Marketing ARRANGE FOR Launch THE BRAND NEW Pen Drive

The pursuing marketing plan forms the foundation for the introduction of a variety of innovative services in the pen drive category. The research allows us to outline the best ways of follow for the achievements of the business's tactical goals. "Pen drive will be advertised as a unique efficient pen drive. The Indian exterior data safe-keeping market is approximated at roughly Rs 900 crore, growing at over 20 % since 2007. The primary principal objective is always to be considered a Customer driven company, we target our targets on providing the superior quality products that matches high - technology lifestyle. The project is on developing a marketing plan for pen drives which involves the creation of the brand and brand elements combined with the suitable designed marketing communication for the merchandise. It also includes various studies like the marketplace analysis, competition research and competition charges to learn the feasibility of the product on the market. Then the entire segmentation, focusing on and placing for the merchandise is designed with the entire product combine and product variants with their individual prices and the logic behind the costing. Next the marketing plan talks about the entire circulation channel which will be followed for a highly effective reach of the products to the finish users through various route partners.

We offer a wide range of pen drives such as low end, popular and the luxury which caters to different segments of the prospective group. In Low end portion we offer USB display drives/pen drives that are priced below Rs 300. It'll be of low price with the basic features, medium size and easy to carry. In Popular portion you can expect those pen drives which have some special features like Bluetooth and Expandable recollection. In luxury section you can expect those pen drives that have some special features like LCD displays, Music player and Camera.

INTRODUCTION : As pen drives come under the buyer consumer electronics industry, which is one of the largest sections in the electronics industry in India. With a market size of $4. 7 billion in 2008 wedding caterers to a human population of more than one billion people and significantly a low penetration of CE products. Competition which creates flame to success for each and every company, as it is FMCE (fast paced consumer electronic) product the scope for the growth rate is also good which creates to chance for international players like Smart Modular, A - Data, Ramaxel, and Apacer to get into and grow their business in this competitive market. But since it could carry the competitive good thing about the first company to present the expandable USB flash drive and Bluetooth USB flash drive to the Indian market with various product combination combinations Best Quality Control,


INDUSTRY Evaluation: One industry that defied the slowdown and went on to develop at a tempo of over 50%is the ever burgeoning market of storage peripherals. It offers devices such as flash/pen drives, adobe flash memory cards and sticks, external devices, MP3/MP4 players, and digital cameras. Important changeover that took place with the release of duty composition is the progressive decline of gray market that until earlier fiscal, formed a big chunk of the market.

MACRO ENVIRONMENT: As pen drives come under the consumer electronics industry, which is one of the greatest segments in the electronics industry in India. With a market size of $4. 7 billion in 2008 catering to a society of more than one billion people and significantly a minimal penetration of CE products. The buyer consumer electronics industry in India offers huge potential in the years to come. The double digit compound gross annual growth over another five years will be aided by various factors such as growing home incomes, local production and expanding distribution networks.


The main rivals are Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston and I Ball will be the major players who have occupied the Indian market using their offerings, but since we discovered that Kingston and Transcend are occupying the strong positions in the market notion level about product, price and quality, and offerings, the major successful factor which powered them to the level is creation of demand for the merchandise. Kingston and Transcend holds the benefit of product inventions in the Flash Drive market, by introducing innovative and stylish product ranges, attractive route and end user strategies, and marketing activities as well as determining new market segments, which lead them to success in the Indian competitive market.

COMPARISON OF Transcend v/s Kingston




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1. Opponents market

2. Improving technology

3. Market expansion


1. Competitors

2. New players

OBJECTIVE: objectives lay out what we want to achieve, and our marketing objectives can be described at two different levels

Corporate Level

Customer Loyalty



Market leadership

Commitment to retailers, merchants, and employees

Functional level

Attractive profitability

Stable, Growing Market


Financial Aims that helps the company to make its products placed even more technological advanced by any means market places, for company the ultimate goal of the marketing plan is the result it has on underneath lin. Measures represent income statement items and common ratios.

Tactical Action Plan

When it involves customers we keep in mind the value of focus on marketing. The reason this is important is the fact that only a proportion of the populace is likely to acquire any products or service. By taking time company have to pitch the sales and marketing work to the right market such that it could be more productive and not waste of work or time.


1) Product / Service Benefits: Product Management communicates the market chance to the professional team with business rationale for seeking the opportunity including financial forecasts and risk evaluation.

Product width: We offer 3 types of our product i. e. luxury, popular and low end to the consumers.

A) Low end : Low end portion of USB display drives/pen drives identifies those pen drives that are priced below Rs 300. It will be of low price and basic features, medium size, easy to carry.

B)Popular : Populer section of pen drives refers to those pen drives which has some special features like Bluetooth and Expandable ram.

C) Luxury: Luxury section identifies those pen drives which includes some special features

like LCD exhibits, MP3 player and Camera.

Product differentiation : As our peer competitors are providing just simple products from the range of 2 GB to 64GB, we'd bring the competitive benefit of introducing Pen Drives with

features like Music player, expandable storage area, camera, LCD display and simple.

2)Price: When marketers discuss what they do within their duties for marketing products, the responsibilities associated with setting up price are often not at the top of the list.

3)Distribution : To reach end users, businesses desire a well knitted network. The network includes Manufacturers, Traders, Distributors and Retailers that are in business lingo known as as "Channel Partners. "

4)PROMOTIONAL : Promotional methods it is approximately stimulating customers to buy something. It is not made to be interesting - a job which advertising is way better suitable for.

Price Marketing promotions :Price promotions are also often called" price discounting" These offer either (1) a discount to the standard selling price of a product, or (2) more of the merchandise at the standard price. We would bring "Introductory Offer" which a consumer get pen drive at affordable price and quality than its competition, and other price promotion method we take up, having tie ups with Consumers electric manufacturers such as Videocon, Onida, Computer and Laptop manufacturers too, where consumers would get special discounts when purchasing our products along with any of these manufacturers products.

ADVERTISING: The buyer market has become highly competitive with a fresh brand being given birth to nearly every day.

1) Print Advertising - Magazines, Magazines, Brochures

2) Outdoor Advertising - Billboards, Kiosks, Tradeshows and Events


The activities of the marketing and sales team will be assessed by the end of every month on terms of targets reached and what's proposed plan for another month, if indeed they want any changes in the prevailing system, problems encountered by them etc.

1) Periodic Review

2) Revenue Assessment

3) Looking at the Supply-chain and Dealer meet

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