Kinds of exhibitions - Industrial (В2В) marketing

Types of exhibitions

Exhibition - is a planned event, limited in time and held in a specific location, which combines various types of marketing communications tools.

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The main exhibitors are: exhibitors (companies participating in the exhibition, having stands), potential buyers (exhibitors), the organizer of the exhibition and the operator that conducts a certain exhibition.

There are various signs of a possible classification of exhibitions, including those defined by the "Concept of the formation of exhibition work in the United States" (Figure 18.7).

Possible classification signs of exhibitions

Fig. 18.7. Possible classification signs of exhibitions

Consider the main criteria for the division of exhibitions into species.

Depending on the geographic area , the exhibitions are divided into:

1) to regional . The exhibition data is usually characterized by the following features: a small number of exhibitors; the largest share of participants is regional companies; not entirely suitable premises; the number and composition of the exhibition are not stable; small promotional tools are used; the subject of the exhibition often does not correspond to exhibitors. Nevertheless, the participation of the company in such an exhibition allows you to enter the region in the event that its capacity pays for existing costs. For example, March 25-28, 2014 in Perm there is an exhibition "Metalworking. Welding & quot ;;

2) interregional. They are similar in description to regional exhibitions, but are held jointly by two or more regions. As a rule, their effect extends to a radius of 100 km, where one, two or three branches are represented. For example, the construction and interior exhibition SibBuild - the largest exhibition of Siberia and the Far East;

3) Moscow. As a rule, they have a fairly high attendance, including representatives of other regions. At Moscow exhibitions, a high percentage of communications with the target segment is achieved. But participation in such an exhibition assumes an early booking of a place at the exhibition. In general, participation in the Moscow exhibition is effective for the company, when it enters the Moscow market, it needs large intermediaries, there is a standardized product with well-established logistics, or the company seeks to cover as many regions as possible. So, on April 10-11, 2015 the XXIV Moscow Real Estate Exhibition in the trade and exhibition complex "Tishinka" will be held;

4) world-wide. Are international, and in their organization a significant role is played by the state or states. For example, Expo-2017 Astana - the planned international world exhibition, recognized by the Bureau of International Exhibitions (IBE), which will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, in 2017. The theme of the exhibition is "Energy of the Future". Expected participation of more than 100 countries and international organizations, as well as 2-3 million visitors;

5) national. Provide participation of exhibitors of one state, both within the country and outside it. At the same time, the main purpose of organizing and participating in this exhibition is to present products of this particular country and to stimulate its sale. Such an exhibition is the National Exhibition of Infrastructure of Airports and Civil Aviation;

6) Foreign. Supposes the company's participation in an exhibition held abroad. Participation in such an exhibition can allow a company to conclude an agreement with a major partner without involvement of intermediaries, and, accordingly, improve its image in the market, and also track novelties in the industry. The expediency of such participation determines the presence of large buyers at the exhibition. So, annually there passes the foreign exhibition of the real estate in Helsinki;

7) international. Provide participation of at least 10% of foreign exhibitors, and technical and service maintenance must comply with international standards. For example, annually in the "Crocus Expo" there is an international exhibition of the automobile industry "INTERAUTO";

8) with international participation. They are considered as such when the participation of foreign exhibitors is less than 10%. For example, the exhibition "Pipes and piping systems. Oil. Gas. Housing & utilities is a United States exhibition with international participation.

Depending on the direction the exhibitions are divided:

The participation of companies with a common interest, for example, within the framework of the VII International Congress Weak and superweak fields and radiation in biology and medicine a thematic exhibition devoted to new devices and technologies in diagnostics, preventive and restorative medicine;

2) industry exhibitions. Are exhibitions dedicated to a particular industry, for example, medicine, construction, etc. Such exhibitions are EXPOMINA 2016 - VI International Mining Exhibition of Peru.

It should be avenged that often enough such exhibitions can be, to a certain extent, the market on which the sale is carried out. Accordingly, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary audit of the exhibition before taking part in it;

3) multi-sectoral exhibitions. Include products from related industries in its exposition. An example of such an exhibition is Mongolia Mining & amp; Oil Expo 2015 - The Fifth Mongolian Mining + Second Oil and Gas Exhibition;

4) Universal Exhibitions. Assume the availability of products from various industries. For example, the Velikie Luki Universal Exhibition includes such sections as:

• architecture, construction, interior;

• electrical equipment, climate and lighting equipment;

• Communication, computers, software;

• household appliances;

• Credit, insurance;

• wooden houses;

• prefabricated, modular structures

• Arrangement of household plots;

• garden tools, materials;

• clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics;

• The food industry.

Depending on the importance for the economy , the following types are distinguished:

1) Local exhibitions. Are important only for one city or district;

2) regional exhibitions. Matter for one region of the country;

3) Interregional exhibitions. Are important for several regions, usually geographically or economically interconnected;

4) federal exhibitions. Matter for the whole country.

Depending on the time of the action :

1) short-term exhibitions - up to two weeks;

2) temporary exhibitions - from two weeks to a half-hour;

3) permanent - from a half-dozen or more.

Depending on the frequency of the meeting, highlight:

1) Periodic ;

2) Seasonal ;

3) one-year exhibitions.

Depending on the line items , the shows are divided into:

1) Commercial ;

2) Non-commercial.

In general, after selecting the type of exhibition in which the company is going to take part, the company must compile a consolidated schedule for the exhibitions (Table 18.3).

Table 18.3

Exhibition schedule template

Exhibition Venue








City 1

City 2

At the same time, for each exhibition it is necessary to compile the passport of each exhibition (Table 18.4).

Table 18.4

Exhibition Passport



Country, city and location

Exhibition title

Type of exhibition

Commodity groups declared by the exhibition organizers

The area of ​​the exhibition hall

Number of exhibitors

Number of visitors

Cost of exhibition space

Events within the exhibition

After the process of selecting the type of exhibition and drawing up its passport, the company must develop a plan of participation in the selected exhibition.

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