by requesting the buyer why hi or she choose that type of product, in qualitative research the group of questions is not set.

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