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iPhone Development

The development of the iPhone before Apple had the task of giving it features that no one else had offered on the market. For a long-established mobile phone market, this was extremely difficult. At the same time, the company was well aware that it is possible to succeed in this field only by offering something really exclusive.

Based on the segmentation results and the needs of the target audience, Apple developed the following product offer.

Multi-touch screen. A touch screen with a unique Multi-touch function for this type of device, as well as a fingertip-oriented interface.

Phone. Additional features not found in other phones: 3 G, Wi-Fi, EDGE , Bluetooth , etc.


Camera. A two-megapixel camera with average functionality. Consumers consider this a standard for premium phones. The ability to synchronize with programs that allow you to manage images, conveniently organized process of transferring photos.

iPod. Functionality, compatibility with the software and store tTunes, which guarantees a huge advantage over competitors.

Internet communicator. Designed to use the Internet, a wide touch screen, support for a variety of wireless technologies.

Style. Characteristic for Apple's design , which supports the company's image as a manufacturer of stylish products. The operating system based on OSX is stable, well known to users. The basis for the uniqueness of the iPhone should be embedded in its style, co- -factor of Apple's products.

Built-in battery. Support for long battery life: at least 5 hours of video playback, talk time - 16+ hours.

Headphones with built-in microphone. Standard, beautifully designed in the style of Apple accessory, which should be included.

Synchronization with iTunes, iCal, address book. Set of standard functions for the smartphone market, providing classic for Apple's convenience .

The iPhone was launched in the US market, for which the most characteristic model of product sales was the sale of phones along with contracts of cellular operators, therefore:

- the implementation was initially planned with contracts AT & T, in the future - with other major operators. The goal is availability with contracts of any operators;

- it was assumed that you could purchase via Apple's online and other third-party online stores, such as Amazon.com;

- The opening of Apple's stores in the US, Japan, the UK, Canada and around the world was planned

- it was intended to use large retailers: Wal-Mart, Best Buy , Circuit. City , etc.

Marketing strategy

Apple has set quite ambitious goals for the first and second year of entering the market.

• The purpose of the first year: in the US and the UK to occupy but sales of 2% of the market for telephones/communicators. The planned sales volume is 445 000 pieces.

• The goal of the second year: reaching 10% of the sales market.

The most important marketing objectives of Apple were the spread of the influence of its brand and the achievement of its importance in the mobile phone market. Apple invested heavily in the iPod brand and planned to take advantage of the power of this brand in the marketing of the iPhone. The main objective of iPhone - to bring to the new market the image of Apple as a symbol of innovation, quality and value.

The basis of the iPhone's marketing strategy is to distinguish the difference between iPhone from other handheld personal computers (PDAs) and smartphones on the market.

The following target segments were chosen among consumers:

- the main target segment - people with medium and high incomes, who need one device to coordinate their busy schedule, communicate with colleagues, friends and family;

- The second most important segment is secondary school students, students and graduate students, who need one portable multifunctional device. For this segment, the iPhone will replace iPod and the mobile phone.

The goals in the corporate sector were defined:

- the main goal is partnership with telecom operators: AT & T, Verizon, Sprint and Cellular One and with large information service providers, whose information is of great importance for the final users;

The second goal is medium-sized corporations that need managers and employees to stay connected and have access to critical data.

Apple positioned iPhone as a multi-purpose, convenient device with additional functionality for personal and professional use.

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