Introduction To Walt Disney Marketing Essay

The Walt Disney Company is a respected diversified international family entertainment and multimedia business with five business segments: media systems, parks and resorts, studio room entertainment, consumer products and interactive media.

Disney Company was founded in 1923, first known as The Disney Brothers Studio

In 12 months 1928 first toon of Disney's Mickey Mouse button was launched.

1955 was one of the most successful years for Disney as they unveiling Disney land that became one of the best places where people can see different cartoon personas.

The main three opponents of Disney are time Warner, CBS and the fox entertainment group.

In time 1983 Disney opens their first international theme area in Japan

Currently Disney has resorts in five country's including Japan, Hong Kong and 2 resorts in U. S. A. Furthermore they want forward to open a new hotel in china.

http://thewaltdisneycompany. com/about-disney

http://thewaltdisneycompany. com/about-disney/disney-history

Walt Disney's Business Portfolio

Walt Disney Company

Interactive Media

Consumer Products

Studio Entertainment

Media Networks

Parks and Resorts

LO 1. 1Explain the tactical terminology in relation to Disney highlights the mission, eye-sight goals goals and core competencies of company

Mission statement is the assertion that summarized the aims and the principles of the business, organization or individual.

Disney's Mission

"Be one of the world's leading makers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our collection of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to build up the most creative, progressive and profitable entertainment encounters and related products on earth. "

"Be one of the world's leading manufacturers and providers of entertainment"

As the first type of mission statement of Disney represents that they have a definite strategy or clear goal that they need achieve in the foreseeable future. In addition this goal is usually to be world best entertainment professional to all or any the regions of the entire world. It clearly demonstrates the main element market of the Disney world is entertainment providers.

"Using our portfolio of brands to identify our content, services and consumer products"

To reach the world best entertainment provider they are seeking to work with all the resources and services attracts by their stakeholders and will be advantage to stakeholders in various ways.

"We seek to build up the most creative, impressive and profitable entertainment experience and related products in the world. "

Disney main strategy is to build up the best creative and innovative products in the entertainment industry. Disney also seeking to produce unique products that happen to be much better than their competitors and additionally they will be going to make large market show in the foreseeable future by using their experiences.

As go through the quest of Walt Disney, it explains to or stand for that the product or the service Disney are providing to customers are entertainment and information, within professional way to gratify the customers. Also Disney strategies are produce new progressive and creative products that can lead them to be the earth best entertainment company.

(http://retailindustry. about. com/od/retailbestpractices/ig/Company-Mission-Statements/Walt-Disney-Mission-Statement. htm)\


"TO CREATE People Happy"

This in essence means that Disney's is often looking to satisfy and make happy their customers and stakeholder's by giving better product and services.

Disney's Objectives

The Walt Disney Company's purpose is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information, using its stock portfolio of brands to distinguish its content, services and consumer products.

(http://thewaltdisneycompany. com/investors)

Disney's Goals

To maximize earnings and cashflow and also to allocate capital toward development initiatives that will drive long-term shareholder value.

Act and create within an ethical manner and consider the consequences of the decisions on people and the planet

Champion the contentment and well-being of kids and family members in our endeavors

Inspire kids and individuals to make a lasting, positive change in the world

(http://thewaltdisneycompany. com/citizenship/goals)

SMART Objectives

E:\Pics\smart. jpg

Figure 2

As we goes through the goals of Disney it implies that company is



Disney's goal is to accomplish exceptional performance by embedding citizenship into most of daily decisions and activities, led by three central principles

Act and create within an ethical manner and consider the results of the decisions on people and the planet

Champion the joy and well-being of kids and households in our endeavors

Inspire kids and people to produce a long lasting, positive change in the world

(http://thewaltdisneycompany. com/citizenship/goals)

Core Competencies

Disney brand name is quite strong and popular brand name among all the customers, due to rich history of company and the product that they offer to consumers. Disney world is widely recognized as one of the most visited entertainment place and very drawn place as compare with their Opponents. Disney products are recognized as differentiate product compare to challengers. Disney world is where suitable for every age group and then for family. It is reported that in a year an incredible number of customers been to to Disney Walt and Disney parks. Corresponding to annual survey and other financial record it implies that Disney invests billions of dollars to make Disney world and resorts all around the globe. While this resort has been very popular among customers hence, this is the professional's skills and techniques that employed by Disney. This got help Disney in various way to enter to rising market and also to get market share.

1. 2) Review the problems involved in planning strategic way for Disney under the existing business conditions

As after feel the current business condition in Walt Disney it founds that the Disney's brand name has been fading through the years. This is much challenged situation for the business. Fading their brand may possibly damage them in the prevailing market. As the view of tactical advisor the Disney current plan is declining stage. There is lot of reasons behind this. Such as company is unable to reach their goals and concentrate on in the current strategy. Furthermore Company is not able to meet their sales and aim for for the year.

(1. 3) Discuss the different planning techniques they would take up under given circumstance

Ansoff matrix is known as the look strategy that used

Ansoff Matrix

Market Penetration = Market penetration is thought as the growing of sales in existing market. As goes through Walt Disney company most of us understands that Disney's 3D animation and park's & resorts has been very famous and high growth in today's market. A couple of a lot of things that Disney can choose the product in the current market as they can do more advertising their resorts and their 3D animation films as well as they can promote their product in the globally more than now. Hence, in this process capital market development will be low. There is not any risk by any means in market penetration.

Market Development = As Disney can take up a plan to use their products and services to Srilanka. This is often a good starting point them to get a market in south Asia, as there is certainly nothing of Disney's store in south Asia. Disney can apply this section according the physical and demographical of srilanka. Many people assume that there is a certain risk which is relating in the market development as, there are possible chances of failing the portion or they can export their product s to srilanka. But matching the past experience of Disney it plainly shows that the business has been very successfully opening stores in overseas. Company need to invest high amount for market development as when they are moving to new country they have to find locations. There is significant risk involved with market penetration compare to market penetration.

Product Development = product development is known as the introduction of new product to existing market with different characteristics. Disney can come up with new product which may lead the market show as well as can have the new customers. Since, Disney is a entertainment company they will come up with new product as Disney underwater parks which would be very differentiate using their resorts and parks. To kick off this underwater area to Consumers Company need to ensure that they provided a unique brand because of this product and use the effective technology. Cost is higher than the market penetration in product development.

Diversification = is is aware of as company move or plan to go for new product to new market. The best option could be company to visit for an education service. Company will come up with a small Montessori classes for young kids. This is very useful for the youngsters. This is unrelated diversification, because this isn't related to company's product or market. Overall this is high risk affecting in diversification.

B. C. G Matrix

http://www. tomspencer. com. au/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/BCG-growth-matrix. jpg

Figure 3

Stars (= High Progress, High Market Show)

Media Networks of Walt Disney are coming under stars. You can find high growth of mass media network around the globe and they're having high development market talk about in the prevailing market. Based on the recent review conducted by Forbes Magazine demonstrates the mass media network of Disney has been generated more money than other products that these were advertising. This also fundamentally implies that Walt Disney is in the growth stage and they are still absorbing.

Cash Cow (Low Growth, High Market Talk about)

Disney's recreation area, Resorts, studio entertainment & Consumer products and are cash cow. The products make high sum of money and investment should be needed to low. These parks studio entertainment & consumer products are in low development and high market talk about.

Dogs (low development, low market show)

Disney's interactive media is approaching under puppies, as interactive advertising is not making profit

Threats of SubstitutesPorter 5 forces

Threats of new entrants

Competitive Rival differ Among the list of Industry

Bargaining Vitality of buyer

Bargaining Electricity of suppliers

Figure 4

Threats of new entrants

There are extremely few competitors who are competing with Disney in the prevailing market, and dream works are immediate compete ting with Disney. Time Warner and Cumulus Multimedia have ultra huge power in the market. After starting Disney Television set to the marketplace company has captured large amount of market share according to compare to past 2 yrs.

Threats of substitutes

Whenever services enter to advertise there are likelihood chances that customer shift to services or they replace the products. At this time there are risks for the company that potential buyers may switched to perfect works or Pixar. But nonetheless there are majority for company's product like computer animation market.

Bargaining ability of suppliers

Suppliers are the people who have been always willing to provide raw materials to businesses. Suppliers are the individuals who are willing to provide raw materials and other products to the firm or company. The items that Walt Disney buy from suppliers have highly effect on organization profitability. The bargaining electric power of distributor is high when there are many less sellers and more potential buyers in the industry.

Bargaining Electric power of buyers

One of the main thing companies must ensure that they make very good relationship with consumers always. It is important that whenever Disney add new product or services to market it encourage customers about new product. To lessen the bargaining vitality Disney can use internet to promote products and they can show the several prices in market and compare with those prices.

(LO 2. 1, 2. 2) Perform an organizational audit and environmental audit for Disney using appropriate analytical tools


When the company decided to move around in to other country company need to ensure that these were following to rules and regulations that has been implemented by administration. Hence, they have to study the government rules of foreign country.

When a Multinational company like Disney held a huge acre of land in a country like U. S. A they ought to pay multimillion amount of land value tax. Regarding this if the land value taxes change in a few scenario there are possible likelihood of land value taxes could be higher or lower. Most of the time this is unpredictable.


A decline in economic activity in america and other parts of the world in which where Disney do business can adversely influence demand for just about any of their businesses, thus minimizing Disney's revenue and earnings. The newest decline in economical conditions Reduced spending at parks and resorts, purchase of and charges for advertising on o broadcast and cable television networks and managed stations, performance of our home entertainment produces, and purchases of Company-branded consumer products, and similar impacts can be expected should such conditions repeating.

Economy Crisis has been one of the good examples of inexpensive. Natural catastrophe has been one of the things that took place like hurricane sandy which has big impact of U. S. A current economic climate.


Social factors like changing of people have been one of the challenging factors that experienced to all the business. These factors also influence in organization in different ways. Countries like china have experienced this over modern times.


Technology is one of the main in modern world. Technology impacts whole lot of way to company or new product. Disney also can use new systems to market their products through market. They are able to use emails and launch a site for this product. Through this they can connect their employees and keep in touch with them. Launching new machineries will help those to make their work easy.

Disney's new technologies such as convergence of computing, communication and entertainment devices which includes increased broad music group internet velocity in last year's.


Environment factors include weather and local climate change. Climate changes' happening credited to global warming and with increased environmental consciousness this external factor is becoming a significant issue for companies to consider. These happen the majority of enough time when they are going to release new branch or store internationally.


Legal Regulations that protect the competition to copy the product and help from negative activities. Because of this company will keep the brand image in the market.

Imposition by international countries of trade restrictions, currency exchange controls or film or tv set content requirements or quotas.

S. W. O. T Examination of Walt Disney


Strength Internal External






Disney has been realizing among the most recognizable entertainment in the world.

Disney is among the best companies that advertise their product among the list of consumers and they have also a broad and unique profile.

Disney is one of the major universal licenser of character-based items and developer of children's film-related products based on retail sales.

Having a distinctive and differentiate brand name that is widely recognized by customers. As well as highly certified and skills staff's.


As go through last three years of Disney consumers and studio entertainment it demonstrates it has been in declining their income.

Reports show that the business's laborers who have been employed in factories face whole lot of problem because of the poor working conditions, which clearly effect organization. For this reason condition there were certain happenings happen in the manufacturing plant.


Disney has broadened their business to various areas of the earth by beginning new store room and new parks.

Opportunity to renovate attractions in Playground and Resorts Section due to increase in profit

Disney offers on highest opportunity for invest in building theme parks to satisfy the increase in visitor spending theme playground attendance and hotel occupancy.

Few competitors who had been compete ting with Disney.


There is a high increment of labor in worldwide now days. As a result of this company need to keep their expenses as they are having high amount of employees.

There are lot of new competitors are coming into market and hoping to capturing the marketplace Share.

(LO 2. 3) Clarify the importance of Disney's Stakeholder's on the strategy Direction

Stake Holders are group of individuals who's interest running a business or industry. They are categorized into internal and exterior stakeholders.

Figure 5

Figure. . 6

Understanding and handling stakeholders is one of the very most or important of every company. As move on to stakeholders of Walt Disney

Customers: Customers has been referred as king of business. They will be the always in line with company and using their products. Customers will be always looking for quality product with cheap price. Customers are highly considering the services and new services of Disney. They always go through the latest reports about Disney through publications and Walt Disney website. Furthermore to get more information about prices of product and company's development rate, they go through annual article.

Government: in every country authorities play major role in every business. As federal government implemented rules and regulations. At this time government is very much indeed highly interested stakeholder of Disney. Federal will be always watching that company is pursuing rules. Aswell as company also will ensure that they pay the taxes on time. There are many cases in country that companies were not able to pay tax on time, for this reason federal fined company's.

Suppliers: in every firm supplier play one of the main role. Suppliers are interested to get the information about firm daily. Suppliers will get to know how much they provide to the organization and in future what are the changes would have to be done in supplying process as well it can help them to comprehend their operation as they will get to recognizes how much money they may be making in the business. Hence, it will be helpful these to knows plainly about demand of these products. Hence, this is helpful company in decision making process.

Employees: - also, they are very highly interested stakeholder in the business. Employees are interested to know when does their payment slide will obtain or any increment. More over they'll always need to ensure the total annual leave and other techniques in the business.

Shareholders:- are highly thinking about the development and success of the business. They will be watching about company strongly. Also, they are highly considering company's sales.

Owners-are people who own the business. Owner gets the responsibility to provide for the businesses that happen in firm.

Keep Satisfied


Manage Closely



Stakeholder Map


Monitor (Least Effort)


Keep Informed



(LO 3. 1)Review possible choice strategies that Disney can choose to expand the business

Balance Credit score Card

The healthy scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively running a business and industry, administration, and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the eye-sight and strategy of the organization, improve inside and external marketing communications, and monitor corporation performance against tactical goals. It was originated by Drs. Robert Kaplan (Harvard Business Institution)

Financial Perspective

Internal Process Perspective

Customers Perspective

Vision & Strategy

Learning and Progress Perspective

(http://www. ap-institute. com/Balanced%20Scorecard. html)

Learning &Progress Perspective Example: Grow Human being Capital

Improve Information Capital

Build Organizational Capital

Internal Process Point of view Example: Manage Operational

Manage Customers

Manage Innovations

Customer's Perspective Example: Satisfy Customer needs

Gain Market Share

Improve brand's Name

Financial Perspective Cases: Earn High Profits

Long- Term Shareholder Value

In the aforementioned stand shows how Walt Disney can enhance their strategy by implementing balance score card and in each point of view shows that the objectives recognise the business can achieves. Balance Rating card is extremely popular strategic plan use all over the world. This plan helps company for better information and improved upon knowledge.

Competitive Strategy

Cost Leadership

In the prevailing market Disney is high cost company. Disney will come up with low cost leadership provider on the market. The sources of cost advantages are diverse and the composition of the business. Company can also go for abroad and provide cheap. For this company also can find a very good ways that they may use sources of cost advantages.


Since Disney is widely recognized and unique brand among the customers and worldwide, company can get lot of opportunities to be more differentiate in the future. Moreover by using this factor company can also cover the cost.

3 Focuses

Company is able to go for new segment.

(LO 3. 2) Choose Appropriate Future Strategy predicated on solution that you identified

After inspecting both strategies it founds that in the view of tactical consultant that Balance cost credit card is the best strategy that Disney can take up. The main reason for choosing balance report card is that it is very easy to look at and it involves great deal of information as well as from the one of the famous and progress strategies in today's world. For example when we check out big companies have been in line with balance cost approaches. Moreover this process highlighted the one of the most important key points that companies can improve internally and externally. Hence, this also helps company to deals with customers in professional way. If Disney adopt balance score credit card techniques they can make an increased earnings and can have a bright future in entertainment industry.

Task 02 (Compare role and responsibility of each functional divisions on assisting the given strategy

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