Literature Review on "The idea of Search Engine Optimization

2. 1 Benefits: the concept of a search engine has gained huge value right from the start of the technology of the first internet search engine in 1990s. The internet search engine is considered to be a basic activity such as email and other standard activities over the internet. The various search engines are hence assessed to be concierge for the digital network ecology. At present the recent search engines have a very good access to the huge information. The first proto of the search engine started in the entire year 1990 by the students of McGill of Montreal University have created a script focused content accumulating program which is able to download various files of the FTP website directory later the same idea with few more technical; developments are being done to reach an enormous databases with huge index of web pages by the advent of technology. Google, Yahoo, Msn etc are few majorly browsed search engines. (Serge Abiteboul and Victor Vianu, 1997)

From the above mentioned discussion on the background of the search engine optimization, it can be grasped that the search engine optimization has acquired a crucial put in place the daily life of the net users as common as checking out their email messages. The first proto of the search engine optimization model was commenced by an experimental study by the students of McGill of Montreal School. This was later used in to the World Wide Web services where in fact the web pages are gathered and searched as per requirement. Then the improvement of the technology has created a choice for the huge search index for example like Yahoo, yahoo, AOL, MSN, ASK etc. from the below body it is noticeable that, the typically searched internet search engine is Yahoo and the remaining are comparatively less.

The serp's ratio in comparison to various se's is shown as below

Figure no. 1: Top SE'S at present

Ref: iSmart Software

2. 2Search Engine Optimization:

(From the analysis of SEO basic by Bivings Group, June, 18, 2008) the term SEO is a short form of 'Search Engine unit Optimization'. Generally the optimization process designed for highlighting in the serp's taken by the abusers in the search engines such as Google, Overture of Yahoo etc. the web pages of these websites are graded upon the very best ranks.

From the above mentioned it can be figured, the search engine optimization, in short SEo is a way which will be able to create the correct search results available for the users.

(Telnic Small. 2009) the SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING is known as to be an effective method which is supposed to enhance the eminence and degree of an individual traffic for this website or the website through the innate searching options. This is referred as a natural form of searching. This can be again categorized directly into algorithmic and organic and natural. More the searching of that particular website or website, higher is the standing directed at it by the SEO. The high rates of ranking are further maintained by the periodical updation of the material and in particular axioms that will enhance the traffic. The search engine marketing is a huge industry in coordination with numerous experts and organizations that attempt to accumulate the comprehensible information and the machine to assess the significance of a specific keyword optimal for the search inquiry. Some of the basic activities of SEO are crawling, indexing, handling, determining relevancy, and retrieving. (Shari Thurow, 2003)

From the view of these discussion, it can be grasped that the search engine optimization is a kind of process that will increase the eminence and degree of an individual traffic for a specific website of the organization for business purpose. The working of the search engine optimization is dependant on the search engine algorithm. The search engine will provide natural means of probing capacity which can be of two varieties specifically algorithmic and organic searching processes. Generally a rank is directed at the website that will formalize high rate when it's probed for maximum time and is placed in the first 10 queries. As it is observed that lots of of the users will invariantly go through the first group of list in the search engine, it is very necessary for the business enterprise websites to handle a busy rivalry.

(By Vertexera Inc) The search engine marketing is considered to be always a process that is intended to increase the visibility of this website. This increased by selecting particular axiom or a term related to it. The search engine optimization transacts with the data and design related issues which are essential to solve the problem with standing or rating of a niche site. The task of search engine optimization is not restricted to a single try out as it hinders tests through track and slip technique, updating on a regular basis, enhancing the performance level regularly so the rank of the website is preserved. For this purpose the companies generally written agreement out this to the companies or people that are experts in this field. It's estimated that an approximation of about 500 billion articles are rendered in the Internet search engine. Hence a particular website of a company may intend to face a lot of rivalry to gain a top rating.

The dependence on the optimization has risen with effective rate of marketing and consumer drawing functionality which is manufactured possible through the marketing of web sites of the company. (g. , Rita Vine)

From the aforementioned it can be concluded that, the search engine marketing is a way of augmenting the visibility of the websites of the business. The search engine marketing will hire a specific axiom or key constraints for this websites so that, when the abuser types that specific saying will list out the website of the business. So trafficking will mainly be based upon the efficiency of the phrases that are coated by the website. And for this function, updating of the content on the site is very important. The firms generally rent out to other organizations for updating.

2. 3 Working of Search engine marketing:

The working of the search engine is very imperative to understand the concept in depth. The search engines generally optimize a particular webpage whose search phrase or constraint which is very small and unique is coined once after the optimization form is posted then predicated on the quantity of the regularity of the searching it is rated as first few search results. Hence this will improve the traffic when a search for a particular expression is carried out by the client. Periodical updation of the content is completed by the various search engines in order to support the sites at the similar rating.

The se's can be grouped in to two different forms namely individuals power-driven and the other is crawler recognized engine unit. Hence the working is done at a step-by-step process in the row as diagnosis of appropriate search phrases, evaluating the depth of competition, search engine optimization of the web page, and building of the links of the net pages, acquiescence, looking into and adjustment and reporting.

Crawler supported Engine motor: this kind of a search engine is intended to send a spider to follow various sites and the conclusions of the spider are put into the indexes of the internet search engine. The updation of the websites is done once atlanta divorce attorneys go back of the spider as it brings the latest information by looking. Hence when the search is commenced in this engine, the full total index is searched for the fits with the searched expression. Example for the Crawler type of a search engine is Yahoo. The index is a form of bulky catalogue that stores a backup of each website that the spider uncovers and revise the index.

Human driven se's: this kind of search engine will need a tiny depiction of this article such as name of the writer or the name of the particular company that'll be matched with the directory website of the engine motor. This type of the internet search engine will not change the ranking of a particular site either by updation of the new pages but instead add the new products so that every site can be searchable. The example for this type of a search engine is Look Smart.

Hybrid Internet search engine: At present various se's use both above techniques for optimization of content of webpages into the index that happen to be known as 'hybrid search machines'. An example for this kind of search engine is MSN and Yahoo.

From the aforementioned discussion it could be concluded that, the working of the search engine optimization very vital before start optimizing a niche site. This may continue in a particular move of process such as detection of appropriate key phrases, evaluating the intensity of competition, optimization of the webpage, and building of the links of the net pages, acquiescence, investigating and changes and reporting. The search engines can be of various categories such as crawler supported, human power influenced and hybrid search engines. Each will confine a separate system of looking process. Inside the crawler system, a spider is delivered to follow various sites and the resultant results of the spider are put into the indexes of the internet search engine done after supplying a single key phrase in the internet search engine options. The process in the real human driven will need a small information or the name of the writer of the writings so that search will be commenced. The cross types form of the search engine will depict both original systems of looking procedures so that maximum search ability is provided in this form.

(Scott Willoughby, 2009)

The positioning or ranking of web sites will be given to the webpage's of the crawler type of search engines with regards to the degree of relevance. The significance of an matching of the phrase with the identified key words is done by employing the algorithm that will differ with each type of a search engine however the working of the algorithms is similar such as

Key constraints tracing: the news, name tags or the beginning two snippets are examined by the various search engines to track the atmost corresponding phrase with this content.

Key constraint occurrence: the occurrence of a specific constraint is checked by the internet search engine such that the rate of recurrence of the term will forecast the correctness of the site.

Spam reduction: the spam creation for example like evaluating of click on through and scrutiny of the link etc is not constrained by the search engine optimization.

From the view of the author above, it is noticeable that the crawler system of the search engine marketing will forecast the rating of a specific site based on the no. of times the index term on the particular site is researched. The rating will be based upon the importance of the phrase coined by the web site. An algorithm will make a decision the search capacity of the website that has various functions such as key constraint tracing, key constraint regularity checking and spam protection.

2. 4 Great things about SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING:

(Andrew B. King, July 2008) The Search engine Optimization has gained a great deal of increase with the growing technical impedition and with the increased abusers of internet have further increased the importance. The Search engine marketing has various benefits for a company as follows

The axioms or the main element constraints highlighted will promote superiorly one of the audience both regionally as well as globally. This will be very beneficial for the companies that work abroad.

The internet search engine will augment the degree of traffic for the website of this business when controlled with significant & most relevant axioms and key words. The SEO will plan to convert the traffic of searchers directly into potential clients and therefore it is recognized as the best way to increase the business.

The visibility aspect of the web site of the company will commence after the marketing process. Hence the initial products of the particular business company is perceptible by the users. (Brad Callen)

The search engine optimization is detected to be most practical and beneficial when compared to any other kind of conventional marketing

The search engine optimization works well to increase huge profits on results on Investment when compared to all other marketing forms. This may improve the profits of the business.

The positioning provided by the SEo will help to stay the companies' website for reference point for a very long time and is a very cheaper approach in comparison to other methods.

The aim for clients can be approached through a search engine optimization. This will likely boost the search capacity and traffic depending on company's strategies.

It will be a very affordable that need very few amount of capital for the market sectors to improve and draw traffic. (By Vertexera Inc).

From these discussion it could be known that, the search engine marketing will provide lethal advantages to the firms such as controlling the traffic quantity, increased sales and income, high profits, more benefited way of advertising of the services and products of a company, cost effective, high range of awareness, global and local awareness, less capital for investment etc.

2. 5 Traditional method: before the introduction of the Search engine optimization process the traditional method regarded as inscription of a specific article and presenting the same to various other directories to build up in their index.

(Telnic Small. 2009) the original procedure has various defects to have deficit in the customary construction that mainly concentrate on the data display techniques which could draw higher traffic but are least bothered about the type of information in that article. Hence the SEO is been applying complexive algorithms that can estimate the amount of consistence from the view of onlooker.

From the aforementioned it is obvious that the original approaches hold the above discussed two forms such as crawler and human powered form of looking options. Earlier to this searching engine motor option, the net pages were published to many of the sites that will have a backup of the same article in each internet search engine.

2. 6 Constraints of SEO: (Kody Rylas, Dave Young ) the Search engine Optimization has various issues and limitations. Handful of these are talked about the following

Limitation regarding idioms and key constraints: for a particular site under the search engine marketing, the main restriction is encountered ion the proper execution of non adequacy with the particular axioms and key constraints merged for the particular website. This will be a major drawback which could decrease the traffic of the humane compared to that site. This is occurred credited to confusion for picking appropriate axiom.

Limitation for fighting: your competition in increase when two different websites jackets for the same axiom or key constraints. In this example, the websites will be faced to tolerate to reach a particular rank.

Limitation of sub pages: the sub webpages of web sites also shall maintain the axioms and key constraints which will be in a position to update each time to stay kept up to date to be able to hike the score and boost the traffic. [Scott Willoughby, 2009]

Linguality: A lot of the traditional INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE optimizers focus on a particular vocabulary medium which may be limiting the search to a particular geography.

Limitation of crawl capability: the crawling character will be limited when passing through untold thousands of webpages and hence acceleration of the search will be affected.

Limitation of duplication: the duplication of a similar website is happened in the internet search engine when a particular webpage is published with the similar content various times.

Once the marketing of web sites takes place the above mentioned limitations might occur. This sort of restrictions can be effectively reduced by various progressive techniques few of which are discussed here.

From the aforementioned discussion it could be concluded that, the search engine optimization holds various limitations that will certainly reduce the efficiency of the business. Few of the limitations are inconsistent phrases and key constraints, restriction anticipated to high competition level, limitation of the sub internet pages, Linguality problem, limitation of crawl ability, concern of the duplication of the net internet pages in the index of the search engine.

2. 8 Invention Methods in SEO: The Search engine marketing is considered to be the traditional method in today's age. The progressive technique executed by the Ppc method or PPC method. (David Wallace, (September 2003) has predicted that as the search engine marketing method has various issues to get recognized or rated this will be a good and innovative approach. As the SEO will confide with the issue in the coining of specific idioms or keywords which is very much significant with the existing commerce may end up with your client trafficking concern. In case the search words are not appropriate these websites aren't listed.

From the above mentioned it can be concluded that in order to beat the constraints of the traditional search engine marketing, various enhancements are being emerged with the growth in the technology in the recent years. The writer has explained the difficulty in coining the phrases or axioms which are exact matches with the assistance or product of the website of the company as this might decrease the traffic of the customers diverted if they're listed appropriately. Hence the development stood from conquering this matter.

PPC, Pay per Click:

(Veri Signal, June 2007) The development of the ppc strategy can be grasped from its name designated a certain price is allocated at each click for a specific expression or a keyword in the websites. The prices of the particular click may intensely change from $. 10 to about $50. This price is normally specified by the determination of the promoter. Various sites such as Yahoo Advertising words and Overture etc are a few of the types of this kind. This sort of a service will contain the benefits of frantic marketing opportunity and higher traffic for a specific site and keyword. The benefits for a specific PPC are these sites will circulate the paid entries to its affiliate marketing sites. For example whenever a particular site marked one of the top 3 rates in Overture; it will be automatically shown in its internet marketer sites such as HotBot, Lycos, Yahoo, iWon, Alta Vista, Info space etc along few more minimal S E and meta creepers. The extensibility character of the sites is a major benefit which will overcome the constraints scheduled to traffic. (Manoj Kotak)

From the aforementioned talk on the creativity techniques in the search engine optimization, it can be concluded that the idea of ppc is regarded as an optimistic strategy that is drawn to over come the problem with the traffic of the customers to a particular site instantaneously. The idea of pay per click, as the name signifies, will bill price for every single click made by an individual. The charged intended to pay by the particular site will depend on the agreement and determination of the promoter. Generally at present various websites are paying from $. 10 to about $50 per click. Google Advertising words and Overture is an example of this process. HotBot, Lycos, Yahoo, iWon, Alta Vista, Info space etc are various trivial se's that will have circulated set of the top ranked websites from the key search engine. This is concerned to be a major success factor of ppc.

(W. D. Okla. May 27, 2003) The other kind of latest innovations are being designed to be able to decrease a particular limitation of the traditional search engine marketing for example like, the limit for the duplication that was discovered because of the reasons for distribution of similar content many times in to a more substantial index of the internet search engine crawler is reduced by an activity that will effectively filtering the duplicate internet pages from the search index from the penalty on this content. This can protect the original copy of that page and filter systems the reaming duplicates. This type of a service is seen in the Google search engine where filtering done by the Bot which have independent Google duplication policy.

From the above mentioned description of the impressive approach of Google, it could be comprehended that the major limit of the original internet search engine is the matter about the duplication that occurs because of the submission of the same article numerous times. This matter is overcome by using the charges for the duplicates and deleting them by keeping a single original copy of it. As this might delete many pages, the crawling through million matters of websites will speed up.

(Sergey Brin and Lawrence Site) The most recent innovations of the search engine optimization are the launch of effective tools such as backline tracker, Website Location Tool, Free SEEK OUT Your Website, Meta Tag Generator, Search Engine Position Analyzer, Google Ad Sense Tool, Keyword Suggestion Tool, One way link Tracker Tool, Yahoo Advertisement Sense Graphs, Free Web Counter-top Google, Google PR Tool, All Datacenters Watch Tool, and Keyword Rating Screen. All theses tools are advanced and will provide effective searching capabilities for an individual.

From the above, it can be figured, the restrictions of the original search engine are overcome by employing innovative tools such as Website Location Tool, Free SEEK OUT Your Website, METATAG Generator, Search Engine Position Analyzer, Yahoo Advertising Sense Tool, Keyword Suggestion Tool etc that not only increases the speed and accuracy but will help to bring high traffic.

(Click cart pro) it offers proposed the high definition Search engine optimization on the XMOD that can morph the URLs generated by default SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING technique in to superiorly distincted custom search engine URLs.

In conclusion, the idea of XMOD when employed in the traditional or conventional Search engine will transform the overall URLs to superiorly distincted custom search engine URLs which will be useful for the business purpose.

Benefits of the improvements for the businesses:

The great things about the latest innovations over the traditional search engine optimization are the following

The development has optimistically reduced the procedure of duplication of the original content of the web pages

Increased the quickness of the searching capacity for the crawler

The scalability dynamics has augmented

Improved efficiency and traffic for the business

High rankings are possible

From the above it could be concluded that, the advantages of the new innovations on the original search engine for the business enterprise goal is to increase the traffic, reduce duplication, augment the quickness of looking, scalability, improved effectiveness etc.

Benefits of Pay per click process: (Tutorials 26 Pay Per Click (PPC) 101)

As the name implies it will provide price for every click on a specific website of the company.

The concept of Pay per click technique will be bale to control the quantity of the traffic.

It will increase the exposure globally in comparison with traditional process.

Other than the original approach of organic searching function, the procedure can control the content of the information that will divert an individual in the website.

Most beneficial strategy set alongside the traditional approach

It is known as to be a source for the instantaneous traffic and creation of leads.

Track potential is the major advantage for the business enterprise purpose

Consistency of the advertising of the Ppc although it may go away for a free of charge search.

From the aforementioned the benefits associated with the innovative procedure of ppc for the business enterprise better control over the individual traffic, instantaneous increasing visitor count, high rate of visibility both globally and locally, very beneficial as it is resulted as the best internet marketing theory, trackability nature will also help the web site to track the user moves.


Hence from the above research over the concept of search engine marketing and its innovations, it can be concluded that the search engine optimization has enhanced the value drastically as it is very commonly paired behavior for the netigens. This idea is led to a very optimistic way for the business marketing. However the traditional approach supports various limitations that happen to be later beat by the innovations done. Application of various tools, pay per click (PPC) notion and penalty policy will improve the use further for the business enterprise. The major benefits for the business is ti raise the leads and instantaneous traffic, high earnings and revenue, better control, high rate of advertising of business globally and locally. However the idea of PPC also contains various limitations which are worked on to improvise that will further help the business.

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