Mahindra & Mahindra Company Analysis

Marketing Questionnaire ƒ It is an effective business evaluation tool. It bank checks every point of your business from a marketing perspective. It is always suggested that more than one responsible person should do the questionnaire because you may well be surprised when comparing the answers.

The Fine art of Selling ƒ It is a complete training program on sales which can effectively coach the sales people.

Sales and Marketing Management ƒ It facilitates the business enterprise owners and professionals with skills and important information that they could require to manage their business with a sales and marketing point of view.

These methods and ideas are universally used plus they connect with the operation of any type of business.

The success or inability of an business is determined eventually by the sales of its products and services. The concentration of Sales and Marketing Management is to plan, put into action and deal with the marketing strategies.

A supervisor of the Sales and Marketing Division must have got a complex mixture of

Business Management Training

Analytical Skills

People Management Skills

Planning Skills

Decision-making Skills

Prioritizing and Time Management Skills

The Sales and Marketing administrator implements these skills on a daily basis in line with the ever changing conditions of the market.

For an enterprise to increase in a confident way, it needs good quality folks who are well motivated and constantly aware of the changes that are occurring in the market. The management can change to the changes by properly allocating the available people and sources of the business.

In small companies the Sales and Marketing department can be handled alone by the owner or the General Manager of the business.

In a medium-size or large scale company, the department is put into two functions, sales administrator and marketing administrator.

Mahindra & Mahindra-

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) is an $800 million company. It provides employment to some 12, 000 people. It is one of the most crucial company of Mahindra Group which is one of the top-ranking company in India in the private sector. The company shows its market command in plantation equipment machinery since 1986 in the highly competitive Indian Market.

Project Sankraman

By the virtue of two important events M&M entered a fresh phase in technology in April 2005.

Implementation of SAP R/3 Business 4. 7 on sole instance and centralized architecture.

Centralization of all machines located across various models to a single server at secure data centre located at Kandivali

Although the execution work of the task was done in Feb 2005, the major activities in February 2006 were post-launch and advantage realization. This project shown that M&M was moving deeper towards being a real-time company. It provided access to new functionalities which were directly catering to the Indian taxation section and requirements of the car industry. It provided facilities such as standardization of business functions, group and synchronize get good at data and improve system compliance. Solitary sign-on and role-based authorization features help improved end user experience. The complete information of the business now being available on single server led to on-line convenience of centralized information with drill-down up to transfer level.

Optimize Sales and Marketing Investments-

The success of go-to-market strategies is to reach the right customer with timely offers. Still the sales and marketing clubs often have a problem with their co-ordination initiatives resulting in ineffective marketing campaigns, loss in marketing promotions and the most detrimental of most, dissatisfied customers.

SAP helps the marketing and sales organizations to enhance go-to-market investments by providing high customer value through synchronized and planned power and services.

These include

Brand and Product Management - Establish tactical goals, linked objectives with sales, marketing, financial management, account planning, and supply chain implementation.

Trade promotion management - Plan supportive deals and marketing strategies.

Account management - Tie-up with customers through comprehensive, organized customer-specific marketing, sales, promotion, and to optimize value delivery by performing supply-chain activities.

Mahindra leverages SAP to enable synchronized end-to-end business procedures that improve sales and marketing investment funds by

Regulate marketing strategies with trade promotion and sales implementation plans

Better forecast perfection and product availableness - harmonizing demand planning for current and organized production, inventory, and logistics management

Ensuring specific budgeting and periodic settlements and cases processing for immediate and indirect stations with financials through real-time business.

Leveraging in-depth examination to check on important performance indications including brand performance, success of product and customer, and plan and promotion upgradement.

SAP Services provide extensive strategy, guidelines, and value dimension services that review present functions, generate goal-oriented guidelines from proposed sales and marketing solution investments. SAP NetWeaver powers all SAP applications and enterprise services, supplying IT departments the power and flexibility to improve marketing and sales processes with business process firm and cement data from both SAP and other exterior and interior data sources. SAP alone offers the mixture of vitality and services that allow sales and marketing organizations to synchronize their go-to-market investment funds, guarantee profitable campaigns and campaigns and, ultimately, provide top-class value with their customers.

SAP solutions can also help out with demonstrating your value to customers by having a specific idea and knowledge of their changing requirements and giving them precisely what they need, when they want it.

SAP Business Suite can help you focus sales resources on the most profitable customer opportunities, while improving the potency of sales clubs, increasing the speed of sales cycles, and making the sales process more clear with better prices, demand planning, and revenue forecasts. How big is your business or the industry will not matter, you can execute only the program he/she requires to solve their unique business problems in the possible time and budget. With the help of SAP Services before, during, and after any implementation, you can optimise your IT investment funds. SAP Enterprise Support enables the firms to make perfect power of SAP and non-SAP alternatives, reduce risk, enhance technology, and affiliates to application life-cycle management.

SAP solutions aids you in getting a clear notion of the entire marketing process, increase bonding between all your key stakeholders, and helps to keep you successfully linked with your aim for audiences to establish and improve customer loyalty and drive customer demand.

SAP Business Collection helps you improve the ordering of all sales and marketing activities to effectively gain and retain the profitable customers and build long-term relationships. Improving marketing efficiencies in your organization will help you reduce cost of product, allocate resources in an improved way, and attain high efficiency.

By enlisting the help of SAP Services before, during, and after any execution, you can increase your IT opportunities. And with SAP Enterprise Support, companies take complete benefit of the integration of SAP and non-SAP alternatives, minimize risk, enable the acceleration of innovation, and address software life-cycle management.

Value Cases Drive Business Advancements

Enhancing sales and marketing investment funds to introduce a far more strict approach to the allocation of money spend in marketing and promotional investments.

Whenever another audience is targeted with the right order at the correct time with the right message, an maximum offer is established.

Marketing : Marketing component facilitates the marketing office with customer acquisition. This consists of a number of of the next activities

Campaign management - This consists of various campaigns like e-mail, cellphone and other forms of customer connections programs.

Trade Promotion Management -

Segmentation - Segmentation is the process of separating your customers/leads/opportunities into different sections. This can be used to effectively use the possible time and resources on a particular marketing strategy.

Sales : Sales will involve the OTC Routine ( Order to Cash ) routine except the logistics part. This includes

Order Management - This includes sales related activities such as order management, deals management, quotation management, etc.

Billing - This includes the billing of the purchases created. Billing can be done either in ECC or in CRM. Service related Billing is performed using SAP CRM.


From the above illustrated methods and ideas we can conclude that SAP has resolved most of the problems of the business in the sales and marketing section. It has computerized these departments and has given the business a major growth by overcoming the issues confronted by the sales and marketing teams. It is clearly visible that the client is pleased with the services of the company as well as the business is pleased with its secured ventures. Through these softwares the business can interact with the client properly in a timely manner.

According to a recent SAP benchmarking record, M&M is leveraging SAP alternatives and services to arrange and apply marketing promotions and sales campaigns

Better sales during promotional cycles by 3-5%

Decrement in out-of-stock rates by 10-40%

Improved promotion-spend efficiency, typically 10%

Decrement in remarkable customer cases between 40% and 70%

These results plainly show the growth of the company.

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