Investigation of Boots and Marriot

I will be investigating about two contrasting business organisations called Boots and Marriott, illustrating the seeks, objectives, purpose, activities and the key competitors of every of both businesses. These businesses contrast perfectly and my fascination with Boots Plc led me to analyze relating to this flourishing business in more detail. Marriott Heathrow is an exclusive limited company with Marriott and two other private investors as owners whereas Boots is a Open public Small Company. Boots belongs to the supplementary sector as well as the tertiary sector. It is because through the time Boots have created and manufactured effectively and famous brands such as No. 7, 17, Soltan and also things like medications. Marriott hotel is one of the tertiary sector as it provides a service to the general public.

Define Seeks and Objectives


Guest Satisfaction Superiority - Marriott goals to be the world's leading hotel offering the best service in hospitality. To be able to reach it Marriott have to provide friends with an appropriate and secure environment with high quality service.

'Wow factor' - Marriott is known as a 'wow' factor due to its designs, atmosphere, affiliates, and facilities. This fundamentally means heading beyond an even to make friends feel welcome at the hotel. And in order to do this Marriott must really know what the customer's needs, expectations and wants are. They aim to keep providing the assistance and facilities to make their stay remarkable.

Customer concentrated - Marriott targets providing better customer support by using IT proactively and through the facilities available through its website.

Marriott's another purpose is usually to be 'trust worthwhile' and not only make the stay comfortable but memorable with the quality accommodation also to provide their customers beyond their targets, be the most profitable company, invest in projects that increase shareholder value and become friendly to the environment. Marriott to meet the customers, it needs to learn their needs, dreams and expectations are. This includes just how Marriott's staff talks to them.


Sales turnover of 20m - Sales income because of this hotel - There's a great deal of Sales turnover of 20 million. The reason for this is actually the five restaurants, Allie's American Grille, Atrium Lounge, Bar Hemia, Costa Coffee, and Tuscany Ristorante, the assistance that Marriott provides and the profit is also created from funds and tips from people who stay static in their hotel.

Labour turnover - 35% - For the month of September 2010, the HR dept have achieved a labour turnover of 10. 1%. There are a total of 225 associates. Assessors assess employees for teamwork, showing leadership courage, effect others, remain positive when challenged, show active being attentive skills, welcome reviews, respecting each other's views, show they care, and high love and energy. Aim is to stay below this figure. If Marriott can have a minimal level of turnover then they care more likely to help in the customer's needs as the trained affiliate that have experienced the business for long would have their experience and therefore they will learn how to fulfill their customers.

The restaurant dept try to have a renewable zone goal to minimize (food) costs to 26% every month.

For the month of Sept they (the restaurant) have achieved 23. 9%.

GSS (Customer Concentrate on) 86% (content with overall service) Friends motivated to complete form - 86% of the friends at the Marriott hotel are satisfied with the overall service at the hotel, these results are obtained by the study taken from the GSS varieties filled by the friends at the London Heathrow Marriott.

Aims and Goals of Boots

To strongly compete against Superdrug, M&S and Tesco.

To provide their product and service to world-wide neighborhoods.

To increase their business worldwide.

To make their sales of up to possible in order to make more profit.

To always make sure their product is high in quality than it already is.

Diversify into new market segments by developing progressive products.

To give relevance to its shareholders. The purpose of the business enterprise is to maximise return on investment to shareholders this can be done through giving dividends to its shareholders. Boots intends to get this done by being more modern, productive and competitive.

Boots Objectives

To open up at least one more store world-wide each year.

Improving customers' in-store shopping experience by regularly providing best in course customer support and service. This being achieved by operating effective walk-in prescription services staffed by friendly, educated and accessible pharmacists, and faster till service

- Ongoing to provide customers with excellent value by providing trusted ranges of Boots branded products, executing strong promotional offers and rewarding customer commitment with Boots Edge Card things.

- 'Making Boots a far more convenient and accessible place for customers'. Boots are re-branding over 1, 000 shops and relocating Boots stores to improved locations and places where their market would be.

- To provide customers with the Boots advantage cards- -Boots devotion is the Europe's greatest program with over 11 million credit card holders. 91% of the cardholder are women.

Comparison of the Seeks and Objectives between Boots and Marriott:

To be considered a successful business and attain the overall aim, the target set need to be SMART. At the moment Boots advantage greeting card is the Europe's most significant design with over 11 million cardholders. 91% of the holders will be the women. This purpose on marketing makes sense because they know how many people have got the card already and know they have to charm for the other 9% to become more competitive. Additionally it is reasonable as Boots can achieve this 9% by being more structured, providing good quality products and also by using associate skills to influence customers about the benefits they could get from the devotion cards. However on the other palm it is not time scaled as it generally does not have a precise time in that they would like to reach its goal in order to increase profits. Similarly, Marriott's aims are also SMART. Their objective is to reduce food costs to 26% regular monthly. This objective makes sense cause Marriott have given a particular description on the plan and also have provided a percentage that they try to reach, it is also measurable, achievable, natural and time scaled as they try to reduce it regular. The seeks and aims of Boots and Marriott fluctuate for example: Marriott is designed to provide the best service to their customers whereas Boots offers more priority to broaden their business globally making more earnings and diversify with new progressive ideas. Marriott is more decided about providing customer service while Boots would like to make profit and expand their business internationally. Furthermore, Marriott targets decreasing the Labour Turnover and the food cost whereas on the other palm Boots aimed to help make the company a more reachable and a convenient place for the customers, it also has a target to open up one store internationally every year. The two businesses operate in different industries: Boots belongs to supplementary and tertiary sector whereas Marriott belongs to the tertiary sector; the difference in industries is one of the factors that makes the goals and objectives of the businesses dissimilar.

Define Goal and Activities

Purpose and Activities of Boots

Boots vision is usually to be the 'world's leading shop of products and services that help make our customer look good and feel good'

Boots carry out pursuits like


Perfumes and Sprays

Optical Service

Electrical things e. g. : batteries, digital photo processing.

Baby care

Dental care

Pharmacy services


Beauty products and toiletries.

Purpose and Activities of Marriott

Marriott Vision is usually to be the world's innovator in hospitality services and it achieves that through its spirit to provide culture. This source of information was presented with by the HR Director Anna Furley through the interview.

'What is the purpose of Marriott? Could you tell us about the objective statement?

Anna Furley: Our quest statement is easy, Marriott's Vision is usually to be the world's innovator in hospitality services and it achieves that through its heart to serve culture.

Some of the activities of Marriott include

Hotel rooms


Conference facilities


Restaurants'/ Coffee bars

Comparison of the Purpose and Activities

Both the businesses have a similar purpose to become a 'innovator' in their business category another similarity included would be that they both have the eye-sight to become the leader by providing their customers with the best of the assistance. Marriott activities are different to Boots as they belong to different business categories. Boots activities include providing makeup products, toiletries and other body maintenance systems whereas Marriott's activities include offering RESORT ROOMS, gatherings, restaurants and conference facilities.

Define Competitors

The map shows the primary opponents of Marriott the locator in orange symbolizes the London Heathrow Marriott. The opponents that are shown around in blue include large businesses such as

Holiday Inn London - Heathrow Ariel Radisson Edwardian Heathrow Berkeley Playground Flats By Bridgestreet Leading Inn London Heathrow Area inn by Radisson Heathrow easyHotel London Heathrow 0-legend hotel

Arora Hotel Heathrow Sheraton Heathrow Hotel Novotel London Heathrow Airport terminal Crowne Plaza Hotel London Heathrow

http://www. booking. com/hotel/gb/marriott-hotels-resorts. html?aid=303948;label=airport-LHR-gb-2ms49BlaxCMee7xm3UnWnAS4013573241;sid=a293d9d8eb6d0b72dc9dc4e9849261ae

Boots Competitors

The main competitors of Boots PLC include

Superdrug, Lush, Marks and Spencer's, The Body Shop, Avon. A fresh legislation allowed supermarkets to operate their own pharmacies to provide prescription medicines this made Tesco and other supermarkets as their competition.

The desk above implies that Boots will be the market innovator in Cosmetic makeup products and Toiletries products as they are the customer's first choice after their main competitor Superdrug. With the specialists, According to the 2008 reports Boots were the marketplace innovator, with around 25% of their share, followed by Superdrug with over 7%, then Lloyds Pharmacy and Body Shop with between 1 and 2%. The rest 44% was used by the grocers such as Tesco, Asda, etc. Evaluation of the Challengers: Boots and Marriott both have successful and challenging businesses as their competition. The rivals of Boots are on strong retailers of the same products as Boots whereas Marriott rivals are hotel teams which provide high class service to customers. . . . . .

How well will Marriott achieve their aims and targets?

"Fab Hotel with good service" - 'I remained with my husband and boy for a legoland break in the action and was happy with it. Lovely design and all personnel were friendly and efficient. ' That is an opinion of one of the customers that has remained in Marriott.

Guest satisfaction is an important factor to the Marriott; presently they have achieved their target by paying extra focus on the service and taking delight in their physical looking environment and by using customers' creativity to find new ways to meet its needs and goals.

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