Main Market Sections In Egyptian Market


Paul founded 120 years back and is a market leader in France with an increase of than 360 local branches and has distributed over 20 countries worldwide. It's an exclusive sector company run under HOLDER group which its 3 companies are bread-making, pastry and restaurants.

Paul's well known across its borders, and Egypt is one of its targeted countries as its further growing, nowadays.

Through our recurrent appointments to various places in different metropolitan areas in Egypt, we observed how life style is developing encouragingly; we had to be sure about how exactly liable our projected sales would be in this market. Appropriately we had given a marketing research to a global marketing research company " TNS Global " which have been for decades present in Egypt. By this we're able to ensure more appropriate estimated results with first-rate benchmarks.

TNS Global has provided us with the primary data through statistical research. We decided upon that to check out the marketing research through the following steps.

a) Defining Problem and research purpose. Our definitive goal is to ensure the feasibility of entering the Egyptian market, and thorough which means.

b) Developing the research plan. We needed to focus on men and women and students as, the burkha target, athletes and healthy people as extra concentrate on & children and seniors as tertiary target, without neglecting business goals as well. The study needed to cover the next information

- The demographic, monetary and lifestyle feature of these sections.

- Main market segments in Egyptian market

- Identified price for our products by Egyptian consumer

- Suitable market entry

- Preferable sales approach

- Acceptance of the Egyptians for France products

-Egyptian consumer patterns and buying rhythm

- Suitable product features (size-packaging-colors-labeling)

- Opponents (local-international)

- Legal and communal environment in Egypt

- Raw materials-labor cost and other creation cost if we consider producing locally

- Investment rules in Egypt online commercial directories, we emphasize the primary data through our research to ensure its validity and objective conformity.

- Our key data collection will use review research approach

c) Sampling plan. Random sample questionnaire is employed to ask people, on our product and on the idea itself and how they respond to it and exactly how much acceptable to them it would be and such open-ended questions. To place practical required information for research objective.

d) Implementing the study plan. TNS Global acquired supply us with implantation that includes collecting, processing, analyzing the info.

e) Interpreting and reporting the results. Conclusions were delivered to us in a vibrant form that assured our idea about the viability and investment of our product in the Egyptian market.

Part B

Executive summary

Paul is preparing to establish one of its branches in Egypt, which is one of the big developing marketplaces. Through direct investment to make sure our control over the Egyptian market.

Despite the existence of bakeries other rivals, we can remain competitive because our offering combines both high distinctive quality and suitable market price. We have been targeting special segments in the consumers level, taking benefit of high quality cooked goods, and distinctive foods and sweets.

The principal marketing objective of the research is to acquire first yr Egyptian market talk about of 20 %. This primary financial purpose is to achieve first year sales revenue of 20 million EGP, while keeping deficits to significantly less than 6 million EGP.

Current Market Situation

Paul founded 120 years back and is a market innovator in France with an increase of than 360 local branches and also have propagate over 20 countries worldwide, and is going to type in the Egyptian market immediately. The demand of the Egyptians to cafes with cooked goods is increasing quickly which lead to upsurge in competitive pressure. Thus reliance on high quality and a little over price matching to other opponents will be obligatory to attain market show in this environment. Paul must carefully focus on specific market segments.

Market Description

Paul market includes consumers of most ages from small children up to elderly people that could be athletic, healthy or food admiring, who needs a quick pick out and go or a short rest in regular daily basis. In the first yr we will focus on specific segments. Stand A1 illustrates how Paul protects the needs of targeted consumers

Product Review

Paul offers various high quality standard products indoor where customers can have capacity to hook up via the Internet while enjoying leisure or conference or takeaway

7 Plates specially for breakfast

6 Varieties of plates for a quick lunch

24 Different sandwiches with all of the 7 different breads

10 Types of pies & pizzas

15 Salads

8 Grand basic bread

10 Pleasure bread

8 Light and healthy bread

4 Special dishes for athletic and Healthy people

11 Different types of cakes and desserts

5 Type of ice creams

9 Viennoiseries and special pastries

6 Options of Crepe

36 Fresh juice, Hot and cold drinks

7 Eliminate containers of 12 mini special desserts of your respective choice

Table A1:

Target Segments

Customer Need

Corresponding Benefit







Ice creams


Quick pick and go before classes

Small goodies on way back home or between courses



Hot and cool drinks



A little gathering between shopping, work or hangouts

A quick drink on busy days

Breakfast or meal plates

Fresh juice or other drinks


Pies and pizzas


Buy goods for home or family

One of the 22 Bread

A box of little desserts

Athletic and Healthy

Healthy low fat food

Food to squeeze in their daily diet

A pick up before or after workout

One of 8 types of the healthy breads with vitamins and vitamins

The unique collection of the healthy sandwiches

One of the meals for athletic people depending on the activity and their daily need

First 12 months sales profits are expected to be 20 million EGP based on sales of Paul's cooked goods. During the second time we prepare to present Paul's restaurant which will provide the following


Side dishes

Side sauce

Big main food for Breakfast, Meal & Dinner

More menu variety from each group of the prior provided products

Competitive Review

Increased accessibility of cafes and bakeries has pressured competition to consistently let prices down and add more products every day.

Competitors include


Costa coffee

On the run

The bakery

Starbucks: Can be an international coffee shop from 30 years back, offering hot and cold drinks, some desserts and very few sandwiches.

Costa caf: is a 28 years of age coffee shop which is internationally recognized, that offers few sandwiches, salads and desserts. But just lately is facing financial problems because of the increase of competitors and being unable to give a bigger variety of products.

On the run : is the biggest competitor as its generally top quality through almost 9000 stores worldwide, and one of the leading stores locally. It markets desserts, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, salads, hardly any pizza.

The bakery : is one of the several shops which is considered to be a caf and a bakery that markets some breads, sandwiches, few sweets, hot and wintry drinks

Despite this strong competition, Paul can find out a distinct image and win acknowledgement between these rivals and targeted sections. Our Unique way of cooking bread is certain and doesn't are present anywhere else, adding Paul's large variety of products that have French background makes it unique in the local market, rather than disregard 120 years experience.

Distribution review

Paul's products will be sold through Paul's stores and also through other stores in top 20 Egyptian marketplaces. Among the most crucial partners that will assist us send out that already has been contacted are

Super Market segments. Metro market & Alfa market. Allows Paul to provide its product in their store.

Local bakeries. The baker, Bakery basket. Will obtain Paul its unique bakery variety to offer in their store.

School and University or college. American University or college Cairo, German School Cairo, English International University Cairo, German University Cairo & People from france University Egypt, Le Collge de la Mere de Dieu. Have decided to deliver the majority of our sandwiches, sweets and drinks in their Cafeteria.

Fitness centers and sport night clubs. World gym, Golds fitness center and Platinum fitness center, will sell our healthy sandwiches and athletic's foods.

SWOT Analysis


Variety. Our customer has a variety of varieties through which they can explore and try to not getting used to only one product.

Price. Our products are within an affordable competing price according to the provided quality.

Quality. Paul signed with the Ministry of Health's Conditions of voluntary commitments healthy improvement under the Program National Nutrition Sant on all its products. Paul becomes the first make of bakery and wedding caterers to obtain this acknowledgement.

Reputation. Paul has achieved an esteemed reputation throughout the years.

Unique. Paul provides many unique products in the Egyptian market which makes it possible for it to have a particular image between competition which would make it to have the targeted market talk about.


Brand Awareness. As the set up, Paul didn't yet build an image or brand name in the local market. Whereas "On the Run "and other opponents have a strong image and nationwide brand acknowledgement.

Culture Background. Most of our product originates from French backdrop, thus it will take a little time for the Egyptian culture to explore and familiarize with it.


Paul can take benefit of two major market opportunities

Lack in market. Egyptian market lacks almost all of the products that Paul would introduce.

Increase demand. Egyptians demand to cafes with cooked goods is growing rapidly.


Increased Competition. More bakeries and caf's are going into the Egyptian market. With a huge selection of them, Paul must stress out clear differentiation.

Competitive prices. Increased completion is moving down the costs.

Duration. Paul's products are food based, thus it must be sold during a small amount of time period scheduled to expiry and quality safety measures.

Objectives and Issues

We have ambitious but reachable goals during out first and second years of market admittance.

First year Aim. During the entrance of Paul for the first season in the Egyptian market, were focusing on for 20% share of Egyptian market.

Second year Target. We are looking to achieve 30% of Egyptian market based on introducing Paul restaurant also to achieve break in the action even early in this era.

Marketing Strategy

Paul's online marketing strategy mainly depends upon setting of product differentiation.

Consumer target

Primary consumer goal. Adults and students which are believed upper to middle income individuals, who gathers throughout the tea-area in Paul and consumers more throughout their stay.

Secondary Consumer Aim for. Sportsmen and healthy people, because of the demand for healthy and enthusiastic food which contains high vitamins and nutrients that Egyptians market lacks.

Tertiary Consumer Goal. Children and elderly people, as their needs would be little and attained easily by largely buying few products takeaway, like sweets, bakery or desserts.

Business Target

Primary business concentrate on. Is middle to large sized

Schools & Colleges. As there are large amount of students who is able to benefit from its occurrence at their location especially throughout their respite or between lectures as well as their ability to buy such product.

Fitness stores & Sport Clubs. Can benefit from the lifestyle of our products, pre or post work out, which could enable them to keep their training and diet.


Through product differentiation, our product will position itself in another way that other challengers.

We will focus on high quality, unique preference and price added value.

Product strategy

Paul will be offering all the products reviewed in the last product review section through the first 12 months. We will create Paul restaurant which will be offering, Soups, Side dishes, Area sauce, & big main food for Breakfast, Lunchtime & Meal as well as more menu variety from each category of the previous provided products. Building Paul's brand name that advocates high quality satisfaction is an essential part of our own strategy. The brand "PAUL "will be paper on every totes and product packaging to enhance its entrance in the marketing advertising.

Pricing Strategy

Since Paul's products are new to this market, and due to high competition between prices; Paul will create its products in a lower price through the first yr until Paul's restaurant is launched by the next 12 months afterward an addition o 10% on Paul's product will take place to compensate the costs being paid to determine the restaurant also to allow further enlargement to cover more parts of Egypt.

Our First Year average prices will be as follows.

Breakfast Plates ( 14 - 35 LE )

Quick meal Plates ( 3 5 -56 L. E )

Sandwiches with the types ( 24. 5 - 42 L. E )

Pies & Pizzas ( 14 - 28 L. E )

Salads ( 24. 5 - 38. 5 L. E )

Grand basic breads ( 7- 10. 5 L. E )

Pleasure breads ( 7- 35 L. E )

Light and healthy breads ( 10. 5 - 35 L. E )

Athletic and Healthy foods ( 40 - 65 L. E )

Cakes and desserts ( 14- 28 L. E )

Ice creams ( 7- 14 L. E )

Viennoiseries and sugary pastries ( 5. 6 - 14 L. E)

Crepes ( 10. 5- 17. 5 L. E )

Fresh Juices, Hot & frosty beverages ( 7 - 21 L. E )

Take away boxes ( 70 L. E )

Distribution Strategy

Paul's channel strategy is by using its store location as, the burkha tool to deliver its products and to rely subsequently on well known supermarkets, local bakeries, institutions, universities, fitness centers and sport golf clubs, and last but not least on online requests.

Marketing Organization

Marketing Communication Strategy

By combining and distributing all multimedia messages together, we will strengthen the brand name and the key factors of product differentiation, especially out unique breads and sweets. Media marketing campaign will be critical before and during product introduction. Therefore, advertising can look on a rhythmic basis to maintain brand consciousness and convey numerous differentiation emails. We would coordinate Public Relations initiatives to build up Paul Brand name and support the differentiation concept. We will as well offer limited time campaigns, a outlined item for customers that will buy a dessert, breads or other products will be offered without charge and further such campaigns to get market attention and favors purchasing.

Paul provides free examples on first one month, for its business targets, as well as it would set special deals deals for suppliers that could place volume requests. We would as well rent booths in grand department stores to demonstrate our products for first two weeks, we also will offer discounts for purchases that exceeds 150 L. E.

Multimedia advertising campaign will need place; offers will be held with our partner radio stations, so that free gift coupons would be offered as a award through them.

Action Programs

Paul will get into the Egyptian Market in Sept. The approaching steps will summarize the action programs which will be taking place within the next six months.


We will begin with 400, 000 L. E. sales campaign campaigns, to present the knowing of Paul to the neighborhood bakeries, institutions and universities, fitness clubs and supermarket and to generate enjoyment for Paul's entry on October.


Paul will be launched. Internet, Radio, and print campaign will take place, directed towards our business and customer focuses on. The advertising campaign will show the products you can expect, their quality, and that they are new and unique in Egypt.


As internet, Radio, Print & multimedia campaigns persists, we will add consumer sales deals, as offering campaigns for great deal purchases, providing free item to people that buy sweets, breads and other products, as well as placing our booth in grand department stores offering free examples.


We will distribute our products to academic institutions, colleges and supermarkets at this time. Sales contest will be hold to offer awards for sales person or one in our associates that offers our products, which possessed sold most out of our own products.


Radio advertisings will put on celebrities taking about their experience hoping Paul. Prints, television and internet ads will show superstars eating a dessert from Paul.


We will offer out free coupons to our partner radio stations. we will place our products in local bakeries, fitness gyms and sport golf clubs. Results of client satisfaction survey will be counted and thought to employ it in further deals, and to review feedback of our products.


The first Yr sales profit is projected to be 20 million EGP. We forecast the first season lack of 6 million EGP as there would be marketing budget not less than 1 million EGP in addition to the start up expenditures of factory building, equipment, and staff hiring and training.


We are arranging a Very restricted control strategy with strong monitoring solution to ensure customer satisfaction. That will allow us to respond rapidly in correcting any problems that may occur.

Part 3

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