Johnson Johnson Global Strategy And Future Recommendations Marketing Essay

Although the multi-domestic strategy has many helpful benefits for a worldwide company, it also offers some shortfalls. Inconsistency of the business's worth at the head office and abroad is one example of the restrictions of the multi-domestic strategy. To add, the strategy often creates too much power and liberation for an area subsidiary, and local functions sometimes do not follow the decisions from the headquarters. This creates a managerial gap and often brings about increased costs or loss of a business. Johnson & Johnson also offers experienced the limitation in the past when they first launched the famous pain reliever, Tylenol. Because it took a long time to persuade the neighborhood operation to unveiling the product, the launch schedules of the product between the USA and Japan were extremely considerably apart, resulting in distress among customers.

Global Organizational Structure

Johnson & Johnson has three business segments: consumer, medical devices and diagnostics, and pharmaceutical. Having three different segments allows the business to stay market-focused looked after enables employees to have a direct influence on the business that they be employed by. Each business portion operates with independence and targets its own area, stretching its reach internationally. Regardless of the location, each functioning companies in each portion hires local employees, addresses local conditions, and use local business market leaders to generate the very best impact. Additionally, leaders in each business section have the responsibility of fabricating and making use of business plans, finances, source of information allocation, and new product launches.

Johnson & Johnson also has what's called an organization Operating Committee; the committee provides global strategic management in each segment and makes strategic investment decisions. Another level of management is the global management team which is accountable for the selection and positioning strategy of varied products. Moreover, they may be assigned with an incredibly essential job of determining success models which may be shared over the organization. Lastly, the corporate head office has a vital role in encouraging all the operating companies abroad. Having a broader perspective, the Johnson & Johnson headquarters ensure that each functioning company implements the very best strategies (See Display 4).

With the organized management alignment mentioned previously, Johnson & Johnson strives to be one of the most successful global businesses on the planet. The company has a "big-company impact, " but has "small-company surroundings" which permits the company to satisfy both the employees and the clients, whatsoever locations.

J&J Medical Korea

Johnson and Johnson Medical Korea was founded in 1988 and is currently the top leading medical company in Korea. J&J Medical Korea focuses on medical devices and diagnostics business, providing doctors, nurses and hospitals with technologies they have to restore health to people who have problems with pervasive and serious conditions. J&J Medical Korea contains six brands: ETHICON ENDO-SURGERY, Cordis, Depuy, ETHICON, LifeScan, ASP. ETHICON was the first to type in Korea in 1966 over a pure transfer basis, so some say that J&J Medical became a total, fully-fledged medical device company of Korea in 1988. Since its establishment, J&J Medical Korea has faithfully pursued its quest: providing complete range of progressive products through customer concentrate. The relative proportion of J&J Medical staff reflects such strategic concentration - approximately 75 percent of its staff is either in Sales or Marketing division (See Show 2).

How J&J Medical Embodies its Vision in to the Korean Market

A unique, B to B, client-oriented market

The distribution and sales process of medical device businesses in Korea is not known to the general public and most companies are highly careful never to disclose their syndication and sales strategy as well. What we should do know, however, is a high proportion of ventures arise between J&J Medical product specialists (sales staff) and medical faculty counterparts, mainly doctors and nurses. The patients as the end-users, therefore, have little or no power to pull suppliers to their own needs. That is a highly particular market which takes a thorough understanding of medical skills and technology. On this aspect, end-users have limited option of product information, which explains why transactions happen between the provider to a second supplier, or from a company to some other business. Multinational companies including J&J Medical are market market leaders with up to 64 % market talk about and such MNEs have strict guidelines to keep their sales regulations to themselves. Because of this, experts explain that sales data remain in veil but there may be nothing much the federal government can do since they can simply choose to exit the market. Similarly, J&J Medical maintain confidentiality in sales and consumer information which illustrates the value customer relationships and sales techniques in the medical device market. Supposing J&J has full autonomy over its sales strategy from screening its lists of clients to costs schemes, we can expect lobbying and other informal pressures to a certain degree as well. This is another probable description for the unique sales strategy of medical device vendors and includes a convincing implication on the following strategy of J&J Medical Korea.

Volunteer Jobs and Sociable Service

J&J Medical devotes its PR work to become socially responsible company in parallel to its global credo. Articles on Naver package with either new devices or interpersonal contributions including mental health, struggling breast cancer promotions, and aiding the deprived in North Korea. It is evident that J&J sets significant weight on producing and conserving a clean and positive image to gain a stronger countrywide support. Such campaigns broadly focus on all Korean patients and prospective customers as unlike the US, the majority of the population acquire insurance-funded treatment. The implication of the strategy is quite simple. Creating a noble first-impression and diverting multimedia attention from J&J's private concerns in its sales affairs. This way, J&J Medical Korea can attempt to maintain its respected image and draw in further attention from the general public.

Looking into the Future of J&J Medical

Strengths and Weaknesses

J&J has come up to now. However, the purpose of this paper is never to merely focus on past glories of the business. Predicated on its previous judgements and its results, the aim is to provide fruitful recommendations to the management of the business. To do this, there needs to be a firm evaluation on the strenghts and weaknesses of the company.

One of the most powerful items of J&J is dependant on the fact that the business and its professionals uses the version of entrepreneurial principles in operating the business. This firm surface on which the executives stand on helps J&J retain an edge within the marketplace, as it offers a core value for the massive company to use in coordination around the world. The size of the company is another strong factor. Worldwide sales for J&J have grown 14% in the entire year 2008, indicating a solid position for the global group. While this amount shows that J&J is working strong, it also indirectly suggests how J&J is able to gain an economies of scale in the global market, not forgetting its lobbying power as a significant corporation.

This also enables J&J to utilize various problem resolving techniques in order to challenge the typical practice and capitalize on growth through emerging market segments, which enables associated development. However, difficulties have been faced within J&J, in which a reduction in the market demand for key products has been revealed. Another interior weakness over the industry, and not isolated to J&J, would be the level of robbery and counterfeiting of drugs managed through internal staff.

The closed-culture of the medical industry is also a factor which J&J should take into consideration to keep up its strong position in the market. Why don't we, then, see what position J&J should take and what plans it should execute.

Future Recommendations

The current situation of J&J, should be examined carefully to come to a realistic recommendation. As stated before, the feature of the industry affects the executive decisions of J&J greatly. For instance, there is certainly increasing pressure within pharmaceutical markets to reduce prices consistent with medical budgets and maintain patent expirations to ensure common programmes are updated within critical avenue movements.

To overcome this industry-created risk, J&J has recently highlighted new advancements in pharma products with five undergoing regulatory review which gives the chance to grow the prevailing product portfolio. This will continue, and development into new functions of medical devices and diagnostics is recommended, as it'll provide new marketplaces to entry that may bring about business development.

In terms of promoting co-operation and social exchange within the business - which is really important taking into consideration the global spreadout of the business - the use of independent offices working as standalone unit should be contiuned. This provides the chance to develop ideas with cultural considerations which can prove important when going for a product to global marketplaces.

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