Market orientation and product development

Development of services is a process normally based on marketing orientation or product orientation procedure. Making use of marketing orientation means that business strategists design and produce products based on the reactions of customers. Decision making process is highly reliant on existing understanding of consumer trends in needs and would like. It is more of what customers want somewhat than what suppliers believe that it is best for consumers. A great number of successful businesses underscore the importance of employing this process. Since customers of these days tend to be more informed than early on ones, almost all the markets are moving to more of market orientation marketing. To stay relevant running a business, organizations need to target more on what customers want and not what they think it is best for them. Businesses that have a dream of maintaining and growing its customer bottom part strives to stay relevant running a business through concentrating on consumer needs.

Although businesses desire to deliver what their customer just needs, they are simply constraint on some ways. This so because every firm has it own limits. Indicators exhibiting customer needs may not be totally reliable. At the same time pursuing what customers need is not necessarily the simplest way to do business. There are several moderators restricting applicability of marketing orientation strategy. One significant moderator of market orientation is what is termed as market turbulence. It identifies extend to which structure of customers and their wants have modified in a given period of time. Presence of turbulent market calls for consistent adjustment of products and services to complement changes in customer's choices. It is therefore implicit that companies operating in highly turbulent market segments are finding it more necessary to be market oriented in their marketing strategy than those organizations operating in stable markets.

Another excellent moderator of market orientation is turbulence observed in technological dynamism. It really is defined as the amount of change in technology within a given industry. Business entities that are running operations based on rapidly changing technology are less reliant on market orientation approach. Competitive makes are other moderators slowing efficiency of market orientation (Pelham 50).

Due to substantial data available in recorded materials, utilization of market orientation is immediately related to company's performance and resultant optimization of owners' wealth. Market orientation is an approach cutting across all industries of business whose hobbies is the introduction of market cleverness related to the customer needs at the moment and future. In addition, it involves distribution of the gained information through the company and following reactive efforts.

Results focused individuals must pay key focus on interrelation between market orientation and business performance. Early research demonstrates there is a positive correlation between your two. Even though some researchers have declined this position, a higher number of writers are of believe business performance is increased if businesses intensify their market orientation way. Those rejecting the proposition that upgraded performance is due to extreme market orientation are basing their quarrels on narrow coverage or specific industry sectors (Harris 22).

Case research: Samsung Gadgets Canada

Samsung is a good living example of good market orientation application. At least every individual owns or has used Samsung products. The success report of Samsung has been observed across the world. It's been able to get rid of other competitors in electronic devices manufacture. One significant reason for this tremendous expansion is definitely the effort by Samsung to generate trust among consumers. They have cut itself a niche as a distributor as high as particular date technology. Position taken by Samsung is doubtless an essential feature of future steadiness and progress. Out of this firm's circumstance it is implicit that brand repositioning will go quite a distance in bettering firm's market show. Entrance of Samsung directly into Canadian market was welcomed with a series of success and consumer self confidence.

Although these successes were received well by mother or father company in Seoul, there was a feeling of further bettering marketing strategy. The strategy was intended to give Samsung products a fresh definition. This is important in erasing any residual thoughts about Samsung especially in the minds of these who thought Samsung products were just middle income products available in retail at affordable prices. This is a negative notion which senior executives sought to diffuse in bid to stabilize their market impact in Canada. "Establishing Samsung as a top consumer brand" was the only real aim of brand repositioning.

Samsung's marketing mix

The stability of Samsung in Canadian consumer electronics market can be related to an articulate marketing combination. "4P's"-"Product", "Price", "Promotion" and "Place" best explain this. Since 1987, Samsung Electronics Canada (SECA) has been working independent of United States established Samsung company. Samsung products designed for syndication in Canada act like those in america.

The first two P's in SECA'S marketing mixture describes how the company has had the opportunity to deliver the right products to the customers at affordable prices. The two broad categories describing SECA products are: electronics and devices and software centered products. CDMA mobile phones are other products of Samsung available for circulation in Canada. Competitive prices recharged on these products are because of this of a special set up with Korean parent or guardian company (Ritchie, Ye, and Kim 5).

Another important feature of marketing mixture is syndication. SECA has been under obligation just like some other company to ensure that its products reach the buyer. To achieve this, the company has been selling its products to end consumer through vendors. Therefore, company's sales attention concentrated on retail trade. However, there has been notable go up in range of customers being offered directly by the company.

Finally, SECA in addition has paid enough focus on promotion which can be an important feature of marketing mix. The business's advertising has been affected greatly with its activities in the U. S. Furthermore SECA has its own way of promoting Samsung products within Canada. Included in these are the famous sponsoring of tv set programming on the country's broadcast.


Branding is important to Samsung because it provides an opportunity of plainly distinguishing its products from others. It'll be easier to encourage a possible client if its products are evidently particular from others. Branding is an important activity supplying a chance to be unique and interesting. As a means forwards Samsung must continue to constantly review its development technologies through dedicated attempts like Research and Development (R&D).

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