Management Commitment And Participation WITH THE People Marketing Essay

The firm applied advanced of recruiting as well as for Social Policy; the management style is based on management commitment and participation of individuals. In addition, the business had a responsible corporate citizen, focused on the government, shareholders, customers, communities and consumers. Environmental objections are committed to business practices and taking into account the necessity to conserve natural resources and save energy is green. For example, guarantee that all products manufactured, imported and distributed by Nestle Malaysia are certified HALAL by authorized Islamic documentation bodies. Perhaps, Company shares through achieving sustainable and profitable long-term growth has been delivered. This brand has a wide area. Branding strategy is corporate. Area of the branding strategy is the brand plan for each and every product. That is a strategy. The brands of Nestle area key power however the executive levels are very aware today that brands alone are not enough to win. From its beginning, Nestle developed its commerce globally and became alert to the fact food products have to be closely linked to restricted eating and social custom. That's the reason Nestle form the start has always shown reverence for various cultures and traditions. Nestle activities to complete self just as much as feasible in to the cultures and traditions where it exists, adding also to the local setting its own group of values. so, Nestle embrace cultural and social diversity and does not discriminate based on origin, nationality, religion, race, gender or age.

Also, Nestle believes that is activities can only be of long term benefit to the business if they are the same time useful to the neighborhood community. exactly, the environment is changing rapidly and specifically customers want for response to their concerns. To your view, global thinking and strategies can best be expressed through local action and commitment as showed as Nestle Malaysia. And undoubtedly, Nestle practical "think globally act locally" as well as thinking from the box idea in their product and distribution with the help of strategic global marketing.

"Milo", a make of chocolate/malt powder beverage of Nestle, which is once known in the past as number one brand in customers' mind in Thailand. But nowadays Milo is not that well perceived as before but another manager, Oval tine, had triumph the positioning and be market leader in the segment. With the character of Nestle that employ general marketing strategy such as cost direction in business, the company happens to be struggling difficult experience locating the competitive advantage for Milo, as it pertains to face to handle with its main rival, Oval tine. The primary goal of the marketing plan is to provide marketing strategies, Explain and predict sales Milo become the market leader in Thailand. Models and concepts of modeling, SWOT analysis and Porter's Five Forces analysis is being conducted to assist in the analysis of external factors.


'Milo' the power drink nestled in to the Indian market in 1996. The duty of launching the drink in market dominated by time tested Bourn vita and Boost was no easy task for Nestle. As the fifth player searching for a coffee drink. , the drink was against Bourn vita which had an enviable market share of 40% and SmithKline Beecham, a solid contender, especially in the south. After creating the world's number one energy drink Milo and taste benefits, the interest shifted to presenting its emotional benefits too. Focus now on rebuilding brand image of a delicious energy drink into the extra energy to 'winning'. New Milo is good for active, growing children its energy releasing B vitamins provide them with the extra energy, vitality and stamina that make them winners. Milo, the chocolate milk beverage targeted essentially at teenagers in the urban marketplace is the fastest selling product here. The one surprise to find that rather than being grand children, senior citizens want to make it your everyday bottle.


Distribution is the main thing next to sales. Sales aren't possible if the distribution network is not effective. If product is not available on the market at the right place at the right time and the customer may lose a great product that can transform it.


The firm has several options for addressing the price. Domestically Nestle's Milo manufactured finished products may be force to change to offshore sourcing of certain component to keep costs and prices competitive. Another factor has been audited by the distribution in target markets. An extension or ethnocentric pricing policy describe that the per-unit price of something to be the same no matter where on the globe the buyer can be found. Nestle's executive level monitor consciously on the freight and import duties in line with the Malaysia market. Compliance or polycentric pricing policy allows the subsidiary or affiliate managers or independent distributors to produce whatever price they feel is at very good shape.

Price strategy

Price strategy is a basic, long-term pricing framework, which establishes the initial price for something and the intended direction for price movements over the merchandise life cycle. The 3rd type of pricing strategy is to control prices, the pricing and the pricing is manufactured available. Malaysia, Nestle Milo current practice is the fact the market penetration pricing to charge relatively low price for a product where Nestle (Milo) primarily as a way to reach a mass market.

Choose the price strategy

When Nestle Milo has decided the product price, they will choose a good pricing strategy that will give them direction of price movements over the Product Life Cycle. Nestle Milo are proficient in higher prices. If the bigger prices, they have to create a good quality of Milo. Furthermore, competition may affect pricing strategy. For example, if Nestle Milo introduces a fresh product that same with competitors, the price will be restricted and close to the price of competitors. But Nestle Milo in a position to differentiate and convince consumers they can set a higher price for the merchandise.


Using the buyer insight that mothers are driven by the need to aid their sons' hard work and help them succeed when under great pressure, the agency launched an impressive ad campaign. The analysis showed that the campaign needs to Milo as a drink with two strong power delivery and taste perception. Thus a strategy was adopted wherein the agency targeted children owned by the age band of 7-12 years and through them their mothers. The strategy worked and resulted in a 40% volume growth, with the marketplace share growing to 8. 8%. The agency came up with commercials addressed to children as the target audience and mothers as the secondary audience. The campaign became successful with the drink emerging as the No. 2 brand in 3 out of 4 zones, and its own market share growing to an impressive 11. 4%. Unhappy, the agency undertook another research, which revealed two issues that needed to be addressed immediately. Firstly the pester power, which in this category was not very high and secondly, the actual fact that Milo' s brand promise of winning was unfortunately being perceived as an advertising/ marketing claim. Hence Nestle embarked into another campaign, this time with the intention of bettering the brand image by overcoming a mother's apprehensions and getting her to subscribe to the brand promise. Besides that it takes a dynamic part in the sponsorship of sports event at both school & colleges, they also distribute T-Shirts having Milo logo and other such apparel. This can help company to promote their product as well as build their Brand Awareness.

Promotion Recommendation

To make Milo being well-known from coast to coast, they should make a lot of promotions which is dissimilar with the promotions they have done before. Afterwehave experienced the discussion, we have all agreed that Milo can wider their promotion by causing a contest or a lucky draw.

They simply need to put a lucky number behind the packaging and the finish of the month, the will pick a lucky number and the lucky customer can redeem their price at the nearest Milo's branch. Besides that, Milo can make a different packaging style.

They should combine almost all their products in a single pack including mini pack of Milo powder, Milo energy bar, Milo fuse, and so much more. Using this method design of packaging, Milo can make all your delightful product promotion to a customer so that they have the ability to try all the merchandise made by Milo. If they interested with one or all the merchandise, for sure they'll but it again and again. This will increase the profit.


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