Market Strategy of Russian Basketball Night clubs and NBA

This research study evaluates marketing strategies of hockey clubs in Russia and NBA. The income and success of your sport club count on its performance and its own advertising campaign. The project aims to investigate and measure the dissimilarities between marketing in Russian and American golf ball clubs. This subject is chosen because of my personal involvement in sport in general and basketball in particular.

Firstly, the marketing of Russian basketball night clubs (with particular mention of CSKA Moscow) will be critically appraised. Second of all, the marketing of NBA will be evaluated. Eventually, the marketing campaigns of basketball night clubs in Russia and NBA will be compared and contrasted. In conclusion, the ways in which Russian basketball clubs can improve their income will be examined, some recommendations will be recommended.

Chapter 1: Introduction

This research study evaluates marketing strategies of basketball golf clubs in Russia and National Basketball Connection. The income and success of a sport club be dependent on its performance and its advertising campaign.

As D. Shank (2009) says, sport marketing is 'the specific request of marketing guidelines and procedures to sports activities products and also to the marketing of nonsports products through relationship with sport. ' Sport marketing is very complicated and develops quickly. One needs to realize both sports sphere and this application of marketing rules and steps to activities environment to gain success in athletics marketing.

This issue is chosen because of my personal involvement in sport on the whole and in hockey in particular. I need more people in my own country to be drawn to basketball. I believe that past marketing connection with NBA can help Russian field hockey clubs reach an increased level.

This research project will first critically appraise the marketing of Russian basketball clubs (with particular mention of CSKA Moscow). Second of all, the marketing of NBA will be evaluated. Consequently, the marketing campaigns of basketball golf clubs in Russia and NBA will be compared and contrasted. To conclude, the ways that Russian basketball clubs can enhance their income will be evaluated, some recommendations will be advised.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

According to Shank (2009) nowadays sport is becoming one of the most essential and worldwide parts inside our culture. Income that sports industry produces a 12 months is appreciated as over $200 billion dollars. Sport is the universally growing industry. Shank(2009) continues

"As the spotlight on international athletics marketing discusses, the NBA is a leading example of a robust global sports group that is growing in emerging marketplaces. "

As Mullin, Hardy and Sutton(2000) state, sport business has a specific nature, which shows up in four domains: sport product, sport market, sport money and sport advertising. Regarding to Shank (2009) there are three main the different parts of sports industry: consumers of sport, the sport products that they buy and the providers of the activities product. So we must examine the way basketball clubs handle these three elements and how it influences their income and success.

Chapter 3: Methodology

My dissertation is a books based research project that means almost all of the material for my research was within the LJMU libraries and in web sources.

The objectives of this research project are to compare marketing strategies of NBA and Russian golf ball clubs in general and CSKA Moscow in particular, to judge the dissimilarities and then to suggest some recommendations for Russian basketball night clubs. I am interested in sports which research is a useful experience for me personally, because my first degree is PR within athletics and physical culture, and PR and marketing are highly connected.

To make my research more valid and reliable I analysed the interviews of some baseball managers from USA and Russia who are working in this field nowadays and talking about marketing situation, income, customers, advertisements and campaign and other different ways of getting money. I found these interviews on the state web-site of CSKA Moscow baseball club, established blog of Andrei Kirilenko (Russian golf ball player from Utah Jazz) and some business web-sites, such as www. allbusiness. com. and www. bizmology. com. No person can know the problem better than individuals who are working inside. After that some recommendations for Russian night clubs how to attract more folks to basketball complements, to make more income using the customers, fans basketball players and sponsors will be advised. It is very important to judge the NBA experience and to follow it whenever you can in nowadays world situation.

Unfortunately there are a few complications in collecting information and we've a time limitation that's the reason future research in this field would become more representative and reliable if I have significantly more time and more options to analyze.

Chapter 4: Findings and Analysis

Marketing of Russian golf ball clubs

Maxim Sadovnikov, marketing director of CSKA Moscow in his blog on the official web site promises that problem of membership marketing is the possibility of reselling all season seat tickets. It is very hard to entice people to hockey matches. It had been sold only 885 season tickets during season 2009/10, while during earlier season 2008/09 they managed to sell 1230 seat tickets, so the sales level lowered by 28%. 345 people recognized that they do not want to come ever again. So it is extremely important to understand the reasons of such decline.

Firstly there may be stereotype that CSKA tickets are too expensive. However the price politics was formatted slowly but surely, detail by detail, season by season. All of the data and information have been examined and after everything was computed some cost changes were applied.

The demand triggers the supply-this is the main business strategy, Sadovnikov proceeds. Year by yr the sales team raised the cost, but this has no effect on variety of buyers. But credited to financial crisis they didn't increase price for 10-15% but to leave it at the same level. This decision hardly helped them, sales sustained to show up. Even such PR-actions like 2 seat tickets for the price of one and additional discounts for tickets on Top-16 and play offs of Euro little league championship didn't help.

Secondly some individuals expect that CSKA will not use enough advertising campaign to attract a person that is why only few of people knows basketball game titles. The reports for 2 last seasons may also be analyzed and we'll note that in 2007/08 less advert has been done, nevertheless they were able to sale more seat tickets. It is odd, but it is true. Previous season CSKA experienced powerful marketing campaign, using city billboards, new informational partners, new marketing opportunities etc. also this past year sms-sending was invented and groupings and pages in various internet sites (vkontakte. ru, face e book, tweets, YouTube). But this possessed no positive effect and effect.

Now the reason why of such decrease will be evaluated. First of all, the main reason is that right from the start of previous season no baseball can be viewed on free programs, people were required to pay money to buy satellite tv dish and also pay monthly to it professional. Many people cannot afford it. But this is your choice of Euro League so the golf club had no affect onto it. Actually, if we look at the NBA experience we will have, that it was a good, affordable decision, but Russia is not USA. The quality of translations became much higher, but it didn't attract people. Insufficient field hockey on free TV didn't make people buy satellites, pay and watch basketball translations of higher-level; it made those to forget about golf ball.

Next concern it media coverage. Sports in Russia is much popular than basketball, therefore sometimes one can feel disappointed about a common kind of sport. Sadovnikov assumes, during all the growing season on the match-day you will get hardly a collection about Euro Little league home match in Russian most popular activities magazines 'Sport-Express' and 'Sovetskiy Sport'. They write about hockey only after some games. And if CSKA Moscow as the utmost popular basketball team in Russia can lay claim to receive one half of the page in the newspapers, what can we say about other night clubs that are not so popular?

Last thing to be talked about is the difference between Russian tournament and Euro League championship. These two tournaments have very different quality level, attractive level and because of this interest level. 3 teams from Russia be capable of play in European countries. Such issues as interest of Russian citizen to everything international, patriotical emotions, famous brands (like 'Barcelona', 'Real'); unpredictability of the results and the lack of domination of 1 team can cause demand. Exactly what does Russian championship offer? We have got one top team CSKA, which is the greatest in Russia for 7 years already and some others that try to defeat CSKA but is not successful in it and other teams. Naturally the weakness of Russian tournament causes decrease in people's interest to hockey.

NBA basketball golf clubs' marketing

According to 'The Game: NBA Marketing Mantra: Think Global, Work Local' article in Brand week (2005) 'the NBA is putting on a full-court press to bring its product to enthusiasts and consumers worldwide. ' People can see NBA fits in 215 countries and areas, 164 international translations in 43 different languages will reach more than 3. 1 billion of spectators. Heidi Ueberroth, the responsible for NBA development and marketing provided the interview to this journal, where he explained that the primary goal of NBA Marketing is continuous keeping of people's interest. NBA Marketing has 10 office buildings with employees, who are consistently working on growing and growing baseball by interacting with leagues, federations, baseball golf clubs and ministries on a range of basketball programs. During the summer months respite NBA players be a part of 4 Baseball without Borders happenings where these were training young adults how to play basketball, explaining the importance of teamwork and cultural norms. NBA has more than 20 partners in about 80 marketplaces, e. g. Coca-Cola stimulates NBA in more than 60 countries around the globe and NBA Europe Live and sport brands such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

According to Andrei Kirilenko (best Russian golf ball player, now performs for NBA Utah-Jazz) NBA can be an extra profitable business, business lead by pros. USA market and the reputation of basketball are the reason of NBA success. Furthermore, the People in america admire shows, especially TV-shows. Subsequently, every American citizen has cable tv set with 150 American channels. Basketball audience is made up not only of men, but also of women, children and elders. The bottom of NBA is show, beauty of the overall game.

Kirilenko claims, nearly every American basketball golf club makes earnings while none of European basketball clubs does. Firstly, NBA earnings are created by annual solution sales, e. g. Utah-Jazz can seating 20 000 spectaculars and has sell out each year. Prices are from 15 to 600 USD. Second, transmit sales to cable TV, usually two channels - local and national. Subsequently, team merchandise sales: T-shirts, caps, overcoats, balls, calendars with team logos and players' names, e. g. Kirilenko's T-shirt costs 25-85 USD. Then, sponsors and advertisement. Company's logos are positioned on the stadium and published production, advert announcements during the game. This past year, Utah stadium, that was named Delta Airlines (sponsor name), agreed upon another contract and warfare renamed to Energy Solutions Arena for 3 thousands USD. In conclusion, eat and refreshments during the game sales. Prices are greater than in restaurants and make about 100 000 USD after one game.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

This research project has discussed top features of marketing of Russian and American golf ball clubs and then has suggested some recommendations for Russian hockey clubs how to earn more profit. The research implies that some changes in Russian baseball must increase people's interest to sport. The team, directly accountable for Russian tournament commercial sales should be developed. This should help to catch the attention of audience to field hockey arenas and increase supporters' interest of Russian hockey clubs; consequently it might help clubs increase their earnings.

Chapter 6. Recommendations.

If we do not need to face gradual, but certain decrease in Russian basketball attractiveness, we are in need of cardinal changes. As we can see, teams results and victories are not able to raise people's interest, so it is essential to increase people's interest to Russian tournament in other ways.

Firstly, we can have an unbiased division of Russian Golf ball Federation that will be accountable for Russian tournament. Nowadays Russian Golf ball Federation has many areas to work in-development of junior, students, men, women basketball, national teams, so it is difficult to work atlanta divorce attorneys area. We need a professional team that can make Russian tournament work properly and that'll be responsible limited to that.

Secondly, this group should be well organised and contain advertising campaign and PR-departments, commercial sales office (tickets and items), department, accountable for work sponsors. PR-department should offer with extensive marketing coverage of video games and different occasions, PR-activities with Russian golf ball stars and other things to see spectators of development and activity of Russian league. Commercial division should be in charge for each and every team merchandise creation; this may increase variety of orders for every kind of goods and can cause overall economy. Additionally it is necessary to follow and assess ticket sales of every team; this can help critically appraise work that is done to increase interest of league brand. As for sponsors, league must have possibility to make sponsor packages that can appeal to companies that work not only specifically town, but also that produce business all over Russia.

Separate department should be accountable for Internet translations of games. People should have an opportunity to watch all games of favorite team, that's the reason official web-site where people can easily see all information about groups, events, match features, analytical articles, players and managers websites etc, should be created.

Chapter 6: Reflections on Learning

At the start of the course I thought it would be extremely difficult, almost impossible for me to execute a research project. I've had the experience of earning big reports, but in my country they do not pay much attention to such things like proper personal references, good literature review, avoiding plagiarism, paraphrasing without copying. So after my first class of study skills I believed like I possibly could not deal with each one of these things because I really do not need enough knowledge and skills. Lessons by lesson, course by class we started to learn what the structure of the research project should be, how to state research objectives and questions, how to avoid plagiarism, how to paraphrase, price, summarize ideas so step by step I began to become confident that easily work hard every day I'll manage to write research of any good quality.

By the middle of the course I suppose I have better my research skills a whole lot and have learnt more academic language. Now I know, how to do the research, I understand how to evaluate the resources, which books and websites are better to use, which parts of the text to choose. I have got two books about activities marketing but I know, I need more sourses to make my research study more reliable and valid. In my research I really do a great deal of paraphrasing and our classes help me a great deal in this.

I have always been a responsible person, that's the reason it is simple for me to control my time and keep deadlines, I understand how important it is good for my PMP and it will help me a great deal within my MBA.

During another part of the course I hope to boost my oral skills and learn how to give a good presentation on my work, because at the university we need not and then write, we have to have the ability to present our work the simplest way and to be qualified loudspeakers.

This research project has certainly helped me a lot to improve my academics English writing skills, evaluative writing, using other peoples' work without plagiarising, critical thinking, making good personal references and bibliography. I have are more self-confident and I feel i am ready for an MBA now.

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