IPhone 6 Marketing Plan

I am going to launch I contact 6. It's a mobile phone without keypad. It's a touch screen phone. You can even make use of it as a tiny computer. They have Microsoft house windows 9 with latest software. It includes all the latest technology from apple. I am going to explain how I am going to do the marketing of the product.

Marketing planning process for i phone 6:

1) Mission declaration:

"Give something not used to the new era". Its bring the world in the hand of the customer its make life essyer. Its bring new technology to the client. We are offing the best product on the market. We

1. 1) Cooperative objective:

We want to see that more customers are prepared to buy the product by end of the year. You want to attract more and more consumer. We want to create more jobs in the market in next couple of years and can make a location of our own in the market.

promise the product will be latest technology and affordable for the consumers.

2) Marketing audit:

2. 1) Who are the competitor:

My products main competition are Blackberry Surprise, Hand Pre, Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris, Samsung etc.

2. 2) Swot Examination:

SWOT research is a very important analysis for lunching a new product. Talents and weaknesses are the inner and opportunity and menace are the external analysis.


  • Strong brand image.
  • Advanced smartphone technology.
  • Application/update supply.
  • Selective providers.


  • Limited product selection.
  • New entrant level.
  • International marketplaces.
  • Insufficient network/system


  • Protocol-based network.
  • Nice market.
  • Online functionality/options
  • App store
  • Overall costing control


  • Product diversification
  • Immense competitors
  • Superior technology
  • Dependence on the third party supplier

2. 3) Infestations analysing:

It's an essential analysis for meal a new product. It really is a external analysis.


For lunch any new product like I contact 6 must operate under Political factors include federal regulations and legalities and determine both formal and informal rules. Like

  • Tax insurance plan,
  • Employment laws,
  • Environmental legislation,
  • Trade limitations,
  • Political stability etc.


Economic factors will impact the purchasing ability of potential clients and the merchandise cost of capital. A few examples of the market
  • economic progress,
  • exchange rates,
  • Inflation rate etc.


Social factors are the demographic and social aspects of the external macro environment. Its involved customer needs and how big is possible market segments.

Some example
  • Population progress rate
  • Age circulation,
  • Career behaviour,
  • Stress on safety
  • What is the popular faith etc.


Some technological factors you must research for lunch a fresh product
  • R&D activity,
  • computerization,
  • technology motivations,
  • Rate of scientific change etc.

2. 4) The compatiteve advantage :

Apple has two types of advantages

Internal gain: The primary internal edge is Appel so it has centered on in its design for the I contact 6.

External benefit: the key external advantage are,

a) the apple brand name

b) The simplicity of it consumer interface

c) The advanced technology integrated in to its design.

3) Marketing strategy

3. 1) Who will be the marketplace:

Apple aim for alll kind of individuals who would like new tecnology. They resarch about individuals needs and would like. The iPhone targets consumers who need to store information and communicate or people who want entertainment on the go. Apples target segments consist of professionals, students, corporate users, business owners, and health care workers.

3. 2) Setting:

Large company with various products Apple has way too many consumers, rather concentrating on a particular portion. But because of buyer both users and network operator crave a latest frills the i phone is a high demand until a much better and more upfront product is released.


Consumer price


Iphone 6


Product and Building / Basic


3. 3) The marketing mix:

The marketing blend is often referred to as the "Four P's" - since the most important elements of marketing are worried with
  • Product - the product that the customer obtains.
  • Price - how much the customer pays for the merchandise.
  • Place- how the product is sent out to the client.
  • Promotion - the way the customer is available and persuaded to choose the product.

4) Use :

Iphone assess the merchandise climate where it will put into practice the marketing strategy. Iphone will Study the competition and create a plan for differentiating the merchandise from others. Expanding communication approaches for letting customers understand how the product differs, by talking about the curbside service in advertisings.

Iphone will survey the customers in order to learn who they are and what they want from the products. It'll use informal surveying techniques such as speaking to the clientele straight and asking how it can better meet their needs. Also perform formal marketing research by requesting customers to fill out questionnaires personally or online. Will Offer free products in trade because of their time and opinions. WordsI(791)

Question 2 :Discuss market segmentation and customer segmentation process

1) Market segmentation:

Market segmentation is the process to identify customers is they worldwide group or individual customers. Are each of them the same the same quality who's likely to exhibit similar reactions to a marketing blend? The purpose for segmenting a market is to allow your marketing/sales program to give attention to the subset of potential clients that are "most likely" to purchase you're offering. It have to be done properly this will insure the best return for your marketing/sales expenses. Depending on whether you are available your offering to specific consumers or a small business, there are distinct differences in what you would consider when determining market sections.

2) Customer segmentation:

Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of people that are similar in specific ways highly relevant to marketing, such as era, gender, passions, spending habits, and so forth. Customer segmentation types of procedures include: deciding what data will be collected and how it will be compiled; collecting data and integrating data from various resources; developing ways of data analysis for segmentation; building effective communication among relevant business units about the segmentation; and employing applications to effectively deal with the data and react to the information it provides. For understanding the customer segmentation you have to discuses about,

2. 1) Customer needs and wants: What kind of product customer desires and needs you must be realized after lunching any new product. For example when weather going to be could at the moment people needs warm cloth at this time if you produced warm fabric people condition way do it now.

2. 2) Identify most attractive segments for coustumer :

Coustomers are drawn by the looks of product and where there wishes needs are taken up to rely. Also coustomers are atracted by the latest technpology.

Words :292

. Question no 3: Analyse the factor behind choosing a number of segments in relation to targeting:

For speaking about the factor behind choosing a number of segments in relation to concentrating on I choosing Apple I contact.

How well are existing sections?

Apple has really done well for itself with the iphone. The fastest-growing section in the cellular phone industry is the smartphone segment, and it's been growing every year - growing 72% over 2006.

How large is the portion, and how can we expect it to grow:

Do we've strengths being a company that will assist us appeal particularly to one band of consumers: Apple has whole lot of talents which can enable you to appeal to one band of consumer. A few of talents are,

Apple is one of the most proven and healthy IT brands on the planet,

Product development. Doesn't invent the market, but its products place high benchmarks for the marketplace.

Design and utility. Sleek, not clunky. For example, the desktop computer is part of the screen, not a separate pack with wire connections; the iPhone has very few buttons and feels nice in the hands. Products are easy to use, almost intuitive

Apple understands is consumer basic keeps a semblance of brand devotion and also beasts a unique Mac operating system.

Question no 4: choose a product or service that has changed the mind of consumers and identify the causes of which added to its development in the market place:

I choose the i phone 4 which change your brain of consumer. How i phone 4 change the consumers head and just why people choose it it's given below
What kind of benefit has as a product

The iPhone has an innovative touchscreen that is branded and unmatched by another mobile product today. In addition, it has many functions of other mobile products all in a single device. The phone will continue to work with itunes and with other Mac/Apple products like the new Apple Tv set, allowing for cordless connection to the big screen. The iPhone is also appropriate for many Mac OS software tools. Macintosh personal computer OS compatibility means that the iPhone has endless potential for upgradeability.

The all-new touch screen interface making functions extremely intuitive, it is radically different from those of other phones or PDAs that identifies multi finger gestures, in the same way the human hand normally behaves. The Apple pc OS X program imbedded in to the iPhone ensures users will easily recognize what they can do. The iphone 4 experienced great technological innovations like the initial Macintosh.

Why it is unique

it has latest technology, up store for a Macintosh personal computer book, high class touchscreen, easy internet accesses that is why its different than other mobile phones and customer choose this cellphone.


$350, the iPhone would be sold at a reasonable price for its value. It outperforms other PDA or smartphone on the market and the convenience of having multiple features merged into one-device heightens its overall value.

Quality - The iPhone has one of the brightest and most scratch resistant displays on the market. In addition, it has a fine metallic finish that is durable and light. The program collection included is also unsurpassed using their simplicity and level of resistance to computer viruses.

Mobile Culture: Mobile Culture is the specialized department of Label Systems that has specialized on designing and producing applications for the mobile generation. Having developed cellular applications in various youth markets, Iphone has a profound knowledge of the mobile lifestyle, and the and future progress of this market.

Iphone are actually offering this mobile experience to brand and organizations via Iphone new division dubbed the Mobile Culture Laboratory. Iphone group is versed in resolving complex technological applications for both the iPhone and Android cellular devices, yet also an eye for design aesthetic and consumer experience.

Customer responses:

From iphons reviwes we can easily see that some coustomers are extremely gratify with the available wifi. Some said that they had no connections. Some customers apparantly the signal was just too fragile. The content is fantastic and they are incredibly happy with the application form itself. Some said this is fairly special! they can gain access to a huge selection of free audio tracks and video data that will let them keep learning on the road.

Coustomer service:

The customer support executives of the phone operators aren't allowed to uncover the private and confidential data of one client to a person.

Iphone has very good coustomer service they may be customer service lines wide open from 9am-5pm monday-Friday and saterdy 10am-4pm. They want to provide good customer support for they have skilled employes. They have a online contact from for customer.

Who will be the targets?

Apple Doesn't Target Markets. It focuses on People. Apple target alll people who wants to fullfil their needs and wishes. The IPhone focuses on consumers who need to store information and communicate or people who would like entertainment on the go. Apples target segments consist of pros, students, corporate users, business owners, and health care workers.

How are they targeted?

Apple hasn't promoted Macs to enterprise customers, in support of appointed a skeleton sales team to market to such customers, but it's been advertising the iPhone and its business-related applications within the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and other business-friendly magazines. It's also added Microsoft Exchange compatibility to the iPhone, as well as advanced, CIO-pleasing security. Apple allows the people determine how and where they'll use its products.

Who are the apple i phone 4 competition: the main competitor of iphone4 is Black Barry, which bring tons of scientific product, and also apple I contact has other rivals like HTC, Nokia, Samsung etc. They want to bring new cellphone for caught the I mobile phone market. For instance Nokia bring Nokia N8 which is being new technology for customer.

Are they joined with other company: Apple can be an individual company; it isn't possessed buy any umbrella company. Apple sales their shares in the currency markets.

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