Kfc Marketing Audit Strengths

Obvious that KFC as an effective brand, the business is the owner of and franchises more than 15, 500 Stores in more than 100 countries. This is essential to Consumer commitment and appealing to the right type of Franchisee It really is Pivotal to the Success of the Franchise.

Secondly is the Customer Loyalty. KFC has clear technical specs and food development process, this makes KFC food safer than other fast food, receive the trusts from the customers, weighed against other junk food customers choose to choose safe food. And KFC preparing food time is short, in order to win more customers, especially any office workers and teenagers.

At previous is the KFC Ranks highest. KFC has among all chicken restaurant chains, for its convenience and menu variety. KFC is the world's biggest rooster restaurant string and 3rd most significant fast-food chain, and KFC also was the most identifiable brand in chicken/fried food.


Unhealthy food

KFC menu is basically shaped of high calorie, sodium and fat meals and refreshments. Such menu offering prompts protests by organizations that struggle obesity and hence, decreases KFC acceptance. Consumers also often decide out for healthier choices.

From YUM Brand Website: (Investor Relations)

75% of consumers eat less fried chicken as a consequence to health concerns

22% of consumers eat less KFC because they consider us too expensive

High employee turnover

Employment in KFC is a low paid and low skilled job. It results in low performance and high staff turnover, which heightens training costs and increase overall costs. In conditions of staff, unnecessary liquidity so that employees more agitated at the job, the low professional quality somewhat than improve.

Untrustworthy suppliers

Over the years, KFC has been contracting many suppliers, which ones was contaminated poultry to KFC or were contained in hormone chicken breast. Thus leading to dropping sales and ruined reputation.


Increasing demand for better food

While demand for healthier food raises, KFC could bring in more healthy food choices in its menu and reverse its weakness into power.

Home meal delivery

KFC could fully exploit (it test deliver services now) this opportunity and reach more customers.

Introducing services to its only rooster range

KFC could introduce new meals to its menu and offer pork, meat or only vegetarian dishes, which would aim for wider consumer group and would cause more costumers.


Catering overlord McDonald

The competition of KFC have successfully captured a large market share. According to findings McDonalds has about 35 percent of the share in Sandwich Segment whereas the Burger Ruler is the owner of about sixteen percent of the marketplace share in fast food industry. The neighborhood restaurants in several countries where KFC has presence pose a hazard to the company.

Trend towards healthy eating

And scheduled to growing awareness about better food people now looks for something healthy, low calories and delicious at the same time.

Home market

Now KFC cannot rely on just its home market to create sales. As the US markets are already saturated and leave no or little opportunity for progress, company necessarily must look at just offshore overseas markets to create sales and keep up the profits.

Marketing mix


KFC's price positioning

A common meals of KFC is 7 us dollars, while presently, in the U. S. , the per capita income is 90 money a day, which is approximately 13 times the price tag on meals in KFC. So KFC should focus on middle and low-income groups.

As a global brand, KFC use multiple price strategy scheduled to different market situation. The price strategies that implement in the home market U. S. have a large difference with its global strategy. Currently, KFC's biggest market share is moving to the immature markets and growing countries. Because of this, KFC choose the price skimming as its rates strategy. Because of its advanced management experience, progress the supply string, advance technology, and strong financial support.

In standard, its price is higher about 3%-5% than other challengers, while other product such as hamburgers and beverage prices is actually the same as with the competitor.


KFC's specialty is providing various types of fried poultry. Its main product is fried chicken and fried fowl burgers and some of other deals.

By exploring KFC's products, its products are available in a series of characteristics. To begin with, it includes standardized operating procedures to adapt to local preferences. And KFC has exclusive technique recipe found in their chicken products, that happen to be why KFC is named "chicken exports. More importantly, the creation of KFC fast and convenient, the positioning of all food is junk food and family plans, which fascinated more groups of customers. But KFC foods not concentrate to health, high-calorie and fat.


One of KFC's advertising methods is sales advertising, which includes Payments, Coupons and Entertainment.


For Sale campaign, KFC has used payments strategy that gives some little presents as monthly premiums like gadgets, key chain, espresso cup, T-shirt, and give spicily gift idea at celebration to get customers especially teenagers


All KFC retailers offer its customers with various varieties of bonuses to buy its poultry. Issuing coupons, through the use of coupons to clients can enjoy free part of cash obligations or for supper. This strategy can draw in many visitors to or from the low classes of consumers, because they're always looking for a cheap.


At some KFC restaurant, for children's entertainment facilities, and can be a special birthday party. This service is particularly busy at work and does not have any time to go with the parents to the kids. This service can offer a great time and environment to family.


KFC works more than 5, 400 restaurants in the United Stated. It includes its outlets in various locations throughout the state which will focus on our needs for the circulation process. KFC open up their outlets in cities such as the first and second-tire towns in eastern U. S. , in which vehicles conditions are better and are in an increased people density. Since KFC's target market are mostly teenagers. It always places itself close to schools, colleges, cinemas and commercial areas which can be predominantly filled by young and people who are in a rush.

Physical Evidence

KFC may also be held exhibitions in public areas, let people know KFC's new products and culture. Due to the exhibition will entice all sorts of people in various age and cultural status, KFC is able to significantly extend its consumer market.


People residing in a chaotic lifestyle - Currently, increasingly more employees in the U. S. are moving into a stressful lifestyle. The chaotic lifestyle made individuals formulate the fast food concept of keeping time on getting ready food and also have a full meal in a very short time. Some young people do not like baking. They always like to try something different and eating dinner out with their friends will always be the best option.


KFC has many rivals, such as burger king, Popeyes, Chick fil - A, Church's Chicken, Zaxby's, McDonalds. But the primary competitor is McDonalds.

Marketing Structure

How to services

KFC should stretch its products and draw out more new product to match the clients while at the same time protect its classic products. Also, KFC should take some functional measures to generate its brand loyalty of consumers, which is a consistent preference of clients over-all other same type products. In addition, KFC should keep its primary and supplementary services and develop a lot more services that match with the neighborhood customers.

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