Knowledge Of Handling Difficult Customers Marketing Essay

As a good example, in North America, they tend to be on time punctually plus they expect others to be punctual also. They do not appreciate any overdue or delay. But in others places, such as Malaysia, showing up a quarter-hour or even an hour later is not considered issues. This is because of the different concept of time in several places.

To provide quality service

In a customers-focused environment, one must always provide good quality service. There are always customers who speak different languages or with special needs. One must definitely provide best service no matter the sort of customers. Such as, for customers with disabilities in reading, American with Disabilities Take action protects folks from discrimination. You can speak slowly and gradually or reduce qualifications noise.

Service with quality should always be provided irrespective the generation too.

For elderly, one have to be respectful, patient, and most importantly protect from biases. While working with more youthful customers, one must know the desires and need, also one should never talk down to them.

Having positive global service

Positive global service is circumstances of mind that is important too. One shall put their finest foot forward and provide whatever degree of assistance possible. One need identify true customer needs by listening proactively and take the time to get to know more about your customer. Also, should confirm understanding and take part in relationship-building strategies immediately. Besides, having positive global service does mean stay up to date with current industry trends and strategies for delivering quality customer support. There is a study conducted by www. eMarketer. com in Q1 2012 entitled "Likelihood to Purchase Based on Satisfaction with Customer Service Interactions Matching to US Consumers. And the survey revealed that, 86% of 'very satisfied' individuals are like to buy while 64% of 'very dissatisfied' individuals are not like to get.

Having a good behavioral style

Having good behavioral style in important in customer-focused environment as behavioral style plays major role in how people will respond in situations. Many people are different, therefore it is important never to stereotype. One must learn to package with own thoughts and know own style and understand how one will react using situations to success in customer-focused environment.

Knowledge of handling difficult customers

There are always any kind of customers to deal with including difficult customers. A number of the examples of different kinds of difficult customers that are demanding, rude, indecisive, talkative, or dissatisfied. Therefore, knowledge of managing difficult customers can be an important part for customer-focused environment. One got to know the strategies for dealing with different types of difficult customers, and must always avoid stereotyping. For instance, when interacting with indecisive customers, one must show patience, listen actively, suggest other available choices and provide guide decision making to customers.

Preventing dissatisfaction

One of the component in customer-focused environment is to prevent any dissatisfaction of customers as it'll lead lost in customers and most importantly, influences of company image on the market. To avoid customers' dissatisfaction, one should think like the clients to truly know very well what the customers needs, pamper customers with excellent services and value the clients, also, always make an effort to exceed their goals to impress them. Besides, one must know the right problem handling process to prevent dissatisfaction.

Admit errors

In customer-focused environment, problems or flaws are strongly to be avoided all the time. But inevitably, there are always sometimes there are mistakes. Whenever there are errors, the important element is to admit errors. Ego makes it hard sometimes but one need to take the duty when something can not work right and fix the problem. The best example of this component would be the tainted Tylenol in 1982, they had taken swift action and spend lots of money to correct the challenge.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is an important components in customer-focused environment too. Customer commitment are always mental rather than logical. Customer loyalty plays a major role in customer comeback. Customer commitment is a very important factor to shoot for as it has a large impact.

Customer Service Strategy

Good customer service strategy is an element in this environment. As everyone knows, increased satisfaction means increased profits. And customer satisfaction is situated one customer service. Therefore, customer service strategy are major element also. A number of the tips of customer support strategy are:- 1) Always only deal with one customer at the same time and focus on customer so you can talk about their needs. 2) Give customers special treatment, and make sure they know they are special 3) Know your customers and take action unexpected to make an impression them 4) Always sell the benefits, not features as it'll allures customer more.

Strive for Quality

Quality of products is exactly what customers concern the most after all. Therefore, quality of products is extremely important.

Example of an existing service-oriented group in Malaysia and how these components are applied and applied:


www. maxis. com. my


Telephone and Multimedia


Maxis Berhad

Corporate Affairs

Level 22, Menara Maxis

Kuala Lumpur City Centre

50088 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone #

(6)03 2330 7000


We are pleased to possess helped our fellow Malaysians converse better through the years. As we continue steadily to improve our services and technology for future years, we never forget our first priority is usually to better your lives.

Now, find out about who we are, get updated investor information, read the latest media about Maxis as well as find out opportunities to become listed on our world-class team.

Customer Service Charter

Our Vision

To bring the near future to your customers' lives and business, in a manner that is simple, personalised and enriching, by efficiently and creatively harnessing leading-edge technology and delivering a brand of service experience that is reliable and charming.

Maxis is about life enablement.

Part of the job at Maxis is to make sure that technology is never terrifying. Or even, remote from your daily activity. Our obstacle is to answer effectively the question "how individual can the technology become?"

We have four words to spell it out the nature of Maxis, things that should run into in every solo thing that people do, for customers and for everybody who works jointly in the company.

By focusing on just four words we establish ourselves.

This is exactly what Maxis means.


We aim to keep everything we do as easy as possible. For example, customers know very well what it is we have been revealing them because we get it done in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand.

We make things simple for everyone, including ourselves. Keeping things simple also means that everything we say is said in a clear direct modulation of voice that is friendly and real human.


Trust is crucial in every fruitful relationship and this is true between customers and Maxis, in the same way it holds true between your company and its own employees. All good connections are built on trust which inspires self confidence, and, guarantee, conviction and reliance.

To be dependable is a way of life.


Creativity defines us and therefore differentiates us from our competition. It inspires not only our communication style, but also how exactly we answer the phone, design our stores, and package with issues.

Creative operates through everything we do and everything we say, it's inside our DNA.


To lead people into new territories we have to be brave. We've the courage to try new things, to adopt the occasional determined risk, to go where our competition have not been. It means that we stay at the forefront and that our customers benefit from new and better means of doing things.

It means doing the right thing, as opposed to the easy thing. It means having the courage of our convictions. Daring is the quality of a true innovator.

Having the right concept of time

Concept of amount of time in each country is different. Maxis always know the right concept of time in Malaysia.

The idea of amount of time in Malaysia is more into Polychromic.

Polychromic refer to the perception of the time that should not interfere with relationships and components of happiness.

For example, Maxis wouldn't normally club your service if you are overdue repayment for the first month only. They will still continue using the service until the next due date.

To provide quality service

Malaysia is a multi-races country. We have different races of men and women whom speaks different language in our daily routine. Maxis ensure that every of these staffs are professional, every one of the staffs in a position to talks at least two dialects fluently, Bahasa Melayu and British.

Having positive global service

Staffs in Maxis are professional in their services too. They always smile and speak nicely to customers in every situation.

Having a good behavioral style

Maxis's staffs are mostly well-trained. They are able to deal with multi-task at one moment in time. They are really trained well to take care of emergencies incident, like service break-down too.

Knowledge of handling difficult customers

Maxis's worker always provide best sercvices to every customers. Even when facing rude customer, they speak very well and try their best to settle their problems. While managing indecisive customers, these are always patient enough to wait them and help them directly into make decision in professional way by provide them helpful guide and advise.

Preventing dissatisfaction

Maxis always do their finest to avoid dissatisfaction. For example, even when customer's service is barred after two month of overdue payment, customer can always phone customer service hotline to obtain short-term unbarring for a few days before making payment.

Customer loyalty

Maxis plainly know that ustomer loyalty can be an important components in customer-focused environment. Customer loyalty are always mental rather than rational. Therefore, Maxis always offers deal or contracts that contain advantages to their customers.

Customer Service Strategy

Good customer service strategy is a component in this environment. As everyone knows, increased satisfaction means increased gains. Maxis clearly alert to that too. For example, Maxis has modified their offer for 3G data services. Previously, Maxis do not provide endless 3G data quota. However now, Maxis begins to provide unlimited 3G data quota, just that they will change the surfing swiftness after exceeding subscribed quota. As this offer is more preferable for most data services users.

Strive for Quality

Quality of products is exactly what customers concern the most in the end. Therefore, quality of products is really important. Maxis has the widest coverage while this is exactly what the almost all of the users concern. Nobody like their telephone or internet has gone out of coverage as this is very inconvenient to them.

Questions 2

Types of complainers and the customer response strategy is reviewed below:

It doesn't subject if you run a multibillion-dollar flight or a little mom-and-pop gas station: Any customer can complain about you--loudly and publicly, where in fact the world can easily see it--if he or she seems wronged.

What does that mean for your enterprise? Well, social multimedia nowadays makes anyone a impact-full complainer. It allows a person with some type of computer or smart phone to transmit what you do wrong, and exactly how upset he or she is along with you, in pretty near real-time. And it means bad affects of your business reputation and images.

But there's always ways to fix the problems or find the alternatives. First, however, you will need to identify the types of complainers.

1. First-Time Complainer

This is you to definitely whom you should react immediately. This customer has never complained about your service before--in simple fact, you've never even heard about her--but you need to do this immediately.

Most common complaint: Something has really screwed up that she wasn't planning on, probably because she's acquired good service before.

How to react: Reach out to the person instantly and focus on problem solving. Begin by saying, "Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Would please you email me for help?" This does several things: It gets to the heart and soul of the matter; it displays to anyone else viewing you're fixing the issue; and it requires the complaint out of your stream.

2. Serial Complainer

This customer is a pain. He likes to hear himself discuss, and your lucky company happens to now maintain the crosshairs. Search his background, and you'll observe that almost everything he says is a downer.

Most common complaint: Whatever is actually the sand in his sneaker today.

How to react: Its likely that he will not be happy with any response, so your best gamble is to just get him completed and eliminated. Offer something fast and simple to placate him, then get him off your radar. People do understand there are some individuals that cannot be satisfied; you'll get credit for presenting it a good-faith work.

3. Best-Customer Complainer

Danger, Will Robinson! When one of your very best customers lodges a wonder complaint, you will need to drop whatever you're working on to address the problem. Bear in mind the old adage that 10% of customers generate 90% of the earnings? Well, this is one of those 10%. Give consideration.

Most frequent problem: These customers rarely complain; they often compliment.

How to react: Chances are that something really stupid acquired her mad, and today you will need to react. Fix it ASAP. Do whatever it takes; spend enough time with her. Its likely that your very best customer will love you even more when planning on taking quick action.

4. Media Complainer

These customers are troublesome: They've documented their grievance with photographs and videos and multiple camera sides, and they're uploading instantly, because that's what they are proficient at.

Most common complaint: Anything which makes for good video recording or still photos.

How to react: Respond quickly, even if you don't possess a full-fledged solution right away, to get to a cease-fire. Then, of course, you have to create a real way to handle the problem.

5. "Dear @cnnbreakingnews" Complainer

This customer is convinced that any incorrect he's endured deserves the attention of media, and he'll make sure you CC all the Twitter and Facebook accounts he will get. Thankfully, he's the first cousin of the Serial Complainer--some people just can't be satisfied--so you often will handle the situation quickly and then forget it.

Most common complaint: Anything that may be ended with ". . . and you should totally execute a story on this. "

How to react: Ponder over it from a reporter's perspective: How important is the problem? Is he alleging you've scammed thousands, or is it trivial? Have some other clients acquired similar issues? The press searches for trends--trends make good stories--but its likely that this complainer cries wolf to CNN on everything; it might be news to him, but it's probably not to CNN.

That said, make certain your conditions of service and agreements are clear and easy to get at. If the issue is very that important, then you want to be sure your customer agreements are wired restricted.

An example of a scenario from the company's experience and the sort of empowerment needed to response in a positive manner.


Pizza Hut Restaurants Sdn Bhd


www. pizzahut. com. my


Level 20, Wisma KFC,

No. 17, Jalan Sultan Ismail,

50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Tel 603. 2026 3388

Fax 603. 2026 8333 Kindly solve your feedback to:

» General Supervisor, Operations

» General Administrator, Marketing



Customer feedback is an important way for us to raised improve our service. We would like to listen to your feedback by means of suggestions, comments, problems and some other information related to your company and our services. Your responses is very valuable to us.

Mission Statement

P. E. A. R. L. S

Core Beliefs at Pizza hut (P. E. A. R. L. S) for Employees

Have a


for superiority in anything that is being done.


with positive energy and urgency.

Be separately and collectively


for expansion in people, client satisfaction and profitability.

Find reasons to


the accomplishment of others and also have fun carrying it out.


and moreover, react to the voice of the client.




Customer Complains Handling

B. L. A. S. T tool i. e. Believe, Pay attention, Apologize, Satisfy, and Thank.

Pizza hut recognizes every customer problem as an chance to maintain self-assurance in its products and services. There is customer complains middle where any customer has right to complain about the problems he/she is facing. Customers can complain right to the director, through website and by mailing them. Mails are examined daily and responded back again to customer. Addititionally there is comment greeting card system which is strictly checked.

Customers reach make complain through various ways such as,

a) Making a call with their office

b) Fax a formal complain notice with their office

c) Through their website which is www. pizzahut. com. my

d) By emailing them

e) By writing together with comment card offered by every with their branches

In either way of all above, Pizza Hut always encourage complainers to straightly solve to their Basic Manager.

Mails are examined daily and responded back again to customer. Also, comment credit card system is always checked.

The main complain of Pizza Hut is towards their sluggish services.

Either whether it be dine in or eliminate or buying home delivery, Pizza Hut also get complained on late serving and late delivery. That is mostly due to lack of personnel. Pizza Hut has used it really as this is making their customers very miserable and they're getting rid of their customers to them! That is no good for any company. Which is how, PHD exists. PHD is Pizza Hut Delivery, which means PHD will give attention to delivery purchases while Pizza Hut branches is only going to need to take care of their dine-in customers. It has effectively works and effectively solved the issues for both services. Besides, Pizza Hut also recruited new staff to meet the needs and prevent in any late anymore.

Before this, one common situation in Pizza Hut that we will usually see is the fact that, customers waited very long because of their food to be offered after placing your order, sometimes it tooks near 60 minutes. So when this happens, for sure, customers complain.

As tasked to take care of customer issues, there are two types of empowerment had a need to respond in a positive manner.

First, I'd need the empowerment of providing benefits.

To relaxed an upset customer who waited too much time for their foods, the initial thing is must deliver their food to them at the earliest opportunity. Besides, to help expand quiet them down and continue to be Pizza Hut reputation, we could give them some treats. For example, maybe it's % of total expenses, or giving free foods/drinks, vouchers/discount which entitle them goodies during their next visit.

Secondly, the empowerment to hire new and more staff.

This kind of empowerment would solve the problems effectively, as slow food serving is mainly due to the lack of personnel. If there are inadequate staffs in taking order and setting up the foods, of course the foodstuffs going to be dished up slow. Therefore, with this I believe the grievances could be prevented.

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