Market evaluation of nokia

The Nokia marketplace segment involves specific band of customers like various age ranges of people who focuses its marketing efforts. The Nokia focus on is likely to have two main reasons; the first is to gain revenue and second is to purpose at people that need form of communication. For instance, it is targeted usually at consumers with age 19-39 years old looking for entertainment. It is to attract these to use this specific brand and also to promote itself on the market.

Nokia can be described as a means of communication in today technical world. In conditions of demographics it can explain that Nokia target market apply to marketers commonly use in segmenting markets which also include gender, ethnicity, income, and interpersonal class. For example, to entice customers Nokia would need to come out with new means of improving their mobile phones, to include new applications or software to make it unique from its opponents. Not forgetting, to get reputation as an organization that manufactures quality and provisionary mobile phones. Gender on the other side is another demographic variable widely used, for example if Nokia were to purpose their products at various age ranges they would have to know when, where as well as how to purpose. Thus, results could be amazing then what seem to be to be. Ethnicity is a another variable of segmenting market segments like Nokia, for example Nokia captures market in Asia wanting to attract purchasers and dealers to sell their products and in turn gain position at that. Another is income, it often provides way to divide marketplaces because it firmly influences people product needs. Product like Nokia segmented by income include, cell phones, wireless headset, recollection cards and other small parts like power, cable and set up Cd guide. For cultural class, consumers tend to be equally as occupying inferiority or superiority relating to their own, thus they are able to progress or down throughout their lifetime.

Psychographics factors of Nokia include personality quality, motives and lifestyles, to segment markets. Personality characteristics can be useful for segmentation, like when Nokia is rivalling with other competition like Motorola, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. However, this segmentation can also be very high-risk, although when appealing to a personality feature Nokia also must view thoughts and opinions from different view. When motives are used, Nokia will probably be divided into different kinds of categories and likely will be judge by consumers like traders and buyers. For example, Nokia concentrate on from various age ranges but mostly goal at 19-39 years of age to attract younger generations into buying their products and hence enjoy growth rate sales as a result.

Lastly, behavioral parameters for Nokia can be defined as a market relating for some feature of consumer behaviours towards it. For instance, Nokia can be group into environmentally friendly and will most probably be cautious in producing mobile phones soon due to popular demands. To fulfill the consumers needs Nokia need to be totally aware that establishing prices, or even initiate special promotion and circulation activities are extremely essential in the upbringing of the brand. For instance, a consumer who buys a cellular phone is thinking about the requirements or software. Thus, individuals are segmented directly regarding with their needs and needs.

B. Product (Main, Actual and Augmented Products)

nokia primary_10nokia center_07 (Nokia Core Product)

As you can see in the picture above, this specific cell phone happens to be a Nokia center product. The design is extracted from a famous movie call the Star Wars, this product has many features that are able to solve problems for consumers. For instance, when a consumer were to acquire this particular product needs it to be in 'suggestion top' condition this means brand new rather than spoilt. Without the benefits, this product has no value in the market.

The genuine product of Nokia which includes the main product represents the buyer most basic objectives of something or service. It really is here that basic and identifiable differences between dealers start to surface. For example, in order to meet goals of the genuine product Nokia has created the product so that consumers have completely understanding of. In the next picture above, it says that consumers can pull and drop the things that they wan onto the computer using the Nokia cell phone as a mouse. For example, when purchasing this specific device additionally it is important that a consumer consider the design of the device, the decision of applications, operational software and other extras.

Lastly, the augmented products of Nokia, can be define as a bundle for a particular product or service that the consumers expect. For instance, the augmentations for a Nokia product can include an extensive guarantee and product support deal. But it also comes with a disadvantage like differentiating features and consumer needs or would like. Plus such augmentations aren't always successful, particularly if it's faced the truth is majority does not like it since it have's too many hardware or it could also imply that it is too complicated and not user friendly at all. Another reason is that Nokia mobile phone could have tons of functions that users find it difficult to make use of and instead favor a less superior cell phone. Hence, consumers should be careful in choosing the right product to avoid regrets and dissatisfactory results.

(Branding, Packaging, Warranties and Customer Service)

Nokia branding has been identify worldwide in today world, Nokia branding strategy requires or shall I say Nokia Group the Finland based mostly manufacturer of mobile has been gradually focusing on the brand name. Its performance and efficiency has even knock off mobile designer Motorola for the quantity 1 location. Nokia has even succeeded in loaning their personality and not even give out them names. Not to mention, there are three degrees of brand loyalty which includes recognition, desire and insistence. Brand recognition occurs when consumers observe that Nokia is out there and views it alternatively purchase if the most well-liked brand is unavailable. For example, the Nokia branding strategy proves that its brand can be intangible, including ideas and places. Whereas, brand preference is a better degree of brand devotion and brand insistence occurs whenever a consumer wants a specific brand like Nokia and will accept no substitute and is eager to spend significant amounts of time and effort to acquire it.

http://popsop. ru/wp-content/uploads/nokia_smart_load up. gif(Nokia packaging)

The picture shows the packaging of Nokia cell phones, packaging functions are make from Nokia on factory and company which is located in Finland. Its purpose is to provide cover from any damage to the cellular phone. Another function of this packaging is to offer convenience to consumers and also sellers. For instance, the manual guide and assembly is provided in the package deal when consumers choose the cell phone. Not to mention, cable memory credit card and electric battery are also placed into the pack for protection and it's easier to manage somewhat than splitting them and costing of the outcome is also not cheap. A third function of packaging is also to promote the product by explaining the details of the cell phones like the features, benefits and image to the consumer.

Nokia warranties usually include 24 months for the mobile device, twelve months for accessories (whether included in the mobile device sales program or sold separately). Half a year for the batteries, chargers, headset and so on and a ninety days period for the replacement, and the fixing of every other items.

Lastly, the Nokia CUSTOMER SUPPORT is usually directed at their website, this is to ensure that consumers don't get the wrong impression and will ask question when is necessary. Consumers can always go directly to the Nokia website and have question regarding their mobile phone and get opinions from the Nokia Company. Also, be sure you ask questions only related to Nokia else questions that not regard the precise request will most probably be ignored. Also, rather than email-ing those consumers can give Nokia a call also if indeed they discover that email is a slow-moving process of having questions being answer gradually. Nokia deserves the right to help those looking for their assistance and requirements. Nokia customer support collection is usually the form or method of communicating and getting answers quickly then email.

D. Distribution

Nokia circulation channels would involve activities that produce products available to consumers when and where they need to buy them. For instance, Nokia Company has signed with VoIP service of Vyke AS, Mobile IP under the conditions of distributing their cell phones or shall I say their products worldwide. This in transforms also helps VoIP service of Vyke AS, Mobile IP gain income and help increase their reputation to be competence. The techniques consumers can obtain the product is by finding its location of the whereabouts of the Nokia dealer, for the service of the product consumers can visit the Nokia website for more details and information over it. Other channels include TESSCO systems; to develop the circulation Nokia has selected this specific company to leverage its customer network and superior source chain management capabilities to open new distribution channels for Nokia cellular phone original accessories.

Lastly Nokia excellent strategy is to get its products at the right time and in convenient locations. In dealing with the TESSCO technology and Vyke AS, it is essential that Nokia carefully plan and strategize their work plan and their labor force along. With these targets at heart, Nokia can do well and make its product available to consumers through stores, email order, catalogues and website purchasing. Nowadays, ordering and purchasing online is one of the normal things in consumers. But furthermore surprising is how Nokia can achieve it by supplying all the merchandise and in time. The essential strategy of Nokia is to be within all price ranges. This strategic plan helps them by appealing to consumers from around the world to buy their product, for example like the Nokia Smartphone N97 has sold 500, 000 since its kick off in June.

E. Campaign http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=SbxyLnwFSvI http://www. facebook. com/#!/nokia http://blogs. nokia. com/

There are four possible elements of a promotion blend which can be advertising, personal offering, public relations and sales advertising. As you can see in the training video above you, this is actually the advertisements of Nokia product n900. We are able to conclude that advertising is a paid non-personal communication about a business and its products transmitted to a target audience through media like the video tutorial shown above. Advertising on YouTube also helps consumers to see and review the features of the merchandise that they might consider buying it. Not forgetting, Nokia nowadays has been so popular that advertising on the communal network call "Facebook" has even pop out. Consumers who've an account with Facebook can also see the ongoing campaigns that Nokia has produce. For the personal blogs, Nokia has generated an online site that helps consumers read about the presented articles and helps them gain knowledge about Nokia particular products.

Whereas, for personal advertising Nokia may possibly be paid personal communication that looks for to see customers and persuade them to buy products within an exchange situation. Personal advertising also includes three types of communication for Nokia, which are the kinesics communication, proxemic communication, and tactile communication. Kinesics communications are usually activity from the top, eyes, arms hands, legs and body. Nokia form of proxemic communication is by conversing in the physical distance like face to face. For example, a consumer may be showing too little affinity for the Nokia product or expressing a dislike to the dealer.

Public relationships for Nokia are also important to the business as well, pr are a wide group of communication efforts to make and maintain favorable relationships between Nokia and its own stakeholders. Nokia also talk about pr with top video recording sharing sites like 'YouTube', 'Vidder' and 'Tubemogul'. This websites help Nokia promote its product while acquiring reputation for this, other website also contains photo posting sites like 'Flickr' and 'Picasa'.

Lastly, the sales promotion although Nokia doesn't stress much onto it, the Nokia company stresses more on the advertising alternatively than on the campaign itself. The Nokia sales advertising can be an activity that acts as a primary inducement, offering added value or incentive product. I will try to highlight on how Nokia are doing the sales advertising, to begin with we should know that sales advertising and advertising is on a totally different level. Generally, when Nokia companies employ advertising or personal advertising, they depend on them continuously or cyclically. However, a marketer's use of sales campaigns is commonly irregular and seasonal. With that I conclude that Nokia is a large company that has benefits that some may agree or disagree.

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