Marketing Aims In Tourism And Hospitality

This report represents a detailed research of current business and marketing strategy of Hilton Hotels Resorts a worldwide hotels and resorts company with an increase of than 540 locations in 78 countries (A Room for You, 2012, online).

The father or mother company, Hilton International comprises a variety of famous brands such as Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton, and Hilton Grand Vacations (Our Brands, 2012, online)

The reasons for the choice of Hilton Hotels & Resorts among a great many other brands in particular include a high level of brand recognition, and option of vast amount of information about the brand.

The report begins with a situational research of Hilton Hotels & Resorts, including its current position within travel and tourism industry in the UK, research of company's main stakeholders and their pursuits, PESTLE evaluation conducted for Hilton Hotels & Resorts and description of marketing issues experienced by the company.

This is accompanied by a marketing survey that comprises explanation of Hilton Hotels & Resorts services, and examination of the company's pricing, advertising and distribution strategy. Furthermore, this report comprises market research arrange for Hilton Hotels & Resorts that talks about actions involved with each stage in the research process to be able to attain the research objective.

The report is completed by discussions about need for sustainability and corporate social responsibility for Hilton Hotels & Resorts and an diagnosis of the business's policies in these two important regions of business practice.

1. Situational analysis

1. 1 Position of Hilton Hotels & Resorts within Travel and Tourism Industry in the UK

Travel and tourism industry in the UK represents one of the key industries in the nationwide economy and corresponding the research conducted by Oxford Economics "travel and tourism's total contribution to GDP in the united kingdom was GBP 101 billion in 2011 or 6. 7% of total GDP" (THE GLOBE Travel & Tourism Council, 2012, online)

Figure 1 symbolizes the framework of the UK tourism industry, and within this composition Hilton belongs to accommodation category. Furthermore, the UK is the second biggest market for Hilton Hotels & Resorts following the US (Barnett, 2011), and thus the UK market represents a spot of target for Hilton tactical level management.

Figure structure of the UK tourism industry (field work)

1. 2 Hilton Hotels Main Stakeholders and Their Interests

Stakeholders of company's including Hilton Hotels & Resorts can be divided into two categories: interior and exterior. Internal stakeholders signify parties that belong to Hilton such as shareholders and employees. The principal passions of shareholders are profit maximisation, whereas employee interests include attaining an array of tangible and intangible compensation from their employment.

External stakeholders, on the other side, are parties that not belong to Hilton; nevertheless they have interest available from various perspectives. The following figure illustrates a range of Hilton external stakeholders and their pursuits:

External stakeholder



The character of impact of business activity to the community


Purchasing products and services in lower prices


Business employment relations, corporate taxation, compliance with laws, rules and regulations etc.


Long-term relationship in mutually beneficial terms


Corporate performance, corporate and business conflicts, employee relations etc.

Table External stakeholders and their interests

1. 3 Hilton Hotels PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE abbreviation is interpreted as politics, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors impacting businesses, and PESTLE can be an important construction for assessing exterior factor impacting business techniques.

1. 3. 1 Politics Factors

Political stableness is the key to the success of any sectors which is appropriate to hotel industry as well and it requires to handle political situations all around the world. The political approaches can influence the number visitors, both, visitors and business tourists' sessions to a region (Jones, 2002). It could a concern for many people those who find themselves visiting North Ireland because of the ongoing very fragile politics situation.

Moreover, Hilton's performance is directly affected by consumer safety and employment laws and regulations in UK, as well as, the nature of competitive rules, and risks of armed service invasion in the country.

1. 3. 2 Economic Factors

National macroeconomic situation and factors and incidents impacting the situation are major factors impacting on Hilton Hotels & Resorts business in the UK. For example, through the Olympic times in the united kingdom most of the hotels were occupied and booked completely for the whole period. However, the situation was completely different after the Olympic Game titles were over.

Additional monetary factors that impact Hilton may include the amount of expected and real economic growth in the UK, national taxation insurance policies, and seasonality and weather problems.

1. 3. 3 Sociable Factors

The Hilton brand is very well known between international visitors and the united kingdom is about the most locations for the travellers and shopping fans. An array of interpersonal factors impacting Hilton Hotels & Resorts include emerging fads in consumer lifestyle, consumer demographic parameters, the impact of role models in consumer decision making, and expansion rate of society.

For example, more and more young consumers from appearing economies like China and India going to the UK for various purposes can be specified as an important social factor that effects the united kingdom hotel industry.

1. 3. 4 Technological Factors

An overall development of technological infrastructure related to wedding caterers industry may have great effect on Hilton performance. Concerns associated with the use of energy and their costs and the potential for innovation within the industry can be classified as important technological factors (Sandhusen, 2008).

Furthermore, hotel bookings have become very sophisticated than previously. Anyone can book a accommodation in a simple step by making use of internet. Increasing amount of social multimedia such as Facebook, tweeter and websites like trip consultant help both customers and the hotels.

1. 3. 5 Legal Factors

Legal factors are also important way to obtain external impact on Hilton performance plus they include any changes in the united kingdom jurisdiction that influence the catering industry in direct and indirect ways.

Additionally, there are many visa restriction guidelines is there in many countries like the USA, the EU countries, Australia etc. for the international visitors and these countries are takes on important role in the travel and tourism industry.

1. 3. 6 Environmental Factors

The hospitality and catering industry often becomes a point of criticism for polluting the environment particularly in most of places of interest such as historical places, beaches, forest areas, hills etc (Foskett and Paskins, 2011). A variety of activities related to tourism not only creates pollution, but also disturbs pets and related environment.

Moreover, hotels and related companies are contributing a great deal of carbon emissions with negative implications to the problems of global warming. Consequently, businesses like Hilton are facing limited regulations to use their business in the united kingdom. These restrictions are inevitably increasing the degrees of operational costs for the company. On top of that, the UK as a part of the European Union (European union), Hilton performance is also influenced by relevant jurisdictions created by the European union.

1. 4 Marketing Issues Confronted by Hilton Hotels

Currently, Hilton is confronted with a range of considerable marketing issues in the united kingdom intimidating its long-term progress prospects. Increasing level of multiculturalism in the UK can be specified as a major marketing task Hilton has to deal with. Specifically, due to the increasing level of competition in the marketplace the level of cultural diversity in the UK is swiftly increasing. Appropriately, Hilton is remaining with a complex task of formulating and applying a online marketing strategy that needs to address cultural diversity amongst its customers.

Additional marketing troubles encountered by Hilton Hotels can be given as increasing level of guest elegance, and difficulties associated with market segmentation anticipated to overlaps in Hilton International brands.

In other words, Hilton International includes Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton, and Hilton Grand Getaways (Our Brands, 2012, online), and there is a little difference amongst these brands in terms with their market placement.

This simple fact creates marketing challenges for Hilton Hotels & Resorts in terms of differentiating this specific brand from other brands within Hilton International portfolio.

2. Marketing Report

2. 1 Segmentation, Targeting and Setting Strategies used by Hilton Hotels

The procedure for market segmentation consists of dividing the marketplace into segments or groups based on the characteristics from the specific market. In this way the most attractive or ideal segment predicated on the services and products can be targeted very effectively and proficiently.

Generally the marketplace can be divided into four different communities, and they are geographic, demographic, psychographic and advantage oriented (O'Guinn, et al. , 2011).

2. 1. 1 Geographic Segmentation.

Geographic segmentation involves focusing on specific consumer communities according with their geographic locations in national and international levels. Hilton's geographic segmentation strategy mainly targets the local preferences and the location. For instance, Hilton wide open hotels in London for attracting mainly business people and the services mainly give attention to business vacationers.

2. 1. 2 Demographic segmentation

A group of variables found in demographic market segmentation include gender, life-cycle level, age, income, public school, and lifestyle. Out of this perspective, Hilton goal customer section represent midsection and senior aged experts with higher level of income belonging to upper social class.

Moreover, Hilton Hotels & Resorts mainly target individuals that pursue luxury lifestyle, and accordingly, the business charges premium charges for its products and services identified to be of a relevant quality.

2. 1. 3 Psychographic Segmentation

Psychographic segmentation "is going beyond demographics as it examines what sort of person considers, feels and behaves, using personality, lifestyle and values as segmenting variables" (Cant et al. , 2009, p. 118). The type of psychographic segmentation utilized by Hilton involves targeting ambitious individuals who wish to express their perceived high status and success by residing in five star rooms provided by the hotel at premium prices.

2. 1. 4 Benefits Segmentation

Benefits segmentation will involve implementing market segmentation based on benefits customers aim to obtain using products and/or services offered by the company. Consequently, identified or real benefits made available from Hilton to potential and existing customers include sense of achievements, a high position in modern culture, and luxury.

2. 2 Information of Hilton Hotels Products and Services

In order to fully capture every opportunity on the market, Hilton functions hotels and other related services in accommodation, gaming and entertainment areas. Few areas are totally new for Hilton Group, including a playing business.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts offers mainly accommodation services through its hotels, resorts, apartment hotels etc. Most of the revenue is made through selling resort rooms to customers. There's also a variety of other products that contribute to the amount of income stream such as restaurants, pubs, smaller outlets, spa, laundry services, travel table, business centre, banquet halls etc. Among the products and services the core some may be rooms divisions which brings almost all of the profits.

Generally, products are divided into three levels: key, facilitating and helping products.

Core products can be discussed as a basic form of a product. Putting it simple central products are the key known reasons for customers purchasing from an enterprise. For Hilton Hotels & Resorts key product is resort rooms that customers stay in for a particular time frame. Peripheral services can be described as additional products and services above the key product that businesses offer to get competitive edge available on the market.

Facilitating products entail services that assist consumers in consumption of primary products. Hilton offers a couple of popular facilitating products such as customer services, pubs and restaurants, and online reservation facilities.

Supporting products include additional products and services that exist in order to acquire competitive benefit for the business enterprise by increasing the worthiness of key products and services. A variety of supporting products provided by Hilton Hotels include 24/7 room service, free papers and periodicals for business holidaymakers, concierge services etc. (Reid and Bojanic, 2010).

Augmented product is gain offer created by businesses that contain key product and peripheral services. Augmented products made available from Hilton Hotels & Resorts include account savings, luxurious room and external surfaces designs, high class restaurants and tranquil hotel atmosphere.

2. 3 Hilton Hotels Costing Strategies

Pricing strategies used by businesses are divided into four wide categories within the construction of Costs Strategy Matrix: market, penetration, skimming and superior pricing strategies. Overall economy pricing strategy includes retailing products of basic features and characteristics to consumers with low costs. Penetration pricing strategy, on the other hands, entails offering high quality products and services in low prices than the competition to be able to increase market share.

Skimming, as a costs strategy is opposing to penetration in a way that products and services are offered in an increased prices than the competition. The main rationale for the choice of skimming prices strategy may include the desire to relate products or services with exclusiveness and a high quality.

Figure Rates strategy matrix

Source: www. marketingteacher. com

Premium costs strategy consists of charging advanced charges for products and services that are perceived to have excellent quality and extra characteristics and features.

From the classifications provided above the sort of pricing strategy used by Hilton Hotels & Resorts can be given as top quality. Hilton only offers 5 star and four legend rooms and the business is able to demand its customers at top quality levels because beyond the key product, Hilton also 'provides' a couple of intangible benefits such as sense of achievement, high status and luxury.

2. 4 Hilton Hotels Campaign Strategy

Hilton Hotels & Resorts use campaign strategy that utilises various the different parts of promotion mixture. Generally, major components of promotion combination include advertising, public relations, personal advertising, and sales campaign.

2. 4. 1 Advertising

Advertising is "a paid, mediated form of communication from an identifiable source, designed to persuade the receiver to take some action now or in the future" (Klever, 2009, p. 25).

New ad slogan of Hilton Hotels & Resorts 'Stay Hilton. Go All over' is aimed to converse the marketing concept of the hotel being a large global brand and keeping a high quality level in all of its hotels.

This marketing note is communicated through a couple of specific components of advertising promotional strategy such as advertisements in newspaper publishers and magazines popular with older level management experts such as Forbes, Lot of money, The Economist, and Financial Times. Moreover, the communication of Hilton Hotels & Resorts marketing message is also facilitated through broadcast advertising in selected television set channels.

2. 4. 2 General public Relations

Officially, The Chartered Institute of PR (CIPD) defines public relations as "planned and sustained effort to determine and keep maintaining goodwill and shared understanding between an organisation and its own publics" (CIPD, 2012, online). In simple terms, pr can be discussed as a one way communication between your company and the general public.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts public relations are managed through communication with a variety of celebrations such as customers, employees, and other private and general population organisations. Specific ways of public relations used by Hilton Hotels & Resorts include issuing online and offline pr announcements in a regular manner, and connecting through newsletters with organisational stakeholders. Additionally, the business website functions as a highly effective program for Hilton Hotels & Resorts for participating in public relations.

2. 4. 3 Personal Selling

Personal selling requires company sales representatives contacting potential prospects through various stations with the seeks of making a deal. The benefits of personal selling include the possibility to entice customer attention, request of interpersonal skills to be able to mage the sales, and the potentials for forming and maintaining long-term customer romantic relationships.

At once, personal selling advertising mixture has some negatives such to be extremely expensive to conduct and reaching fewer amounts of perspective customers in confirmed period of time compared to other elements of marketing promotion mixture. Promotion strategy utilized by Hilton Hotels & Resorts will not involve personal offering because of the nature of the business enterprise.

2. 4. 4 Sales Promotion

Sales promotion pertains to attempts with a business to persuade potential customers to purchase products or services through adding various incentives (Evans et al. , 2004). Sales promotion is popular in hotel industry, and consequently this specific element of promotion combine can be used by Hilton Hotels & Resorts in an intensive manner.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts take part in sales promotion through HHonors details founded rewards program and discount vouchers on established company website. Additionally, Hilton Hotels & Resorts offer a wide range of deals on their website to be able to boost the degree of their revenues.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts benefits practical advantages from using sales advertising in the types of increasing the level of revenues and obtaining utilisation with their rooms at a greater extend. However, it is important to notice that by presenting aggressive sales special offers Hilton Hotels & Resorts may be risking diminishing brand value in a way that sales advertising and the possibility to work with the brand services in cheaper prices might be diminishing the amount of exclusiveness of the brand.

Furthermore, sales deals only offer short-term advantages and so this element of marketing promotion mix is most beneficial used only within an infrequent manner.

2. 5 Hilton Hotels & Resorts Distribution Strategy

The ultimate goal of the distribution strategy for a hotel firm can be specified as making available the products and services to consumers where, when and how they prefer them (Reid & Bojanic, 2010).

Hilton Hotels & Resorts syndication strategy heavily relies on it and internet in various formats. Firstly, the official website of the company serves as a powerful platform for service syndication as it comes with a wide range of features and features providing practical assistance to customers such as reserving a room, planning situations and weddings, arranging conferences and booking international airport pick-ups.

Moreover, the distribution of Hilton Hotels & Resorts products and services is also facilitated through mobile convenient applications made available for IPhone and Android platforms. Social media marketing is implemented as another effective instrument by Hilton Hotels & Resorts in syndication of its products and services. For instance, the official page of the business in leading public networking website, Facebook has been 'liked' by more than 405, 300 people who obtain latest media about the business and special offer announcements through the website.

The major reason behind selecting internet platform as the bottom of Hilton Hotels & Resorts circulation strategy pertains to a wide range of conveniences associated with internet. Specifically, internet presents Hilton Hotels & Resorts customers with the options of purchasing products and services in advance on the go and inside a timeframe of a few seconds.

2. 6 Usage of Three Ps of Expanded Marketing Combine by Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Traditional four P's of marketing mixture reviewed above have been specified as product, price, advertising, and place, and extra three P's of extended marketing blend have been implemented as process, physical evidence and folks.

2. 6. 1 Process

The process aspect of marketing combination is approached by Hilton Hotels & Resorts matching to its determined business strategy. Specifically, the company aims to maintain the process of service provision in reduced levels in a lavish manner. Generally almost all of the hotels are running 24/7 their businesses unlike banking companies or academic institutions.

It is basically because the accommodation services have to be provided around the entire year and a day in a day. In order to stay competitive the marketing process utilized by the hotel is vital. Corresponding to Rutherford (2007) the marketing process of a hotel should get started from deciding what to be and what things to offer to whom. Creating recognition and rousing the demand one of the consumers are the key marketing process can help to achieve the competitive benefit.

2. 6. 2 Physical evidence

Physical proof can be discussed as tangibility of Hilton Hotels & Resorts services and physical end result that is generated from utilization of the service. Specifically, physical research for Hilton Hotels & Resorts includes luxurious interior and external surfaces design, attitude of hotel labor force towards customers and service provision, and addition of tangible goods within the service.

2. 6. 3 People

There are various people communities that play a essential role for the success of Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Broadly, people which may have direct implications on Hilton Hotels & Resorts performance can be divided into three categories: customers, employees and suppliers.

Customers signify an important group of men and women for Hilton Hotels & Resorts for evident reasons. Generally hotel firms target an array of customers from leisure to business travellers, people those are want to eat outside etc. Among the big challenges to the hospitality marketing is fulfilling the several mind-set customers. Over a period these customers' needs and desires will also be transformed (Bowie &Buttle, 2011).

Employees are classified as another group of folks that can have incredible effect on service outcome, and therefore on the level of success of Hilton Hotels & Resorts through their performances.

Moreover, Hilton Hotels & Resorts count on a wide range of suppliers and the performance of people employed by suppliers also may have indirect implications on the performance of the business.

3. Market Research

It is critically important for Hilton to be conducting researches in a normal basis in order to identify the level of customer satisfaction and identify specific areas of the service customers are specifically happy or unsatisfied with.

The market research plan suggested for Hilton Hotels & Resorts involves the following periods: defining the situation, selecting appropriate strategy, data collection, data research, data display.

3. 1 Defining the Problem

Marketing research starts with problems definition. On the other hand, this level can be proclaimed with formulation of research targets. Failure to establish the problem in an appropriate manner or formulate market research objective can cause the throw away of time and financial resources committed to the project.

The main purpose of the marketplace research plan proposed for Hilton Hotels & Resorts can be given the following: "Identifying the amount of Hilton Hotels & Resorts customer satisfaction and detecting specific areas of the service customers are specifically happy or miserable with"

Achievement of this marketing research objective can donate to long-term growth of Hilton Hotels & Resorts in a manner that according to the conclusions of the marketing plan specific areas of the service adding to the amount of customer satisfaction can be further strengthened, and similarly, areas of the service causing customer dissatisfaction can be removed.

3. 2 Selecting Appropriate Methodology

Once the problem has been clearly recognized, appropriate methods need to be selected for the purposes of data collection. The techniques of data collection can be split into two categories: qualitative and quantitative.

Qualitative methods use non-numerical elements such as may seem, emotions, feelings, words among others, whereas quantitative methods require the use of statistics and calculations in various formats.

Comparison dimension

Qualitative research

Quantitative research

Types of questions



Sample size



Information per respondent




Interviewers with special skills are required

Fewer special skills required for interviewers

Type of analysis

Subjective, interpretive

Statistical, summarisation

Hardware required

Tape recorders, projection devices, video recording, pictures, discourse guides

Questionnaires, pcs, printouts

Ease of replication



Table A Comparison of a qualitative and quantitative research

Source: Wiid and Diggens (2009)

The most popular data collection techniques you can use in market research include questionnaires, interviews, observation and emphasis groups. Stand 2 illustrates a short explanation of popular data collection methods




Monitoring behaviours of sample group participants or observing event by humans or non-humans

Focus groups

Organising group discussions with test group associates with the participation of an moderator addressing research questions in immediate and indirect ways

Projective techniques

Collecting data through appealing to motives, urges, feelings or thoughts of sample group people in indirect ways

Survey methods


Formulating a couple of questions to be replied by test group members in an individual manner


Verbal questioning of test group users in one-to-one basis in order to extract needed information

Table Description of popular data collection methods

Source: Knight and Ruddock (2009)

3. 3 Data Collection

The process of data collection through questionnaires is not a simple task as it may seem and there are important aspects of data collection process that need to be dealt with. Firstly, ethical things to consider of general market trends need to be tackled in this level in a manner that involvement in the study should not be made compulsory among Hilton customers and their personal and contact details shouldn't be collected. Moreover, data collection and research needs to adhere to Data Protection Work (1998).

Sampling presents another essential requirement of data collection from customers of society. Popular sampling techniques that can be used in market research include cluster, systematic, theoretical, convenience, quota, purposive and snowball sampling methods.

A critical diagnosis of advantages and disadvantages of sampling techniques listed above locates quota sampling as the most appropriate to be utilised in the proposed general market trends. Utilisation of quota sampling method within an appropriate manner necessitates introduction of certain requirements for specific population customers to be included in the survey (Serakan and Bougie, 2009).

Accordingly, considering the nature of marketing plan objective the necessity introduced to individual population members can be specified as an event of using Hilton Hotels & Resorts products and services.

In other words, only individuals that have used products and services of Hilton Hotels & Resorts have to be asked to complete the questionnaire. This can be correctly implemented by offering Hilton visitors in picked hotels from differing of the united kingdom to take part in the survey. To be able to generate adequate amount of reactions questionnaire questions, answers have to be obtained from at least 1000 respondents.

Moreover, Hilton Hotels & Resorts general market trends questionnaire needs to include both, close-ended and open-ended questions. Closed-ended questions are had a need to generate data about consumer demographic factors and diagnosis of specific areas of service, whereas open-ended questions need to be included in order to reveal customer ideas about potentials for improvement and to capture additional relevant issues not included in questionnaire.

3. 4 Data Analysis

Data examination, as an important stage in market research involves critical examination and interpretation of questionnaire findings. Data examination for Hilton Hotels & Resorts market research involves the use of quantitative and qualitative methods. The use of quantitative methods is necessary for answers directed at closed-ended questions. Specifically, percentages from the collection of each substitute answers to questions have to be calculated and critically analysed.

The application of qualitative methods, on the other side, is needed to analyse answers provided for open-ended questions. Qualitative data analysis in general market trends entails detecting common patterns within information distributed by questionnaire respondents and analysing these habits from a crucial viewpoint.

An important indicate be tackled during data collection and data examination levels of Hotels & Resorts market research relates to validity and dependability issues. In order to solve these issues effectively researchers need to stay objective at all stages of research process in general, and during data evaluation stage specifically.

3. 5 Data Presentation

The main purpose in this last level of the marketing research is to provide results of data research in that format that it can be grasped by Hilton Hotels & Resorts senior level management to become used in tactical decision making.

Specifically, bar-charts and pie-charts need to be found in order to raise the quality of display of the final report. Moreover, the ultimate market research record must be structured within an appropriate and logical manner with the table of articles, and list of tables and information provided at the beginning of the article.

4. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate sociable responsibility (CSR) can be explained as "the responsibility of decision manufacturers to take actions which protect and increase the welfare of society as a whole with their own pursuits" (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2008, p. 39). CSR represents a critically essential requirement of an effective business whatever the industry.

The present amounts of CSR programs initiated by Hilton include employed in strategic partnerships together with the Books for Kids Groundwork, Special Olympics International, EPA Green Power Collaboration, The Arbor Day Foundation and Global Soap Project (Partnering to amplify out impact, 2012)

Moreover, Hilton Worldwide offers with a variety of prizes and honours including 'Top 60 Companies for Variety' by Hispanic Business Mag, 'Top 100 Companies to Work For' by Savoy Newspaper, and 'Top 50 Organisations for Multicultural Business Opportunities' by DiversityBusiness. com (Diversity and Addition, 2011)

Nevertheless, the current level of efficiency of Hilton Hotels & Resorts with regards to corporate social responsibility and contribution to sustainability can be assessed as insufficient taking into account increasing degree of need for these issues and their impact on brand image.

Accordingly, Hilton Hotels & Resorts is recommended to implement a range of recommendations to be able to improve the degree of brand image CSR initiatives and contribution to sustainability. These suggestions include buying global warming assignments, getting close to CSR from a marketing point of view, and associating the business enterprise with a specific public cause.

4. 1 Buying Global Warming Projects

The current Hilton Hotels & Resorts CSR procedures do not pay scheduled attention to the problems of global warming despite intensifying focus on the problem in the marketing. This reality can be highlighted as a serious shortcoming in the business CSR strategy and consequently it needs to be tackled.

Specifically, assignments and initiatives need to be devised with the purposes of protecting against global warming and minimising its negative implications for present and future generations.

4. 2 Approaching CSR from Marketing Point of View

The potential of benefiting from CSR programs and initiatives from marketing point of view remains to be underutilised by Hilton Hotels & Resorts CSR marketing executives. Quite simply, the practice of engagement in CSR and adding to sustainability present companies with the potential of increasing the level of brand awareness in an optimistic light and Hilton Hotels & Resorts has not used this opportunity to the full level.

Therefore, marketing executives at Hilton Hotels & Resorts are highly recommended to assimilate the business CSR programs and initiatives within overall Hilton marketing communication strategy.

4. 3 Associating the business enterprise with a particular Public Cause

Hilton Hotels & Resorts CSR plans in present involves forming tactical partnerships with a set of charity organisations and money, but none of the partnerships is strong enough in order for the company to be directly associated with the solution of a specific problem.

In order to boost this example Hilton Hotels & Resorts need to associate the business enterprise with a solution of a particular issue like struggling against poverty or child mistreatment by increasing the amount of investment to aid this specific cause amongst others.

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