Making Home Baked Occasional Cakes And Floral Design Marketing Essay

The project is dependant on making home cooked infrequent cakes and floral beautification of your occurrences and also of your wedding autos. We always meet or go over our client's aims. Whatever your goal is, we'll support you in finding the best ways to use our skills, in the most affordable manner.

We offer you every aspect to simplify your planning and make your entire day memorable in a manner that you have ever imagined. We go beyond your goals, not your budget and provide you with those prices that you visualize for your occasions to make it a talk of town. We secure you the best services at negotiated prices through our reliable and highly professional team.

Our brand Beauty promise anyone to give a creative touch and style and make you to feel honored and delighted by fascinating services from us for your situations.

Company & Product Profile

Background of Idea

The purpose of launching a company is to utilize our energy and imagination in beneficial way to serve people and earn to be self-sufficient. For this we make many ideas to work with, but by inspecting all facts and consulting with course instructor we made a decision to launch an enterprise that is about making special infrequent cakes and coping with floral decoration under the brand of Style.

We choose this idea because we've the capability to made quality cakes by our home at home. And we come in floral business to work with our garden with growing some species of blooms and also inserting and stocking those in the garden to meet up with the limited budget and financing that people have for allocation running a business.

Summary of Business Idea

We the "Elegance" are introducing two product lines that are:

Occasional cakes

Floral decoration


The idea is to unveiling our product that is about making delicious occasional cakes with excellent quality. Cakes are a time-honored, traditional part of get-togethers. A birthday, wedding anniversary, wedding, or commemoration of any milestone wouldn't normally be complete without the wedding cake. These cakes are fresh, affordable with unmatchable tastes, creative and chic in display.

We make special cakes for the occurrences and occasions like birthdays, marriages, anniversaries and many more. Cakes are made with the eyesight to make your event memorable for your family members and friends by providing you superior quality and flavour with marvelous bringing in dressing and topping of special cakes with all custom embellished and personalized with your wants. We serve you with delight whether you understand precisely what you want or want us to create or create something special for you.

Each cake is a creation of the Luxury, subject to each member's artistic interpretation. That is why each cake is obviously fresh, creative and always special.

We tries are best to match the beautification of the wedding cake corresponding to your theme of the function like the cake can match your wedding or get together dress, adornment etc. Ribbon, lace, tulle, bows and other features are also part of the value that people planned to offer.

Features of the Product:

Our infrequent cakes are unique in some features that are:

Homemade cakes

Superior in quality

Freshness guaranteed

Creativity with artistic approach

Delicious cakes with fashionable aroma

Affordable price with strong presentation.


The other product that Style offers to its customers is making, arranging, designing, scheming and ornamenting with plants. We deals with floral habits and beautify your occurrences with fresh species of plants that are of superior quality with 100 % pure, natual-aroma and color. Through working with creative and creative head we provide you pleasure through fine art of floral design and habits. It includes

Bridal Bouquet

Wedding car decoration


The new product principles and ideas for products extensions always look guidelines to folks who are closest to the development process. The big question for the future of the ideas, however, you heading to sell? A little market research can be extremely useful in the parting of illusion product designers; the real value of this new products will carry paying customers. Formal general market trends, with medical professionals as defendants, will offer growing companies

a new product with information about:

1. the altitude of obtaining of a product is on the advertise

2. Product plan changes that increase the value

3. Sub-segments which have uncommon needs and

4. Prices that appear appropriate and attractive.

Wedding rose decoration

Flower agreement could be called a form of "perishable contemporary art, ". Beauty is one of the very most precious things in life, being one of the principal elements of delight and pleasure and flowers are the most beautiful things of mother nature, so why not to ever use this element for adding variety and blush in your daily life.

Competitor's Analysis

The major rivals are

Flora queen

Dee's horal designs

Cake build and decoration

Vision Statement

"Our eye-sight is to make your occasion creative with creative impact of floral designs and present you the beautiful taste of delicious cakes. "

Mission Statement

"We the Beauty serve the individuals by making their situations special and memorable by giving them quality cakes with unmatchable tastes and also making their happenings more fashionable by unique and creative floral preparations of incidents. "



Main goals of Style are:

Maintain excellent client relationships and an eyesight for quality and depth.

Gain a big market show by delivering elegant value.

To gain long-run earnings and be the competitive on the market.

To be the competitive and best value service provider at small range.

To raise the market talk about and creating devotion of customers.

To expand the business enterprise by starting new SBUS for the same market.


Main Objectives of Elegance are:

To provide our clients with exceptional floral design alternatives and advanced quality of cakes leading to optimum event activities.

Maximum customer care through our involvement and incorporation.

Combining creative and visionary talents with this professional to do best for customers.

To build our space between the competitors.

Provide elegant services to the local market.

Try to gain good market show of at least 20-25% first.

Try to keep our procedure cost to its nominal in order to provide quality bloom at very reasonable price to your customers.

Specialized in wedding plants but at affordable price.

Segmentation, MARKETPLACE & Positioning

Segmentation and Concentrate on Market

We choose our target market for providing services that is multi segmented in aspect. Our target market includes the local people of Britain who participate in Elite class, higher class and upper middle class as per their income group. It also includes the young generations who are creative and innovation enthusiast and wished to make their occasions (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc) fantastic and memorable for his or her loved ones.


Elegance wants to produce the artistic and creative image in the mind of customers. It always will try to create something special for their customer's incidents and wants to add value and multiplicity with luxury.

The slogan or the positioning affirmation of style is:

"Whatever your look is. Let us make your occasion as unique as you"

Consumer Behavior

Elegance, being the quality and creative methodology follower and supplier of the worthiness to the customers, always manages the consumer patterns.

In this age people are usually more conscious about their needs and desires and desire the product quality focused products for themselves which really can improve their standard. People are more conscious and aware what they actually want for their situations to make it unforgettable. But in very rare some people does not know very well what they can do for his or her occasions because of time limit, budget constraint and a great many other reasons. But every person whether a child, young girl, boy or a old person always wish while arranging function of birthdays, marriages, engagements and anniversaries to make it special and impressive for everybody.

The perception is the fact that behavior of our own customer is the preliminary for all of us to providing services to them. So we provide services as per consumer requirements and requirements. First understand our customer desire and then accomplish them at our best. Care for our customers and we will try our best to manage the function within the budget of consumer.

New Product Planning & Development

Elegance happens to be coping with two product lines, infrequent cakes and floral decoration. But by time it will also launch new product lines coping with bakery products more certainly. But for new product development Elegance will conduct a market survey and can provide our customer to provide us feedback first to start to see the trends of people and need of new bakery products in market.

We will use SIMULATED TEST MARKETING in geographic area first, to the clients who are getting close to buy our periodic cakes. And after studying all market surveys and trials of new products we will finalize to start our new product in the market.

Product Life Cycle

In the product life cycle, presently Beauty stands at introductory stage. In this point out we want to distributed information and knowing of our brand to your target customers. We have been striving to go to another step at PLC that is expansion stage.

At growth stage, Elegance is likely to release new and wide spread promotional campaigns to appeal to more customers. On this stage we will be advertising our brand in comparative mode so that clients can come and also to persuade people for brand devotion.

After achieving progress level at PLC we the Luxury will try to be positioned at maturity level. In this talk about we introduce some more innovative ideas to attain the existing customers that already are committed to us and also for many who has not been come to to us. Some new products or SBUs are also includes in Style strategy at maturity level.

Style and innovation is the key of your brand positioning so our company is hopeful to accomplish our goals via this plan of business. We live also hopeful never to be out of competition and understand as decline stage. But if due to any reason, our brand will be flop we will reposition our brand and re release it with new strategies and product mixture.

Differentiation &Placement Strategy Competitive Edge

Our competitive advantage is that we come in the market with new selection of ideas, stylish and impressive creations of home cooked cakes, along with the floral making and plans business. We will vary from competition because we are providing two different services under one roof structure with extreme field of expertise in both fields.

The elegance is one of local bakeshops that are specialist in personal home baked cakes for situations like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrating parties and festivals. We made cakes with intricate side - highlighted ornamentation. Its unique and extra standard designs for adorned cakes differentiate it from other bakeshops that provide cakes. In addition, it has reasonable label prices and has customized and individualized services that can work out any budget, design and routine of your client. We are also personally involved in the process of cooking the cake to the decorating and down to its delivery and set up.

Elegance also assures its customers the freshness in the wedding cake and in floral decor. We always utilize the best and fresh materials to make a cake in hygienic environment.

Elegance as floral decorator competes with its competition on the style and design that it creates specially for your incidents to make it unforgettable. We never compromise on whatever reduces the ornamentation of your event and does not match with the theme of occasion. We always try to give the chic turn to your event in your made the decision budget by playing in various styles with bouquets.

Growth Strategy

We are preparing to put into action Product penetration strategy to expand in market. We will establish new product line of bakery products like cookies, glass cakes and ice-cream for the same marketplace.

We are preparing to development in bakery line products because of the demands from it in all age groups. We will also think to extend our floral decor business to other areas also to understand maximum people to serve.

Our growth strategy also includes increasing our electric outlet area and also creating new outlets in different areas of England primarily and then all over the United Kingdom.

Competition Strategy

Our competition is not price centered or cost concentrated, but we are just focused on value providing. Our bottom part series is to provide our customers the classy and ground-breaking services through our skilled and professional team.

"We just value your inclination and need and make an effort to meet your imagination or even surpass than your visualization at the specific budget via our professional methodology. "

We want to achieve the (QSCV) QUALITY, SERVICE, CLEANLINESS and VALUE for our customers. This will likely be our major competitive strategy.

SWOT Analysis

For great planning SWOT examination can be an auditing tool of a business. Through it company can evaluate and analyses its external and internal condition of market. Power and weakness are inner factors and opportunity and threat are external factors.

The SWOT research of ELEGANCE is as below:


Strong product knowledge.

Well- diverse product line.

Artistic yet reasonable approach.

Quality and Reliable products.

Creative, versatile and highly professional employees.


Narrow production capacity.

Small player in the neighborhood market.

Budget constraints/ limited funding.

Less experienced and no market talk about.

Limited brand consciousness on the market.

We haven't any reputation as any product present in the market.

Aggressive expansion may lead to managerial / financial problems.


Numerous brand extensions.

Positive opinions from the modern culture.

Increase in Customers demand and wants.

Opportunity to make our place on the market.

Could develop new products and also establish new stores.

Opportunity to get competitive gain through our setting strategy


Threat of new entrants.

Unstable politics conditions.

Probable reactive harm by major competition.

Strong brand reorganization of competition.

Diverse customer needs and swift change in likes.

Can prevent it performance in the presence of competitors.

PEST Analysis

A PEST examination is most commonly steps a market condition as Politically, Economically, Socially and Technologically. It's very important an company considers its environment before beginning the marketing process. Infact, environmental research should be continuous and leed all aspects of planning.

The pest evaluation of style is written below.


1. The unstable State and government control might well have negative effect.

2. Growing of rates of interest could results in enlargement of brand.


Lifestyle tendencies are changing very rapidly

Consumer attitudes are more demanding.

Consumer can switch from bakery items anticipated to health concerns and fats consciousness.


Increase in inflation could have an effect on the people's buying electricity.

Changes in throw-away income could influence purchasing decision.


Use of new technologies can increase the development rate and efficiency.

Effectiveness can be increased by increasing output in less time.

BCG matrix

The Boston consulting group (BCG) matrix is a straightforward tool to examine a company's position in conditions of its product range. It helps a company think about its products and services and make decisions in what product it should keep, which it will let go and which it should invest in further.

In our circumstance were in the introductory level and laying at the position of question symbol, as being new on the market. But we desire to achieve the star position quickly in BCG matrix by constantly providing the best efforts and value to our customers and also to meet their anticipations.


Budget Rs 10, 00, 00/-


Advance of office 8000

Oven 4400

Refrigerators 6600

Office equipment 5000

Kitchen reconstruction 3000

Kitchen devices 5000

Garden reconstruction 3000

Cutters equipment 7500

Promotional budget 7500

Packaging & labeling 8000

Total Investment 58000

FIXED COST: (for one month)

Rent 30, 00

Salaries & expenses 90, 00

Transportation cost 65, 00

Total FIXED COST 18500

VARIABLE COST: (for just one month)

Following are as per the order and customers necessity so at average:

Fresh bouquets 6000

Decoration cost 11000

Baking material 7500

(Flour, wheat, eggs, baking powder, cream, flavours, chocolate, cocoa, butter etc)

(Ribbons, frill, beats, bows, binding agent, artificial flowers)


Total cost :( for four weeks)

Fixed cost + variable cost = 18500 +24500 (approx)

= 430, 00

TOTAL SALES 59000 (cakes20500 and events 38500)

Less cost 43000

TOTAL Income Rs. 160, 00/-

Marketing Combination Decisions

Product Decision & Recommendation

Floral Arrangements:

Flowers are wonderful source to build a beautiful and glowing environment. Actually, flowers have a terminology of their own to express feelings and sentiments. Hence Rose Decorations make for the wonderful, smart and colored decoration. Flowers are truly symbolic of freshness, vitality and good needs.

Fresh blooms are preferable for its perfume and intoxicating smell. However, dried and silk blooms can also make for the marvelous decoration.

We offer our services for all those occasion's decoration, flower bouquets and also give style to your wedding automobiles. By our artistic approach you want to provide our customers creatively, providing fresh bouquets with quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. We have a wide selection of flowers shipped in daily from several locations around the city. We give our clients the ease of dealing with us. We manage everything from "concept to completion" by combining a superior, charismatic team of event specialists to control and produce a meeting that achieves fine detail, quality and measurable results.

Our clients value our event know-how and professionalism and reliability, creative perspective, and ability to comprehend and translate their event into something bigger and more successful than dreamed. We have confidence in personal service and making your event the best it may possibly be. Because every event is different and has different problems and opportunities, we choose to discuss your event planning and floral business with you.


We want to boost our product collection in future by increasing our products in SBU's.

Increase in products of bakery product like cookies, pastries, breads etc.

Make a diversification product just like a surprise shop etc.

Pricing Decisions& Recommendations

Pricing strategy of Style is skimming and initially the business is concentrating on GOOD-VALUE PRICING. Were also putting into action the strategies of BUNDLE Costs for our products to facilitate our customers who are buying cakes and also offering us honor to create and enhance their occurrences elegantly by floral modus operandi.

Every single cake has its unique style. All our cakes are produced from scratch. Depending on type of cake baked, filling, required beautification and level of ingenuity; every cake will have its own price.

The price of each cake includes selection of cake flavor, filling, and icing. Careful assemblage, sugar flowers, and basic skill working is included.

Only cash repayments are accepted. Our prices is based largely on the complexity of the design. Embellishments, such as sweets flowers and bows, will be added to the price. Our platform price for occasional cakes is 180 per pound except design.

Floral arrangents of the location are charged according to the scope of the adornment of the function and the area of the area. Costing strategy of the car decoration is determined by Extravagance to simplistic, bouquets and design or just slice flowers.

Quality methods

There are also many quality methods, such as just-in-time creation, variability decrease, that can improve techniques and reduce waste materials.

In an effort to increase Style Competitiveness in the global market, Luxury businesses have started using TQM (Total Quality Management) strategies. The essential idea of TQM is to enhance the quality of goods and services also to thereby increase customer satisfaction and sales. Various specific TQM execution strategies have been developed over the years.

The key characteristics of Deming's strategy include: an focus on management commitment in making the program work, the value of worker contribution in decision-making, and the worthiness of maintaining an attitude of "continuous improvement. "

Distribution Channel Decisions &Recommendations

Our location and distribution channel does not involve any intermediary. It provides its services by immediate interaction with the customers. Infrequent cakes are served on counter-top delivery. You placed the order to us via immediately visiting or by cellphone and revel in our do-it-yourself delightful cakes here or take them home with you.

For car beautification, you will have to take car to the electric outlet 4hours before the wedding to ornament the vehicles with fresh flowers and Ribbons, frill, beats, bows, and silk plants as required.


We want to enhance the distribution route in future with the addition of certain feature to our small size business.

To start providing home delivery service.

To boost the workforce.

To boost the outlets in the town.

Start providing at that moment service.

Distribution round the clock.

Process decision

Process is very simple and easy to check out. It's one window process because Elegance deals directly with its customers. For floral set up you just have to inform us about your event and occasion before fourteen days so that we can register the function time and day and can discuss creative ideas along with you to provide at best. The price will be priced relating to your kind of the layout. 50 % of move forward payment is necessary at the arranging time. For immediate orders advance payment will be 75% plus some additional expense will be recharged for urgent services.

For periodic cakes you have to see us almost 12 hours before your special ceremony, so that people can make the cakes as you fantasy it to be.

The information that we need at time of reservation is

At what time are you planning to serve the cake to your guests?

How many guests will be in your party?

What color scheme do you want?

Do you have a theme, or something used frequently through your planning and decorating?

Flowers; which kind does you visualize on your wedding cake, if any? (Fresh, silk, icing).

Spellings of the name or words you want to write on cake.

Physical Evidence Decisions

Our office that is located in London is our physical facts. Clothes code of the employees also gives evidence of elegance existence. Our state of art service which truly signifies our services and we've designed it to hold and store our expertise in one place to be utilized in floral design and deliverance point of views.

People at Elegance

The work force that we employed for delivering services is the asset of elegance because they're the driving push behind and on the screen. Elegance is a brand that targets team working and promotes coordination between all employees and management of the business in order to ensure that every occasion will have its own unique style.

Promotional Decisions & Strategies

Elegance is new entrant in market so that it needs a great deal of promotional promotions to create recognition among the list of natives of geographic area up to at least 2 miles away its location.

Due to budget constraint our promotional campaigns are limited and at smaller level. We are trying to convey our note to our marketplace through spreading leaflets of luxury in our locality. We've also made a deal with geographic area cable for one month to release our advertisement communication as scroll twice every day.

We are also offering special discount on cultural festivals and new 12 months to our customers on purchasing cakes and also for design.

Elegance being the various than its opponents always concern their customers to serve in better way and facilitate them in a fashion that they might be highly satisfied. In order to evaluate the effort of customer's satisfaction, Beauty used feedback credit card to analyses their performance. These credit cards are source to investigate the elegance way to do work in addition to a standard that where luxury stands and it also the tool for bettering positioning in the market and improve brand image in customer's head. It also works as promotional activity for beauty.

To expand the business enterprise which is the best target of each corporation we will improve our ad on billboards, flyers, leaflets on seasonal discount rates and TV commercials in future.

Summary & references

Elegance feels in a simple strategy, stylish design aesthetic, and style conscious event. Our methodology is to provide our clients with a satisfying, appealing event decorating experience without compromising efficiency or performance in the process. We take care of everything from idea to completion by attribute an exclusive, fascinating unity of team to manage detail, quality and measurable results by using unique schemes of floral designs.

Every special occasion is made completely perfect by positioning importance on small details, and we pay greatest attention to every little information that our customer could want, to make their incidents impressive and breathtaking for friends and family. We pride ourselves in providing the ultimate wedding car service, watching the smallest details to be able to relax and enjoy your day to the full.

We give you a professional, yet friendly, approach fashion design our service to suit your needs. Our purpose is to supply you with a wedding car designing service of exceptional quality, even while still left over competitively costed, making us the perfect choice for your personal day.

Normal lace and wedding keep decoration is merely too common, you will want to use some fresh blossoms to give your wedding an enchanting feel!!!


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