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Brand has becomes a familiar things toward the buyer, using a brands also help consumers in lots of ways and whatever was unbranded will going hardly in the market. The brands also could create value on the merchandise. For example, Nike product a product that can create value among the consumer. Besides that brand also assist the product into numerous ways and also as a legal coverage. The product that has a brand will difficult to the other product to replicate the product. In addition, brand also could makes sense to understand that branding is not about getting the target market to choose you over your competition, but it is about getting your potential clients to see you as the only one that provides a solution with their problem. The brand can be variety types. Each of its will have their own style of branding and utilizing their own strategy. The neighborhood brand, private brand, nationwide brand, and global brand were the key brand that the manufacturers in worldwide use it. So, it better for the manufacturer to learn each of the kind of brand that been use nowadays.

Besides that, the strategies that being utilized of these four brands also will be different. Brand strategy is targeted on influencing people understanding about the brand such as they were persuaded to act in a certain manner, for example buying and using the products and services provided by the brand and purchase at an increased price. In addition, most brand strategies try to persuade visitors to buy and use by offering them some type of experience. Branding is typically a task that was performed in a competitive environment that aspires to persuade people for the brand.

Firstly is the countrywide brand. This kind of brand is a brand that circulated throughout the united states. The product is merely being nationally sent out and marketed. Furthermore the national brands are had and advertised by a manufacturer. Country wide brand can also differ from the neighborhood brand or regional brand. In marketing area, this type of brand is more difficult than the local brand. To be able to market their product they need to know their consumer very well but it may took a long time frame. The cost also was big. It is because in order to market the nationwide brand they need to know their customer generally. Moreover, this kind of brand will use to advertise their brand is other country by radio, print and television advertising. The advertisements also can be custom-made for local and national brands so the public could easily get familiar with the brands. Companies which sell countrywide brands depend on the trustworthiness of their brands to get the market share. The national brands may appeal the consumer by their brands name. Consumer often looks the brands which can be familiar and easy to identify.

National brands may play on distrust of regional or private label brands to get consumer to get them. Its' also have to encourage people to ask question, for example the quality of universal or store top quality products. Most national brands began with small regional brands then will slowly and gradually grew as time passes. New companies products are constantly being established plus some of the business will go on to fully capture of the marketplace and increase it to a wider area and finally will become countrywide brands. The exemplory case of the product in Malaysia which is from the local brand and eventually become a nationwide brand is Padini brands

This type of brands must create their own brands strategy to make their products being achieved in the market. This national brand has to focus on the brand equity strategy. They need to create a faithful customer and the customer who aware of their brand. Some of the retailer use the packaging strategy. They'll design the initial product packaging so that consumer will appreciated the brand straight. For example, an Avon product is increasing preferred shelf positions by partnering with vendors and using packaging and displays as part of a marketing. Inside the new circumstance, the national brands equity is often used to endorse a store brand. That could improve the stature of the business brand.

Secondly, the neighborhood brand. This sort of brand is a brand that sold their product or marketed their brand's product in a small or restricted geographical area. This sort of brand only can within the main one country or region. It could also be considered a brand that is developed for a particular national market, however the amazing things is the neighborhood brand is more often being done by the consumers than by the providers. The neighborhood brand is very easily in marketing their products. It was not hard to learn their customer due to area that they need to review about their customer is not vast. The neighborhood brand may used many strategy to be able to makes their brand is being aware by the consumer. The neighborhood brands were a brandname that easy to build up. For instance of the brand that only famous in the Philippines could endure in the Philippines market. They have used brand strategy by knowing their customer need and want and the relevant brand name according with their culture. The local brand has to create a changed branding if the product that they sell were similar with the other products. The uniqueness of the brand name or sign may attract the consumer attention.

The other type of brand product is the private brand. This is actually the brand where the shop or the member purchases from a producer in mass and puts its name on the product. This mare give more advantages on the shop, such as gives more freedom and versatility in pricing. Besides that is more control over product qualities and quality, lower selling price and eliminates a lot of the manufacturer's promotional costs. The private brand also gives a benefit to the manufacturer. The private brands provide another electric outlet for distributing their products or services. Producing the same goods for his or her national brand syndication and labelling them with private brands for varies clients, the quantity of development is often higher than it might be. For instance of the private brand was Macy's. It was named a retail industry innovator in growing private brand goods that differentiates the assortments in their stores and delivers exceptional value to the client. Merchandise for each private brand available "only at Macy's", is developed to appeal to a certain customer lifestyle. The marketing programs likewise have been reinforced by making a precisely defined image. Macy's also evolves private label goods to meet specific customer needs and complete spaces in the variety.

The strategy that private brand should use is, first of all the machine of package. This is the strategy that could be developing on this brand. Nowadays it difficult to assign an exclusive label figure even although product have enhance the customer commitment because of any reason. This kind of product will not be eligible as the private brand label. Furthermore, using the relabeling strategy also can be used. The machine of pack must carry only the brand name of this store or any other party the store may choose for its private label program. Private labels will enhance the success by increasing the negotiation ability of the dealer and better value that been creates gets the customer commitment.

Global brand can be explained as a brandname which identified to reveal the same set of values surrounding the world. The global brands were more concentrating on enduring marriage with consumers across countries and cultures. Nowadays there were lots of the global brands was bought from international markets. For example of the global brand are Facebook, Apple, Coca cola, McDonald's and Sony. These brands are available the similar product in the multiple market segments looked after can be viewed as as successful global brands. These types of brand can also be easily recognize by the mix ethnical of consumer. Furthermore, there were many advantage of the global brand. First of all the marketing costs will be lower and then your brand imagery was persistence and being maintained. Furthermore the global brand also need to be variable, it might be differ from country to country. The elements which may have to be differ from one destination to other place are the corporate and business slogan, product and services, products brands, product features, placement of the products and the marketing mix also have to be change. The change will may rely upon the differences of the language, style of communication, cultural differences, brand development, and ingestion patterns.

The global brand can use many strategies, including the wide strategy areas that can be used are the brand domain name. These brand domains are experts in one or more of the aspects. In order to used this kind of strategy the person must have an intimate knowledge, not only about the systems shaping but also the pertinent consumer behaviour and needs. Brand recognition also one of the branding strategies. This kind of strategy was specialists separate themselves from competition by bringing up their profiles among the consumers. It can be use concerning persuade consumer to exhibited their brands is different than the other rival. However brand strategy is not really a given and needs to be constantly be reassessed. The brand managers must decide what the best plan of action for their brands is specifically markets, predicated on an analysis of the relevant inner and external influences on the brands.

In conclusion there were many distinctions among the local, private, nationwide and global brand. The people who use any one of the brands have to understand clearly about the brands, in order to implement many types of strategy. Understanding this four types of brand can make the individual can decide which she or he want to used. Any types of brand that being choose will need to have their own advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the individual to used it and control the downside that they may face.

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