Management Function And Process Marketing Essay

â. Internal Environment

â±. Exterior Environment

â£. Management Process

â. Planning

â±. Organizing

â². Leading

â³. Controlling

â. Reference

â. Introduction

First of most, to present the report information method, narrator is assumed by CEO of UNIQLO Singapore and then this newspaper will be sent to new buyers. So first two sections that are company introduce and inside environment are centered to brand itself. Because traders may have uncertain potential customer about our company and through the report, insufficient brand information could be grasped. Alternatively, another section that is management process is focused on Singapore established UNIQLO. So this section includes specific business path and prediction.

In conditions of data collection, inside data that is provided by UNIQLO to traders was the primary source of the statement. And lots of related articles were referenced. Also data from Department of Statics Singapore and Ministry of Manpower could be a good source which relates to Singapore.

â¡. Corporate and business Information

UNIQLO is Japanese casual apparel company. They may have 1146 stores over 13 countries and world wide web sales was around 1. 7 billion us dollars (160 billion yens) in 2012. Starting of UNIQLO is at 1984 by present CEO, Tadashi Yanai. Presently, he's the richest person in Japan and was rated 76th in the world by Forbes.

Furthermore relating to exclusive brand research agency, MilwardBrown, brand value of UNIQLO was 6th in outfits sector. Also a get ranking of market capitalization was 3th on the globe following by ZARA and H&M.

ì±ìž¥ì¸. png

(Industry Position, 2013)

To send above chart, UNIQLO cannot achieve outstanding expansion until 2005. However quick growth has been completed since 2009, at that time operating profit curve and online sales graph shows steep development. Nevertheless the more important point is that they are showing steep development in current and probability that they can sustain this development acceleration in the future.

⢠- â) Internal Environment


Tangible Resources

Tangible resources could be not only physical resources like equipment but also financial resources or workers. Inside our case, the number of full-time employees is 18854 amount and we've 1146 stores over 13 countries. Furthermore, based on 2009, the amount of total advantage was 2. 2 billion dollars(209 billion yens) and the administrative centre was 10. 7 million dollars(1 billion yens).

Intangible Resources

Intangible resources are a bit abstract, which are difficult to quantify. But they also could be critical elements for competitive electricity. For example there are brand value, patent and ability of employee. With regards to brand value, regarding to Top 10 Appraisal Brand explored by Milward Brown, Uniqlo was 6th brand accompanied by Adidas. And then with regard to technique, best example is our product, Heattech. It cannot become widely known in Singapore due to tropical local climate. However this technique is about ground breaking heat-fiber. Because of the tech of heat-fiber, in conditions of only Heattech brand, 100 million products could be sold all over the world in 2011. (Clothing)


Functional analysis

Among three varieties of evaluation only functional evaluation will be introduced, especially about two primary functional areas, processing and product design. First our manufacturing system has purely suffered 0. 3% of defective rate even though common rate of same field was 2-3%. Furthermore in terms of product design sector, we have performed the special task, which collaborates with dominant designers like Jil Sander. These effort and innovation could preserve the worldwide competitive vitality.

⢠- â) Internal Environment


Tangible Resources

Tangible resources could be not only physical investments like equipment but also money or workers. In our case, the number of full-time employees is 18854 amount and we have 1146 stores over 13 countries. Furthermore, based on 2009, the quantity of total property was 2. 2 billion dollars(209 billion yens) and the capital was 10. 7 million dollars(1 billion yens).

Intangible Resources

Intangible resources are a little bit abstract, which can be difficult to quantify. But they also could be critical elements for competitive electric power. For instance there are brand value, patent and talent of employee. When it comes to brand value, relating to Top 10 Appraisal Brand investigated by Milward Brown, Uniqlo was 6th brand accompanied by Adidas. And in regards to to technique, best example is our product, Heattech. It cannot become widely known in Singapore on account of tropical environment. However this technique is about impressive heat-fiber. Thanks to the technical of heat-fiber, in terms of only Heattech collection, 100 million products could be sold worldwide in 2011. (Apparel)


Functional analysis

Among three sorts of analysis only functional examination will be released, especially about two primary functional areas, developing and product design. First our manufacturing system has totally suffered 0. 3% of faulty rate even though usual rate of same field was 2-3%. Furthermore in conditions of product design sector, we've performed the special job, which collaborates with prominent designers like Jil Sander. These effort and innovation could preserve the worldwide competitive vitality.

⢠- â±) Alternative Environment

Macro Environment (General Environment)

Through the info of macro environment like demographic trend, economical or sociocultural condition, and political/legal force, we could set a technique that is tweaked to local market. In such a section, we investigated macroscopic market merit of Singapore. To help the detailed of reader, we employed the graph and chart, which source of data is from Department of Information Singapore.

First this data is society old group. To concentrate on specific target human population, the analysis of purchasing power by age group should be performed. In case there is Singapore, the pace of son including mere rookie of population is quite less than middle-aged people. Therefore even though Uniqlo has customers for diverse age groups, we could more concentrate on middle age group as a concentrate on, which includes more purchasing vitality and has greater number of people. (Key Annual Indications, 2012) 3-2) ì²ë²ˆì¸. gif

Second to refer below chart, we're able to grasp the idea about average purchasing vitality of Singapore. To have CPF or not, gross every month income was over three thousand dollars. A lot more important point is twelve-monthly wage change. Because wage increasing rate demonstrates increase of customer purchasing electric power, of course the price tag on labor would also become higher though. Therefore to figure out the data exactly, except 2009 economy crises, the speed of total wage change has been increased over 4% on a yearly basis since 2005. Also the speed in 2011 was quite large amount, 6% increase. (Income, 2013)

3-2) ëë²ˆì¸. jpg

Micro Environment (Industry Environment)

To refer platform of Poter's five pushes for justification, among five causes, we will demonstrate about risk of new competitors. Thanks to our brand feature that our strength isn't only fashion but also function, we could have taken massive amount market talk about. So we've a confidence that people could be predominant position also in Singapore market. However there may be one crucial problem that is online market growing fast. Nowadays development, fast fashion is suited to cheap and fast-consumed products. So online market could sufficiently reflect these trend and theses online sellers could become threat of market competition.

â£. Management Function and Process

â. Planning

Setting Objective

Overall objective

First of most, before release of the precise aim of Singapore UNIQLO, to cite the objective statement of UNIQLO as overall aim,

"We make clothes for everyone and the rest of the techniques define people. Our clothes are simple and essential yet widespread. (syncopation)

At UNIQLO, we believe that everyone can benefit from simple, well-defined clothes. " (designed for all)

Additionally the new slogan that changed in 2010 2010 also is similar with the mission statement, "DESIGNED FOR ALL".

Specific objective

Singapore UNIQLO needs small part, only retailing sector, among whole performance from manufacturing to selling. To consider specific goal like quality problem or R&D investment uses the limit. We is only going to target two objective, marketing and stock management.

First, through innovative marketing, we will create new demand on the initial Singapore clothing market alternatively than altering to existing demand.

Second, we will put a great deal of work into localization of inventory management system. So zero amount of inventory will be accomplished.

Charting a Course of Action

Strategic Action Plan

To put resources for altering the original system as ideal for local condition.

UNIQLO inventory management system has been effective to accomplish the goal of zero-inventory. But there is one limit that the machine is dependant on South Asia condition. Therefore the old system should be adjusted.

To create huge marketing research section, which focus on local market.

Because the department can take full advantage of the benefit of Singapore like multicurtural land and crucial section of Southeast Asia. Through the consequence of the study, future target products can be expected and the firm's potential can also be centered on specific product line.

When to increase the number of outlet, so long as there is no huge risk, to establish a store bigger.

Real customer awareness in the Singapore is quite significantly less than the goal of brand status Since shop size could influence the customer's brand recognition, especially in case of first impression. It'll directly link to brand consciousness.

Tactical Action Plan

Outlet manager try to strengthen the communication with other shop manager.

To accomplish the zero-inventory, it is needed to not only increase the inventory management system but also connect about handling inventory. For example each manager can help to sell remaining inventory or even to supply shortage item somewhat than operate independently.

To hire the marketing analysts who are from diverse culture.

The purpose of new marketing section is to search suitable product line for widening the market rather than posting existing market. So to get the target lines effectively, need the diverse perspectives from multicultural backdrop.

Each store utilizes the SNS properly for fresh brand consciousness.

Although huge outlet could give formal and stiff image to customers, as each manager try to talk to customers through SNS like Facebook, customer could experience special reception, which is similar to "Big store has to package numerous customers nonetheless they think me particularly. "

Operational Action Plan

When inventory is kept after next season, personnel inform preferentially the promotion for disposing the stock. .

This method could be one of the best methods for goal of zero-stock. Through individual staff's effort to see the promotion like discount event or 1 for 1 event, the remaining stock could be disposed effectively.

Outlet staff suggests first the target brand that is decided on by research and display the merchandise at main position.

These bottom line's attempts could affect hugely our aim. Because individual personnel contact immediately with customers to allow them to stimulate the customer's purchase effectively.

Staff will try to communicate privately for a familiar romance with customer.

For example personnel gives a expression like not only basic greeting but also private media that could be known through SNS. And to bear in mind customer's name like detail activity could be also good example. These activities could have an effect on positively to the brand popularity.

Resource Allocation

UNIQLO gets the SPA (Specialty store shop of Private label Garments) business model that company has whole process from manufacturing to operating. So UNIQLO allocates the resources into diverse section. However in circumstance of Singapore centered UNIQLO has few department, marketing, inventory management, and operating.

In conditions of financial resources among tangible resources, we will returning the income into each department to strengthen it. , especially to hire talented employee. Inventory management team will seek the services of outstanding student who have system engineer level from NTU for localization of inventory management system. Furthermore, marketing office will scout professional internet marketer from other Singapore based mostly advertising organizations.

On the other hands, human learning resource will be monitored by mutual movement between each office for organic blend. For example marketing manager could move to procedure team or procedure team manager can work at the inventory management team. With the reallocation of recruiting, the comprehension about other office will be better and this knowledge could be interchanged.

. Implementation

In this section, two types works that are to determine timelines and division of task will be considered. First, the inventory management team will teach graduates about basic system design in this season. Which means localization of old inventory management system will be accomplished by 2015. Second in case of marketing office, the division will be divided by two groups. One team will need a role of marketing research. Another team will concentrate on commercial advertisements. This decision means the enforcement of the research. So in the shortest time possible, it'll be finished to set a target products at local market and to perform the advertisement that is targeted on specific products.

⥠- â±) Organizing

UNIQLO is the SPA brand. Therefore the brand manages every process not only manufacturing and sales but also R&D and design. So UNIQLO has diverse departments as large as huge corporation's team. . However actually except Japan that has hq and China that has developing factory, overseas founded UNIQLO usually has only sales division like below graph.

인ìì œë. jpg

(Personal construction)

To make clear above organization composition, maybe it's defined by vertical group among two types of corporation composition. Because decision making is performed autocratically by upper manager rather than horizontal communication. Although there is activity between tactical levels, an absolute command is sent by top-down way.

However if Singapore based mostly UNIQLO grows up massively as large as headquarter of Southeast Asia, the UNIQLO has several departments as described before. For instance, in conditions of types of section, there may be marketing team or inventory management team. Which means this perspective of business framework is horizontal sizing. To clarify it in detail, it could be said that the organization has functional framework, which each department is classified by what kind of process to do.

⣠- â²) Leading

Present UNIQLO in Singapore has only sales department. So to refer the previous organizational structure of sales team, the leadership style could be evidently comprehended. Sales department has vertical firm characteristic. Therefore control style is also autocratic. From core strategy to detailed performance, all functions are chosen by upper manager. Despite the fact that some specific data could be gathered by lower staff, your choice making is merely manager's part. And the decisions are delivered to lower administrator or staffs and the manners are required by decided demand.

One of the best example is UNIQLO own manual. There are two kinds, is guidebook of store director and another is palm reserve for new employee. They all should follow the set manual. If the employee functions by own decision the rigorous penalty is followed like resignation caution. However except these coercive and reliable capabilities, almost activities of the business are did the trick by reward ability. All employees have an opportunity to get bonus or even to promote to raised manager as much as they does. Also senior manager totally know that reward policy could be a best motivation in sales part.

⣠- â³) Controlling

Singapore UNIQLO utilizes the bureaucratic control method that is formal control methodology. However due to quality of sales department, it is hard to gauge the performance. Because most activity has to be measured by quality standard, not amount standard that is employed at manufacturing division. So sales team has put a lot of effort into setting formalized standard to perform the goal of improving brand awareness effectively. You can find the process the following.

Establishing Standards

To arrange the Products that are spread after customer's surfing around immediately.

Store manager investigations the products screen and match the scarcity products every hour.

Each staff can take responsibility of each customer by keeping an eyes to their purchasing action from starting to end.

Measuring Performance

Store manager monitors frequently detail staff patterns like sampling quality test of making.

To apply formalized standard, for case personnel fills in a personal check list which includes detail action standard every hour.

To demand customers to fill in the questionnaire for customer satisfaction

Identifing Shortcoming

To explain exactly above measurement method, first in case there is self list of guidelines, it must check by personnel itself. And director compares the examined list and real tendencies. If there are differences, the idea that full symbol is 100 point is deducted by 5 point per each list. So to determine outlet's service condition, supervisor establish lower limit of check list point at 80 point. Nevertheless the critical shortcoming was that personnel did not try hard to preserve 100 point and do satisfy at 80 point.

Taking corrective action

To conclude supervisor takes action a personnel who sustains 100 point during one month could get a bonus or paid vacation. Also the coverage of questionnaire for customer satisfaction is quit because of providing annoyance to customers.

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